Dayan J’s ‘Scenario 2016’ & the Future of Sri Lankans
Posted on January 7th, 2016


Dayan Jayatilleke’s ‘Scenario 2016’ gives 5 likely experimental changes to take place in Sri Lanka. The points deserve merit and demands public attention and calls for the citizens of Sri Lanka – Sinhala, Tamil & Muslims to realize the potential dangers in store for a nation if the current politicians in power, the Kolombians clinging to anything the white West offers get their way and bulldozes the changes in store. We have come to a very serious situation that warrants the attention of all to put the interests of the Nation first.

  1. New Constitution

* removing powers from the centre

* unitary-state only in name and provinces given full autonomy

* Sri Lanka to be next Diego Garcia

* In Tamils the West has found a reliable ethnic minority who will gladly allow the West to use the North as South Asian watch tower after satisfying Tamil politicians and Diaspora aspiration for a separate state. Sadly Tamils want a separate state but do not mind sharing it with elements out to destroy Sri Lanka and the rest of Asia. Tamils do not realize the damage they are doing.

  1. Bizarre laws introduced that enable anyone going against the rulers to be tried and found guilty in special courts that regular courts do not have jurisdiction over.
  1. Road & Rail link to India

* eliminate natural barrier between India & Sri Lanka

* remove sovereign status of Sri Lanka

* Dangers of Indians invading and occupying Sri Lanka

* High risk of Indians taking over social, economic and even political powers

  1. ECTA (initially called CEPA) with India

* An economic pact with India that will slowly take away jobs of Sri Lankans at every level

* Indians flooding in to Sri Lanka and setting up shop, residence and owning land leaving Sinhalese a landless majority

  1. Western capitalist system where everything and anything is privatized as Government policy

* A handful will capture all state resources

* All social welfare systems will be stopped

* State aid stopped

* People will be slaves to privatization and no authority will safeguard their interests

The agenda as Dayan points out stems from collaborative discussions over the years between CBK, Ranil, Mangalas, TNA with the CFA co-chairs, India, Tamil Diaspora, Colombo’s civil society, International Human Rights NGOs and some UN stooges. Dayan is also right in pointing out that the new agenda has emerged as a result of the various initial movements established to garner public support over the years ranging from CBK’s ‘union of regions’, Sudu Nelum anti-military ideology, Bergof Foundation Federalism, PTOMs, Ranil’s CFA, ISGA and the radical Western privatization that is the hallmark of what Ranil Wickremasinghe is all about.

What the nation needs to now seriously think about

  • With the new constitution being drafted by western powers, foreign funded local stooges, politicians on foreign payroll will there be any safeguards for the ordinary people of Sri Lanka?
  • The drafters are well aware that the general public is sensitive about the ‘unitary’ status of the country, what if the drafters keep the unitary name but change every Article/clause to completely dislodge the unitary status of the country? Are our politicians even the current opposition able to read and understand the gravity of the changes?
  • Tamils in particular need to realize that they are divided by caste. They know very well that though Tamil Nadu is coming to their assistance now that generosity will not last once Tamil Nadu Tamils overflow and take over the North of Sri Lanka thus forcing Tamils to move southwards or serve under the new masters. Have Sri Lankan Tamils thought about this likely scenario?
  • Muslim politicians are being used to demand autonomy for the Eastern Province because the area serves as a crucial watch base for the West & India. Have Muslims thought about the manner Islamic terrorism has been introduced to kill and annihilate Muslims the world over? Do Muslims not realize they are being unfairly used in global politics and do Muslims wish to go against the Sinhalese and play into the hands of the West & India? ISIS operating in Sri Lanka is another white elephant to enable the West & India to interfere in Sri Lanka.
  • Stupid Sinhalese. Have not read the signs or signals and have allowed themselves to be divided in the middle and in so many other ways enabling foreign-controlled politicians and parties to calculate electoral victories via bloc minority votes which are kept secure whatever the odds. The Sinhalese have foolishly fallen for multicultural, multifaith, anti-national slogans when Tamils have voted for Tamil interests only and Muslims have voted for Muslim interest only barring a countable number of Tamils and Muslims who put country first.
  • Trade pacts / Road & Rail Links with India: What are the consequences?
    • India’s population is 1.3billion –Sri Lanka’s is a mere 20m
    • Tamil Nadu population is 72million
    • Tamil Nadu Dalits are 21% of the total population
    • Tamils in the North of Sri Lanka is less than 900,000
    • India’s unemployed are 45million
    • What will happen if all the Dalits flood into Sri Lanka?
    • Already there are Indians working in Sri Lanka. There are many illegally working and manipulating the immigration laws by coming on tourist visas working in Sri Lanka and then going for the weekend and returning. How many such Indians are thus working and taking foreign currency out? How many Indian farmers are working already in agriculture sectors bringing machinery that can be operated only by Indians?
    • With 45million unemployed Indians (some of them holding degrees and PhDs) they will not hesitate to offer services at half the price of what the Sri Lankans charge and when Ranil privatizes everything the private sector will obviously go for the cheapest alternative and Indians will thus secure all jobs. Private sector will not be thinking about any national policies or morals other than making profit and then coming out with bogus CSR initiatives just to cover their guilt. How can Ranil protect the ordinary workers in Sri Lanka when he has allowed India to invade and take over every sphere of sovereign Sri Lanka?
    • When the Sri Lankan Government cannot handle encroaching poaching Tamil Nadu fishermen and have to deal with an enraged Chief Minister and her jaunts will Ranil-Sirisena-CBK or Mangala have the clout or willingness to stand up for the rights of the people of Sri Lanka?
    • Once every inch of the country has been handed over to India and the West will these big shot local politicians think they can still be the heroes of the nation?

It is time the Sri Lankan public seriously give thought to the likely outcomes brewing as a result of people putting propaganda before their conscience.

They fell for slogans. Yes we all hate corruption but can anyone name a corrupt-less government or leader in Sri Lanka?

False propaganda: white vans, missing journalists etc…. exactly how many really did go missing and was it cause for a national calamity? Some of the journalists attacked were for personal reasons and as an example the case of the journalist in the Leader who was attacked in his Mt. Lavinia residence. A national calamity is the increasing traffic incident and this should cause people to demand action by the authorities. So people need to be a little more intelligent and now fall prey to campaigns that the US are masters of creating and there are agencies tasked to start rumors and spread these and NGOs paid to add fire to them.

The scenario 2016 will look bleak only if the People of Sri Lanka watch and allow the crafty set of players (local and foreign) to implement their sordid plans.

It is time the people open their eyes to the realities and resolve to bravely unite to stop foreign elements from taking over and turning the Sri Lankan public into their slaves.

4 Responses to “Dayan J’s ‘Scenario 2016’ & the Future of Sri Lankans”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Tamils in particular need to realize that they are divided by caste. They know very well that though Tamil Nadu is coming to their assistance now that generosity will not last once Tamil Nadu Tamils overflow and take over the North of Sri Lanka thus forcing Tamils to move southwards or serve under the new masters.”

    Let me answer this as a Tamil.

    Please don’t get offended because you may NOT be able to HANDLE the truth.

    1. YES there is caste differences among Tamils BUT eventually ALL Tamils UNITE for the common purpose.

    2. Due to war, MOST poor Tamils mostly low caste Tamils LEFT SL. They had NOTHING to lose – no land, no proper jobs, no respect, etc. Now it is VERY DIFFICULT to find laborers, etc. in the north. IF POOR and low caste Tamil Nadu Tamils come to SL in large numbers, they can be used as CHEAP labor to cultivate even WHEAT in SL by Tamil land lords!!

    They can also be used as cheap cadres in a Tamil army like the LTTE.

    Don’t worry about them taking over TAMIL LAND. That will NEVER happen. Tamils KNOW HOW to save their land. It will be the SINGHALESE who will LOSE their land to TN Tamils (e.g. Thalavakele, Nuwara Eliya, Kottanchennai, Wellawatta, etc.)

    Tamil percentage is DOWN from 1981 to 2012. As a result TNA MPs from Jaffna, etc. is DOWN. IF millions of Tamils come from TN, Tamil MPs will increase and NO MAHINDA can ever win the election (as he lacks TAMIL support).

    For these reasons, MOST Tamils in SL LOVE the bridge and TN illegals.

    This is the BITTER TRUTH. So my dear patriot, Singhalese are ALONE in fighting off this treat. Tamils see it as an opportunity.

    Didn’t I tell you the story of wise king SOLOMON? He resolved a dispute over a baby – 2 moms claiming it – by ordering to slit the baby in half. Guess which woman cried and stopped it? The REAL OWNER. The (Tamil) woman claiming to be mom, didn’t give a fart when SL was invaded or ransacked.

    Life is TOO easy for a parasite.
    You tell hey, parasite, a lion is going to kill the cow (your host). Come lets fight the lion. The parasite says, nah! Let the lion kill it. I will live on the lion or even the carcass of the cow that fed me for so long! Even better!

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    It is still not too late. All patriotic Sri Lankas ,especially the Sinhalese ,please unite to save the country and maintain its unitary state. I am appealing mainly to the Sinhalese because as it is seen from their actions ,the most Tamils and Muslims seem races seem have their own agendas supported by outside forces.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    dingiri bandara
    unitary state.- United Provincial Council of Mother Lanka !!!

    Live & let’s live .

    We both -kaput Indian flag is fly in Yalpanam not our koddiya or your Lion .

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Americans have the Second Amendment – the Right to bear arms. This provision was included in the American Constitution to enable the citizens to fight back if the government tries to take their rights and freedoms back.

    We live in society in a social contract that enshrines the rights of “the governed”. The governed have relinquished their responsibilities to the rulers that form the government to rule and make necessary laws to provide the necessary freedoms and the security.

    If the rulers take the law into their own hands to the detriment of the governed, then the governed have a right to abrogate the social contract and resort to ‘other measures’ to win back their rights freedom and security.

    Yahapalanaya in Sri Lanka is inciting the people to riot. This is the “Devil’s Alternative” if all measures to stop the destruction of Sri Lanka as we know her for the last several millennia bear no fruit!

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