If you can’t provide internet package to suit present time better you get back to felling trees – SLT customer
Posted on January 2nd, 2016

A telecom customer  Courtesy Lanka-e-News

(Lanka-e-News -27.Dec.2015, 11.30PM)  The internet chain had rapidly grown in Sri Lanka (SL)  Consequently , unlike the other media , the Lanka e news media website that stands out  from others breaking new ground  , is possessed of opportunities to function beyond the bounds of operations of the other ordinary media .But because of Sri Lanka Telecom’s ( SLT) inordinate greed for money , this corporation  that provides ISP (internet access),   is seeking to restrict the customers using  internet facilities without citing any reason.

In this connection , the   SLT which is the only Corporation that is providing the wire line internet links has to be specially focused upon.

Ordinarily ,after  the domestic user up 40 Gigabytes under the Web Home package , the speed drops almost to unusable level .If the SLT which itself says the SL information technology is making headway in SL  , is of the view that 40 GB is enough for a home , even in the year 2015 , nothing can be more ridiculous and ludicrous.

Countries in Asia like Singapore , Thailand and India have taken measures to provide internet facilities to suit the current time and trends.

Internet is not a  resource like gas or petroleum which are diminishing ,hence  the decision to charge  more commensurate with additional usage is clearly a money grabbing exercise. Therefore the  SLT that earned a revenue of Rs. 38.95 billion in 2014 , having no capacity to provide an internet package to suit the present time is not acceptable by any stretch of imagination.

Several years ago ,it was possible to obtain an unlimited internet package from the SLT, but by now that has  been eliminated. The SLT that was able  to provide an unlimited internet package several years ago , but  having no capacity  to provide that by 2015 is more a fiction and less a fact  , and anyone can understand that.

It is because an individual who felled trees on the sly leapt like a frog in the well into the seat  of the chairman of the SLT , the Institution which should be  progressing is hurtling down a precipice.

After the president’s younger brother took over that chairman post , during the whole of last year , there was neither any  relief nor any new services offered to the people by that Institution. Simply bragging WiFi zones would be made available Island wide is purposeless .On the contrary , the   internet service ought to  be  proivided at much more lower rates and at higher speed. If he cannot carry on his duties efficiently , it is best for  him to hand over that chairman post to another, and get back to felling trees carrying the axe , the area where his skills can be demonstrated best  ,without  ‘killing’ the SLT through slow strangulation.

The Telecom, it is learnt  is moving to impose temporary bans on internet usage of those who criticize the SLT via the face book. We are therefore  intently following and watching this. Lanka e news is aware that because LeN is castigating the SLT ( justifiably of course), the news website has been banned within the SLT. This type of low bred conduct and base  actions are natural when an individual who chopped trees illicitly has  hopped audaciously into the chairman seat of a lofty Institution .

A telecom customer
Translated by Jeff.

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