Punitive measures for Bikkus by the government will never succeed
Posted on January 14th, 2016

Sri Lanka Jayabumi

This new punitive legislation against the bikkus is a total foreign conspiracy against Buddhism and Sri Lankan way of life. Whole purpose of this legislation is to imprison skilful bhikkus by falsehood and stop them protecting buddashasana and nothing else. This legislation would be used by Muslim and Catholic politicians (no disrespect to the fellow citizens of Muslim and Catholic faith) to destroy the Buddasashana in Sri Lanka. (Lot of people don’t know this, Jesus Christ is actually a messenger of Allah according to the Islamic religious text book “Quran” and according to the Quran a powerful ruler called Mehedi is going to return to earth to prepare the earth for the second coming of the Jesus Christ. Muslims believe upon the second coming of Jesus Christ, Jesus himself would destroy all the non-muslim resistances and establish a global Islamic government finally defeating an Antichrist personality called “Dajjal”. Which means according to the Muslims, Jesus is the final representation of Allah on earth and his final kingdom is going to last 1000 years). Religions other than Buddhism and Hinduism do not have any sound foundation to last the next century let along another millennia when the modern scientific discoveries further improves the understanding of the general populous. What people do not realise is that other religions are multi-billion dollar generating business machines. The foreign powers want to create a puppet state in their likeness in Sri Lanka and the main obstacle to that is Bikkus. So they are trying to eliminate that obstacles and safe guard their financial interests at the same time. Killing two birds in one stone, not bad eh?

Just because few apples are fake, that does not mean every apple is bad. Yes, there are fake rogues who wear robes to gain material advantage but that number is very few in comparison.

Not a single lay person can dictates terms to the Honourable Bikkus let alone criticise them in public. Thiloguru Samma Sambudu Piyanan never allowed lay people to instil discipline in bikkus let alone punishing them. The budda shasana does not belong to anybody but Thiloguru Samma Sambudu Piyanan. Thiloguru Piyanan has clearly mentioned that only senior monks can discipline the junior monks. Furthermore a bikku has to commit one of the 4 serious acts called “sathara parajika” inorder to be automatically disrobed, and no other act can warrant a punishment such as disrobing a monk even by a senior monk as far as I know.

Ordinary lay people are absolutely crazy and idiotic in comparison to the enlighten beings like some honourable monks who still live among us without us even realising. So how come some idiotic poli-ticks can even think that they can pass a legislation to judge and punish an entire bikku shasanaya. Who are they to judge who CANNOT be judged. They must be so out of their mind. Have those poli-ticks even passed O/L to begin with and through their thuggery and corruption they suck the blood out of lives of ordinary citizens of this beautiful country. I say all these poli-ticks should be placed under a special legislative disciplinary code of conduct and if they break those special rules placed upon them they should be banished from Sri Lanka forever (may be we can send them to Syria to join ISIS where they would fit in nicely). Enough of those fools trying to govern our mother land while still licking the back side of the white fellow and Lenin.

We have to remember that the religion found by a war lord turned paedophile which openly states in it’s unholy book that shedding blood of a non-believer in the name of almighty is an act which warrants eternal presence in heaven. So how come the poli-ticks don’t try to ban such unholy practice called religion which incite violence in the name of almighty? My dear moor brothers and sisters, do not misunderstand me thinking I am criticising you, what you and the general populous of Sri Lanka do not know is that you have “hela blood line” flowing in your vains from your maternal side and on your paternal blood line, you only have handful of mixed foreign blood and in reality you are more sinhalese than actual sinahlese when it comes to the genetic decomposition given the fact that Sinhalese are genetically such a mixed race. Sri Lanka is an open country and you can continue to believe whatever you want to believe, you are free to even blindly follow a war-lord who butchered millions and stolen their wives and molested their kids as your saviour or you can open your brains and convert to Christianity or Hinduism or any other faith which is founded on the non-violence principle. Either way Islam is not going to have a future in this world and sooner rather than later entire world will be on war against Islam for a valid reason and I wish you would not be get caught up in the cross fire. Aswalam Malekum to you all and hope you will be properly sheltered in our motherland and I am sure my fellow Buddhists would protect you from the foreign powers’ war on Islam which is about to be kicked into a new gear very soon.

Unfortunately we have a spineless puppet at the top chair who is sleeping at the wheels who pardons harden terrorists while imprisoning the decorated warriors who helped save our motherland from brutal decade long terrorism. I wish he would grow a spine and lead the country bravely rather than be a servant to the white masters or leave the seat sooner rather than later without causing any further damage to the buddashasana under his watch. I wish him luck, but if he does not change, I am pretty sure in the local government election he will be utterly humiliated.

I want to end my rant with this final note, why don’t we call it a day and chase all these poli-ticks from the parliament and start completely fresh. Why do we allow our selves to be hostages in our own country when we can kick out these criminal/idiotic poli-ticks. Even the ticks on my dog would be a better politician than the current poli-ticks we have in the parliament at the moment. Let’s rescue our mother land and start from scratch. 


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  1. Christie Says:

    Dear Upasaka,
    Number of Budhists in India are being harassed and are converted back to Hinduism since BJP Modi came to power.

    BJP (RSS) is doing the same to Muslims and Christians in India and in Indian colonies like Guyana and Mauritius.

    Look at the number of so called local Buddhists and their leaders who worship Kataragama Kali, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Gana and other Hindu gods.

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