Sithijaya Sirasa TV 16th December 2015
Posted on December 20th, 2015

End of a Unitary Sri Lanka ? Thanks to Yahapalanaya – Watch “Sithijaya Sirasa TV 16th December 2015” on YouTube


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  1. Naram Says:

    I thank Dr Dayan Jayatilleke for the most thoughtful and well informed analysis. I recall reading the allied forces forced on Germany and Austria the new constitutions after defeating Fascism to prevent any resurgence of such dreadful regimes. Now Ranil is learning from Austrian experience on how to create a constitution that will be tied hand and foot for ever to clause 13 led provincial governments with a toothless central government at the core. Austria’s leader at one time was Kurt Waldheim who was forced out of office when some episodes of his life as a Nazi collaborator came to light.

    Today we have in Sri Lanka we have US backed attempt to bring back fascism to the North and the East. The high powered lady Samantha Power says Obama discusses the Sri Lankan situation everyday with her; one would be naïve to think the discussions were to shower Sri Lanka with bounties for defeating the pioneer group of terrorists which had tentacles all over the world that set the tone with most cowardly acts in the last three decades.

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