How many Governments are there in this country today and who actually rules the country at present?
Posted on December 18th, 2015

Sudath Gunasekara, President Mahanuwara Sinhala Buddhist Movement. 16.12. 2015.

The way how things are currently moving in the political sphere of this country one gets utterly confused and totally lost, being unable to comprehend, whether there is a Government at all in this country. Now firstly look at the way governance is taking place within the country. Apart from the general lack of proper governance, law and order, all over the country, in spite of some 100 odd Cabinet and non Cabinet Ministers (sometimes with few ghost Ministers dangling in the air) for all intent and purposes the North and East already appear to have their own governments, daily making statements against the official Government and directly dealing with India and anti Sri Lankan Western countries manipulated by Tamil extremists and spearheaded by Vignesvaran, as if they have already ceased to be citizens of this country. I wonder whether they have already unofficially declared the EELAM unilaterally. Of late even in areas such as Kalmune. Muttur, Mannar and Beruwala where Muslims are dominant, there appears to be a total collapse of effective governance by Sri Lankan government. Anarchy and dictatorship by Muslim politicians seems to prevail for years. The Wilpattu encroachment by Rishard Badurdeen with impunity is a glaring example in this case. For all the devastation he has committed to the Wilpattu natural reserve and the archaeological sites and allegedly settling even Bangladesh Muslims there, he has been rewarded with one of the most powerful ministries with the largest number of Departments in this Government by the President, who calls himself the Guardian God of the Yahapalanaya Sactum. Isn’t it callous political treachery and blatant hypocrisy committed to safeguard illgotten political power.

Secondly look at the way how foreign aid in billions is being pumped in to minority dominant areas in the North, East and the hill country right at the centre of the country, ‘the geographical Heartland of the nation’, as if they are areas already run by separate governments different from Sri Lanka. How many top US, UN and British officials have come to this country within this short time with the blessings of the Government. Obviously all these countries like India and Western countries have a hidden political agenda, operating singularly as well as jointly, to destabilize the Sri Lankan Government and divide the country on ethnic grounds to meet their ulterior ends. The official government gives all support to these foreign spies to visit any place both military and civil, meet and dance and discuss anything without the knowledge of the Government as if a husband is aiding and abetting outsiders to seduce his own wife and young daughters in his presence.

Regarding foreign aid I have been telling for years the need to channel all foreign aid coming to the country through the Government machinery only.  The Government must monitor and closely supervise all such aid to ensure that they don’t pose a threat to internal security or the sovereignty and independence of the country. It is an open secret that all these funds are been blatantly used for antigovernment activities by mobilizing, empowering and strengthening minority ethnic groups against the Government. The whole world knows that all these countries are the direct proxies of the LTTE rumpus called the GTFT and Tamil diaspora who did not cast a single vote to elect the President or the August Government.

Next the biggest canker is the Provincial Councils. It has now spread all over the body politics like a fatal cancer. This system has not served any useful purpose over the past 3 years other than providing a heaven for a second tire of political rogues that provides the underpinning and props for the national level gang of Magodistumas as they are most appropriately called by the media, going by their behavior. Apart from the luxuries doled over to them for this ‘services’ what is the service they render to the society other than attending funerals, weddings and family functions of party members like birthdays and attaining age etc and business tycoons both in their Provinces and more outside, Temple functions and Alms giving, official functions, talk shops and parties in five star hotels wasting public funds.  These Councils also have duplicated and disrupted the entire District Administration that was once the pride of Public Administration in this country. There is no coordination between these two institutions either. Wastage of public funds, inordinate delay, wastage and overlapping resulting complete disruption of delivery of services to the public are the hall marks of this system. Nearly 700 additional second tire politicians at this level thus only drain the public funds down the drain for no comprehensible purpose.

In the North and East they provide strong ladders for ethnic separation thereby paving the way for the ultimate division and disintegration of the Sri Lankan State which the Tigers could not achieve by the bullet. The billion dollar question I am unable to find an answer is as to why our political idiots cannot understand this simple truth and at least now scrap this disaster imposed on our head by the Indian Kautilyan politicians and relieve the country from nearly 700 political parasites and save billions of valuable public funds spent on salaries, buildings, vehicles office equipments, functions and utterly wasteful tamasas that does not contribute to economic or social development in the country.

Already the value of the votes of those who elected these politicians at all levels has now being completely evaporated in to the skies. The concept of representative democracy also has disappeared ever since proportional representation and the district MP system were installed. As a result today there are more than 100 parliamentary seats all over the country without representatives. Today these so called MPP represent only themselves and their private interests. As they don’t represent an electorate they are not responsible to any one either, other than the party leader in who’s hands he has the guillotine in which his fate rests. Therefore the people also don’t have anyone to air out their grievances. This in short is the five star democracy that operates in this resplendent Island today.

It is no secret that the country is presently run by anti Sinhala, and anti Buddhist elements spread all over the world, particularly in the West who are determined to ruin this country in order to get control over the strategic advantage of this country in emerging new world politics and the control over the economic resource of this country including the 500,000 square miles of its enormous oceanic resources. They all want to create a servile Tamil State in Sri Lanka called EELAM in the words of Tamils so that they can install their naval and Air bases at Trincommallee and Palale from where they hope to control the Indian Ocean against China and India. At home also anti Sinhala and anti Buddhist political elements, the sons and daughters of the western comprador click left behind by the British and lead by Chnadrika, Ranil and Avamangala and other Sival organizations with similar motives and NOGOO labour day and night to support these foreign elements in return to what they get from these neo colonial invaders. In this backdrop the ongoing process appears to be highly dangerous to the future of this country. It appears to me that we are going back to 1815 where we handed over the whole country on a platter to the British to do whatever they wanted to do thereafter. The only difference here is this time it is not a single country but instead a whole gang of Western neo colonial forces lead by USA and UK together with our sworn neighbor enemy will exploit the pearl of the Indian Ocean at the expense of the Sinhala nation and their 2500 year old unique heritage.  Now that the Yahapalanaya Government has decided to produce a new Constitution it will definitely improve on the Soulbury Constitution left behind by the British in 1948 and give birth to a first class hybrid Constitution with the advice and guidance of the imperial Neo colonial West and India to draw the curtain on the 2500 year Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country. The persistent and calculated Indian grip on this Island is further seen when you look at two consulates offices, one in Jaffna (at the northern end) and the other in Hambantota (at the southern end) of the Island) and one assistant commissioner’s office in this small Island with an furry accredited Embassy in Colombo.

I am sad and lost to understand as to why the patriotic and enlightened people of this country are dead silent about this destruction and devastation. The Mahasangha headed by the Mahanayaka Theras who were  once upon a time called the ‘Guardian Deities’ of the nation also appear to have entered in to a deep and seductive slumber from which it is very unlikely that they will ever get up. There is no point in trying to invoke the Four Guardian Gods as they also have been heavily bribed and either imprisoned in or hijacked to other planets by the Tamil Diaspora and the World Bank under instructions from USA, UK and Indian Raw, from where they can never return. I am wondering as to why at least Lord Buddha doesn’t rise from Nirvana and stop this disaster been committed on this cherished ‘Land of the Buddha” by these vandals and barbaric pirates.


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  1. mjaya Says:

    Tamil should never be an official language in Sri Lanka. It is a minority language. Now this Jarapalanaya government is doing everything possible to force Tamil on the Sinhalese because Sinhalese don’t bother to learn Tamil (why should they? in what country does the majority have to learn the language of the minority).

    On the other hand, Sinhalese are being systematically silenced by “Racial Harmony” laws that only apply to the Sinhalese.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil should never be an official language in Sri Lanka.- Agreed should be official language in Saiva & Muslim TE (N & EPC)only !!!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    SL has no government.

    ANYONE can come to SL and do ANYTHING they want.

    Unless the military takes matters into their own hands, there is NO FUTURE for SL.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    This MAN is out at Sea without a Compass, or He cannot read the Compass to know, which direction he has to go. DAFT.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    That is right SW. But MOST SL people CANNOT THINK from their brains. They rely on their POLITICAL GODS to look at the compass and tell them where they are and where they are heading.

    2 of us have a GPS device. We KNOW where we are and the disaster we are heading.

    I wish our wish comes true SOON.

    I have to credit you for standing up for what is right at times I compromised.

    e.g. GAMBLING. You OUTRIGHT opposed promoting gambling whereas I was OK as long as the proposed CASINO was to come up near the Marathana Jumma and Zahira.

  6. Nanda Says:

    Yes. POLITICAL GODS have cursed the island.
    I too agreed and prayed for MTO together with you people.

    But I don’t agree now. Why ? Military high rank too are corrupt. They too worship the GODs, even arrange Jihad in the name of GODs, to personal benefits. It is the ISIS now.

    At least I know one of the three heads who won the war personally – a normal kid who he has evolved to become a monster. He doesn’t even call me now.
    I am also a good friend of the bro of the other famous on. He says he never even call him.

    MTO is a dream only. Yes, it is a BIG gamble. Very BIG risk – chances of success is LOW.

    Now it is the time for PEOPLE POWER, spring uprising – without ANY GOD. I am for it. Sinhalese must wake up, don’t talk about “SAVING” Buddhism. SAVE the country first. Buddhism will surely find its place easily. This way even the Angles will have the opportunity to join.

    If people don’t discuss the problem of the SINHALESE we are doomed. Stop talking about problems of the Kingdom.

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  8. Lorenzo Says:


    You NEVER supported a MTO (which is OK). You have your good reasons and I respect that. Don’t judge the military by your friend.

    The military leadership is also corrupt BUT not as corrupt as politicians. They are also politician worshiping to some extent BUT not as bad as regular politicians.

    Now the war crimes investigation is going to HUNT DOWN all military leaders they MUST take over SL to survive. Otherwise they are all DOOMED.

    People power has NO PLACE in SL. Everytime people power rose up they were MASSACRED!!!

    Reading from internet 1953 had a strike for good reasons by people. Govt. had called in WAR TANKS and killed them!! 1971, 1980, 1987, 1988, 1989 same thing. Even the first thing CBK had done when she became PM was to KILL people power in a free trade zone!! In 1999 people had risen against Wiskey CBK and her PSD had killed them. MR’s govt. shot and killed people power in WELIWERIYA, CHILAW, etc.

    Not to forget 1818, 1848 and 1915 people power. ALL put down violently killing hundreds of thousands.

    People power NEVER works in SL.

    I very strongly disapprove ANY people power uprising. NO WAY. It kills civilians ALWAYS. Please don’t.

    Let the PROFESSIONALS handle it.

    A MTO is not forever. Even the military KNOWS they cannot go on for a long time. It is ONLY to put in place a GOOD HOME GROWN constitution and get out with amnesty (guaranteed in the new constitution).

  9. Lorenzo Says:



    Guess what are the BIGGEST CASINOS in SL?


    People and the country LOSE gambling these.

    The MILITARY sacrificed 27,000 lives and 10,000 limbs to SAVE 21 million people. They deserve to rule SL.

    The war killed 6,000 Singhala and Muslim civilians, 27,000 SLDF personnel but only 50 politicians!! So who made sacrifices to WIN the war???? They deserve to rule SL.

  10. Nanda Says:

    Please real old comments if you have time. There was a period of 1-3 years I was waiting for MTO. I agreed with you those days.
    Anyway, now, if it is going to happen, it will be God willing Jihad.

  11. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Thambi mudiyanselage alugosu (to Buddhists only) jr introduced 13, 13a after going to bed with the two faced,
    crafty indians. Indians will do everything to please tn tamils. So to the indians Sinhalese are a piece of dirt. They just
    don’t give a damn. But a lot of traitor Sinhalese don’t care. The day traitor thambi jr signed the pact, any Sinhalese with
    a drop of Sinhalese blood should’ve abandoned the traitor UNPatriotic party. No chance of that with those traitors.
    Since 1987 most of the time the traitor UNPatriotic party been in power. That’s how pathetic some Sinhalese are.

    350 miles long Sri Lanka. You have more than 350 ministers, mps, deputy mps, provincial govts., provincial ministers,
    state ministers etc. etc. Who is going to pay these freeloaders? Of course you have to stop pensions, put up commodity
    prices, impose taxes, etc. etc. to pay these rogues and their henchmen. Simply this low life UNPatriotic party destroy Sri Lanka. That’s what they’ve done since 1946 by listening to the west and india who are hell bent on destroying Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese race. They are getting the job done, thanks to a lot of traitor Sinhalese. Obviously they have the full support of the enemies of the state, tamils and mussies who want to break up Sri Lanka and have their own separate states. UNPatriotic party slowly and definitely taking Sri Lanka down the road to never ending bloodbath. Who are going to be the victims of that? Sinhalese are the ones going to suffer just like the 30-year old war waged by the catholic tigers of tamil drealam supported by the catholic west. The one UNPatriotic party taking toward is much worse and going to be a prolonged war with 3 separate countries! Traitor Sinhalese give your fullest support these murderous, corrupt, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka, ant Buddhist UNPatirotic party. You descendants will curse you for generations to come. Kalakanni!

  12. SA Kumar Says:


    Please do not get advice from We-Tamil(include myself) our only goal nothing but Thani (Separrate) TE .

    Eg: if Military take over Mother Lanka what India will do next ?, put their finger in their mouth & watch .

    Our so call TE liberation for another 2,500 years or more .

    Only lasting REAL solution for us We-Tamil become Sinhala demil (Chinhala Thamilan) that never happening !!!

    Thamil engal muchchu & Thamil engal pechchu ( Tamils our breathing air & Tamil is our language) !


    Lorenzo, You JRJ hater, You helped this entity to come to power? MR Hora, Pal Hora? Muslim OBAMA RULES Mother Lanka. Until people come out to the streets You and your kappan karay’s will have to Waite!

  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SA K !!!

    put their finger in their mouth and watch…..NO KUMAR, they will put their finger in their ARZ OLE, and smell, till the Chinese come to Sri Lanka, for back up.

  15. Nanda Says:

    India will never invade, if we Sinhalese stand up and determined. This is the mistake JRJ did. This is the mistake MR did. Both were scared of India. JRJ had a reason to be scared, MR did not have any reason, having killed your GOD and his bunch of FOOLS. I don’t know why he was scared, even after the war.


    Nanda, you get kappan from Indian RAW. One who knows what twisted dis-Information is see it clearly. “India will never Invade”. Only thing that is stopping it is Muslim Obama. Go read your history books. India has done it several times. Now, you got exposed so every one can see who you are. “India will Never Invade”

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    You are wrong our head states JRJ or MR even MS & RW or Our VP not fools go against India .

    eg: once VP moved his forces to capture Jaffna he stopped because Indian Navy moved near to KKS port &given warning through Norway to stop.

    Susantha Wijesinghe
    still the Chinese come to Sri Lanka, for back up.- so where is China now Indian flag is flying NPC (Saiva TE) sky ???

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    MR did not have any reason, having killed your GOD and his bunch of FOOLS. I don’t know why he was scared, even after the war- You have a point but about UNHR war crime charge ? Every year his saram get wet

  19. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SA K !! CHINA IS IN CHINA. They do not want to come anywhere, where the Indian Flag flies, because, Indians de-fecate all over, where they are, and China cannot stand the stench, neither could we. They will be here right on time. Don’t get scared Eh ! Grrrrr.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    His great grand father was a SOUTH ENDIAN who took the name THAMBI MUDIYANSELAGE JAYAWARTHANA. He signed the ENDIA pact in 1987 and introduced the ENDIAN 13 amendment.

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe
    They will be here right on time.- keep dream like We-Tamil dream TE for last 2,500 years ( since Eelara time) or more….

    Kaput !!!

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