Man abducted by UNP MP Hirunika Premachandra’s goons tells his story
Posted on December 23rd, 2015

Chaturanga Pradeep Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Amila Priyanga Amarasinghe, the 34-year-old man who was allegedly abducted by several supporters of UNP MP Hirunika Premachandra, said today that he did not know why he was abducted.

He denied having an affair with a woman as claimed.

Commenting on Monday’s incident, he said eight supporters of Hirunika Premachandra had entered the shop in Dematagoda where he worked and ordered him to come outside and talk with them.

I told them to ask my boss for permission to take me out. They then scolded me and assaulted me. They dragged me out of the shop by my shirt collar while assaulting me, and put me into a black “Defender” vehicle which belonged to Ms. Premachandra,” he said.

He said the men had pushed his boss away when he asked them for their identity cards: They said they were from the police and did not need to reveal their identity.”

He said he asked them where they were taking him and they said, “to a police station”. Then they took me to Ms. Premachandra’s office,” he said.

The place was crowded. The abductors had dragged him out and thrown him into the office as if they were going to kill him, he said.

Ms. Premachandra had then entered the office and told him he had been abducted at the request request of one of her supporters.

She said she was a lawyer and knew how to protect herself. She said she had the power to kidnap me any time she wanted to,” he said.

He said Ms. Premachandra received telephone call about fifteen minutes afterward.

The caller told her that my boss had lodged a complaint with the Dematagoda Police. She then asked me to tell him that they hadn’t hurt me and had brought me back safe and sound. She also asked me to get the complaint withdrawn,” he said.

The abductors said that I could come to them if my boss fired me. Then they sent me back to the shop in a three-wheeler,” he said.

He said that he had no connection with Hirunika Premachandra or her supporters. I can’t even face the people now,” he said.

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