Australian War memorial Acknowledge the Indigenous Frontier Massacres during Colonisation
Posted on February 6th, 2016

Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra

Each year Indigenous Australians march to remember the uncounted thousands whom were massacred during the British colonial invasion of Australia.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is demanding the honour, respect and dignity be afforded to those slaughtered during the colonisation of Australia to be acknowledged in a National Day of Remembrance for the Frontier Massacres and that a monument be erected on ANZAC Parade infront of the War Memorial in Canberra.

Previous attempts by Aboriginal People to honour their dead in the official ANZAC day march have been handed the greatest indignity by event organisers and police who physically block the procession and prevent living descendants from honoring their fallen Ancestors at the Australian War Memorial on April 25th.

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We ask that the Australian Government initiate an official enquiry into the exact nature and details of the Frontier Massacres of Aboriginal People from 1778 until the present day and produce a proper report into the matter.

We also ask for an Official National Day of Remembrance to occur every year for the Frontier Massacre of Aboriginal people in Australia from 1788 onwards. This Day of remembrance is to occur on a signifigant date during colonisation, not ANZAC day, as this is a separate issue.

We also ask that a proper memorial be constructed on ANZAC Parade infront of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to honour our Ancestors whom were slaughtered during the colonisation of Australia.

The furthering of proceedings in relation to this issue must be decided at a NATIONAL SUMMIT MEETING to be held in Canberra April 16-18 of this year at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

We invite all Aboriginal people, supporters and those affected by or with knowledge of the massacres to come forward at the national meeting.

follow this link to RSVP your attendace at the national Frontier Massacres Conference in Canberra this April to help lay to rest this national indignity.

RSVP at the National Summit website :


Patrick Norman Lock,

Son Of A Ngunnawal Woman

Custodian of the land of Canberra

Aboriginal Tent Embassy

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Massacre Details ;

The ‘Frontier Wars’ were undeclared yet resulted in the destruction of entire tribes and nations, We will never know for certain the exact figure.

The documentation needed to determine an exact figure is scarce – be it 100,000 or more ? A proper enquiry has never been comissioned, but absolutely must occur to determine the true nature of the colonisation of Australia.

Two historians, Raymond Evans and Robert Ørsted-Jensen, have concluded that in Queensland alone – the epicentre of frontier war in the mid-19th century Australia – at least 65,180 Aboriginal Australians were killed from the 1820s until the early 1900s.

Considering that their research focuses on Queensland alone, their findings are freighted with a disturbing implication about the number of Indigenous Australians killed continent-wide. Australian deaths in world war one would pale in comparison.

“Certainly the stories of massacres of Indigenous Australians are everywhere in the archives of the major cultural institutions of Australia and Great Britain. The diaries, letters, journals and memoirs of colonial and postcolonial officials, troops, police, farmers, frontiersmen and women are replete with accounts of fights against – and massacres of – the “marauding blacks”. – Sovereign Union

Incomplete List of massacres of Indigenous Australians

Unfortunately the list of massacres is much longer than this but here is an annotated version of the full list ;


Risdon Cove
Cape Grim, Tasmania

1. Portland, Victoria
2. Broken River at Benalla
3. Wangaratta on the Ovens River, at Murchison
4. Campaspe Creek, Central Victoria
5. Camperdown, Victoria
6. Hamilton, Victoria
7. Warrigal Creek
8. Cape Otway.
9. Hospital Creek in Brewarrina
10. Butchers Tree near Brewarrina,
11. along the Barwon River, near Brewarrina,
12. on the Narran River near Brewarrina,
13. Orbost – Snowy River Mouth
14. Wyendonable, Yerring Station
15. 1840 – Nuntin
16. Boney Point
17. Butchers Creek
18. Maffra
19. Skull Creek
20. Bruthen Creek
21. Warrigal Creek
22. Maffra
23. South Gippsland
24. Central Gippsland
25. East Gippsland
26. 1Murrindal
27. Brodribb River
Western Australia
1. Fremantle
2. Pinjarra Western Australia:
3. Lake Minimup in Western Australia
4. La Grange Bay in the Kimberley region
5. Mowla Bluff Kimberley region
6. Dampier Archipelago
7. Halls Creek.
8. Derby,
9. Fitzroy Crossing
10. Margaret River
11. Warmun/Turkey Creek
12. Canning Stock Route Kimberly
13. Bedford Downs Station
14. Forrest River in the East Kimberleys
15. Flying Foam Passage, WA
16. Alligator Creek, Mackay, Queensland
South Australia
Waterloo Bay
Mount Gambier region

1. Brisbane valley Whiteside
2. Kilcoy Station owned by MacKenzie
3. Upper Burnett River
4. Balonne River
5. Condamine River of Queensland
6. Paddy Island in the Burnett River.
7. Hornet Bank Station in the Dawson River Basin in Queensland
8. “Water view”, North Bundaberg,
9. 1861. Central Highlands what was then known as the Medway
10. Goulbolba Hill St Helens Station Central Queensland:
11. Bowen district Port Denison
12. Skull Hole on the head of Mistake Creek,
13. Bladensburg station (near Winton) Central Queensland.
14. from the Endeavour River to the Palmer river The Battle Camp collision, Far North Queensland
15. Blackfellow’s Creek, Far North Queensland
16. Cook district in Far North Queensland
17. Selwyn Range, North-West Queensland
18. Cape Bedford, Cook district Far North Queensland:
19. Mount Isa, Queensland
20. near Durrie on the Diamantina
21. Speewah, Far North Queensland
22. Bentinck Island: Part of the Mornington Island group,
23. Yurrkuru waterhole, 20 km west of the Coniston homestead
24. Cullin-La-Ringo

Northern Territory
Barrow Creek
Arnhem Land Florida Station.


  1. Sydney Cove
    2. Botany Bay
    3. Appin Cataract River, a tributary of the Nepean River (south of Sydney
    4. Cataract Gorge
    5. Bathurst
    6. Waterloo Creek
    7. Myall Creek near Inverell, New South Wales
    8. Gwydir River
    9. confluence of the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers in New South Wales.
    10. WIRADJERI around the Murrumbidgee.
    11. The Rufus River
    12. Evans Head
    13. north of present-day Nyngan
    14. Broken Hill, New South Wales,

Lake Burley Griffin


Australian War Memorial

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion

Shadow Indigenous Affairs Minister Shayne Neumann MP

and 3 others

Prime Minister Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Director of the Australian War Memorial Brendan Nelson

Andrew Barr – ACT Chief Minister

You must acknowledge the Indigenous Frontier Massacres during Colonisation with a National Day of Remembrance and Proper Investigation Immediately.

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  1. Christie Says:

    British-Indian Empire did not allow Indian colonial parasites in to Australia. No Sepoys (Indians who helped British soldiers) , Peons (Indian administrators) or Coolies (Indian laborers) were allowed to come in to Australia or Canada.

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