The road map to Separatism
Posted on January 14th, 2016

By : A.A.M.Nizam, MATARA

The most discussed topic nowadays is the abolition of the existing constitution or the replacement of it with a new constitution under the guise of abolishing the powers of the Executive Presidency and the preferential voting system.  The purpose of this article is to enlighten the patriotic people on the moves taken in the past to segregate Sri Lanka for the detriment of the Unitary status of the country. Similar discussions were held in the 1930s when the subject of granting independence to Sri Lanka and introducing the Soulboury Constitution were being contemplated in the then Legislative Council.

The father of separatism, the Singapore born S.J.V.Chelvanayagam opening the Pandora’s Box of national disunity at that time said that they the Tamils are far more superior to the Sinhalese and they cannot be ruled by the inferior Sinhalese and hence a separate entity guaranteeing an autonomous region for the Tamils to have their separate self rule in the North and East of the country should be established if independence is to be granted to Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The Sinhala and patriotic legislators sternly objected this proposal and insisted then that independence be granted to Ceylon as a Unitary State and Buddhism the majority religion of the country which had prevailed in the country for several centuries should be made the State Religion.  These views of the majority community were fully endorsed by the Muslim member of the Legislative Council Mr. A.L.Marcan Markar and said that the Sinhalese being the majority community of the country has every right to rule the country and the Muslims will be happy to be under the Sinhalese rule as they hitherto existed under the Sinhalese rule amicably.

Chelvanayagam also stated that the majority of the Tamils are erudite and they cannot be compared with the uneducated Sinhalese despite the fact that they were South Indian slaves brought to this country by the Dutch colonialists for tobacco cultivation and educated by the American missionaries who came to Sri Lanka in 1813 and established the first American Missionary English school at Tellippalai in 1816. By 1848 these American missionaries established 105 English Schools and 16 Tamil Schools in the North.

The uncles and cousins of separatists, the Arunachalams, Ramanathans, Naganathans and Amirthalingams fully endorsed the vicious views of Chelvanayagam and agitated for self rule of Tamils in various forms.  When the populous government of late Prime Minister SA.W.R.D.Bandaranaike came into power in 1956 these separatists made all attempts to introduce a federal form of administration for the Northern and Eastern Provinces and even signed an agreement called Bandaranaike- Chelvanayagam agreement and the Prime Minister tore up and annulled the agreement in the face of the stern opposition from the majority community. Puppet Bra Sirisena speaking at a function on the 8th of this month aimed at bolstering his image regretted for having annulled this agreement and the Chelvanayagam-Dudley agreement (details of which will follow)

From then onwards, since 1958 the separatists staged various forms of unsuccessful agitations with the objective of achieving their goals.  They were totally rebuffed during the reign of Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s government from 1960 – 1965 and that led to the formation of the 7-party coalition of the Dudley Senanayake government of 1965 in which the separatists were a part of the government and the separatist Thiruchelvam was the Minister of Home Affairs. During this period Premier Dudley Senanayake succumbing to the dictates of the separatists signed an agreement with the father of separatism Chelvanayagam to grant autonomous status and self rule to the Northern and Eastern provinces.

Under stern opposition staged by the patriot masses throughout the country with the slogan of Dudlige Bade Masala Wade” the government was forced to abandon this agreement with a Buddhist monk assassinated at by the Police at the Kollupitiya junction.  However, the separatists did not abandon their urge for self rule and in the Northern and Eastern provinces and on May 14, 1976  the Tamil leadership, headed by S. J. V. Chelvanayakam, the father of Tamil separatism, passed the Vadukoddai Resolution , declaring war on the nation through violence to get their demand of an autonomous / federal state.

The entire Tamil leadership called on the Tamils  in general and the Tamil youth in particular to throw themselves fully in the sacred fight for freedom and not to abandon their goal achieving a sovereign state of Tamil Eelam and the armed Tamil youths launched this armed struggle under the leadership of magalamaniac Prabhakaran by making Jaffna Mayor Duraiappah the first victim of their armed struggle.

While the tiger terrorists atrocities were mounting in the country with deaths and bomb blasts being carried out in the country almost daily the Tamil sympathetic bandit Queen Chandrika incapable of finding a mechanism to defeat the terrorists offered the Northern and Eastern provinces for magalamaniac Prabhakaran to rule those two provinces without elections and when that also failed this arrogant woman attempted to impose a federal constitution drafted by Thiruchelvam the son of the separatist former Minister Thiruchelvam to Sri Lanka in the year 2000 which was once again thwarted by the people of this country.

What followed then until the former President patriotic Mahinda Rajapaksa eliminated Prabhakaran and the entire tiger terrorist leadership at Nandikadal without bowing down to dictates of the western and hegemonic Indian leadership on May 18th 2009 needs no elaboration as it is known even to a toddler in this country.  However, it is pertinent to remind here how the treacherous United National Party leadership, Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cronies ridiculed the liberation struggle being carried out by our gallant forces with statements such as Toppigala is a large forest, that any bull can fight a war and our forces are marching towards Medawachchiya instead of Kilinoichchiya and towards Pamankada instead of Alimankada and our Army Commander is only fit to be the Commander of the Salvation Army.

In the meantime another dimension has emerged to this Tamil aggression with hegemonic Indian patronized groups called Tamils of Indian Origin in Colombo and several hill country districts that they too are a significant population of this country and they should have at least 14 seats in our Parliament.

It is a well known fact that it was the tiger terrorist diaspora, the western powers and the Indian hegemonists who installed the puppet Bra Sirisena government last year to grant the separatist Tamils and the Tamils of Indian Origin all what they desire and make the majority population of this country slavish to them.  The latest attempt being made to force a constitution in the guise of abolishing the powers of the Executive Presidency and the preferential voting system is to satisfy the anti national elements in the country and the overseas elements which are against Sri Lanka remaining a unitary state and a Buddhist State despite in their States the majority religion remain as the State religion.

When discussions about the so-called constitution was taken up in the Parliament yesterday it was separatist Sambambandan who opened up the debate and he urged all members to cooperate in forming the new constitution thereby implying how it is important for them  to have this new constitution implemented.  At the same time, the treacherous political chameleons of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party who have illegally joined the government stated that they have introduced some amendments to the proposed constitution.  People of this country cannot be fooled by such statements and attempting to show that they did not fully endorse the proposed constitution. These treacherous political chameleons will have no exoneration from the masses and the future elections will certainly dump them in the political dustbin of this country.

5 Responses to “The road map to Separatism”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL never acted PROACTIVELY on threats.

    We always wait till the s**t hits the fan. Timely elimination of Tamil Elamist leaders and some JVP top leaders would have saved THENS OF THOUSANDS of lives.

    Unfortunately religions have made people foolish. People have to give religion the due place and stop at that. What needs to be done for national security got to be done even if it means UNPROVOKED surgical operations.

    This is what all other countries do.

    JVP terror stopped when the JVP leader was FINALLY killed in 1989.
    Tamil terror FINALLY stopped when the LTTE leader was FINALLY killed in 2009.

    GOSL had many opportunities to kill them before but didn’t do it for good reasons.

  2. Jag Says:

    ”SL never acted PROACTIVELY on threats.

    We always wait till the s**t hits the fan. Timely elimination of Tamil Elamist leaders and some JVP top leaders would have saved THENS OF THOUSANDS of lives.”

    This is the absolute truth. Our leaders failed to carry out their national duty due to the greed for votes. This is the curse for Sri Lanka.

  3. Christie Says:

    Road map is not for separate States, for a country run by Indian Empire and Indian colonial parasites.

    All these issues are raised to mislead the majority Sinhalese.

    It is already here, no different to Sinhala only by SWRD.

    Wake up, stand up to Indian Empire.

  4. nilwala Says:

    Agree with Lorenzo that “SL never acted PROACTIVELY…”; in fact they waited for the threats to develop into actual confrontations before moving in with actions….which were already too late, up until the last encounters. They had always hesitated to take action against the LTTE even after their suicide acts commenced. It was ALWAYS a resort to the Appeasement approach, with more and more being conceded.
    However, successive GoSLs acted differently towards the predominantly Sinhala JVP and the latter were quelled without any compunction with several thousands of youths being killed.
    The Govts. were much more cautious with the LTTE because of the India and Tamil Nadu factors.

    However, the time has come for the current “Indianization of Sri Lanka Policy” that is being set in place to be confronted as a reality, and for the People to be educated into understanding what is going on.

    The illegally constituted “Unity Govt” cannot expect the People to trust their methods of governance, since their unconscionable deception of the People has been clearly displayed.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Jag and Nilwala,

    AGREE with you but actually there was ONE EXCEPTION – GR.

    He had the FORESIGHT to EXPECT trouble ahead and tried to save SL from it. These dumb idiots ruined that too.

    1. AVANT GARDE – SOMALI pirates and SOON ISIS pirates are a reality. SL depends on SHIPPING for everything. IF shipping is attacked SL is doomed. That is why GR created a SELF FINANCING PROFITABLE AVANT GARDE to marshall the seas.

    2. SECRET SERVICE EXPANSION 2010. GR did this and these clowns dismantled it.

    3. SCRAP 13 amendment. GR demanded 13 amendment to be SCRAPPED WAY BEFORE it produced VIGGIE, ANANTHI, etc. in 2011. But that fell on deaf ears.

    As I said these were RARE EXCEPTIONS. NORMALLY (99%) of the time, we wait till it is too late.

    Unless Maru Sira is eliminated BEFORE he changes the constitution, BEFORE his govt. signs CEPA with Endia, BEFORE they start the war crimes investigation, BEFORE downgrading Buddhism, SL is DOOMED.

    MOST likely we will wait till it is too late and REGRET it.

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