Has the Yahapalana Government delivered to the Sri Lankan public?
Posted on January 7th, 2016


The Rajapakse Government was ousted from power on 9 January 2015. The dollar-pound-euro funded tarnishing anti-Rajapakse campaigns propelled by weaknesses and follies of the Rajapakse’s themselves contributed to an unfortunate downfall. The replacement was Buddhist-quote chanting former gramasevaka who in turn made it possible for the record holding Opposition Leader to finally become the Prime Minister. If the people voted out Rajapakse’s for bad governance, are those who voted for good governance satisfied with the yahapalana government’s performance?

The people placed trust, confidence and hope in the Yahapalana government. After one year lets see what they promised, the promises they broke and the catastrophes they have created far worse than what the Rajapakse’s were accused of.

  • Promise to keep cabinet to not more than 25 – broken
  • Setting up of National Advisory Council – forgotten
  • Abolition of the Executive Presidency – political talk only
  • Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians – forgotten
  • Salaries will be raised and direct and indirect taxes on necessary goods and services will be reduced – with the budget amended 16 times no one knows what the budget now looks like!
  • Special Commission on Corruptions – omits all Yahapalana MPs who were formerly with Rajapakses!
  • Good governance has meant appointing Finance Minister whose case was conveniently thrown out on a technicality by a retiring judge, Central Bank Governor appointed with connections to international money launderer and LTTE fundster Rajaratnam
  • Good governance has been to appoint losing candidates as MPs and give them cabinet portfolios!
  • Right to Information Bill was promised to be introduced within 3 weeks of coming to power in January – forgotten & political talk only
  • Promises made to farmers in the 100 day program – all broken
  • New laws will be put in place to prevent abuse of women, abuse of children and sexual harassment of women and measures taken to ensure that women and children can live without fear in Sri Lanka – scores of lawlessness taken place since January 2015
  • a programme to systematically eliminate the drug menace – Wele Suda’s right hand man released
  • Pictorial warnings with regard to the dangers of smoking will be increased to 80% – now women smokers have increased!
  • Ethanol scam – all hot air only!
  • A beautiful Colombo left by the former Defense Secretary has become a dirty dump and places like floating market has now turned into a brothel!
  • set out to raise to 6% the current 1.7% allocated for free Education – forgotten
  • We will put a stop to the incursions of foreign boats into our national waters – Indian fishermen still continue to poach on Sri Lanka’s territorial waters
  • Measures will be taken to preserve and protect archaeological sites – incursions and destruction to forest areas continue unabated
  • Outlets for alcohol will be removed from the vicinity of places of religious worship including the Temple of the Tooth – forgotten
  • Laws will be passed swiftly to put a stop to ill-treatment of animals – Animal Welfare Bill yet to be passed
  • Parliamentary proceedings will be telecast live – NO THANK YOU
  • A respected Foreign Service free of political interference will be re-established – scores of irregularities taking place
  • Free & Fair Elections – local government elections postponed without a date (a violation)
  • Beeshana period – instead of the bogus white vans we see black defenders abducting people and beating them up and the Minister who admits to taking the person is yet to be arrested because the police still does not have evidence and the AG is still thinking what to do!
  • Rajapakse witch-hunt – All the Rajapakse’s and anyone connected even remotely with the Rajapakse’s are called before the FCID or PRECIFAC and those that pose a threat are put behind bars until the police and authorities can come up with evidence against them. Arent people to be arrested only when there is evidence against them? Yahapalana governance is to arrest all opposition enemies and then compile evidence against them!
  • Law & Order has meant locking up intelligence officers on bogus charges and releasing LTTE cadres who had refused rehabilitation.
  • Freedom in Judiciary and Media has meant nothing is reported against the yahapalana government and anything can be said against the Rajapakses! Cartoonists had a field day drawing cartoons of Rajapakse and he visited exhibitions laughing at himself – the white van disappearances are only figments of media imagination!
  • Safeguarding national security has meant de-proscribing LTTE fronts without investigating their links to LTTE terrorism
  • Securing national pride has been to co-sponsor the biased UN resolutions call the heroic armed forces that liberated the nation from terrorism as war criminals and agreeing to help create kangaroo courts with foreign lawyers/judges to lock up all the war heroes and ensure they do not come to the defense of the nation once more.
  • Getting international attention has been to make absurd statements against concerts with foreign artists! Everyone’s now wondering what a stingray tail looks like!
  • Sri Lanka’s economic development is to be headed by war criminal Tony Blair and regime change operator George Soros!
  • What is equally surprising is that Ban Ki Moon, the West who cant wait for a cat to sneeze under Rajapakse rule are totally silent when Ministers abduct men in black defenders and arrests are not even been made.
  • The Tamil question – the country suffered 30 years of terrorism. It was the terrorists that the armed forces militarily defeated. Allied Forces fought against Hitler and Nazis. There was no reconciliation for Germany. Why should there be for Sri Lanka? Not only Tamils suffered. Sinhalese & Muslims suffered more because LTTE terrorism was directed against Sinhalese & Muslims and Tamils that went against the LTTE. Only Tamils cannot feel free, the Sinhalese and Muslims must be equally given their rights too.
  • Diplomatic isolation is today replaced with diplomatic interference and meddling where every decision made locally must have the nod of approval of Samantha Power, David Cameron, Tony Blair, George Soros, revengeful CBK or Pakiasothy!
  • Can anyone say what exactly is BETTER about the Yahapalana Government other than that it is run by Rich Royalists from Colombo thinking that Sri Lanka extends only upto Colombo city!

Where are we heading as a nation? Rajapakse’s left Sri Lanka with a $8billion foreign reserve and the Sri Lankan Rupee 131 against the dollar. Today we do not have foreign reserves and the rupee is now 143 and climbing showcasing the economic immaturity and false sense of belief the people placed in Ranil’s economic order!

Ranil’s vision has been to push for a rail/road/sea link with India thus nullifying Sri Lanka’s status as a sovereign nation and helping India realize its historical goal of annexing Sri Lanka to India making it an Indian protectorate. Ranil’s rush to sign the CEPA (now being promoted under another name and elements craftily introduced via the budget) will mean the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims would lose their jobs and Indians will start flooding to live and work and own land in Sri Lanka.

The Tamils that think this is a grand idea may like to dwell a little more to wonder what their fate will be once the Indians and Tamil Nadu do occupy the whole of Sri Lanka eventually? The love and affection now being showered by Tamil Nadu from India will not prevail for Sri Lankan Tamils once they take ownership of Sri Lanka. And what of the Sinhalese? They may be the next boat people heading towards no-man’s land having lost their nation because of their own follies and stupidities.

Can the damage done throughout 2015 be reversed?

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6 Responses to “Has the Yahapalana Government delivered to the Sri Lankan public?”

  1. aloy Says:

    MR also left a mountain of debts under which we all suffer.
    The way things are happening RW will be any different. He will be forced to sign various deals and at the end we may not have a country to live in. He will have no option but to sign to stay in power just like his uncle did. My3 also will look the other way just to remain in power and make hay while sun shines.

    RW is showing a garden of roses to citizens by way of a megapolis and a hub between Dubai and Singapore. Is he or minsters capable of doing that?. I do not think so. To realize these dreams his team should be efficient. I do not see a semblance of that. Two days ago I was leaving Katunayake airport which was jam packed with tourists and locals. There wasn’t even standing room in the immigration and customs areas. There were no queues; I saw some foreign tourist arguing with others (possibly Sri lanakans or Indians) about queue jumping. I nearly lost my flight due to disorder at the airport. Only one scanning machine was working and the custom officers were trying their best to cope. I saw some children of tourists crying due to humid conditions and disorder. Those in charge should realize that tourists come to our country to enjoy and not to get involved in heated arguments or suffer.
    As for the megapolis projects, do we have enough manpower. It is very difficult to find labour (skilled or unskilled) in the country at the moment. Do they have a plan to bring them from Sinhala hinterland?. I do not think so. Last two weeks I had to hire local skilled workers at exorbitant rates. I had to pay the equivalent of 40.00 Sing. dollars a day (Rs. 4000.00) for a skilled worker. This is much more than the rate in Singapore or Malaysia. Unlike in those countries the expatriate labour once they arrive do not leave our country. So megapolis if it materialises will become a south Indian colony.

  2. Christie Says:

    “The dollar-pound-euro funded tarnishing anti-Rajapakse campaigns propelled by weaknesses”

    It is Indian Empire’s money that comes in the form of dollar-pound-euro.

    See what this administration has done for the Indian Empire and its colonial parasites in the island.

  3. Christie Says:

    ඉන්දියානු ඒජන්තී චන්ද්‍රිකාත්, ආන්ඩුකාර සිරිසේනත්, අගමැති රනිලුත් ඉන්දියානු අදිරදයට හා ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයන්ටත් මහත් සේවයක් පසුගිය වස තුල ඉටුකර ඇත.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    The only really good thing done by Yahap, so far, is Pres Sirisena banning Glyphosate use in the entire country. The MR govt had already banned it in affected Provinces.

    The leading figures of Yahap, RW & CBK, are failed politicos who have come in through the back door, by stealth. They have already lost the trust of the People. Their Hearts are not with the People. One wonders what further damage will they do in Lanka ?

    RW & CBK reminds one of the ‘ugly sisters’ in the fairy tale ‘Cinderella’ – no matter how hard they try, they still remain ugly, in this case, politically speaking !!

  5. Nihal Perera Says:

    ” Can the damage done throughout 2015 be reversed?”

    My answer is: Highly unlikely..

    The Reasons: The present regime is trapped in a web setup by its creators – US, UK, and India. These regime changers got the present regime by their balls. Ranil/Sirisena/Chandirka/Mangala, have no choice but dance to the agenda set mainly by the US handlers. They trapped SL by promising to water-down the US sponsored UNHRC resolution. No hybrid courts, no foreign judges, no war crime investigation. Provided that SL in return change its constitution to accommodate Tamil demands of self-rule, remove security forces from the north/east. give land back to Tamils, remove LTTE associations and LTTE suspects from the banned list by the previous government. Release all the LTTE prisoners held in the jail. Keep China away, and stop all the Chinese developments to make India happy.

    As we can see now, the government swiftly followed the above agenda, and dismantled many of the programs set by the MR’s regime, to please their Masters (US, UK, India), and the Tamil Diaspora. The final nail in the coffin will be driven soon when they change the Constitution, which will be the roadmap to establish the Tamil Eelam, by reducing the power in the central government, and allowing more autonomy to the PC’s, which was what LTTE proxy TNA wanted right from the beginning.

    Eventually, the Sinhala-Majority will be left with a fractured country (if you can call that a country..!), with less power and influence to manage their own affairs, while the North and East will be controlled by the two minorities – Tamils and Muslims.

    So, the scenario (roadmap if you will..) is already there and this regime is hard at work fulfilling the wishes of their creators. Either way, the present regime is trapped and under obligation to fulfill the demands put on them by their masters.

    Unfortunately, this could be the beginning of the end, if we let these traitors sell the country, with the help of their supporters..

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    UNPelievably UNPatriotic party never done any thing since its inception. The only thing they are good at murder (Buddhists only), mayhem,
    treachery and robberies (grand scale only). Do not have to do any development work. They will worship the west
    who doesn’t want countries to make any progress and give very little in foreign aids and expect a lot more in return.

    UNPatriotics know they don’t have to do anything since most newspapers and tv channels won’t say anything bad
    about them. So they come and go while making a lot of money and leaving a lot of Sinhalese dead (60,000 jvpers and 130,000 by the catholic tigers of tamil drealam). Fortunately for them, a lot of Sinhalese Buddhists buy their lies and vote
    them again and agin. So they come, make money, kill and disappear. That has been their politics since the inception of
    this treacherous party.

    When they promised these things before the elections, knowing those are a load of lies. That’s only to fool Sinhala modayas. A lot of Sinhalese donkeys have very short memories and buy anything these traitors preach.

    Thambi mudiyanse alugosu jr put foundations to break up Sri Lanka by signing 13, 13A. Now his nephew doing the treacherous work
    without a care in the world. He wants to annex Sri Lanka to india. So we will be forever under the jack boot of the indians. But some Sinhalese donkeys don’t care. So the rampant traitors go on and destroy everything important to the Sinhalese.

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