Attempt to subjugate the two forces that protect Sri Lanka: Armed Forces & Maha Sangha
Posted on January 28th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

 The two forces that come forward to protect the nation not surprisingly originate from the Deep South and represent the rural masses. Majority of the Sangha and the members of the armed forces are Sinhala literate, from poor homes and possess all the ingredients that the Kolambians, who did not play any role in defending the nation, loathe. Historically, it was the Sangha that advised the Kings and held respect amongst the people. It was the armed forces that sacrificed blood and became handicapped to deliver an elusive peace after 3 decades. Tragically, those that played no role in ending the war and those who actually lived off the war, enjoying the dividends of peace are now holding reigns and punishing the real protectors of the nation. People have forgotten their gratitude and are treating the forces that stood up against the enemies as the enemy while the enemies are at the footsteps of Sri Lanka’s gates ready to devour the entire nation. A nation self-walking into destruction betraying the ranawirun and the Sangha that holds the ancient identity of Sri Lanka. Nationalism, patriotism, the Sangha and the ranawiruwan have all been synonymous with the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and cannot be taken separately or should be separated. It is the attempt to subjugate and destroy what connects the Buddhist ethos of Sri Lanka that is the hallmark of the struggle at hand.

 The role of the Sangha

Both Ven. Walpola Rahula Thera and E.W. Adikaram held the view that Buddhism was known in the Sinhale nation far before the reign of King Dharmasoka and the arrival of Arhant Mahinda Thera in 3rd century BC. This notion is confirmed by archaeological findings too. However, it was only after the conversion of King Devanampiyatissa that Buddhism became the State religion in Sri Lanka. The Magadhi language spoken by Arahat Mahinda and Sinhala were similar as inscriptions reveal. Sri Lanka embraced Theravada Buddhism the direct doctrine of Buddha. The Sangha supported by the Kings of the Sinhale nation were committed to protecting Theravada Buddhism. The first Pali Tripitaka into written format was done in Sri Lanka during the reign of Vattagamani (89-77 BC).

 The contributions of the Sinhala monks are found in the Sinhala commentaries – Maha Attakatha, the Maha Paecari and the Kurundi. Sri Lanka possessed an unbroken lineage of ordination coming from the time of Arhat Mahinda. The Sinhala Monks helped to establish Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. The Sinhala monks have since ancient times been a trusted teacher, guide and friend to the people besides taking the mantle of leadership to protect the nation.


The persecution of Buddhism began with the arrival of the 3 colonial invaders preaching peace but with gun in one hand and Bible in the other. Buddhism further degenerated with the introduction of missionary schools though a revival came in the 1860s combined with nationalism. At this juncture we must pay tribute to Col. Henry Steele Olcott, the president of the Theosophical Movement and took up the Buddhist campaign against British officials and British missionaries going on to help establish Ananda College, Mahinda College and Dharmaraja College all of which are today facing the bogus ‘multicultural’ gavel. Olcott was instrumental in getting the British governor to declare Vesak a public holiday. Tragically, for the lack of pluck by our own we now need a similar Olcott to come forward.

It was the Sangha and the Sinhala Buddhists who came forward to fight against foreign domination though a handful of Sinhala Buddhists preferred to pay servitude to foreign masters for favors no different the same kalu sudda/sepoy/lascarin mentality that prevails. Personalities such as Migettuwatte Gunananda thero a fearless debator, orator, erudite scholar and writer led the movement for the revival of Buddhist education and national renaissance and challenged the Christian missionaries to public debates. It is because the Sangha is part of the Sinhala Buddhist hegemonic identity that efforts are afoot to embarrass the sangha even coopting their own towards this goal.

From Indian invaders Sena & Guttika in 177BC to the colonial invaders, Buddhism, the Sangha, the chaityas, imagery were all targeted for annihilation. The foreign invaders aim was to strike at the heart of the civilization, thus break apart the culture of the Sinhalese and remove their affinity to Buddhism, an effort that continues still and gaining success with Sinhalese enticed to adopt bogus multicultural and multifaith ideals. The inability of post-independence governments to take the philosophy of Buddhism to the heart of the people via education has enabled foreign invaders to use modern media to make inroads to dilute the teachings of Buddhism and ridicule in shocking analogies incorporating Sinhala Buddhists themselves to do so. Yet, it was the Sangha who came forward as protectors of the Sinhala Buddhist identity from European missionaries. Covert hidden agenda to destabalize Sri Lanka is nothing new. The sangha have been quick to pick up these foreign motives. It is for this reason that the Sangha is being referred to as racist, chauvinist, fundamentalist – any name that would via media block them from having the contents of their message be heard by the masses. The present tragedy faced by the Sangha for lack of proper leadership cries for the likes of Anagarika Dharmapala who had a strong Sinhala Buddhist ideology which no present day politician has. In Angarika Dharmapalathuma’s eyes the Sangha were custodian and guardian of Buddhism. It was in 1945 that a publication titled ‘Bhikku and Politics’ was issued by the Vidayalankara Pirivena adopting the need for the Sangha to take up politics to fill a void and demand due place for Buddhism that the politicians were not doing. This eventually inspired the Eksath Bhikku Peramuna that came out with the Buddhist Commission Report with inputs from heavy weights L H Mettananda, D C WIjewardana, Prof Malalasekara, P de S Kularatne, Dr. Tennekone Wimalananda, Ven. Ambanwela Siddhartha, Ven. Henpitagedara Gnanasiha  to name a few.  During the times of the Kings, the Sangha even came forward to fight.


Our ranawiruwan

The Military History of Sri Lanka” by Siri Munasinhe recalls the Great Chronicle, Mahavansa recording 1200 battles fought by our ancient kings ably assisted by the Sinhalese soldiers managed to keep Sri Lanka free from being taken over.

Serving under over 180 kings, the soldiers have done a proud duty by their nation in acting as its defenders. The Sri Lanka army was first established as the Royal Ceylon Army in 1949 which became Sri Lanka Army in 1972. Battles have been won and lost but the steadfast goal of coming forward to defend the nation has been firmly entrenched among the Sinhala Buddhists who believe they are custodians/guardians of the civilization handed down to them.

There can be national flags, national songs, national anthems and people can fight for their rights but it is only those who come forward to defend the nation without asking or expecting who becomes the real patriot. Today, people are demanding right to sing the national anthem in their own language but even after that right has been secured how many of them actually sing the national anthem or display the national flag? Some don’t even know the words of the national anthem while some are proud that they don’t know the words. When terrorists started bombing and destroying the nation who came forward and enlisted to join the army? It was none of those who demand quotas, ethnic ratios etc. It was the Sinhala Buddhists from the South together with other Sinhalese in other parts of the country and honourable mention must be made of the Malays and Tamils who came not because the minorities had to be represented but because they put country before their ethnicity or their religion. Sadly, it is mostly these Malays and Tamils who were gunned down during the Millennium City raid and whom the LTTE still hound even after May 2009. It is these men who are now in prison for serving the nation.

The soldiers have done a remarkable role in protecting the nation. 30,000 have lost their lives while an equal number are today injured and maimed for life with bitter memories to last their life time. We have forgotten to daily thank them for giving us peace. Most of these men come from very poor homes but they came forward to save the nation from terror. Some 5000 remain still missing and unaccounted for and there are no UN or NGOs fighting for their rights. Their parents, wives and children have no one to seek their husbands, fathers and sons. But if not for these rural men to come forward the nation would not have had people to defend the country. The Kolambians who are happily enjoying the dividends of peace without any empathy for those that sacrificed to give them their freedom have no word of gratitude to deliver except to say it is the job of the soldier to defend the nation. It is such heartless sentiments that have made a segment of society be responsible for inviting the enemy to our doors. Our enemy has always been attempting to create foreign heroes in our minds forgetting the local heroes and the manner our ranawiruwan are being treated is a great betrayal of our loyalties.

It is for lack of leadership that people cling to voices that echo the sentiments in the minds of people. Politicians have wronged the nation by looking only at their political future, their perks and how they can emerge to power or win the next elections. These damaging scenarios have led to extremist elements taking the mantle and vocalizing what the politicians are shy to say lest they should annoy a segment of people upon whom they propose to appeal for votes and favors. Such selfish motives have left the country in a lurch. The manner that the foreign interests are using spineless politicians to bring in legislation to gag the twin-forces that protect the nation reveals the manner that the enemies have closed in on their ultimate objective. The re-structuring of the army by a former colony and the bill for Buddhist monks showcases how within a year the enemy has made grounds in taking revenge on the two forces that protect and safeguard the nation.

Without the Maha Sangha and the Armed Forces Sri Lanka would be a colony and it is for those reasons that efforts are afoot to subjugate the two entities that protect and defend the nation and its historical heritage and identity. It is for these reasons the nation must stand boldly behind them.

Which is more important, the way it is said or what is said? Often for lack of proper leadership the sentiments vocalized may lack finesse but it is the content that should be heard.

A very interesting comment on a website by a Tamil Christian is being shared to convey who the real owner of Sri Lanka is in very simple terms.


Here is what he writes:


Being a Tamil Christian, I believe Sri Lanka is a SINHALA BUDDHIST country.

Let`s play a game.


1. Show me where is Tamil Hindu country?

Tamil Nadu.



2. Show me a English Anglican country?




3. Show me a Hindi Hindu country?




4. Show me an Islamic Arabic country?




5. Now show me the Sinhala Buddhist country?



It is now called Sri Lanka. Correct name Sinhela.

Did God Jesus Christ visit Sri Lanka? NO.

Did Prophet Mohammad visit Sri Lanka? NO.

Did Krishna visit Sri Lanka? NO. (Rama did visit Sri Lanka but to destroy it.)

Did Buddha visit Sri Lanka? Oh! Yes!

So it is a Buddhist country.

Sri Lanka is the ONLY country Buddha visited BY CHOICE. He was in Nepal/India so he had no choice there. But the moment he got a choice, where did he visit? Sri Lanka

So this is why Sri Lanka is the Sinhala Buddhist country.


But some foolish Sinhala Buddhists have out of GENEROSITY given up their claims. So all the cats and dogs have started to claim the house as theirs.


If you still don`t believe it let me explain from the Bible Wise King Solomon.

Once upon a time there was a very wise king by the name Solomon

He was the king, army commander, the judge and the jury and the parliament. Somewhat like MR.(I like this!)

One day 2 women came to him claiming ONE baby as theirs. 2 mothers 1 baby!

King asked, Yako, whose son is this?

MINE! Screamed both women.


Then the king asked, whose son is this?

MINE! Screamed both women.

hmmmm thought the wise king. He ordered a soldier to cut the baby into half and give each half to each woman. Then ONE woman came to the baby`s rescue and stopped the king. She begged to spare the baby.


So the king found the OWNER of the baby!

And he hacked the other FAKE woman to death.


When Norway, UK, India, USA, UNHRC, LTTE, PLOTE, IPKF, Tamil MODA-RATES, etc. tried to CUT SL into halves, who came forward to defend it?

Muslims? NO.

Tamils? NO.

Europeans? NO.

(Well VERY few of them DID come forward UNDER the leadership of real owners).

Sinhalese. YES. Like the REAL mother of that baby, Sinhalese came forward to defend their baby Sri Lanka.

That establishes who the REAL OWNER of Sri Lanka is.

(I know we are not as wise as King Solomon, but we are enough intelligent to get it, aren`t we?)


Shenali D Waduge

14 Responses to “Attempt to subjugate the two forces that protect Sri Lanka: Armed Forces & Maha Sangha”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese have no chance when pol pot ponil’s Buddhist killing UNPatriotic party in power.
    During thambi mudiyanse, lk premadasa, pol pot ponil era there was a BHEESHANA SAMAYA TO KILL over
    60,000 Buddhists. Universities were closed for years and all the student leaders were brutally killed,
    Buddhist youth burnt in tyres, headless bodies floated in rivers. That was how Sri Lanka was ruled by
    this murderous catholic-run UNPatriotics gangsters.

    Within a few short years a lot of Sinhala modayas forgot all that and voted them into power again. Can you believe those
    traitor Sinhalese? Now traitor catholic chief pol pot ponil
    wants to destroy Buddhism for good. He is throwing out the place in the constitution for Buddhism. And he wants
    to rein in Buddhist monk who always come forward to protect Buddhism and Sri Lanka, not like most Sinhalese
    DESHAPALUWAN who just keep quiet.

    All the plans are in place to kill off Buddhism by the Buddhist killing catholic-run
    UNPatriotic party. It is only a matter of time. There are a lot of support for them from pathetic token Buddhist deshapaluwan like pon mongol, arjuna durjana renathunga, karu me j, somersaulting banda, parajithaya, malwatte
    kapuwa, asgiriye kapuwa etc. etc. List is too long to mention. Any chance for Buddhism under Buddhist killers?
    No chance!!

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    It appears that most Sri Lankans have forgotten the frightening situation before the armed faction of the LTTE was defeated that ended the war. People were scared to travel as they did not know if they would return home. Parents did not travel together.
    As has been mentioned in several articles by many loyal to Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese, the country and its people are in dander especially the Sinhalese Buddhists.
    This an appeal to all the Sinhalese to please unite as one to save our great nation( Most Sinhalese of other religious faiths are controlled by their religious organizations)

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Singhalese should NOT protest or do revolutions to change this BARBARIC GOVT. That will only HELP them KILL more Singhalese and score BROWNIE POINTS among Tamils and Muslims.

    Why do you think Tamils LOVE Run-nil? Because he killed Singhala civilians!

    Run-nil and Maru Sira should be removed to save the country.

    That is all SL needs now. DON’T unnecessarily complicate matters.

    They still have NOT been able to do IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to SL. NO war crimes special court. NO new constitution. Some army camps still there in the north. Anti-Buddhist laws NOT passed still. So there is still HOPE.

    IF these EVIL forces can be stopped RIGHT BEFORE they do IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE that is all we need. Contrary to what Run-nil said SL NEEDS another like so and so.

    “Country, race and religion”!

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Shenali.

    There definitely is a ‘silky’ attempt to get rid of the two forces that protect (keep intact Unitary status) Sri Lanka viz the Armed Forces & the Sangha.

    Already, the govt that mainly held the country together (MR govt) has been thrown out via cheat & deceit. The govt that replaced the last govt has come in through stealth. So did the failed duo, CBK/RW. Westward Ho ! Has become Downward Ho !

    We are all for friendship with the west, but not for Fed states for Tamil only. Welcome mat of Tamil language in place with all the goodies must be removed or else over 15 Million Tamil Dalits will invade Lanka. The ADB has already passed the money for the Hanuman Bridge (India’s name for Ranil’s Chunnel). Can Lanka ever afford this tragedy ?

    Hard core LTTE prisoners (without release permits by Psychiatrists/doctors), have been released by the Yahap govt. – to what purpose ?

    There was a spate of killing where also a small child (Seyya) was molested and ple come into power, this is what happens. The present day head of the UNP is a dubious character who places his loyalty first with the ex-Colonial forces. CBK also now in the SLFP forefront (RS is for cover only) is also a damaged person. India is a cats paw.

    We hope our poor Sinaha/Buddhists who lay down their lives for the country every time (Armed Forces), do the farm work, the labor work (except tea plucking which can be easily mechanized now as done in many tea growing countries), health care & education services etc., will not get caught up in any clever/nasty traps laid on by Yahap …..

    WE HOPE RIOTING WILL NOT HAPPEN. It only strengthens the “Separatist Dark Side”. Remember that the 1983 Riots enabled Tamils to go abroad as Refugees (no other way to go west), and it is now the Tamil Diaspora that creates most of the troubles through lies, cheat & deceit with bribes to VIPs, and promises foreign countries re Lanka N&E especially.

    Last laugh : Indo/Tamil Brits & and Tamil leaders …. ?

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Look what I found.

    I’m very interested about the 19 amendment. See how it CAREFULLY prevents GR and BR from becoming MPs. And how it carefully prevents NAMAL from running for president while ALLOWING CBK’s SON Vimukthi K. The MINIMUM AGE for president was increased from 30 to 35. NAMAL will be LESS than 35 at the next election. But Vimukthi will be JUST OVER 35!! Daham Sirisena will be BELOW 35 and he cannot challenge. Run-nil has no offspring.

    These are very cunning people. But we can be sharper. IF played right we can turn this threat into an opportunity and BUST Maru Sira, CBK and Run-nil one after the other.

    We have a small window of opportunity in 2016 and 2017 (BEFORE Vimukthi’s birthday). IF Maru Sira goes to Nirvana before Vimukthi turns 35 in 2017, the election battle will be between Run-nil and GR. We can win it. We MUST grab this opportunity.

  6. Ramanie Says:

    Very true Shenali! The sangha and the ranawiru are the greatest assets to the country; both are being incarcerated at a rate! The murderers, fraudsters, gangsters, rapists and Central Bank / Sathosa/ State corporation robbers are in parliament. This has happened in many countries whenever an illegitimate, immoral minority government got into power by the use of trickery and falsehood or sheer abuse of power. One example out of many- take South Africa under the minority apartheid regime; for the minority government to stay in power all the patriotic statesmen had to be imprisoned.

  7. Dham Says:

    There will not be lives lost.
    Most people in the forces are opposing this governement. Some are real patriots and some are GR/MR golayas.
    People will win as long as they don’t allow ANY political figure to take charge.

  8. Christie Says:

    Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranayake is the man who started destroying the Sinhalese. He is the one who adoptd Sri Lanka instead of Ceylon the land of the Sinhalese.

  9. Charles Says:


    SWRD cannot be sighted as the commencement of the distruction of the Sinhala. He did what was immediately necessary to deviate from the path traced by the British. He had returned after a brillient intellectual training in a British University, and was experimenting with building a Nation. A nation for him , as he perceived living in UK was a people of different ethnicities, united under one banner one flag and one anthem.

    He did not bargain for people like Ponnambalams and Chelvanayagams whose minds were already intellectually biased and did not want Sri Lanka to be a one Nation like the British. SWRD thereafter had to adopt himself in putting into practice his idea of Nationahood, to avoid confrontation. His idea was more intelligent but the Tamils were a people suffering from an inane inferiority complex. The best thing for the Tamils and the Muslims in Sri Lanka is to unite with the Sinhala for the good of themselves and the country as a whole. SWRD did his mistake in not putting his foot down to stand by Sinhala only policy.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    SWORD-B is responsible for dividing Singhalese. At the same time UNP did wrong. AFTER DSS died SWORD-B should have been made its leader. Then they will stay as ONE SINGLE POWERFUL party.


    When Singhalese were divided into 2 camps their numbers reduce to 37.5% each (75% / 2 ) in today’s numbers. So they have to rely on minorities to form a govt.

    IF Singhalese are divided into 3 camps then the number will be 25%. More minority votes needed.

    These are averages. One party gets MORE but still the other 2 cannot be driven out to ZERO. Even if two of them get 30% combined then the third one can only get 45%. Still needing minority votes.

    This is why I’m against FURTHER DIVIDING Singhala votes.

    But had SWORD-B kept the promise and kept to his SINGHALA ONLY promise after the election UNP would have died then and there. He cheated people with his secret deal with Chelva.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Leaders lack PATRIOTISM, however much Lanka gives her Tamil population. Tamil masses follow Tamil leaders !

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Never mind the Past, look at the Present times :

    Norway (remember the li’l mini-subs & Peace mediator times (!) with RW&CBK), and Britain (Ch-4 folk), are back in Lanka !! The hidden hands are back !!

    Add on: Tamil Leaders lack of PATRIOTISM.
    THE UNPAtriotic Party.
    A Prez who (pretends /appears) to be clueless.

    Equals a lethal mixture.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    We need to measure the development of the country not by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), but by the PQLI (Physical Quality of LIfe Index). It is the PQLI that matters as it is this index that measures the Quality of Life for the masses of People of any nation. The GDP does not do that.

    The type of measurement matters tremendously. It can save the Nation.

    By the UNDP standards we are high on the PQLI or what they term as HDI (Human development Index). This is in spite of a 30 year old war. There was a study by the UNDP (2013) the link given below, which explains this.

    Here is a relevant e-mail I sent in to L’web Sept 2012 re the PQLI :

    Fran Diaz Says:
    September 8th, 2012 at 8:21 am
    When appointed to the UNHRC post, Ms Navi Pillai said that she is going to fight “institutionalized discrimination”. There is NO “institutionalized discrimination” in Sri Lanka.

    Also, re Human Rights : Dr James Grant of the UNICEF carried out a study on PQLI (Physical Quality of Life Index – 1980s) for some 28 countries from the developed and developing world. Sri Lanka ranked high in that study, winning a place among the first 5 best countries and beating some the western countries in that survey. It went to prove that even in the 1980s an economically poor country like Sri Lanka had a high PQLI. The PQLI could not be that high even then if Human Rights were poor. Jaffna, dominated by Tamils, ranked very high in the PQLI study. Yet, Separatism was demanded by the Tamil leaders, then and now. Why ?

    The HR index has to be viewed in proper perspective. The so called Tamil Problem is a separate problem from HR in Sri Lanka, and tied to Caste Mindset issues stemming from practices in Tamil Nadu and imported to Sri Lanka. GoSL has no control over whatever happens in Tamil Nadu.

    We wish Ms Pillai would take note of why illegal migration from Tamil Nadu into Sri Lanka happens and put a stop to that, and also see that past Tamil illegal migrants into Lanka are deported and ensure fair treatment of those deported. That would be indeed be fair to all the parties concerned.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S. :

    *. All ‘institutionalised discrimination’ (Per Navi Pillai) for TAMILS is in Tamil Nadu, NOT in Lanka.

    *. There are no Caste lines in the birth certificates issued in Lanka. These Caste Lines are there in the birth certificates issued in Tamil Nadu. The Laws of Manu are upheld in Tamil Nadu, NOT in Lanka.

    *. Atrocities are committed against Tamil Dalits in Tamil Nadu. This has gone on for over 3,000 yrs.

    This is the ROOT CAUSE for the demand for a Separate State in Lanka. It is a Caste based problem.

    Sri Lankans have not addressed the Root Causes !! They have laid on a welcome mat for illegal Tamil migrants fleeing Tamil Nadu with the Tamil language in place. The tea industry especially have absorbed most of these illegal. migrants. Today, the tea plucking can be done mechanically as done in parts of India, S. Africa, China, Japan, etc. We do not need Tamil labor in Lanka.

    Lanka does NOT need any more Tamil labor here.

    Will the so called ‘Indian Labor’ brought even today into Lanka by India, go back to India ? Never !

    *. It is up to the UNP to reverse the negative events as it is under the UNP that the 13-A (PCs plus Tamil language as an Official language) was imposed. This is an illegal piece of legislation as it was imposed under DURESS by India on the JRJ govt.
    *. It was when the UNP was in power that INDIA trained the LTTE in Tamll Nadu.

    Lanka is committing suicide here unless the Tamil language (N&O) is REMOVED forthwith.

    The UNP & Yahap must do that NOW !!

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