Posted on February 6th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Despite very high expectations I waited for Megapolis Master plan presented by the Megapolis by  an able Minister !!

On previous day I was at well attended Invest in East Forum organized by an able chief Minster and I observed the enthusiasm shown by foreign delegates

There was a visible contrast as many were very sceptical of the grandiose megapolis plan probably derived by Harward specialists !

I wanted to see how traffic problem and garbage problem is going to be solved   so that we relieve Traffic police from  the stressful duty sessions so that they can avoid skin deceases which may incur due to standing under hot sun and poor people in Kollonnawa live happily ever after

I feel so sorry and deplore people calling them These Kossa fellow are the course of the Traffic  Jam”

It is not their fault it is the fault of the politicians

Just like I presented some solutions to regain popularity of the government few days back I suggest more workable solutions to solve traffic problems

  • Raise duty of the three wheelers and prohibit three wheelers coming to city
  • Failing that due to fear of losing their votes ,plan to pay them a dole ( monthly payment ) and ask them to find another job and increase productive population in Sri Lanka
  • Build a monorail /two lane highway mounted on single pillar along the canals from Malabe to Fort via Kollonnawa and Narahenpita and along Muthurajawela
  • Install a cable car system under the highway for people to travel ( who cannot afford a car)

To solve the garbage problem

  • Government should enhance environment police-force to ensure that every house segregates the garbage to two types by working with the local authorities
  • One bin to be used for paper,metal and plastics and other for organic waste which can be composted ( this is already done in Dehiwela Mount Lavinia area)
  • It will be very easy to treat the segregated garbage by generating power by incinerating the paper etc and other type  by composting

There are many experts in Sri Lanka who can guide the able minister to implement such programs and save the country from ever increasing environment pollution and make people like us and traffic police stressless  and People in Kollanawa and Karadiyana  live happily ever after

We all  will be happy until next election !




  1. Siri Says:

    These are great sounding thoughts. Some are practical and others are not so. With the present Government in power nothing will happen. They are still looking for the Buried gold of the Rajapaksa’s to fund their projects (or line their pockets).

    The same bunch of corrupt politicians who were with Mahinda Rajapaksa have now joined the Government and are still stealing from the people, but on a much larger scale. Mahinda at least controlled them to a certain extent and was able to do development work and Capital projects and also at the same time have a positive foreign exchange reserve in the treasury. Unfortunately every government needs the votes of these corrupt politicians to come to power and continue to hold it. This is the problem with democracy.

    People can be fooled by the media to spread falsehoods about anyone. This is a part of Western Regime change. They even tried it with Putin of Russia until they were challenged to show proof or shut up. This is how The Yahapath Govt. won power. Everybody wanted the 18 Billion that Mahinda was supposed to have hidden somewhere. Probably only Mangala Samaraweera knows.

    Until the treasure hunt is over nothing will happen in Sri Lanka. This could be for ever.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Western countries have mastered art of controlling the ever increasing traffic. London is a good example. We must get their advice as a foreign aid package. They might suggest an efficient public transport system, computerized traffic management system where the traffic lights work to a synchronized system.

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