The Anniversary of the Darkest Day of a Glorious Nation
Posted on January 7th, 2016

A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

Today is the darkest day in the history of Sri Lanka which denotes the anniversary of what is called the hopper revolution in which treacherous Bra Sirisena was installed in power by the tiger terrorist diaspora, the war mongering United States, British and European imperialists and the hegemonic Indians with the assistance and collaboration of the western slavish United National Party, NGO vultures and the foreign sustained political vagabonds JVP against the will of the majority community of Sri Lanka.

This treacherous Sirisena during this dark year of the country has damaged the country to a great extent which cannot even compare with the damages done to the country by the Portuguese, the Dutch, and Indian invaders and even by British imperialists, under the stupid slogan of good governance.  No person with an iota of sanity can claim that anything of positive nature has happened to the country in the last year.

All development works that were being carried out by the government of former President Mahinda Rapaksa with a great vision to make this country a wonder nation in Asia have been stalled with bizarre reasons and instead the whole year has been spent leveling various strange allegations against the patriotic persons who endeavored for developing the country under the previous government and making all efforts and attempts to victimize, penalize and indict them These vicious objectives have resulted in total failure during the last one year.

It was mainly alleged that the former President Mahinda Rapaksa and his family members have hidden treasures worth several billion US dollars in foreign banks and have invested in projects in foreign countries without any means to prove the authenticity of these allegations.  The stupid nature of this main allegation was that the amount mentioned as to have been swindled was even more than the annual income of the country.  Failing in these attempts a massive witch hunt was and is yet being carried out to penalize, and punish the former Ministers, parliamentarians, and public servants who rightly performed their duties loyal to the country.  Stupidly even a watchman of an estate guard of a former politician has been interrogated by one of the mushroom Commissions which investigate this kind of concocted allegations. This poor watchman is reported to have pawned his bicycle to make it possible for his journey to Colombo to attend the Commission inquiry.  Strangely up to now not a single person has been proved guilty of these allegations.

Meanwhile, the foreign sustained vagabond political party, which receive fullest political patronage from the government and popularly known nowadays as the Red Elephants understanding the displeasure of the people on the government is involved in a camouflaged attempt to deceive the people saying that they are distancing from the government since the government has not fulfilled the pledges given to the people last year.  If they are so genuine as to what they claim why don’t they discard the positions they illegally hold in the government such as the post of Chief Whip of the Opposition and the position of the Chairman of the COPE Committee and many other positions in various committees held by their members instead of fooling the masses as they used to do at various times in the past and made thousands of our intelligent youth to lose their precious lives untimely.

There is nothing to be said as that has been achieved by the Bra Sirisena – Mont Pelerin Ranil Wickremasinghe government during the last one year.  (Ranil Wickramasinghe, is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, the secret ‘Ultra-Right’ club of the White Supremacists that works hand in glove with the United States.  The Mont Pelerin Society comprising white extremists from Europe and America, with founder Von Hayek presiding, assembled in 1947 to discuss the emerging global scenario that threatened their supremacy and pledged to roll back history by wresting power from the people of Africa and Asia and retrieving the supremacist’s lost privilege of unfettered use of land, labour and capital in these two Continents.)

Blatantly violating the 19th amendment to the Constitution adopted by the government under which the number of Ministers was restricted to 30, around 100 Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers have been appointed providing Ministerial portfolios to political chameleons from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party including to those who were rejected by the people in the last general election and who have illegally entered the Parliament through the National list. The Sri Lanka Freedom Party members who have entered the governed under the guise of forming a National Government has done so totally violating the mandate given to them by the people and they are now unable to visit their own electorates.

The maiden budget of the government was a total flop which did not provide any concessions to the general public, the public servants, the workers and the local industrialists and as a result of their agitations against the budget proposals the President, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister were forced to introduce many amendments to the budget making it a meaning less document.  The budget presented was full of misrepresentation of facts and figures and as a result of amendments forced into the budget neither the President, the Prime Minister nor the Finance Minister know about the real income details, the extent of the budget deficit and the details of the real expenditure. It has only provided some concessions to foreigners to exploit our lands and properties. This is the first time in the history of Sri Lanka that such a meaningless budget was presented.  In other countries the Finance Minister would have gracefully resigned in such a situation.

It was stated in the budget that the prices of 10 essential items have been reduced but these items are not available in the market at the stipulated prices even in government institutions and the importers state that they are unable to import many of these items such as sugar, dhal etc., at those prices and due to the steep downfall of the Sri Lankan rupee against the dollar.

The President, the Prime Minister and the garrulous Ministers keep on talking about various things but nothing constructive is being done up to now.  The Prime Minister with much fanfare submitted an economic proposal and it remains as a hollow proposal without any action.  They talk about doing things in millions and remain in zeros.  The Mont Pelerin Ranil Wickremasinghe talked before and after the elections about providing one million jobs in five years and one year has passed making it a hollow promise.

During the previous government the former Defense Secretary was implementing an ambitious and commendable plan for building 70,000 multi storied spacious housing units to the shanti dwellers in the Colombo city and many such housing complexes were completed and handed over to the people and Sirisena-Ranil government has stalled this project and present Minister of Housing only keep on talking about building one million houses.

The change forced on Sri Lanka on January 8th last year was only opening the floodgates of Sri Lanka for the gruesome American characters who had been notorious of making internal crises in many developing countries to visit Sri Lanka and pave the way for segregation of the country.  Accordingly, Samantha Power, Thomas Shannon, Nishal Biswas and many other dubious American characters visited Sri Lanka recently and went straight to Jaffna and gathered the views of people in the North and advise the Sirisena-Ranil government on actions to be taken to what they call to redress the grievances of the Tamil people and the government is taking action accordingly while the other imbeciles in the government remain as just onlookers without the least care of danger being faced by the country.

The education of the country is in a total mess.  Parents of students have been forced to obtain school uniforms based on a coupon issued by the Ministry of Education and the subject Minister boasts of the greatness of the new measure, the parents are forced to take leave from the work places some times even losing their days wages and visit the nearest towns to obtain the uniform material.

Nepotism is rampant everyone.  Bra Sirisena opened the floodgates of nepotism by appointing his own brother to Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel for an exorbitant salary.  It is reported that he has appointed many of his relatives to similar jobs.  Following his example some other Ministers who speak of fair play and justice have also appointed their relatives to various other jobs and claim that they have appointed persons whom they trust mostly.

Law and Order has dwindled to its lowest level.  Police remain askance on many of the day light crimes being committed by certain notorious politicians and use of their official vehicles for these crimes.  The case of abduction of a person by the security personnel or body guards of  Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra is a glaring example.

Bra Sirisena obtained 87 per cent of the votes in the North and East, 95 per cent of the votes of Colombo Municipality areas and the hill country which they call themselves as the votes of the IOTs (the Indian origin Tamils – a new segment of voters emerging in Sri Lanka which was made redundant by the founder of the UNP Mr. D.S.Senanayake but subsequently empowered by stupid J.R.Jayawardene on the behest of S.Thondaman cancelling the grand arrangement made by Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike to repatriate 625,000 people of Indian origin hill country Tamils to India) and only 45 per cent of the Sinhala Buddhist votes in  the presidential election held on January 8th last year.

It was revealed in a recent speech made by the former Defense Secretary Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa that on last January 8th there was a slack polling in the North and East on the election day but the members of the TNA on the behest of the Tamil diaspora has ensured the ballot boxes filled with to depict a highest percentage of polling and a very high percentage votes to Sirisena. This has happened similar to what happened in the 1989 presidential election in which security forces are alleged to have stuffed ballot boxes on behalf of candidate Premadasa and the vagabond JVP prevented people in the South from voting for Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike.

According to the things what we have experienced during this dark year, the future of Sri Lanka is going to be in a very bleak situation and therefore it is the duty and responsibility of all patriotic Sri Lankans to join hands devoid of religion, party, and ethnicity and launch a continuous struggle to save the country from this horrendous, foreign slavish government.

2 Responses to “The Anniversary of the Darkest Day of a Glorious Nation”

  1. Christie Says:

    hi 60 years ago it was Banda, one year ago it was Sirisena put forward by Banda’s daughter.

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    I blame the Sinhala-majority, who are dumb and naïve, and can be deceived easily by cunning politicians. Our history is full of Sinhala leaders who betrayed the country for their own personal gains.

    Sirisena is a prime example of a man who back-stabbed his leader MR, who had placed his trust on him. The man has no principals, or morals, but a cunning opportunist who will sell his own mother to stay in power.

    The bogus promises (Yahapalanaya) he had made last year are nothing but bunch of lies, orchestrated by his puppet masters Ranil and Chandrika. None of these traitors can be trusted to do the right thing for the country, as they have a history of trying to sell the country, and follow an anti-Sinhala/Buddhist agenda set by their Western masters (US,UK), India, and the Tamil Diaspora.

    Sinhalese have no one to blame but themselves for being so ignorant, naïve, complacent, and letting these corrupted leaders get away with murder. There is no accountability, or responsibility by the politicians for their actions, as they feel that they are invincible, and above the law. Hirunika and her thuggery clearly shows the mind set of our politicians in Sri Lanka today.

    Unfortunately, the future looks bleak for SL, unless Sinhala-Majority realise that they are being screwed royally by these traitors, who pretend to safeguard the country. The time to wake up is NOW, before they ruin the country, with their new constitution which will be the roadmap to Eelam, blessed by the West..

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