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Kanthar Balanathan DipEE(UK), GradCert(RelEng-Monash),DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE,  MIE(Aus) CPEng, (Retired) Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers


6th January 2016

Hon Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe

Prime Minister of SriLanka

No.30, Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha

Colombo 7


Dear Prime Minister,

As a patriotic SriLankan (SL) Australian I am compelled to write this letter to you, as the sovereignty, democracy, and national security is growing to be under threat as a result of significant number of actions by GOSL, since takeover on the 8th of January 2015. Please do not consider this as an allegation, but look on a lateral view as a patriotic politician/leader of SriLanka.


Politicians in the third world, particularly Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, are deemed to be incompetent, and greedy for power and wealth, and their avidity for such thing grows while in power. We SriLankan Diaspora are forced to view the politicians of SriLanka, the same as African politicians and may be also the citizens. Notwithstanding India has to be placed within this category.

In SriLanka, we can place the Tamil politicians as first class, top, unpatriotic, incompetent politicians. We talk of Rights” What rights don’t we have in SriLanka? Every Tamil degree holder in engineering, medicine, arts, science and PhD, had their education fully free of charge out of SriLankan citizens wealth. These people have now earned millions of dollars on foreign soil, and they still demand Rights & Tamil Eelam”. TGTE personnel Rudrakumaran received his Law degree from SriLanka free of charge. In my view these people are ungrateful, unpatriotic creatures. The reason is that the Tamil Politicians are unable to understand and grasp what is required for the Tamil people of SriLanka. Although they sprint to qualify and get a Law degree, their appreciation of the theoretical and practical training acquired can be regarded as nothing. May be, the main reason could be attributed to the perception, knowledge and intelligence of the Tamil Community. The direction in which the politician drive is to maintain their seat in parliament by the worthless, truth less, Tamil Eelam” (TE). There was never, ever, a country called Tamil Eelam” in the Island. God knows who created this land called TE.

In my book titled, SriLanka, Sovereignty, Democracy and Terrorism” I have addressed the migration of Tamil people into the North. Although, Indians invaded SL over several centuries, the kings who were not really Tamils, were unable to establish their own land, because the Sinhala people were bold and courageous enough to drive them out of SL. The rowdy who invaded the North was Magha” of Kalinga with his own people plus a few people from South India in 14 AD. (1215-1624 CE) Magha relates to the Sinhala people, and not definitely Tamil. Since then People from Malabar (Kerala), Andhra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu migrated into the East and North. Subsequently Arabs, called, Pattanis” migrated to the East and assimilated with certain caste called, Mukkuvars” of the East, and became Moors. Over years Tamil historians misled SL by rewriting history. Tamils are cowards: they invaded Java, Sumatra, South Eastern Asian states, and also Ceylon, but nowhere were they able to establish their root as Tamil Land. They were chased out of those countries. Then under the British, Portuguese and Dutch, Tamils opted to go as slaves. It is for this reason that Tamils are everywhere. Today Tamils go as refugees and live in detention camps. Most of them work as security guards, cleaners etc. That’s our nature and culture. The reason for this is Greed”.

Tamil politicians wanted to find a suitable platform that will enable them to be in politics for ever. SJV Chelvanayagam who was born in Malaysia, chose the word Federalism, but in Tamil he propagated words such as, Tamil Kingdom”. The shortfall of intelligence of these politicians is that they never thought of economics, technology, industrialization, expanding the agrarian, fishing and Palmyra industry, provide a stable continuous work platform to the Tamil people in the N&E. People blame SWRD Bandaranaike, which is incorrect. SWRDB introduced the Sinhala only bill only after SJVC formed the Federal Party. Well, every patriotic politician has the right to protect his own language, culture and religion.

I need not rewrite history, as Hon PM should be aware of the occurrences and frequencies that struck since 1949-1970, and then 1970 to 2009. Please instruct your finance minister to carry out a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the losses, damages, and destruction to assets, property, lives, caused by LTTE over the 39 years. Who is responsible for these losses? Will Sambanthar, Sumanthiran, Mavai Senathirajah or Vigneswaran take accountability and economic responsibility for the losses?

Every Tamil is blaming the racial riots and the losses. However, the losses caused by LTTE can be quantified to be hundred thousand fold than that of the racial riots. This is the shortfall of the Tamil man. We are selfish and have a high degree of egotism, not to admit our faults and failures, but blame others.

Sir, I would like to address some of GOSL failures since 8th January 2015, and highlight certain international political contriving.


There are several modes of invasion and or control over geopolitics by super powers or higher power countries on smaller countries.

  1. Military invasion like that of US on Iraq, Afghanistan and some other countries.
  2. Invasion by a mode called Neo-colonialism”.
  3. Introduce instability in one country to spread to the region chosen by the super power, thereby taking control over the region.
  4. Disintegrate a country’s intelligence unit(s) and military capability.
  1. Invasion:

US thinks that they have the right to invade any country on some rubbish context. While US is unable to solve their own problem, they mislead their citizens by distracting them from local activities to that of their foreign activities/invasion to boast of their courage. It is a belief that US destroyed the entire South America for their own geopolitical control. France did the same thing in Vietnam etc. Today it is a payback, where Muslims are destroying the country. Recent bombing of Paris is an example. The west invaded Middle East, Asia, and the Far East. Time has come for payback where Muslims are flooding Europe and soon they will take over Europe. Are these activities driven by a super power for their geopolitical control?

  1. Neo-colonialism

Definition by Britannica: Neo-colonialism, the control of less-developed countries by developed countries through indirect means. (Ref:

Less developed countries are forced to privatise all of their industries and business. A system of stock exchange/market will be introduced. Shares will definitely be bought by the powerful countries, here the super powers. The country’s economy is in control of the super power. The super power will drain all the profits, meaning the people of SL, for example own nothing. How can you call yourself a sovereign Republic?

To achieve this the super power needs a puppet government and a puppet leader. This is what happened to South America. South America has the richest countries in the world with significant amount of natural resources. However, the people/citizens there live in poverty with little or no education. If the head of state does not bow down to the super power, then he will be somehow replaced.

If we carefully analyse: Today, there is an influx of Arab refugees flowing into Europe. Why not UK, Canada or US. Who is behind this Arab refugee influx into Europe? If all the countries recognise Euro, and start to by all of their imports and pay with Euro, what will happen to the US dollar and the economy of US? US economy will be threatened and the dollar will be weak as Zimbabwean dollar. May be that’s why Gadhafi was eliminated.

It is a belief that GOSL is embarked on privatization. Is SL a fit enough country with intellectuals, to go for privatization? Is it because your economists and financial experts are not competent enough to custom design a suitable framework for SL.

What happened to the Central Bank Bond scam? Isn’t there a competent expert in SL to manage the Central Bank? A real patriot.

Sir, SL is a country full of bribery and corruption. No one is patriotic. How do you propose to control these activities? Once SL was known to be the best country in the Indian Ocean free of Bribery and corruption. In my experience, I can vouch, because when I visited India in 1975, I had to face with lots of bribery demand by Indian government staff. However, in SL, I was able to walk into any office and get things done quick and easy with NO demand of bribery. Can anyone vouch that it is the same now in SL?

  1. Geopolitics

A superpower is interested in causing political instability in SriLanka. This instability will automatically extend to the neighboring region, which is Tamil Nadu, and hence India. The advantage is that the super power will then be able to take control over the region in addition to the neo-colonialism. For example: Why is Tony Blair visiting SriLanka. He made the blunder of joining George Bush to invade Iraq under the pretext WMD, which was truth less and rubbish. Will the UN stamp Tony Blair as a war criminal. For SriLanka to entertain such a person, it has become suspicious. These are preliminary tasks of super power in their project plan. What right has TB got to talk with Sambanthar? Is Sambanthar an incapable and incompetent politician not to conduct talks with GOSL to solve their issues? Well, that seems to be the case.

  1. Dismantle intelligence Units and military command(s).

Sir, you are aware the SriLankan military was praised to have defeated the foremost terrorist outfit in the world, which is the LTTE. We can observe that GOSL is in the run to disband this superior command and send them home. Is this a punitive act to pave the way for a super power’s geopolitical activity? Why disband intelligence units? Why make SriLanka a dumb country, not to monitor anti legal activities? Or is GOSL paving the way to make SriLanka another colony of the US, like Hawaii?

Issues among Tamils

You are aware of the caste issue among the Tamils. The Tamil elites who are descendants of Magha, and Kalinga, Kerala, and Andra, were discriminating and oppressing the lower and middle caste Tamils for years. It was only after independence, the SriLankan government placed all Tamils equal. Lower and middle caste Tamils were able to get suitable employment in government services, only afterwards.

The elite Tamils thought is that of the orthodox illiterate people in that, a toddy tapper’s son should become a toddy tapper, and a barber’s son should become a barber, and that they do not need education. Last year’s poisoning of a village school drinking water is a typical example. Even if someone gets a job and gets posted to Jaffna, then they will suppress the person’s credibility and put a stop to their promotion of becoming a manager.

Absolute power to the Tamils will be devastating as there will be disaster, lead to future violence and pogroms among the Tamils.

49% of the Tamils live outside N&E. What is the necessity of devolution of power to the North? To whom are they going to show their credibility in governing? The NPC, in their last budget allocation, have spent only 40%. Why have they not spent the balance? The main reason is they spend their time planning and scheming to fight GOSL for more power, and/or they do not want to develop areas of lower/ middle caste people. The Jaffna municipality and the NPC have not got the guts to plan a garbage disposal scheme, but dump hospital infectious wastes, sewerage, and garbage at Kallundai. Please see the pictures below. People living in Navaly South are subject to infections and deceases. This garbage disposed place is only 2 miles from the City of Jaffna. Jaffna has become a city of dump, stray dogs and wandering cows.

Jaffna Garbage dump

From such activities, as the PM of SL, you should be able to evaluate the competency, credibility, and honesty of your government officials and politicians in Jaffna. It’s disgusting, Sir. Jaffna man has proved that he is worse than the Africans. However, we are of the same stock anyway.

What Tamils need is development of the North, which can be done by the SriLankan government.

What is required in the North is:

  1. A reservoir with a large catchment area. Already Thondaimannar/Vallai area has been proved suitable by competent SriLankan engineers. Plus the required distribution schemes for agrarian services.
  2. Small boat docking platforms for fishing.
  3. Loans for boats and fishing establishment on a co-operative basis or individual basis.
  4. Development of the Palmyra industry.
  5. Cattle and chicken farms. Provision of the cattle or suitable loans for purchase of cattle.
  6. Promote cottage industry among the Northerners to maximize productivity, rather talking and wasting time on Tamil Eelam.
  7. Promote Sole Trader business.
  8. Introduce a system of building permits to be approved by Councils (rural areas). The reason is most masons who call themselves builders (uneducated) oversize building, wasting resources. This will engage small sole trader civil designers to design plans for small dwellings. Well, of course, the scheme should be corrupt and bribery free within council. This scheme will generate employment. (This scheme could be introduced island wide to minimize unemployment rate)

These developed industries could be owned by GOSL or on a combined basis.

If GOSL will do all of this then why talk of federalism, separate country, equal rights etc.

Sir, you will agree that when a person receives a degree from the University of Jaffna, he/she wants to leave Jaffna, and seek employment in Colombo or overseas.

We Tamils have hundreds and hundreds of associations, Sangam, organizations etc. The reason is power avidity. We want to show that we are somebody. We have no talent to be creative, innovative, and set example to others as role models. Just talk and fool people. It’s a megalomania symptom.

GOSL’s Punitive Actions

  1. Since taking over the government, UNP and SLFP joined hands to govern, which is unbelievable. Both are like the magnetic poles of the planet. You promised a maximum of 30 Ministers. What is the strength of the Cabinet and non-cabinet ministers now?
  2. 500 staff were transferred out of the Bank for leaking information on the 2 billion bond scandal.
  3. Police and army personnel were transferred with no cause.
  4. Several army command officers have been retired, suspect forcibly.
  5. Nepotism practiced by several ministers.
  6. Economy is down.
  7. GOSL promise to import foodstuff cheap from overseas, thereby forcing people to lose their productivity and look for other jobs. Has GOSL got alternative training scheme for those who lose their industry?
  8. The recent handling of the NDT student protest. Have seen the massacre and ill treatment of female students, just like that of Assam Dalit people.
  9. Forcing officers and people to falsify evidence to enable arrest of opponents.
  10. The whole SL is aware of Pillaiyan and Karuna being murderers. However, GOSL is taking things easy with the two culprits. In your opinion, do you think that these two should be active in politics?
  11. What happened to the code of Conduct and the activity of some ministers? A poor peasant, if he steals a loaf of bread, he is bashed, punished, and may be jailed. What about your minister’s activity. How is that ministers become rich when they assume power?
  12. Wilpattu is been invaded by insects. What is GOSL doing about it?
  13. SriLankans are aware of your portfolio holders sleeping in parliament. If a shift officer sleeps on his job he is punished and may be sacked. What are your thoughts on this please?

Constitutional Amendments

Sir, SriLanka has to be a unitary state. What Tamils have been allocated on Provincial Administration is far mode adequate for the population strength and our mentality. There can be no division.

Any more division or increasing powers to the PCs will cause political instability in the region. Tamil Nadu will start their secessionist demand, generating political instability and adding advantage to a super power for their geo-political control.

What the Northern peninsula needs is what has been discussed above. If SL can provide all those, then why do we need another separate administration for a small minority of one million people against the 22 million?

Already NPC Tamil administration has proved that they are incapable and incompetent in governance. What more can they provide with a new constitution and any division?

We know that right from 1949, Tamil politicians are incompetent. They never wanted to develop Jaffna because they live in Colombo. They live with their legs on two boats.

Sir, please check your revenue from the North. Apart from tax on buying and selling products from the South, do we produce, and pay tax?

Today Jaffna is infected with the following:

  1. Worms in food.
  2. Worms in Kottu Roti.
  3. Worms in rice flour.
  4. Sewerage in food supply.
  5. Oil contamination in water.
  6. Rowdies fighting and killing with swords.
  7. Child rape.
  8. Student’s sex increase.
  9. Girls at 15 become pregnant.
  10. Drug trafficking and usage on the increase.
  11. Brothel house on the increase.
  12. Dumping of hospital infectious waste, sewerage and garbage in the Northern City of Jaffna. This dump could be easily converted and developed as a tourist spot.
  13. Do you think that the Chief Minister could not act on these with the help of the police? CM does not need police power to act on illegal behavior.

Are Tamils planning to ask for another Tamil Eelam in Toronto in 50 years’ time?

Hon PM, Please keep SriLanka a unitary state.

I Remain,

Yours Obediently

Kanthar Balanathan

Cc: His Excellency the President Mr. Maithripala Sirisena


  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    Thank you Mr. Balanathan…. I could not have said it any better.

    Unfortunately, almost 95% of our politicians – which include Sinhalese, Tamils & Muslims – are overly corrupted and selfish. Their main reason for getting into politics is not to serve the country, but to serve themselves and their families, relatives and friends. No matter who comes to power the trend is the same. Corruptions, nepotism continues unabated.

    The present regime came to power blaming the previous, now they are following the same culture of corruptions, lawlessness and nepotism, as if they have god given rights to do so.

    I have no faith in our politicians to do the right thing for the country, the way they are selling out the country to please their Western masters, and their agenda to keep China out of the region.

    Once again, thank you for writing an excellent letter to the Prime Minister. Lets hope he will read it, and understands what his regime is doing to the country…?

    Nihal Perera

  2. Dilrook Says:

    I’m totally opposed to a reservoir/river/lake for Jaffna.

    [Quote].A reservoir with a large catchment area. Already Thondaimannar/Vallai area has been proved suitable by competent SriLankan engineers. Plus the required distribution schemes for agrarian services. [Unquote]

    If it becomes a reality, a very large number of South Indians will creep into Sri Lanka and permanantly settle. It poses the gravest of all threats to the island nation. In 1970s, Indian Tamils to be repatriated to India illegally crept into Vanni. LTTE was created from them as expendable fighting cadre. Increased trade and the possibility of the “chunnel” to south India will worsen the situation beyond control.

    Given the racist nature of affairs in Jaffna (displaced Muslims and Sinhalese are still not resettled as Jaffna Tamils oppose it), no Muslim or Sinhalese will benefit from such a project. But as taxpayers, they will have to pay for it.

    At present there are no large fresh water bodies in the peninsular for very good natural reasons and it must be kept that way. The limited population Jaffna’s harsh conditions can sustain saved Sri Lanka politically, culturally, demographically and militarily. It must not be changed.

  3. Dham Says:

    Dear Kanthar,

    When Sinhalse reads 1 to 13 ( Jaffna infections), their hearts melt and compassion emerge.
    When Tamils read 1 to 13 their hatred towards Sinhalese sky rocket towards Elam.

    Number 1 problem is the Tamil hatred. Sinhalese cannot heal this. They can give advice they will ask them to refer to Buddhism. They should be taught how to develop compassion towards Sinhalse.

    Please write a letter to Vigneshwaran and ask him to start the healing process by appointing a Tamil Only LLRC.
    Sinhalese need not get involved in the subject of “Re-Con-Silly-action”. Sinhalese will simply have to forgive the Tamils for what they have done to their country.
    I am sure they will.

  4. Outspoken Sri Lankan Says:

    Well said Dr. Balanathan. Open the eyes of our blind politicians who are playing right into the hands of power hungry Elam worshippers. We had a peaceful country until the Tamil radicals started sabotaging everyone trying to get ahead. As a Sinhala Buddhist, I have always helped people regardless of race or religion but I am sad to say that with Tamils, they never reciprocate. It is refreshing to read what you so honestly reveal. We cannot say it as well as you do because we are labelled racist. The myth that Tamils were more intelligent is no longer true because all the cheating to mark up their own has now come to light. You are one of the most outspoken Tamils who says it as it is and we admire you for that. It is true what you say about caste. Even among Sinhala people caste differences existed but it is now obliterated and forgotten. That is not what I see with Tamils. With so much of internal struggles among Tamils, they will never govern the way they think they can. You are absolutely right. They are too preoccupied with hatred and power grabbing!! In all of this they are ruining a beautiful country like Sri Lanka. We don’t have people dirtying on the roadside like in India. I wish the Tamil people just be happy that they are a lot better off than the poor among Sinhalese. I wish the politicians stop pandering to minorities making us the majority in the nation feel as if we are second class. That is what this government has done. Sinhala people have no other country. Why cant we live in peace with the freedom we have?

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our thanks to Mr Balanathan for this honest article.


    Dharma refers to Tamil hatred. True – there exists an unreasoning hatred toward the Sinhale.

    Why ?

    It is because of the Untouchable (now called Dalit) status forced upon a section of over 15 Million Tamils in Tamil Nadu. This sorry state has lasted over 3,000 yrs. Atrocities are committed against this sector of people. Laws against atrocities have been passed to no avail. The hatred against the Caste System has been transferred onto the Sinhala people. The Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 (to get Eelam through Violence) is still not revoked, even after GoSL finished a 30 plus year war against Tamil extreme terrorism.

    – INDIA trained the LTTE.
    – Tamil Leaders encouraged the terrorism through the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976).

    Neither party are held responsible for the carnage and chaos in Sri Lanka. RW/CBK duo are proven anti-Nationalists now in power NOT through the vote, but by stealth.

    All right thinking people must unite now to fight through legal ways for peace & justice.

  6. Nimal Says:

    Don’t know what to make out of this article.I will read it several times.
    I left the country in 60s because the Tamils in the North got together and discouraged us setting up a textile mill where my American friend was deported with the connivance the all powerful immigration offices who were Jaffna Tamils. They had the backings of JR and likes of Bradman Weerakoon.
    These elitist Tamils never liked the poor Tamils doing well.My Tamil driver from Colombo was treated like dirt when we occasionally visited the Tamil high ranking offices home for a chat.
    Even the second in command in the US embassy who knew and associated with us socially turned on us and my American friend and he was very hostile to find that my friend had put a factory in Jaffna.His name was Harington.He came to the lock up at slave island police station and berated my American friend for’ going into their country.’This was the same thing said to my friend by the Tamil immigration officers who visited My friend Mr Challoner.Chute at the police lock up.These immigration officers too blamed me and my friend setting up business ‘in their country ‘What upset the Police officer was when my American friend referred to people from India landing in dozens when the evening when the tide goes out in the sea. They were so hostile they used the VT smugglers to threaten us if they did not take some of their own recommended people as employee. When we showed reluctance they cut our vehicle’s tires and two days were wasted waiting for the tyres brought to Jaffna by the night mail train from Colombo.MY friend noticing the large amount of Chlorine been sent to air as a by product at Paranathan,with the help of is associates in NY wanted to set up a plant manufacture Copper Oxi Chlioride which was supposed to be a fungicide used in the tea plantation.
    JR being the minister of state under Dudley refused to give us the green light unless we employed one of his relatives as a director. This guy was a drunken brat who had no manners who just walked into our office at the Cylinco Building where he arrogantly demanded the job and young cocky me told him to fly a kite and told him to tell his uncle to go to hell. Only honest politician that was helpful in that government was one Philip Gunawardana who was a MP.
    As a young man I worked very hard to turn machine parts to make the first Electric weaving machine that was mass produced where we had 3 factories giving employment to over a thousand people in the south as well as in the north.
    I am truly like to show my gratitude to one gentleman named one Upali Wijewardana who worked in Liver brothers as a tooth paste salesman, who was a no nonsense man like me. Others who helped me was my uncle one Justin Silva,CEO of Cylinco(another no non sense man) and the owner one Justin Kothalawala.I annoyed them by parking my chaufer driven car in the middle of their bay and my Sinhalese driver never wanted me to be driven where I sat at the back and I promptly sacked him at the Galle face where this kind minister Mr Phillip Gunawardana stopped his car gave me a lift to Cylinco.Prejudice against a teen ager was great and I met a similar fate prior to my last job where I worked for a construction company that did the water scheme in Kandy where the powerful Tamil CC never paid my salary for over 1.5 years, where I stuck there as I wanted a job. Tamils in the Drawing office never spoke to me and treated me like a Stanger.
    Mr Upali W and Philip G told me that Ceylon was not the country for me and I should go abroad, which I did.
    There’s much more to write about the Tamils prejudice and hostility to us another time as I am very busy here in London

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