Perfidious Imbeciles avenge Yoshita
Posted on January 31st, 2016

By A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

The government’s witch-hunt against the former President, his family members and his supporters continue unabated for over one year now.  We were told by the infantile western slavish Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera during the run-up to the January 8th election that the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse has hidden wealth worth over 18 billion U.S.Dollars in foreign bank accounts and details of which will be revealed to the country and Mr. Rajapaksa will be made to account for this hidden wealth.  Similarly the political chameleon Rajitha Snaratne also parroted these allegations and said that that Mr. Rqajapaksa will be taken into custody at least one day prior to the nomination for the election on 17th August.  There were other allegations that Mr. Rajapksa or his family members own the Marriot Hotel in Dubai and so on.

Similar allegations were made by many political infants and minions in the UNP and even the JVP hooligans who are responsible for the death of over 60,000 youth in the country and destruction of millions worth state properties repeated these allegations. None of these allegations pertaining to Mr. Rajapakse or his family members have been proved and recently even the sand in a former swimming pool of the house of one Mr. Liyanage was removed saying that Mr. Rajapaksa has hidden a large consignment of gold in that former swimming pool since he was to occupy that house.

In fact all Sri Lankans should be ashamed about the harsh and inhuman treatment being meted out to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family members by these scoundrels with blood soaked hands in return for the great historical service done by him by ending the 30 years of ruthless terrorism in this country and making the people of this country to live for another day and enabling them to travel to any part of the country without any form of fear and suspicion.  He would have been adorned as an idol if something similar to this happened in the primitive world.

In the meantime, the government has become very much fearful of the media institutions and journalists due to its failure for over one year to fulfill any of its pledges.  It has also become fearful of the Maha Sangha, and now attempts to curtail media freedom and control the activities of the Maha Sangha are being made as they are two most powerful forces in the country.

In the witch-hunt for Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and for his family members these imbeciles of the government was attempting to grill Lieutenant Yoshita Rajapaksa alleging that he was behind the death of Havelocks Rugby skipper Wasim Thajudeen.  Utterly failing to prove this allegation, these imbeciles have explored all the ways possible to entrap Mr. Yoshita.  Recently it was revealed in the Parliament about the expenses incurred by the Sri Lanka Navy for his overseas training completely ignoring the bold and great sacrifice made by him by courageously coming forward to join the Sri Lankan Navy when the children of so many card board lions were hiding in foreign countries dreadful of stepping into Sri Lanka.

With the media suppression and attacks on media launched by the Prime Minister recently they have found a new avenue to take revenge on the young Lieutenant by arresting him on charges related to the Carlton Sports Network Channel (CSN) in which he was a working Director. This measure with concocted allegations has been purely taken to annoy the former President on the one hand and prevent CSN channel becoming a News Channel which we understand was planned to be launched from 1st of February.

Mr. Yoshitha Rajapaksa has been remanded over money laundering allegations under the Money Laundering Act. He is accused of money laundering to the tune of Rs. 365 million, criminal breach of trust, forgery and undervaluing imported items obtained by Carlton Sports Network.

FCID detectives have said that they had seized Rs. 165 million from the CSN bank account which had not been accounted for, that funds for setting up the television channel had come from illegal sources abroad and also funds deposited in foreign banks had been remitted back to Sri Lanka. The FCID works directly under a cabinet sub-committee headed by the Prime Minister.

The others arrested include Nishantha Ranatunga, who had been the chief executive officer of Yoshitha’s Carlton Sports Network (CSN), Mr. Rajapaksa’s media secretary, Rohan Welivita: Savithra Dissanayake and Ashan Fernando.

Former president Mr. Mahina Rajapaksa who was in court told reporters after his son was taken away in a prison bus that the arrest was to seek revenge from him. He said that he doesn’t mind this if his son has done anything wrong, but he knows that he is innocent,” He has added that the government is trying to take revenge from him.

How the Batalanda torturer incapable of having children and the eunuch Bra Sirisena could understand the value of fatherly sentiments? (END)


30 Responses to “Perfidious Imbeciles avenge Yoshita”

  1. Christie Says:

    These kind figures (Rs 165 Ml and Rs 365 Ml) are huge amounts for the poor Sinhalese. But they are not aware of billions and billions of Rs made by Mahemdran and Mahemdran, Then Raj Rajaratnam’s US $ 7 billion or the Colombo Imdian colonial parasite Merchants US $ billions and millions.

    The Socialists from the time of Dr N M Perera only saw the Sinhalese wealthy who in fact were beggars compared to his financier Mr Captain an Indian colonial parasite.

    Indian Emore is hell bent on destroying anyone who stands for the subjects of the Indian Empire.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    I have been fooled by Matara Taylorof women’s underwear the gay man and blinking bill to believe MR and his family have plundered billions and billions of poor tax payer’s money. My investigations have proved BR made all his money from Mahaweli while he was under Gamini Dissanayake. BR’s close aide known to me this revealation. I was an ardent supporter of MR and GR. GR is my mentor. Now that the cat is out of the bag I now revert back to support MR. Bundi after declaring the presidential election rushed to China to sign up the contract to build Norochchiolai. I exposed her of the mega graud by Bundi but it was playing the Veena to the deaf elephants. Sira, Rana and Bundi trio are also crooks.

  3. sena Says:

    For the first time in SL an incoming administration is investigating the crimes of the out going one. This is what MR should have done in 2005 and then led a administration with integrity. Then crimes of CB and RW would have come to the open. Instead he joined the party thinking the atmosphere of impunity will be honored by those who come after him

  4. Christie Says:

    Mahaweli was built properly and it still stands. So any pilferage or leakages funds must have been minimal. I have also heard this story that Basil Rajapaksa got bribes on behalf of Gamini Dissanayake. These are lies propagated by Indian colonial parasites and the Indian imperialists.

    So any mony BR got is not much.

  5. sena Says:

    No the mahaweli was not done properly. For a scheme that should have been spread over a quarter of a century with proper monitoring of environmental effects was rushed through seven years for personal gain of dictator JR whom I call devadatta of sri Lnaka. People around Kandy who lived in some of the best land in SL was dumped in harsh LTTE Tiger infested areas. Not a single benefit or a job was created for people in Kandy who sacrificed everything for this project.

  6. asoka2468 Says:

    They are testing the water by arresting Joshita. If there is no big public outcry they will go after GR and MR. That’s my prediction.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Arresting the Rajapakses will not solve the dilemma in Lanka. That is merely eyewash and Distractions, and also take Revenge, and out of Envy, Jealousy etc. CBK using MS behind a lot of this stuff ? Ranil wants to satisfy his itch to please foreign Masters !

    The dilemma in Lanka is the Tamil Separatist problem.

    Remove the Tamil Language (N&O) for a PERMANENT PEACE. This internal Peace is what the US has requested for peaceful use of Lanka’s Ports (per Mr Shannon of the US State Dept).

    Think, dear Lankans who are reasonable and want Peace – and act accordingly.

  8. stanley perera Says:

    Calling the unity of Majority population to uphold the aspiration of Sinhale and win the legitimate rights of Sinhala Bouddaya.

  9. Kumari Says:

    These are all done with an ulterior motive of provocating the Sinhalese Buddhists. The aim of the conspirators is to divide the country. They keep a Buddhist monk in custody for talking to a woman in a court house. A Yahapalanaya MP who abducted a man in broad daylight goes scotfree. Mahinda’s son who joined the army to encourage other youth, and who brought accolades to our forces through his rugby is taken into protective custody.

    Still the Sinhalese Buddhists are so calm though the whole country is hurting inside. Good work Sri Lankans. Keep up the good work. Don’t let the traitors exploit our feelings. Hold your calm.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Sena.

    MR didn’t punish these criminals when in power. Now they all gang up on him.

    Anyway the good news is WHEN this govt. changes, TOP UNPers, their wives and kids will face the SAME THING. What goes around comes around.

    What Yoshitha has written in in FACEBOOK account is IMMATURE. He says “now the YP govt. has sat on the lion’s tail. Don’t think the lion will not rip you into pieces”.

    He should NOT have written that. This can be used by UNP goons and put the blame on MR.

    Endian PM has CONGRATULATED Maru Sira for arresting Yoshitha!! Still call Endians relatives?

  11. Christie Says:

    Asoka, you are right. An Indian imperialist Meenakshi Ganguly
    South Asia Director of Human Rights watch has said GR is the worst human rights violator . She pays lip service to the human rights violations in India to show the World that she is genuine but she is in fact an Indian Empire agent. What the Indian Empire want is the end of the Sinhalese like Creoles in Mauritius and Guyana or the Fijians in Fiji. Indian Empire has wiped out the Bo people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

    These are the people like Ms Ganguly who are behind the current government of the island installed by the Indian Empire.

    Sena, Mahaveli may have been done better. This type of propaganda originates from Indian Imperialists like the massive corruption by the previous government.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    Singhala Buddhists have their own problems neglected by politicians. They have NO TIME for politics.

    Endian PM the 2001 rioter has CONGRATULATED Maru Sira for arresting Yoshitha!! Now you know who the REAL ENEMIES of SL. No surprise!

  13. charithsls Says:

    Having already suffered the disaster of MR’s regime change, at least should grab whatever crumbs coming as benefits.
    No doubt, MR’s kith & kin had a field time during his regime with blatant abuse of state power, Sri Lankan airlines & CSN two in contention. These should be punished adhering to proper court procedures if found guilty which will set an example to future leaders how to tackle their families. However it could turn out to be witch hunts with every regime change hereafter if these are utterly false. We’ve to move forward governance front as a nation ,no doubt. The broader issue is, if MR’s apparent reluctance to give leadership to whatever needed at this stage to the country is due to safeguard his family issues, we’ve to look elsewhere sooner the better.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    My God ! the way some of the readers to L’web write, you would think that the UNP & SLFP of previous times were Saints of the highest order ! And look at the current lot in power ! Wow – even the Dark Side would envy them, how they get away with it.

    Of course, only stupid dingbats would assume that future govts of any country will be saintly !

    One wonders how nasty some can get – one wonders whether anyone would come to save such folk. Fortunately, we think that at least 90% of Lankans are decent folk.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    If you listen carefully to what is going on, it is evident from popular news that Yoshitha has been accused of the ‘crime of money laundering’ as the CEO of the Carlton Sports Network. This ‘accusation’ has been EXTRACTED from someone in the CSN on threat of a prison sentence if refused !!

    Yahap is stooping so low, it is now in the Underworld.

  16. mario_perera Says:

    “He (MR) has added that the government is trying to take revenge from him”.

    My Gosh, who is talking !!

    MR’s rule was a trail blazer in revenge politics. And now he is whining.

    To use Lorenzo’s well popularized expression: what goes round come around.

    It is obvious from so many comments that ‘what is done’ receives its justification or condemnation according to WHO DID IT. If the socially ‘low caste’ did it they deserve to be condemned while if the socially high caste did it then they are immune!!

    Is this not what this Zeid fellow is propagating on behalf of his pay masters? If American ‘war heroes’ (the international high caste) did it they are immune. If the Sri Lanka ‘war heroes’ (the international low caste) did it, they must be punished.

    Indeed judgment has gone to beasts and men have lost their reason

    Mario Perera

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    The alternative, taken as a last resort was war. Lanka should have kept the LTTE intact and not removed them through war ? Then what would people of Lanka have said ??? Would we be having this exchange of opinion now ? !

    Prevention is better than a later cure through war – that is why we say PREVENT further misery by removing the Tamil language (N&O) before tragedy strikes Lanka again.

  18. ranjit Says:

    If anyone is hurting Rajapaksa they are not hurting only him but the majority public too because he is the most popular leader we have today in this country without any doubt. Appaya, butcher, one eyed jack all are evil hate mongers and Indian lovers who came to power with the help of foreign Mafia America and Indian parasites. They will destroy our Sinhala land on the advise of their pay masters if we just sit and do nothing therefore keep aside all differences and join the patriots in this country to save Mother Lanka from all treacherous forces.

  19. Nimal Says:

    With respect to your previous comment elsewhere must say that divide and rule is among the Sihalese,colonials united the country with an infrastructure of a rail network,roads,etc.If you read the book written by Dr Nihal Karunatane(of Kandy) said that Polonnaruwa was discovered by the colonials after 300 years.They brought the innocent people to the front with setting up the Kandy Perahara as we see today in 1824.Go to Maligawa and see the evidence. That area was out of bounds to people except for the Indian based officials of the tyrannical king who murdered our people.Only road in Kandy was Malabar street.
    We have reversed those gains where some are more equal than others. I could write books about it be because I live there 1/3rd of the year attending to my business.
    Maligawa and other places of worship has become a very divisive place where the privileged few enjoy all the freedom and they should open the roads there where the traffic pollution are killing people.
    Here is a good example of divide and rule.Two years ago my sister was hospitalized in the Kandy hospital at the ICU ward No 12 where we all had to remove our shoes but some were never asked to remove because of political connection. I was furious because I have never used to walk barefoot.When I went in there I challenged the Muslim family who were wearing hoes in the ward to find out husband was the secretary of the Kandy’s provisional Governor Kobbekadyuwa.
    I was so disgusted by the filthy walls of the ward donated several cans of paint and money to the three wheeler driver who seems to work out side but he never brought the stuff but vanished from the area.Iwa treated badly in the same hospital where I had a severe head injury where I was not allow to sleep during the night,had to sit on the bench while there were 5 empty beds in war No 9(3 years ago).Telling the politicians about the wrong they do is lethal to say the least and I will never seek any privileges though I too have connections and had awards for paying in the income tax.
    Religion has become a big business and a tool to control people by politicians who never live by it’s teaching which will one day our nation will be divided as the majority of the taxpayers are non Sinhalese. Sadly this will lead to an intervention by an outside force like the Indians, by that time our thieving politicians would settle in the West. Can’t you see that we Sinhalese business people are defenceless against our own political leaders. See what happened to the Cylinco group and the Kothalawalas.Minoroities have a safety net but we have no such privilege. It’s 4 am here after a long day and forgive any errors.ZZZZZ

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    Removing Tamil language (national and official) will REIGNITE WAR and RIOTS.

    But NOT removing is FAR WORSE.

    We should avoid war but NOT at all cost. At times war is justified.

  21. Dham Says:

    “He says “now the YP govt. has sat on the lion’s tail. Don’t think the lion will not rip you into pieces”.”

    I am the Lion.

    I will eat you up when I am released.

    Please release the tail and get eaten up.

    This is the message to the Sri lankan public get.

    May be Zied is right.

  22. nilwala Says:

    This senseless harassment of the Rajapakse family will get neither UNP nor Sirisena(?) and his stooges anywhere as the country begins to understand more and more about the trap that has been set and into which the PREVIOUS REGIME FELL, and current UPFA/SLFP leaders have fallen.
    Now MangalaS is mooting the “Indian Century” into which they want to tie this country through a tunnel/bridge for convenience? Have they not learnt for HISTORY??? Let Sri Lanka develop and evolve its own way without India!
    With friends like them who will ever want enemies?
    Indians who come here on work visas will never want to return to India and they will either melt into the Tamil population upsetting demographics or apply for Naturalization and Citizenship which per International Law we may be compelled to deal with like the US is having to do today.
    Do we need a population increase least of all by Indians?? We need a SUSTAINABLE population/SUSTAINABLE economy for Sri Lanka’s future….not this kind of foolish vision!
    Have we not had enough trouble from India over the centuries, TamilNadu interference and the training of the LTTE?

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    Yes, NOT remving the Tamil language is FAR WORSE.

    In the fist place, the Root Causes of Tamil Terorism & Separatism have NOT been addressed in Lanka ! that is why the country is in this sorry state.


    Repeating our Message to the Nation :

    The MR govt INHERITED neglect of these REAL ROOT CAUSES and that is how and why the war happened with the sad results of foreign interference in the country today, plus demand for a Fed State for Tamils.

    It has all happened via the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) – us of violence for Separatism.

    We do not care whether others agree or disagree with this view – it is the truth. It is time the Tamil folk integrated into mainstream life in Lanka without Fed States. Any Fed State for Tamils here will be death knell for the rest in Lanka.

    Buddhist atitudes of over compassion have gotten in the way. The safety and the Unitary nature of the State must come first before Compassion. The Tamil language (N&O) MUST be removed. Over 15 Million Tamil Dalits who have suffered atrocities in Tamil Nadu look at Lanka as an extension of Tamil Nadu ! Do these Dalit Tamils in Tamil Nadu demand a separate state there in TAmil Nadu – NO ! The Lankan Tamils are egged on to form the Separate State (Eelam) in Lanka.

    It is the British & Dutch colonists who have started the whole hornets nest by importing Tamil Dalits, over One and Half MILLION, to work as Indentured Labor in the tea & tobaccco plantations in Lanka.

    Yahap can use their powerr to do this.

    *. It was under the UNP that the 13-A was imposed under DURESS by India. It is an illegal piece of legislation and must go. India has caused untold trouble for Lanka.
    *. It was INDIA that trained the LTTE.

    We shall NEVER forget the damage INDIA has done to Lanka. The UNP of today must Reverse these horrors imposed on Lanka. It is their duty as all of it happened under the UNP of JRJ.

    We are waiting, UNP ! Over to you.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ‘first place’ ……

  25. NAK Says:

    Yoshitha was put in jail because some people were finding it difficult sleep at night while all the Rajapakses are at large. they are called civil society.
    Prof. Sarath ‘welagedideka’ Wijesuriya, Saman ‘balanna’ appiriya and some others. Pacha sira promised them that he will make sure that they will get to sleep in peace before the 4th of February and being a man of his word kept his promise.

    Sarath W. Pacha sira lied when he said he didn’t know about the plight of the military intelligence officers,only the week before Bikkhu peramuna led by Ven.Muruththettuwe Ananda thero and Ven.Medagoda Abhayatissa thero questioned Pacha Sira about them and they later claimed he simply dismissed the the question with a wry smile.

    Pach Sira has changed his colour once again, I’m sure,it is only to get over the next election for which if the Sinhala buddhists unite pach sira will have no place to hide!!!



  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sorry to hear of your problems with the hospital.

    The quality of our average politician is to be blamed ? What are the Prov Councils doing about the problems of their respective citizens ? The Media too must be held responsible for not highlighting citizens’ problems.

    We think the war with the LTTE has a lot to do with the downing of the Lankan Nation. India played a large part in downing of Lanka. Cold War (1946-1991) too ravaged Lanka, due to our Ports and proximity to India, plus the JVP activities of that time.

    Time to re-build Lanka, for all communities. No one else will do it for us.

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    Actually it was ROHITHA who made that comment in FACEBOOK referring to YOSHITHA.

    Doesn’t change anything.

    But if the lion actually rips the YAAPALANAYA into pieces then I will vote for him.

    A barking dog rarely bites!!

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    That is right. We should have KEPT the LTTE under leash without genociding it.

    Then NO VOTING in the north. NO Viggie because LTTE claims to be the SOLE REPRESENTATIVE of Tamils. NO Endian fishermen. NO war crimes. NO federal. NO political solution nonsense. NO Tamil moda-rates. NO Endian kallathonis. Tamils don’t know how to enjoy peace GRACEFULLY.

  29. Dham Says:

    They will rip up the country into pieces if they get power. They will marry LTTE.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:


    LTTE committed Suicide – it was not genocide. They killed/murdered first, and got killed in turn – it was Suicide.

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