Posted on January 25th, 2016

Due to the extremely critical time fast approaching in our contemporary history,a  website is being launched today to remind all communities to pressurize those scoundrels who have taken refuge in the portals of parliament not to carry on with games that are being played by some of them against our beloved Motherland, and to stop this charade before they themselves to start to feel the advancing heat. Already a steady scenario is developing where posters and car stickers bearing the words SINHALE have started to appear without any fear.

The traitors along with a number of pro-western media, enjoying the freedom of the wild ass, are hurriedly accusing the Sinhales of being racially motivated. You are warned not to be fooled-In order to justify their evil intentions of selling our sovereignty, dividing our nation on ethnic lines, freeing the terrorist murderers and making strident efforts to comply with the LTTE Diaspora’s revenge and the West’s geopolitical evil intentions they are openly salivating to their  Western masters evil agendas.  If standing up to your motherland is racist, then however a lie it be patriots wont feel unjustified to be called thus These are the yakos that call themselves Sinhalese. Unfortunately the Motherland is unaware of.. the mutations that have occurred recently but one cannot fool everybody all the time. Genuine patriots will be protected by the power of the Triple Gem as happened in 1971,1989 and 2009.

Just to remind  you that being nonchalant may be relevant to Pastor Martin Niemöller ‘s peom:

when they came for the patriots I did not speak as I was not a patriot, But when they came for me, there was no patriot left to speak for me,

It does not matter as to what race, creed, color or religion you belong to—it is your bounden duty to protect our Motherland with all the sinews in your body,


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