Pinnacles of Yaapalanay, Sri Lankan Style
Posted on January 16th, 2016

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Wellington , New Zealand

Dear Editor,

Relentlessly pursue with yet unsubstantiated allegations and litigation  the liberators of SL from three decades of terror,  release and pardon those alleged with the highest level of complicity with this terror,  remove the state obligation to protect Thervada Buddhism in Sri Lanka something which even the British undertook to do in the Kandyan Convention of 1815 (which true to the best of   British tradition, they  paid no heed to at all) and legislate to punish and imprison the Buddhist clergy for a litany of activities which the clergy of other faiths would be free to practice, permit evangelists and NGO’s aligned to them to descend & proliferate in SL unchecked   seem to be the pinnacles of good governance ( Yahapalanaya), in todays Sri Lanka.

On a relevant  note, on our recent visit to Sri Lanka , seeing the glittering lights of Christmas decorations & Christmas fervour  strewn across the length and breadth of not only Colombo but many parts of Sri Lanka, an accompanying New Zealander not used to any where near this level of extravagance back home,  inquired innocently whether Sri Lanka was a Christian majority country. I explained that at 7% they were the smallest religious minority  behind Buddhist, Hindu’s and Muslims. However  the festivity that was seen  was evidence of what a secular country Sri Lanka is.

However, this inquiry may well be prophetic of what is likely to happen to Sri Lanka, if Yahapalanaya  is allowed to bulldoze along it’s merry way unchecked,  given South Korea’s experience of seeing Buddhist majority  turned into a Minority in the face rapidly expanding Christian majority in a matter of half a century.

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM

Wellington ,

New Zealand

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  1. aloy Says:

    ” remove the state obligation to protect Thervada Buddhism in Sri Lanka something which even the British undertook to do in the Kandyan Convention of 1815″
    I do not think this has happened. There is no need for anymore tinkering to our constitution. However the liberators in their last five years gave the world what a wonderful Buddhist country is SL. Most SL Buddhists have become hypocrites, perhaps for survival. No wonder my children who were born Buddhists are leaving that religion one by one, even against my wishes. They do not live in SL, but I think they know what is happening there.
    This is quite a contrast to what is happening in certain europeon countries. There is a guy from Netherlands who is contributing to a thread that I started in a technical website. Together we have shared over a hundred posts so far. He does not know from where I am as I have not indicated from which part of the world I have come. He suddenly became philoshical and started admiring Dalailama. When some people from that country died from a plane crash recently BBC showed where they were living before leaving on that fateful day. In one of the vitims bedrooms there was a statue of Buddha by the bedside.
    These little things show how the westerners are looking at Buddhism. Those in SL have done nothing to protect it.

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