The True face of Horror
Posted on January 2nd, 2016

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge 

What is Horror?

The word that often echoed by Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

The word that has thousand meanings

The word that stops beating your heart


Remember Cruella de Vil who wanted to kill innocent Dalmatians

Norman Bates who is expecting guests at the Bates Motel

Freddy Krueger the disfigured, dream stalker who returned in our dreams

Halloween killer Michael Myers who showed no mercy


Could you imagine the sharpness of Jason Voorhees Sword?

If not think of the sharp smile of Dr Hannibal Lector


What is real horror?

Have you questioned your self for a moment?

Is it the fearful eyes of Transylvanian Nosferatu ?

Or the Villainous smile of Bela Lugosi


May be you were terrified by seeing   Phantom of the Opera

Played by Lon Chaney the Man of a Thousand Faces,”

If not Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Immortalized by Boris Karloff


Why fear for fictional and factitious horror?

When you are sounded by real horror

The horrors of day-to-day life

Horrors that dictates our lives


Did you hear the political persecutions?

The ugly cousin of political extremism

Going hand in hand with the religious fundamentalism

That kills the human growth and obstructs human freedom


For one moment, did you think about racism?

Which clouds human dignity and respect

Mad wars for racial supremacy

When all of us share the same DNA


When you are surrounded by the real horrors

You are empowered and left without answerers

You become a living Zombie

A man without moral consciousness


You can fight the horrors

By believe in your self

By believe in humanity and justice

You can defeat the horror

Until it is no more


Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge 

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