Tax on electric cars: Suspicion proved beyond doubt
Posted on December 15th, 2015



I brought to the notice of your readers that I have a nagging suspicion that increasing the taxes on electric vehicles could be an act of corruption committed by big time car importers and certain ministers of the Yahapalanaya government (The Island of 27/11/15). My suspicion was proven beyond doubt that when the Minister of Finance came on the TV yesterday and mentioned that the taxes wouldn’t be reduced under any circumstance.He was infact overriding his own Prime Minister who mentioned in the Parliament that the taxes would be reduced.This news item was followed by a news clip that the President of the Car Importers Association( who had a meeting a few minutes back with the Minister) providing a tongue in cheek reply that the minister would not reduce the taxes any further and advised to sell whatever the existing stocks.The President of Car Importers Association from his facial expression did not show any remorse or sympathy for the potential car buyers. The traders were given the green light to import as many vehicles as possible before the budget and no one would believe that they would sell them for the prebudget prices!.These importers still would not sell these vehicles for some time and wait patiently until all the heat dies down and start selling for the current prices and make a windfall.

One wonders how the present Minister of Finance was offered this post when there are better qualified MPs some with PhDs in the parliament.As far as I know there is no good word for him from any quarter except perhaps the bigtime businessmen and ofcourse the foreigners who are allowed to lease land for tourism purposes.Thanks to such ministers the days of the Yahapalanaya government are numbered if Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse(MR) gets his act together,float a different political party and get the cooperation of the minorities. He never hurt the middle class the way the present day rulers do and infact this class,the majority of whom including the professionals, are impatiently waiting for MR to return to power.





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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    We aren’t surprised by these acts. UNPatritoic party never done anything for Sri Lanka.
    Only things they are/were good at
    thieving (large scale only)
    false promises
    destroy Sri Lanka
    destroy Buddhism
    destroy Buddhists (killed 60,000 Buddhist jvpers, didn’t want to kill catholic pira(mala)paharan’s catholic tigers)
    destroy Sinhalese race.

    Thanks to their propaganda machines, (newspapers, tv channels, myriad of websites run by the
    Unpatriotic party crooks) they always get away with murder! Come the next election, a lot of Sinhala modayas
    have forgotten what these traitors done and become their darlings. We have to thank those Sinhala modayas who
    still believe these murderous bandits for the mess Sri Lanka in.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Mahinda also has PhD.
    Mervyn Silva too!

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