Posted on December 30th, 2015

Gomin Dayasri

SLFP is on a path of self-destruction ably assisted unwittingly by its hierarchy. Those at the helm are the ones who are taking the party to oblivion notwithstanding holding the prime positions of Presidency and partner of a National Government and holds peak positions in the Cabinet. A tragi-comedy is unfolding?

Alas, they all survive under the shade tree of the UNP irrespective of the distance artificially woven. That is the flaw in the fragility. SLFP is no more deeply rooted to nationalism or wedded to homemade socialism instead is crafted to suit the practical needs of its ruling junta. Policies and Principles run akin to the needs of its leadership’s desire to thrive for a while. Give its stout voters – once constituted vocal majority – the right to vote at a general election to see the result? They do not vote for a party leader who fails to criticize his loved opponent.

Both shades of the fractured SLFP – supportive and un-supportive of the government – are destructive of the party that ruled the longest in our political history by yielding a place to outsiders with insiders demoted to the rear. It happened from the time of the Chandrika Kumaranatunga’s administration, kept growing due to its leadership’s contemptuous inferiority complex against its own party peoples’ ability and highly over rating the purchase able opponents. Leaders carried a complex;  followers lived on their means. Leadership found it more secure of those coming from outside the party arena for they lacked backers in the party to offer a challenge. Naturally, opposition to the leadership grew from within.

To rewind Mahinda Rajapaksa after his presidential defeat needed a group of MPs’ from outside the SLFP to give its own parliamentarians a wake up call since degraded as feeble from infancy in the party. It is impossible to give life to a body in a mortuary. Such is the tired SLFP lineup.

Constituent groups of the UPFA may soon form a party to challenge the SLFP/UNP – only for the party stalwarts to join an emerging party to hold office in secondary roles. They need a place to survive but their presence can take the gloss off the new party if too many join dressed in freshly colored new party shirts.

That suits the promoters’ as the SLFP will take two steps backwards if supporters join in hordes. Vainly they still strive to keep the Rajapaksa mascot alive for their survival. Unlike the founding fathers of the SLFP and after Sirima Bandaranaike’s SLFP leadership stint, those following undermined the party from within to present it as a shaky skeleton in 2016. They were comfortable in the company of the ideologically different and found such suitable dinner companions to talk shop. Voters did not fall in line with the leaders. Problem is more acute today.

After two successive defeats to resurrect Mahinda Rajapksa in his deep seventies at the next election time is not feasible with a youthful voting population. He swallowed the  rope once and lost feebly and is too savvy to do it again. His performance as a Member of Parliament for Kurunagala is lackluster. He makes it so as a versatile actor. Fresh and recognized youthful names in fields outside politics will be attractive to the electorate, if a new party is formed, fatigued by the present politicians in their reverting roles.

No longer is SLFP a Top Dog though holding prime positions but a docile and servile Lame Dog of its prime opponent. Just a year back it was ungraciously lording over the UNP but when President Sirisena took over the party he made it look more like the UNP B” team due to his personal obligations. That would not please SLFPs’ proud voters. They will drift but not to the spent JVP a weak silhouette of the UNP. They are bound to teach a lesson to the blue shirts in the green corner.Those guys are smarter. They will undermine the UNP from beneath after the third year in office [19th amendment deems four years and six months as compulsory parliamentary lifetime] to try curry favour of their defected voters. UNP will lament too late.

Results will be seen at the next general elections; the beginning of the debacle. UNP stands to gain, as SLFP will split into several different shades of blue. Ranil Wickremesinghe is craftily setting the stage to emerge for another season. Economically he might commit suicide before the general elections especially if he tries to loosen the unitary structure to please the anti national forces within and outside our shores. That will be issue No 2 after the economy/cost of living index.

Next general elections may provide an opening for the emergence of a replacement to a wounded SLFP. Both the two old parties are gasping but surviving in 2016 in the absence of a new political party in the horizon. Time is right to conceive so as to replace Sirisena’s SLFP. Wily Sirisena might not follow the path of Dahanayake to sunset, instead might team up with the UNP, of value to him, as he could carry a small parcel of the SLFP voters with him especially from his home districts.

SLFP was a family party of the Badaranaikes and Rajapaksas and the families provided the pride and shame of the party at time variances. Family Trees held repercussions for the SLFP for it did not care to build a leadership outside their progeny in a party where the paterfamilias materfamilias are still held in awe by the followers.

Next generation brought its downfall since they did not live up to the aspirations of the forefathers that rendered a service to the nation. Pups never reached the point of adoration their elders matched. They were too alienated from the ordinarily and sensible men that make opinions. Their young life style shows it and are ruled out of being beloved at any time, except by the rewarded hurrah boys. They will fade gently as did Anura Bandaranaike from politics. Historically he deserved a better place for his superb oratory in parliament. Only time he labored hard was to write his speech – a man of great talent – of talent wasted.
To fall into the charmed circle of the inner sanctuary of the ruling regime was not a call for any independent or intellectual man or woman with an iota of self-respect. Mahinda Rajapaksa would rethink his positions if he was advised sincerely but his paid secretaries preferred to sound sweet to keep him in a happier frame. They led to his downfall. Upstarts joined in plenty and now make news for reasons foul. They did well personally but gave the SLFP a bad name that is difficult to outgrow. Last known genuine intellectual of the SLFP was Lakshman Kadirgamar who spent his last days in the party regretfully. Others were toadies or minions.

SLFP bought talent from the other parties – the exception was Ms. Sirima Bandaranaike who felled the LSSP and built her team from within the SLFP. Those who joined the SLFP as politicians or administrators are bleached intellectuals that became front men fast or feeble court criers of a corrupt regime and few became tutors of the progeny to hold a position in the inner sanctum but never taught the rights and wrongs of good governance as they did not dare to fall from the lofted perch. Such men were not corrupt but the fallen have no pedestal to crow from again.  Administrators obligingly fell in line with the leadership’s failings and being insecure, closed doors for any new entrants, thinking new talent, might jeopardize their place of luxury in the sun. So it was always the same names that took flight on the domestic airline in jumbo size entourages to visit foreign dignitaries. Those few are responsible for disappearance of the SLFP and the defeat of the Rajapaksa regime, as they wanted it all for their favored circle of toad suckers and them. May their last days be of fond memories of the glory times they enjoyed as they helped to destroy a great party? The big story is can the SLFP survive while being slaughtered by its varied leaderships? Would any have thought so a year back?

President Sirisena will offer the last rites to the SLFP as he stands courteously to the UNP for making him President. His home is equidistant to the SLFP and UNP. He took over the SLFP; it will never be the same again.Who will give it the last whiff of oxygen, as the party men move hither and thither in a search to survive? Is Sirisena’s place in SLFP’s coffee table book-hero or villain? Time will tell.

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    Mahinda is fast becoming a political spent force thanks to his indecision. He must make a decision quickly to leave the SLFP and form a new party. If the Rajapaksas remain in the SLFP, it will be the end of their political dynasty too.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  3. Leela Says:

    I too fully agree with Dilrook.

  4. mario_perera Says:

    Dilrook is correct.

    However therein lies a problem. MR is ONE while a party means MANY. From where can this ONE get his MANY? If he scoops them out from the old party, it would be putting old wine into old skins. Only the party name would be different. It would be like draping the old emperor with old clothes.

    That is a very realistic issue. A new party must have a ‘newness’ about it. That is imperative. If MR collects novices around him he will still fail.

    It is unfortunate that MR surrounded himself with time tested stooges. with the sword of Damocles hanging over their necks they must be considered as being garbage material. Untested novices will not have the time ‘to devil’ into popular, inspiring vote pullers.

    This is a dilemma MR will find very difficult to overcome.

    MR has placed himself in a no man’s land. He cannot put one foot back as it would sink in further in the quagmire he already is in. He cannot put a foot forward being faced with the void. Indeed his situation is very unenviable.

    Mario Perera

  5. NAK Says:

    If SLFP is to become what it was before once again,it will have to be neutralised and sanitized of the muck that call them selves the leaders of the party first from the out side and then taken over.
    Even though the SLFP has now become the ‘B’ team of the UNP, the SLFPers have not given up and they are very much itching to dump those who sold the party out in to the dust bin.

  6. Leela Says:

    Prasanna Ranatunga has put President Sirisena in a dilemma. He says before Mahinda declares his decision whether to form a new party or not, Sirisena ought to drop his SLFP marriage to UNP and show his desire to take his party to the winning post.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Those who call MR to leave the SLFP are EMOTIONAL.

    64 years is a long time. Imagine the CORRUPTION for 64 years. That is what built SLFP a FORMIDABLE structure islandwide. That is NEEDED to win a BIG election.

    Look at the people around MR. GREAT people but their influence hardly goes beyond Colombo!!!

    WIMAL – Colombo
    UDAYA – Colombo
    Dinesh – Colombo

    Vasu – Ratnapura but LOST in 2004

    ONLY MR is island wide. So it will be another ONE MAN party.

    That is why MR (the MOST SENIOR MP in parliament) is NOT leaving the SLFP.

    The problem with the SLFP is ONLY Maru Sira, CBK and Rajitha. REMOVE them and the SLFP is as clean as any other.

    When can SL people think RUTHLESSLY without getting emotional?

  8. Kumari Says:

    Why are we still talking of MR as the main man in SLFP? The president of the current SLFP is Sirisena, though 5.8M people voted against him, using a party constitution clause he took over the party. If he did not, SLFP would have got a landslide victory at the General Elections and formed the government.

    If MR sides with the new political party, the current SLFP leadership will use that as a cause for disciplinary action and will cancel MR’s party membership, which in turn will cost him his parliamentary seat. Not only his, but also the remaining SLFP members in the common opposition.

    Though times are hard, MR should hold on to the SLFP. If Sirisena and Chandrika can be ousted from the party the grass root supporters can win the party back whether it is MR or another who would be the next SLFP president. Somebody who loves the country and the party can become it’s leader. Though Sirisena many not understand, it is MR who keeps him as the president of the country. All what the West, Ranil and rest of our enemies want is to keep MR away from power. The day MR looses his popularity, Sirisena will be thrown to the dogs, his service to the enemies are done and finished.

    MR should give his blessings to the new party, but he has to hold on to the SLFP. The Sinhala vote is already divided between the SLFP and the UNP, while the other communities identify them with communal parties. I agree with Lorenzo when he says the problem with SLFP is Maru Sira, CBK and Rajitha.


    All of you guys who get paid for comment writing is now confused and are giving MR advice. for the simple mind MR is waiting for the people to request MR to bring back the old constitution and NULL and VOID the 18th amendment. Wait and see. MUSLIM OBAMA will never allow RANIL to loose the grip on Mother Lanka and be above the Constitution or any law of the land. OBAMA, has the support of the Mahanayak’s.

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Perhaps you may have heard the famous saying, * Old Order Changeth, Yielding Place to New *

    When one of our garments are torn, and Old, we throw it away and get a new replacement. MR need not hang onto the SLFP, which is comprised now, of a Motley Crowd, who are like Headless Chicken running with no future in sight. His new suggested NAME, *Sri Lanka Freedom Front, Party * should do well. Iam personally for it. It sounded Intimidating and Formidable. That is why the Back Stabber postponed the LG Elections. He pissed in his Pants the moment he heard the new name.

    We must all remember that Maru Siraa, will never ever allow MR to set foot into SLFP. He is a Jealous and Vindictive personality. So, what the HELL IS MR HANGING ONTO IT FOR. Sorry, I will have to call him a DOLT if he does not break away.

    When the Back Stabber had his Last Hopper, and walked out, I immediately sent an Email to MR, in the Largest Lettering available to me in RED, to CANCEL THE ELECTION AS A PERFECT STRATEGY. IF HE DID SO, MARU SIRAA WOULD HAVE SHAT HIS LAST HOPPER, AND HIT HIS BUM ON THE GROUND. MR never listened to small people, but to his DUMB ASTROLOGER. The end result was, most of his Good people fell down like a pack of Cards.

    He should intimidate Maru Siraa with this New name. Let Maru Siraa get Loose Motions.

  11. Ratanapala Says:

    Mahinda seems to be keen on saving his family and himself. Just as his father left the UNP to form the SLFP, it is time that he left SLFP to form an alternative party to the dying SLFP. Otherwise patriots must on their own form a rival political party to save our motherland from dismemberment.

    Treachery of Maru Sira know no bounds. He must be now back in Sri Lanka with a fresh set of instruction from the leader of the pedophilic church at the Vatican on how to destroy what is left of Buddhism after the demise of Sobhitha the traitor.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    While Lankans are arguing about MR’s position in politics, there are important issues which are neglected, viz. is Ranil going to build a bridge to Tamil Nadu ? We are told that the ADB has already passed the funds for the project and that India approves of it. If such a ‘Hanuman Bridge’ (that is the name given by India ! – trust them to ‘down’ Lanka to uncomplimentary mythical Ravana, and use Lanka too), is built, it means the flooding into Lanka of MILLIONS of Tamil Dalits who see Lanka as a better place to live in than Tamil Nadu where they have suffer atrocities for over 3,000 yrs. As usual, sleeping Sinhala people will get lost in the quagmire of Indian politics and local quibbling, unless they take steps to stop these troubles before the damage is done.

    The R2P for Sinhala people should be thought about seriously.

    We think MR will agree !

    MR alone cannot resolve these onerous issues. All the leaders here must get together to save Lanka and her People (Sinhala people mostly, rich or poor), from virtual annihilation at the hands of Tamil Nadu social problems & India’s thoughtless politics and foreign machinations. Most people have forgotten that the original problem of terrorism was brought about by India training the LTTE in Tamil Nadu. Please keep the focus on the real issues at hand.

    O tempora !

  13. aloy Says:

    I just heard in the news that the bridge connecting SL to India is to go ahead. Has RW made a deal on it to get tamil votes and going to implemnent it on the sly, just like Cepa in another name?. Has he sold the country again like what he did with the Tigers?.
    The prez should make a clear statement.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Is the present Prez aware of these problems ?
    Is he caught in the spider’s web and almost completely entangled and disabled ?

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Only a temporary military takeover can save SL. Otherwise the way things are going there will be ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, VIOLENCE, RIOTS and INVASION.

    The military has RULES and DISCIPLINE. A separate MILITARY POLICE is there to discipline them. A separate COURT MARTIAL is there to discipline them. A RIGOROUS TRAINING scheme is there to discipline them.

    What is there to discipline POLITICIANS? NOTHING!

    This is the problem.

  16. Nanda Says:

    Your “military takeover ” suggestion started in 2013 r 2014 or even before that. There was lot of reasons for that. We all never thought that Ranil would even wina local government election in 2010. However, you ( and me ) were happy for MR to be defeated a year ago. Reason was to save the motherland. It was a valid point. Most f the coast line were being taken over by Jihadists and Tamils and it is continuing now.

    Now, I will agree with you if we can find a proper military leader who is not is MR’s camp or Ranil’s camp. Anyone in one of these camps will be a even more disaster.

  17. Nanda Says:

    You said “Mahinda seems to be keen on saving his family and himself.

    I agree. This is his PRIORITY no.1. This is also PRIORITY NO.1 for most people here except a very few impartial PATRIOTS.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    What is the true role of the President ?
    What is the real role of the Speaker of the House ?
    What is true role of the Exec PM ?

    Then within each party, there are political party hierarchies too. What are the top people of parties supposed to do ?
    There are House Committees galore too. What are their roles ?
    There is also the Army and the Police.

    Many more man made groups and individuals to make sure life runs smoothly in Nations.

    However, if there is rot at the top on a large scale, then there is real trouble in countries.

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