Reverse Wine – The Warlocks Three Concoct the Deadly Constitutional Brew
Posted on February 2nd, 2016

By Gandara John

Thrice to thine and thrice to mine

And thrice again to make up nine.

Peace! The charm’s wound up.

 RW, CBK and ms, the ‘Hecatian’ trio, dance around the inflamed island as they concoct the deadly Constitutional brew. The shamans of the troika, drunk on the magic potion, blabber superlatively about the body and texture of the wine. But where is this wine? Alas, the wine is an illusion because it is a reverse wine; the grapevines that would bear the fruits so vital to produce the wine have yet to be grafted.

Sri Lanka has degenerated into a la Aliceland, ruled by nonsense if not for the grim reality that it today is, a veritable Police State ruled by a ruthless Potato – Queen of Hearts and a behind – the – scenes pathological liar, the Queen of Tarts.

Some Sri Lankan parliamentarians are waxing eloquent about a New Constitution that is fatherless, motherless and born without a skin; it has no form, no substance and the discussions are in the abstract; it, like the reverse wine, is a reverse Constitution a decided proclivity of RW.

The space and time given for the arguments make for, the peoples entertainment, an outlet for their frustrations, a distraction from the spiraling cost of living, an anesthesia to block the memories of the ghosts of Batalanda that have resurrected to haunt the people again, and a sleight of hand that obscures the dirty that is being done on the Sovereign Unitary State of Mother Lanka.

The discussions centre around a pie in the sky Constitution and the time spent on this cosmetic exercise is paid for by the people.

In the meantime unknown to the people of Sri Lanka, the Mont Pelerin Society have clambered on board and are hastily drafting a New Constitution for RW that caters to the geo political needs of the US. A senior Board member of the Mont Pelerin Society spent time in the island to direct the Operation; the potato queen underlined his Uncle Tom status in this ‘White Club’, fawningly following instructions.

The Rockefeller funded Mont Pelerin Society is a prime White elitist club of the Western community committed to recolonising Asia and Africa after having dismantled the Sovereign States in the two Continents and erased or redrawn their boundaries.

Disturbing questions are being increasingly raised on how Uncle Tom, a member of  this White Club committed to destroying Sri Lanka as a Sovereign unitary State, can pose off as an honest and sincere Prime Minister upholding the Unity, Sovereignty and Integrity of Sri Lanka.

And to boot RW has taken it upon himself to draw up an unmandated New Constitution described as the Terminator Constitution.

Contrary to RW’s assertions the people did not give him a mandate to draw up a New Constitution; there was a buzz from some quarters to amend the Constitution in which Executive power would be transferred from the President to the Prime Minister. And that too was never THE election issue in an election where RW was further emasculated by a wafer thin majority.

Then again, some people query how RW can consider himself to be a lawful Prime Minister of the country when against the Rule of Law – the Constitution –the US inspired Junta imposed RW as Prime Minister on the Country against the wishes of the then Parliament.

But almost all the people are aghast at the glaring conflict of interest that stares RW in the face. He cannot serve God and mammon at the same time; upholding his allegiance to the Mont Pelerin Society that is committed to destroying the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka and sitting on the throne as Prime Minister of the Country are incongruous with National Security. This eats into the very core of the State and affects us all” is the deep rumble across the country.

Some citizens of the country are demanding that ms sack RW immediately as Prime Minister. Some others more sympathetic to RW, are calling for his suspension from the Parliament till investigations are complete. The more agitated of the citizenry argue that the charges of some of those who have been hauled recently to Courts pale into insignificance in comparison.

To destroy the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka, the extremist whites from the White International Community are attacking the structures and symbols of Sri Lanka’s State power (symbols, like sacraments, have an inward message to inspire virtuous impulses).

The targets include the Constitution, the Army, the Judiciary, the Executive (Presidency), the Political Party that is anathema to the White Extremists, the Legislature, the Administration, the Economy (running it down as advised by the IMF in 2015 so that IMF could intervene and structure unemployment, low wages and neutralize Trade Unions), Buddhism, the National Anthem and the country’s political structure one echelon down.

It would be a huge surprise if the Provincial Council Elections are ever held. By dissolving the Provincial Councils the UPFA with solid grass root organizational structures and support, has suffered a body blow.

When a new Constitution with Federal structures are proposed, the enemy – the Mont Pelerin Society and their vassals –  may argue that it would be redundant to hold those Provincial Elections in the context that the proposed Constitution devolves power to several Federations whose boundaries are roughly based on the Provincial boundaries; this argument may likely be used to entice and trap the provincial hopefuls to vote positively in favour of the proposed Federated Constitution (or by whatever name the enemy calls the Federations); this carrot the enemy believes may split the provincial vote to get them past the fifty plus vote at the referendum as much as their ongoing attack on Buddhism with orchestrated stage dramas inside parliament and outside it. But Uncle Tom is a ham actor

All this would be to ignore what leaked reports seem to suggest that ‘cancerous’ provisions have been embedded in the proposed Mont Pelerin Society’s Terminator Constitution designed to heighten and encourage the divisions.

Buddhism is under a pincer attack; on one flank the Norwegian Buddhists lead the attack and on the other flank, in perfect synchrony, is RW. The frontal attack is led by CBK egged on by her patrons in the Club of Madrid, another White extremist club which believes that the population in the country needs to be culled and the Sovereignty of the State destroyed.

The National anthem and the day set aside to celebrate the country’s Independence are reportedly  both being desecrated on 04 Feb 2016 with the singing of the National anthem in Tamil.

The ongoing machinations by the White Extremists from the Mont Pelerin Society and their moneyed riff raff – like convicted criminal Soros (presently wanted for questioning in Europe for Human Trafficking) and yet to be tried Tony Blair – affect all Sri Lankans. Above all it affects the poor of the country, be they Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese.

The poor of the country are demanding that

before the Constitutional Assembly goes ahead with any further discussion on the proposed Constitution:

  1. a) The Government tables immediately a draft of its proposed Constitution.
  2. b) RW explains his position with the Mont Pelerin Society.
  3. c) The Constitutional Assembly bases its discussions on this Draft Constitution.
  4. d) A document be tabled clearly indicating the provisions from the present Constitution which have been omitted in the Draft Constitution.
  5. e) A document be tabled indicating the provisions that have been included in the Draft which are NOT in the present Constitution, giving specifically the details of those provisions.
  6. f) A document be tabled indicating which provisions in the present Constitution have been altered in the Draft and giving the specific details of those alterations.
  7. g) A document be tabled indicating those provisions included in the Draft that may at a future time be used to include or extract provisions from the draft that may affect the sovereignty of the people such as circumventing the need to go for a referendum on ‘issues’.
  8. h) A document be tabled indicating those provisions in the present Constitution that have been excluded from the Draft (provisions that safeguard the people’s sovereignty by compelling a government to go before the people for a referendum on itemized issues before an amendment can be made).
  9. i) Table a document listing all the General Provisions in the Draft Constitution that have been negated by special provisions in the self same Draft Constitution.
  10. j) A provision be included in the Draft Constitution that all judges under the present Constitution shall continue in office with their seniority and with the same promotional prospects as guaranteed by the present Constitution.
  11. k) A provision be included in the Draft Constitution that when new judges are appointed to the judiciary it would be done only in the manner as provided for in the present Constitution.
  12. l) A provision be included in the Draft Constitution that all Administrative Personnel shall continue in office with their seniority and with the same promotional prospects guaranteed by the present Constitution.
  13. m) A document  be tabled indicating that there will be no question of seeking approval for an Interim Constitution (as was manoeuvered in Nepal by the US who trapped the Nepalese People into a situation).
  14. n) A provision be included in the Draft Constitution that all laws passed in Parliament can be challenged in a Court of Law. (This was a provision that was previously available).

The poor of the Country are demanding this; they have a Right to Know. It affects their sovereignty and the Country’s Sovereignty.

With the same importunity the poor of the Country are demanding that the Country hitches itself to the ‘Non Aligned Movement’ whose membership is doomed to a similar fate unless all these countries unitedly take drastic action. The day of a US military Base in Sri Lanka is not far off.

Sadly, Sri Lanka’s foreign policy today is Uncle Tom’s ‘Reverse’ policy of prostration, practised by similar minded persons.

3 Responses to “Reverse Wine – The Warlocks Three Concoct the Deadly Constitutional Brew”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    NEVER trust SL politicians to do a constitution.

    The MILITARY leadership should arrange for a good constitution for SL.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    That the country is in perill is evident.

    This is Tamll Separatism through the Tamil Language and Terrorism (Vadukoddai Resolution, 1976).

    To set Lanka free, remove the Tamil Language (N&O).

    *. SWRD died over the Language issue, installing Tamil as a National language (CBK must know that). This aspect can be removed via an Amendment to the existing Constitution. No. need of a New Constitution.
    *. Tamil as an Official Language was installed by force (Duress), through the 13-A, by India, and is therefore illegal. Can therefore remove the entire 13-A.

    India is divided by language into different sub-states. There are over 15 MILLION TAMIL DALITS IN TAMIL NADU Caste Sysem who want out of Tamil Nadu into other areas – best is stupid Lanka with the Tamil Language in place, plus all the Freebees.

    If there is a better solution than removing the Tamil Language (N&O), please do write in. Phase out the Tamil as a N&O – the educated Buddhist priests can help in this aspect.

    Also activate the hitherto not activated 6-A.

    Why wait ? It is the best, bloodless, PERMANENT solution. DO IT NOW !

  3. crobe Says:

    The biggest reason Uncle Tom wants a new constitution is to eliminate the 6th amendment. If not for the 6th amendment, the Tamil racists would be all over the street, with the backing of the “civil society”, aka CIA, demanding for separation. What better way to make that demand with the elimination of the 6th amendment. First, they will demand federalism. 5 years down the road, it will be separation. I sure hope these idiots do not fall for this trap. God only knows how much money had already been given to Uncle Tom ask Batalanda Ranil, MS & CBK to launch this plan.

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