Incident at ENRIQUE INGLIAS  Concert is a “Storm in tea cup”
Posted on January 10th, 2016

Malin Abeyatunge

Spanish singer Enrique Iglias is the current king of the Latin Pop. He is a  versatile singer and song writer young and famous. Personally I like his many both rhythm & blue songs though I am not in his age group. Some of his songs like Bailando & Bailomos curry  flavour with our  Portuguese influenced Baila which has become a part of our culture. Then, But what’s this big hullabaloo about some girl throwing a bra at him ( No one knows whether she threw the bra she was wearing at the concert or brought it separately to throw at him. Only she will know the answer). And, another girl invaded despite any private securities (if there were any) and hugged Enrique. I do not find any obscenity in any of these acts other than may be merely the external manifestation of internal frustration (To own the singer for a  split second) of the two girls and I don’t blame them. Such incidents are not uncommon in the musical concerts. It’s how they expressed their feelings and emotions towards the artist and I don’t find anything wrong. I have witnessed live performance of many  world famous artists like Late Michael Jackson  Tina Turner, Cliff Richards, Engelbert Humperdinck , Elton John to name a few  in Melbourne Arts Theatre over the years with fans screaming and dancing. Event Organising Company  should take the full blame of this whole episode.  I suggest that Mahela/Kumar company should continue to bring more and more world known artistes for Sri Lankans to watch, listen and enjoy but at a reasonable affordable price for many to enjoy but not limited to a so called elite class only. After all music is universal.

The irony of the whole issue is making this minute incident a storm in a tea cup   by President Sirisena  getting himself unnecessarily involved  and making a reprimanding statement saying those responsible  should be whipped with Madu Walige as the incident is uncultured. If that’s the case, firstly  he should reprimand his son for attending a such an uncultured event. I don’t personally blame his son for attending the concert as he is another young of the young generation.  President has made a mountain of a mole hill may be to divert attention of the people from more contentious issues than this small incident.  However if anyone thinks this is an obscene behaviour on the part of the two young girls, how will those so called hypocrites look at the Sigiriya half-naked Frescoes and Isuriminiya lovers. Aren’t they master pieces of all time of our history?

I know there will be brick bats on me of my honest opinion but I am not a hypocrite because I love music in all forms and varieties.


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  1. Christie Says:

    These ass hole without lingams or yonis or boobs for that matter has no idea of Sinhala culture, What they call Sinhala culture is Indian culture imposed on us by Indian imperialsis and Indian colonial parasites.

    When I was a child and in recent times I have seen how men and women get into a trans and throw their clothes at Thovils a part of Sinhala culture.

  2. Wickrama Says:

    Storm in a BRA CUP !!

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