No to Hybrid Courts, War Crimes Tribunals, Domestic Courts and the US Resolution
Posted on February 6th, 2016

A Concerned Sri Lankan Citizen

Hon. Maithripala Sirisena,
President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,
Presidential Secretariat,
Galle Face,
Colombo 1,
Sri Lanka

Dear Sir,

Unless Sri Lanka Replies with a Definite No to Hybrid Courts and Even a Domestic Court, the US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India will Totally Ensure that the Hybrid Court’s Verdict Pave the Way to an Eelam or a Large Separate State and the Dismemberment of Sri Lanka

I thought of writing to you as a responsible citizen regarding an extreme danger that Sri Lanka is facing at this juncture. It is extremely alarming that Sri Lanka accepted the US resolution at the UNHRC last October. It is an unprecedented move since no other sovereign country with any integrity has so far accepted such a resolution, let alone implement such a resolution.

These hybrid courts suggested by the US resolution is a huge trap set up for Sri Lanka to fall into. This hybrid court will consist of judges (if not in the actual panel, then as advisors) from the US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India or from countries who support these countries imperialist aims. The entire process, inclusive of salaries of personnel, will be paid by the OHCHR (with funding actually originating from the US). Therefore, the judgment of this hybrid court will certainly be what the US wants it to be.

The judgment of this hybrid court will for certain be that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces committed war crimes during the last phases of the war. This judgment is totally bogus but that is what they have been instructed to come up with by the US.

The minute this judgment is given, the Chief Minister of the Northern Province, Vigneshwaran, will make a request from Norway stating that ‘There is no safety for the Sri Lankan Tamils from any Sri Lankan Government. From 1948 until 2016, we have been subjected to such and such adversities (here he will write a huge number of bogus or extremely exaggerated stories since Vigneshwaran has already sent a report to the UNHRC regarding what he says are the ‘adversities’ faced by Tamils from 1948 until 2016 (all of which are bogus or extremely exaggerated stories). There is no safety for the Sri Lankan Tamils from the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. Look, this judgment by a court in Sri Lanka itself has accepted as such’ (actually this judgment is the judgment of the hybrid court which is manned by foreign judges doing the US bidding but unwittingly provided the ‘cover’ of a domestic court by the Sri Lankan Government by the ill thought of acceptance and implementation of this US resolution).

Then Vigneshwaran will request Norway to bring about a vote at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), using the R2P concept (the ‘right to protect’ concept has been forcefully imposed by the West led by the US on the UN to serve the US’s nefarious interests. The R2P concept is totally against the UN ethos, the foundation of which is the sovereignty of nations which is the basis of the founding of the UN. Nevertheless, the UN has had to accept this concept due to the forceful imposition of it on the UN by the US).

Norway at this juncture will definitely bring on a vote for a separate state or Eelam using the judgment of the hybrid court as the basis. The US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway and Sweden will support this vote. At this critical juncture, it is a certainty that India will back this vote. Not only that, India will persuade by force all the developing countries, which is the vast majority of the UNGA, who will be very reluctant to accept such a vote. India will even go to the length of forcefully persuading all the developing countries to vote for this resolution.

Therefore, I implore President Sirisena, Sir, this hybrid court judgment is not going to end with our Sri Lankan Forces personnel going to prison only. That is not the real plan of these countries, US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India who are only but implementing their imperialistic plans. Their actual and real plan is to bring about a large separate state or an Eelam using this hybrid court’s judgment. Those of us who have lived abroad for quite some time have seen this happening on many other occasions again and again to other unfortunate countries who were targets of the US. Sri Lanka is a tiny country and we need this island intact if we are to exist in the future even. So for Sri Lanka, the creation of a large separate state will be the beginning of our end. Please, if you care even a little bit about Sri Lanka, please don’t let this happen. Also don’t think for a moment that the US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India will treat Sri Lanka any differently (no matter who is in Government) than they have treated all the other unfortunate countries where they have carried out such a process in again and again, even if they show friendship towards us. Their plans have never ever been based on friendship but on their imperialistic ambitions.

Therefore I urge you and implore you, please reject this hybrid court in total. Even accepting a domestic court is inherently dangerous since even an innocuous adverse judgment even by a purely domestic court could be used to initiate a dangerous process as described above. However, if you are pressurized in an exceptional way, at least only accept a domestic court only (with all the personnel paid by the Sri Lankan Government only). What should really happen from Sri Lanka’s point of view is to reject the US resolution in total which is our sovereign right. The only just and fair way forward is instead of a domestic court, to  initiate a commission of inquiry only which is not a judicial process but a commission of inquiry only, just like the LLRC, which will then provide recommendations to the Government at the end of the inquiry.

Please think about the future generations in particular and the fact that since Sri Lanka is a tiny country, any kind of partition of this island will mean that the very existence of the Sri Lankan people will be placed at great risk. Actually, any partition will be the beginning of our end. That is for certain. Please don’t be a party to that. I have every confidence however that you will do the needful by the vast majority of the Sri Lankan people at this critical juncture and save Sri Lanka from this extremely dangerous situation that we are facing at present.

Kind regards,

A Concerned Sri Lankan Citizen

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