Statement in Ontario Legislature on November 26,2015
Posted on December 5th, 2015

Ira de Silva Canada

Mr. Jack MacLaren, MPP
Ontario Legislature
Queens Park, Toronto

Dear Sir:

I trust you received my letter of  November, 29, 2015 regarding your unprincipled, false statements regarding Sri Lanka in the Ontario Legislature on November 26, 2015 while remembering and mourning for LTTE terrorists at a time when Canadian politicians were mourning terrorism in Paris.  I provided you with facts regarding the terrorism of the LTTE. I also informed you that  Canadian politicians of all political parties supported LTTE terrorism from Canada and  helped LTTE supporters fund terrorism in Sri Lanka because all they were interested was votes in Canada and did not care that it was Sri Lankans who were dying because of their actions.  I have still to hear your apology to Sri Lankans for the false statement and false accusations you made in your effort to re-pay your Tamils for MacLaren friends who supported you in your election. In other words,  you  have been “sold” to Canadians as an uninformed, unprincipled politician by your friends. Your only consolation is the fact that other Canadian politicians have also made pro LTTE, anti Sri Lanka statements which were false,  just to get a few Tamil votes in Toronto.

I refer you to the article in the National Post titled “Ontario Conservatives ‘unaware’ their Queen’s Park guest was being deported for terrorism”  The article states that the Conservatives were unaware that a guest they entertained at Queen’s Park last week was being deported for being a member of a terrorist organization. It seems that the Ontario Conservatives are “unaware” of a lot of what is going on in Ontario except information that pertains to support and funding for their party.

The article in the National Post appeared on November 3, 2015. When are your going to rise in the Ontario Legislature and apologise to the vast majority of Canadians who do not support terrorism from Canada and in particular to Sri Lankan Canadians and the people of Sri Lanka who suffered from Tamil terrorism for nearly three decades because Canadian politicians were only interested in the promise of votes and funds to make pro Tamil terrorist statements.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

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