Sirisena and Ranil are destructors, Mahinda and Gotabhaya were constructors.
Posted on January 17th, 2016

By Charles.S.Perera

Mithripala Sirisena has a subordinate mentality.  He cannot rise above that mental handicap.  He cannot even stand up against Ranil to say no to him.  Ranil is evil, he knows how to disarm his superiors, and take their place.  That he did with  President Chandrika Kumaratunga, when  Ranil  became her  Prime Minister. Ranil completely ignored the President and took her place by signing the CFA with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran, and went to USA to have lunch with George Bush.

Both Maithripala Sirisena- the Buddhist  and Ranil Wickramasinghe-the Christian, have no serious religious adherence.  They use religion as a label to  dupe the people to serve their political ends. Ranil Wickramasinghe  hypocritically stands before the  people as a Buddhist. Sirisena had no  qualms to have dinner with his President and friend and be treacherous  as to leave him secretly immediately after  to join his enemies behind his back.  You read such characters in stories, other than of course the well known Devadatte, even he appears too good to be compared to a vile character like Maithripala .

Sirisena did not stop at that, but went further to concoct absurdities to eliminate Mahinda Rajapakse from politics so that he will be rid of a feared rival. Sirisena has his  inferiority complex which makes him subservient with gratitude to  Ranil Wickramasinghe. Sirisena  was acting and speaking to please Ranil, as Mahinda Rajapakse was also Ranil’s rival for his ambition beyond the Presidency of Maithripala.

Though Maithripala is the President his inferiority  complex keeps  dragging him to his substandard character.  Ranil his Prime Minister is  a  western attired English speaking sahib a Colombo  social elite, while  the  President  Mahinda Rajapakase he left to become Ranil’s acolyte  has a far better personality, good looks, and  speaks English well.

How can Maithripala Sirisena who cannot stand up against Ranil Wickramasing and say No” stand up to say no,  like his former leader Mahinda Rajapakse said  to the Foreign white political manipulators. The interfering USA and Western Agents are more at home with Ranil than Sirisena, they meet Sirisena for small talk, and leave him out  to talk to  Ranil about more important political manoeuvres to make Sri Lanka a  western colony.

Sirisena made a weak attempt to put his Prime Minister  Ranil Wickramasinghe  in place by asking him to sack the Governor of the Central Bank-Arjun Mahendran after the  bond scam, but Ranil completely ignored him and kept his friend and accomplice in backhand dealings as the Governor of the Central Bank.

The Governor of the Central Banka Arjun Mahendran is a useful man to have around  in charge of the Central Bank with a depleting economy under yahapalanaya. More so as Mahendran is said to have been a school friend of Raja Rajaratnam, who had sent some of his black money to be cleaned to the person who is now  the Finance Minister. It is also being talked about that the secret foreigner who parked one billion dollars in Sri Lanka may also be Raja Rajaratnam.

Mitripala Sirisena’s subservience and dependence on his Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe  was demonstrated  in an interview Maithripala Sirisena the President  had  with Prasad Gunawardhane of the Weekend Nation on 9th January,2016. The President had said that , ……present Government of Unity between him and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe would continue the full term till 2020, and dismissed speculation that it would end after two years……..the President warned sections which may attempt to disrupt his Government using undemocratic methods and stressed that  he and the  Prime Minister considered the interests and future of the country over party politics. ‘The people have given us a mandate to rule for five years and we both will not allow anyone to destabilize the country through undemocratic  methods’  Later on he said, ….. The Prime Minister and I are committed to building the nation. That’s our priority and not politics.”

Asked  whether he was happy about the foreign policy, President Sirisena  says” ……The Prime Minister and I are much concerned about improving Sri Lanka’s relations with the international community.” When President was told that people complain that he is slow in acting against corrupt persons and asked, why he do you not speed up the process, he said……

….The Prime Minister and I do not interfere with the law enforcement authorities. ………. The Prime Minister and I practice disciplined policies in governance. That is why my government is titled Yahapalanaya (Good Governance).”

The interview was with the President, but yet  in this interview  we see how much this poor man the President Sirisena  cannot even face an interview without being under the dominating  shadow of his Prime Minister.  Sirisena the President is  dependent on his Prime Minister Ranil Wickraasinghe, and cannot be separated from him, to take any independent decision of his own. President Sirisena is a sad spectator of the damages his Prime Minister is  doing to Sri Lanka.

President Maithripala Sirisen is aware of  the criminal activities of the torture camps of Batalanda under Ranil Wickramasinghe from 1988 to 1999,  when Ranil  was a senior Minister of President Ranasinghe Premadasa.

and Ranil Wickramasinghe was accused  for the raid of the Millinium City complex, when he was the Prime Minister under President Chandrika Kumaratunga. (

President Maithripala Sirisena himself  had accused Ranil Wickramasinghe for  having played a part in the assassination of Gamini Dissanayake,: On August 2012, Minister of Health and SLFP general secretary Maithripala Sirisena  alleged that during the 1994 presidential election  campaign, all campaign details concerning the UNP presidential candidate Gamini Dissanayake were being secretly passed on to his opponent, Chandrika Kumaratunga  by Wickremesinghe. Minister Sirisena made this disclosure while addressing an election committee meeting held at Siripura, Polonnaruwa. Sirisena asserted that he has ample proof to validate his claim and allegations. Consequently, both parties started to challenge each other for open media debates” (Wikipedia)

President Maithripala Sirisena who knew those past activities of his Prime Ministe Ranil Wickramasinghe has in  giving him a free hand , unchecked and unquestioned  to do as he wants to imperil the independence , sovereignty, and the unitary state of Sri Lanka,  is himself guilty of aiding and abetting the  activities of his Prime Ministy who continues like a bull in a china shop to damage Sri Lanka,  that had been saved from terrorism and developed to being a middle income country by the  former President Mahinda Rajapakse, his Defence Secretary and his Government.

The former President Mahinda Rajapakse,  became the President of Sri Lanka in 2005 due to the  collective good Karma of the people of Sri Lanka.  Mahinda Rajapakse as the President did not precipitate into taking military action against terrorism, but thought of giving the terrorist Prabhakaran a chance  by calling him to negotiate a peace settlement.

The people, who are now vociferous about corruption of the former President, and accuse him  for being a dictator and acting  for his own benefit to enrich himself and his family , should be ashamed of such pronouncements, as from the beginning Mahinda Rajapakse  demonstrated his respect for democracy and the freedom of the individual. When  JVP began its criminal activities in the South and later came under serious victimisation by JR and R Premadasa Governments it was Mahinda Rajapakse  who  defended them even taking reports of governments notoriety against the Sinhala youth in the south, to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

President Mahind Rajapakse did not chase after the corrupt and criminals of the previous governments of JR, Premadasa, and Chandrika.  He was friendly with Ranil Wickramasinghe and the JVP .  If he was a corrupt dictator , he would have taken action against the Ministers of the former UNP governments , Ranil Wickramasinghe and the JVP. But his main concern was eliminating terrorism and developing the country and often invited JVP and the UNP to join him.  But it was Ranil, the UNP and the JVP that refused his invitation.  If Mahinda Rajapakse had the intention of being a dictator and rob the country , he would not have invited them to join him.

The Present Yahapalanaya government is on the contrary a Dictatorship of the President Sirisena, Ranil Wickramasinghe , UNP and Chandrika . Their  main aim is to  take revenge from Mahinda Rajapakse, to eliminate his political standing with the people as a wise man, astute politician and a practical political visionary.

All developed countries in the world respect their former Presidents. They criticise them for their political errors, but remain respectful to them. But unfortunately people of  Sri Lanka which is a Buddhist country still lack  the human goodness to respect their Presidents, specially the one who rescued Sri Lanka from terrorist hell fire.

There are those who  join the destructive yahapalanaya crowd in denouncing Rajapakses as corrupt, giving little credit to Rajapakses who made Sri Lanka from what it was in 2005 to what it was the day before 8th January, 2015. During that period not only did the fear  psychosis that existed with imminent danger to life under terrorism ended , but also Sri Lanka saw a rapid development it had never seen before 2005 and since Independence in 1948.

Mahinda Rajapakse, from the day he was elected President in 2005, worked to find ways and means to release the people of Sri Lanka from nearly  30 years of suffering under terrorism. He gave  his brother Gotabhaya  a free hand to find the means to eliminate terrorism.  Gotabhaya got an extension of service to Sarath Fonseka who was due to retire, which Sarath Fonseka himself had requested of him, and coordinated the Armed Forces to finally eliminate terrorism.  In that Gotabhaya received the political support from the President Mahind Rajapakse, who ably kept away the pro-terrorist foreign Countries of the West from interfering to stop the military offensive against terrorism.

The war against terrorism was necessary for Sri Lanka which had suffered 30 years losing a considerable number of civilians of all ages and sex from all Communities , lost by assassination many  Government Ministers, Administrators, and a  number of Officers, soldiers, and men  from the three forces. The war was necessary for Sri Lanka a developing country which had lost  30 yea of development.   There were many countries like China, Russia, Pakistan, and to a lesser extent India which helped Sri Lanka in its effort to eliminate terrorism.

But the USA and countries of the West, UK, France, Germany, Norway, etc. who vow to media that they stand to eliminate terrorism from the world, were instead working with the pro terrorist Tamil diaspora to stop the war against terrorism in Sri Lanka. What a irony ?

When finally terrorism was eliminated  these Countries-the USA and the countries of the West, came to criticise and accuse Sri Lanka for ending terrorism.  USA and the West working with the pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora passed resolutions at the UN HR Council in Geneva accusing Sri Lanka for war crimes.  Sri Lanka which found the intolerable moral decadence of USA and West in accusing a developing country which single handed eliminated terrorism by a necessary military offensive without any help from them, had to look for real friends else where.

Elimination of terrorism and unfortunate civilian deaths that are collateral to military offensive against terrorism cannot by any stretch of imagination be called war crimes.  But that is what it has come to with USA itself a violator of human rights passing a resolution at the UNHR Council in Geneva. And  wht is most absurd is that Ranil Wickramasinghe the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka  has sponsored this resolution

The result was Sri Lanka  under Mahinda Rajapakse had befriended a large spectrum counties in the world and established diplomatic relations with them. Sri Lanka under Mahinda Rajapakse was not an isolated country.

China helped Sri Lanka in the infrastructure development and contributed in various ways to develop different projects in Sri Lanka.  China and Russia  generously supported  Sri Lanka when ever the necessity arose, specially when the pro terrorist western nations falsely attacked her  in various world forums.

The Friendly Nations of Sri Lanka helped  in the construction of  buildings, providing modern equipment to schools, hospitals and provided  training facilities in different  fields of development  After elimination of terrorism Sri Lanka was ready for various development projects.

The Armed Forces freed from  military operations  had to be found activities to make them useful to the country, help them release their after war psychological problems and begin normal lives in an environment of peace and freedom. Gotabhaya Rajapakse became a national hero both during and after terrorism. He found solution to the question of how to utilise the peace time Armed Forces as a useful investment for the development of the country.

Gotabhaya Rajapakse re-organised the Armed Forces, making them specialists in various occupations, such as construction work, urban development, setting up recreation centres, training them in agriculture, tourism, landscaping, and for leadership training to students entering Universities etc. The engineering section of the peace time armed forces gave life to ancient colonial buildings, by reconstruction and decoration.  The old towns of Colombo, and Galle were rebuilt without damaging the old distinctive architectural  form of the buildings.

Under Mahinda Rajapakse Buddhism too awakened and  Sri Lanka was once again bathed in fragrance of Buddha Dhamma. A Buddhist TV Chain had been established entirely for the purpose of disseminating Buddha  Dhamma to the world. Every full moon day Buddha Sermons were organised at the Temple Trees the Residence of the President Mahinda Rajapakse and televised for all television viewers.  New Temples and Dagabos were constructed , many young children  entered into Buddhist priesthood.

Sri Lanka developed under Rajapaksas,  and the USA and Western countries which hanged on to the Tamil diaspora for political purposes,  could not understand how the Rajapaksas who formed a government in 2005 when Sri Lanka was poor and  debilitated by an ongoing terrorism managed to eliminate terrorism and develop the country within a short time to become a middle income country.

This astonished and angered  the developed Western countries which depended on maintaining their leadership in the world depending on the poor undeveloped countries. If all countries were to follow Sri Lanka the developing countries would stop dependence on USA and the West, which would affect negatively the leadership of USA,  and they feared that they would be replaced by China and Russia, which were helping development of poor countries without putting conditions. The stage was set for USA and European countries to destabilise Sri Lanka and  find a workable method for  the change of  Rajapakse regime which was popular amoung the ordinary people.

The USA and the West began the initialization of regime change in Sri Lanka by awakening the dormant local destructive forces -Ranil Wickramasinghe  and UNP, Chandrika, Mangala Samaraweera and Rajitha Senaratne.  TNA and the SLMC were already active in that respect. Thus USA and the West found the  spring board for regime change .

Initially they had to break up the ruling political party led by Mahinda Rajapakse.  This was handled by the poisonous she cobra Chandrika , who spat her venom to catch the General Secretary  of the SLFP Maithripala Sirisena. He was the best catch  for the change of Rajapakse regime as he was already a weak element in the party, depressive not having been made the Prime Minister and waiting  for a chance to take revenge.  What more can Sirisena hope for other than try his chance to become the President of Sri Lanka by becoming  the common Presidential candidate of the opposition ?

Somehow the regime change was successfully completed and Maithripala Sirisena became the President. With him saw the swearing in  of  Ranil Wickramasinghe again as the Prime Minister to put Sri Lanka back on the old track of  descent to hell of poverty , disorder and colonialism.

Since the election of Sirisena as the President and Ranil swearing in  as the Prime Minister they began  a mission of destruction of  what Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabhaya Rajpakse  had constructed  along with the government, Sri Lanka  Armed Forces , and well wishers and administrators.

Not having stopped at branding Mahinda Rajapakse, his family and all connected to him corrupt, they went on a spree of selling Sri Lanka to the West and India, distancing Sri Lanka from its friends China , Russia and the rest.  All that Rajapaksas constructed from 2005 to 2015 have now been destructed by Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe and the Yahapalanaya crowd. To cap it all Maithripalana Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasingha have given notice of passing laws to discipline and control the behaviour of Theravada Buddhist Monks. Since Maithripala Sirisena was elected the President no development work has been carried out,  not even a set of toilets  have been built.

The extract from the Island Editorial of 15 January,2016 sums it all up as follows:An economic crisis is looming. Foreign reserves are dwindling and the rupee is tumbling. The educated youth are demanding jobs. Educational institutions, especially universities, are starved of funds. State-run hospitals are experiencing drug shortages. The cost of living has reached the stratosphere with people struggling to make ends meet. There is no solution in sight for the ever worsening public transport problems. The crime rate continues to rise; killings are reported almost daily. Corruption is eating into the vitals of society and the champions of good governance stand accused of crooked deals. And, instead of addressing these burning problems which warrant the urgent attention of the political authority, the government is worrying about indiscipline among Buddhist monks!………..”

3 Responses to “Sirisena and Ranil are destructors, Mahinda and Gotabhaya were constructors.”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Pol pot ponil is the second most powerful man in Sri Lanka. The only man he feares is MR. There are two MRs in Sri Lanka.
    Which one is more powerful? Obviously pol pot ponil’s boss is the most powerful man in Sri Lanka. Whatever he says everybody obeys him. That’s why clueless maru sira quickly went to vatican with him. Remember Soma thero. In so called Buddist Sri Lanka, Buddhists have no saying in their affairs. They are quickly silenced by the murderous gang.

    Catholic pol pot ponil ruthless, dictatorial, murderous and got pathalyin to silence any opposition. Like his uncle, traitor thambi mudiyanse who put foundations to break up Sri Lanka by signing 13, 13a with the crafty indians he is totally anti Sri Lanka, anti Buddhist of course and anti Sinhalese. But a lot of Sinhalese donkeys still believe this murderous pathalogical liar. UNPelievably UNPatriotic party has never done anything for the good of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese or Buddhism. They have been anti Sinhalese from the inception. They opposed CWW Kannangara’s FREE education bill
    knowing it will mostly benefit rural Sinhalese children. That’s how their record is.

    They have been out and out traitors to
    Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese and Buddhism. Reason for this treachery is, they always align the country with the west who
    wants Sri Lanka to toe their line. That includes do away with Buddhism. There are ample evidence to show how they fulfil this duty. When jvp (completely a Buddhist outfit) rebelled, UNPatriotic party was simply brutal and dragged it on for
    so long and killed 60,000 youth. When ltte rebelled (mostly a catholic outfit) they were reluctant to take action. No brutality,
    simply slap their wrists. They were willingly to sacrifice Buddhist soldiers and Buddhist victims. These two rebellions destroyed nearly 250,000 Buddhist population in Sri Lanka. They have been masters of trickery. They don’t do anything; only good at murder, mayhem and large scale robberies and just point the finger at the opposition with UNPatriotic party controlled tv, newspaper etc. So there are a lot of Sinhala modayas believe their lies and vote with their feet. They come
    and go making a lot of money, destroy the country, leaves a lot of dead bodies. Tamils, mussies and catholics always
    vote for them obviously. With a bit of support from the Sinhala modayas, they always win. They know it. SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO ANY THING CONSTRUCTIVE. THAT’S NOT IN THEIR NATURE. THEY HAVE NEVER DONE IT.

    Just look at YAMA PALLAN’S record in one year.
    pensions gone
    Buddhism from schools gone
    Buddhism from constitution going
    unitary state from constitution going
    tiger terrorists gone
    brave soldiers for the gallows
    naval cordon gone from north and east so that indian fishermen can fish in our waters
    naval cordon gone so illegals from tn can settle down in north and east
    HSZ land given back jeopardising national security
    national anthem destroyed
    no new roads while raking in income from MR’s motorways
    wilpattu burning with multiplying mussies building roads and houses for the ever increasing xxx population in Sri Lanka
    list is endless.

    Don’t expect anything constructive from the murderous gang. Pathalogical liars don’t know the meaning of constructive work!

  2. douglas Says:

    Mr. Charles Perera: I have a suggestion for you. It is time to divest from this type of “ecology” writings and JOIN your HERO in his attempts to participate in the present day “Constitution Makings”. Today, I found a very constructive and a thought provoking contribution by Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse published in another web page. He (MR) is into it very actively and even Mr. Sampanthan – the Leader of TNA has invited him to join in the discourse. Don’t you think that this is a very critical time to make your expertise known in this area and join him and the rest who are making an attempt to CHANGE the present to a GOOD FUTURE? Remember that INFAMOUS 13A? He (MR) speaks of it in that presentation among other matters and I believe you could be one who can throw more light on his thoughts as you know best and closer to him than anyone who contributes to this web site. I request you to make use of this opportunity. Thank you.

  3. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Mr. Perera, Well said. You have brought out all the facts. Unfortunately, the Lanka Web is read only by a few people who have computers. Most of the Colombians do not read anything against Ranil. The masses do not read this since they do not read English. It is important to get this type of article translated and put into one of the Sinhala news papers along with the comments. I realize the most of the media is now under control of the Yahapalanaya. However one must try.

    My3 broke the law when he appointed RW as the Prime Minister while the Parliament already had D. M. Jayaratna. In turn, Ranil changed the Cabinet and appointed his own henchmen. He brought the Finance Ministry under his control and then appointed Arjun Mahendran as head of Central Bank while he was still a Singaporean citizen. He also appointed Paskaralingam whose bad reputation is well known by all Sri Lankans, as head of Treasury. Arjun then did the Rs. 5,000 million insider trading bond scam. Nothing has been done to investigate this matter to date.

    Even in the August Parliamentary election My3 broke the law. First, My3 brings a court action to prevent the CC of UPFA from meeting. Then he gets information from National Intelligence that UPFA is going to win 113 seats, according to his own words. In order to prevent his own party from winning and to ensure that UNP wins, he writes a 5 page letter to MR telling him that he will not be appointed as Prime Minister under any circumstances. He then goes on tv and reads it out to the public to reinforce his letter. He then sacks the General Secretaries of both parties (UPFA & SLFP) and appoints his own. He also sacks 13 members of the CC and appoints his own. All this was done during the period where the Election commissioner has said there should be no electioneering. Was this not electioneering by My3 for the UNP during that period? All these actions confused our voting public. On top of that many have pointed out false ballot papers, counting errors etc. Democracy is a laugh in Sri Lanka. Nowhere else in the world will the party leader work for the opposition so strenuously. The election in January was flawed due to unbelievable number of voter increase in North, East and Nuwara Eliya. As far as I can see both elections have been cheated. See:

    Prof. Nalin de Silva proves that My3 only got 40% of the Sinhala vote. See:

    You missed a couple of items against RW and CBK. Here they are as a reminder.

    1. When a 1000 soldiers were cut off without water at Elephant Pass, CBK and her nephew Daluwatte did nothing to help those men who died of thirst. She could have done so many things to help these men. Instead as Chief Commander she did nothing !! This is unforgivable. Also read about CBK’s robbery.

    2. RW kept trying to hand over the North and East to appease Prabahakaran. He even stopped a crucial military operation in 2001 where the army knew the exact location of Prabahakaran and were ready to take him out. See

    3. Gonawela Sunil was in jail for 10 years for rape of a doctor’s daughter. As soon as JR came into power, on the advice of RW, he released G’Sunil. After that wherever RW went Gonawela Sunil went too as his “body guard”. Sunil was collecting “kappam” from the bagging plant operators at Fertilizer manufacturing plant. Was he sharing this with RW? Since he was protected by RW he must have, at least to buy voters ?

    He was also involved with Batalanda murders of mostly JVP lawyers, I believe, from what I heard. At the Fertilizer plant housing scheme one of the houses was acquired by RW for interrogating suspected JVP members. Many people apparently heard the screams from this house in the middle of the night when people were tortured. People also used to see bodies floating down Kelani river. The Batalanda Commission report recommended that RW’s civil rights be removed. As usual, in Sri Lanka nothing happens to Colombians and those with memberships in International Organizations. See Maithri talking against RW in 1994:

    Gonawela Sunil also managed to drill into a pipeline from the refinery which was sending gasoline to Kolonnawa. He was sucking it up and selling it on the black market. Again who protected him from prosecution? !! Finally a rival gang member shot him. That was the end of the strange relationship between Gonawela Sunil and RW.

    Today these people rule over Sri Lanka.

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