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The Government of Good Governance is making ground work to use Foul Mouthed Sarath Fonseka to bring maximum political damage to the President Mahinda Rajapakse through various malicious allegations.     The stage is set to unravel these stories within next few weeks and months.

With this back drop, it is appropriate to listen to Sarath Fonseka’s statements and clarifications made at a Rupavahini interview on 14 December 2009. We urge patriotic readers of Lankaweb to re-visit this episode so that comparisons can be drawn between facts and fiction from the horse’s mouth.


The loss of power is looming for the Government of Good Governance. The influential Ven. Sobitha Thero factor is no longer available for Ranil, Maithree and Chandrika. Dr Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri ( the spokesperson of National Movement for Social Justice who pioneered with Ven Sobitha to bring Ranil into power ) has branded Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe as a “Stubborn” man. The outright rejection of Bhikku Kathikawatha Bill by the Supreme Court having direct spin-off effect of advancing rights of Buddhists. Determination of Prime Minister to sign The Economic and Technology Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) is being condemned by the Organisation of Professional Associations (OPA) highlighting the threats to employment opportunities to Sri Lankans at all levels of employment.

The public anger is being translated into action on massive scale on daily basis. The protests from Professionals, Farmers, Teachers, Bhikkus are outpouring. Except JVP, Tamil and Muslim Leaders, majority of personnel and organisation which supported the formation of the government are either perished or abandoned it. Tamil and Muslims are continuing their support to obtain the maximum demands within the remaining period of rotten legacy of Ranil Wickremasinghe. A silent substantial group of UNP MPs are increasingly feeling uncomfortable with the modus operandi of the Prime Minister.

The media has realised the dangers of continuation of this government and for compelling reasons views of the public are largely being expressed through an independent manner, even though newspaper editors have been put under undue influence and political pressure.

According to Neurosurgeon, Dr Anurudha Padeniya,   the Prime Minister Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe is displaying (a) the weaknesses of ability to listen to others views, (b) the lack of flexibility and (c) the lack of leadership qualities.   This   is a serious observation.  

Can a decorated soldier in 2009, since found guilty of several criminal offences, provide much needed hype to an insane leadership?


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Sarath Fonseka got his decorations thanks to Defence Secretary Gotabhaya and President Mahinda Rajapakse. This man was only a few days away from retiring when he was appointed replacing Shantha Kottegoda as the Armed Forces Chief. He has shown time and again that he belongs to the same category as the Urulawa S B Dissanayake – another ungrateful animal who was himself pardoned by Mahinda Rajapakse while he was still languishing in jail for his Urulawa Kata.

    There were many things that he could have done, if he was only a patriot. Had he stayed with Mahinda Rajapakse in spite of his many weaknesses, he could have helped Mahinda Rajapakse to consolidate the victory and thus truly win the Eelam War for once and for all. By today there would have been statues all over Sri Lanka honouring him as one of Sri Lanka’s greats. At the last election he could only garner a handful of votes – this shows he is next to nothing now in the eyes of patriotic Sri Lankans.

    What culminated at Nanthi Kadal lagoon were only a series battles. The conclusion of the war would have been setting up permanent security measures while prohibiting elections in the North and East till all the separatist vipers put under control and the separatist virus destroyed thus consolidating and winning the War.

    As of today winning the Eelam War is yet to be concluded, due to the shortsightedness of both Mahinda Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka!

  2. Kumari Says:

    Ratnapala, I agree. All these traitors including our mentally disturbed prime minister have got dirty files maintained by foreign embassies. It may be money, sex, and other vices or may be all. That is why they all talk the same language. Their enemy too is Rajapakse, so is for the foreign governments. For these people and embasies, there are no other problems in the country.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    Quite often I found it difficult to understand how the so called Sri Lankan leaders, could degrade themselves by acting against the interests of their own people and their country of birth, by dancing to the tune of foreign masters and throwing their weight behind the very enemies of Sri Lanka, who tried to fragment the nation using violent ethnic cleansing means, during the past three decades of the conflict initiated by Tamil extremists. I always thought, the reason could be due to heavy bribery and favours received, but then, that alone cannot breed this type of lowly people who can even sacrifice the interests of the majority community, who suffered for several centuries under colonial rule.
    So could the main reason be, not bribery and favours, but, the so called “dirty files” as mentioned by Kumari, in her comments? Dirty files is a very effective tool of foreign secret service organisations, when they want to bring leaders down on their knees and making them dance like puppets on a string. It has been publicised that even JR and MR used or had dirty files of politicians to control them.

    As for Sarath Fonseka, it is pathetic to see the level to which once great man has fallen, because of craving for power. At one time he was a hero of the nation, having boldly and intelligently lead the Army to annihilate the brutal LTTE terrorists. He was so very patriotic, he himself made extremist comments similar to saying “Tamils are welcome to live in Sri Lanka but as guests of the Sinhalese, the true natives of Sri Lanka”. He had to fight two battles at the same time, such as terrorists with guns and the opposition politicians who were slandering him and the armed forces. Today Fonseka is with the very people who hated him and ridiculed him at every opportunity. He could still be the number one target of the terrorists, after they get maximum use of his bad mouth.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    FM Sarath Fonseka was the target of a LTTE suicide bomber. Did he suffer from PTSD (probably same as CBK, who was also targetted.
    We do not know for sure. Only psychiatrists can enlighten us on this matter.

    Also, re FM Fonseka contesting the Presidential Elections agains Pres MR at that time : No country allows army officers fresh off the battle field to contest elections. I think in USA, a period of at least 7 yrs has to lapse prior to contesting elections. Pres Eisenhower was such a person in the USA, contesting elections many years after WW II finished. This shows that Lanka laws on this matter (as in many other matters) is lacking or inadequate.

    FM Fonseka’s behavior pattern during and after the Pres Elections : He holed himself up in a Colombo hotel with hundreds of Ex-Army personnel – like a defense maneuver in the battle field. PTSD ?

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Kumari has a strong point re ‘dirty files’.

    All the parties concerned (local ones) should get together and burn those ‘files’, nullify all those files, and bring peace and prosperity to the Nation.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    There is NO NEED to fear DIRTY FILES.

    Someone said he had the dirty files of Maru Sira, Rajitha, CBK, etc. but they didn’t fear it. Likewise others should also not fear FILES.


  7. Ratanapala Says:

    Engineered by India, Catholic Church and the Christian West!

    The rift between Mahinda Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka was engineered by the Indians. Indian High Commissioner in Colombo was the point man who slowly whispered into Rajapakse ears and frightened him (and planted the ‘poison tree’) Sarath Fonseka was getting too big for his shoes. Immediately after the war quite rightly Fonseka wanted to expand the army to 300,000 strong, to oversee the necessary consolidation phase of the war.

    By this time Indians had achieved their first objective to get rid of Prabhakaran – (who after becoming a Western Stooge was thorn on their bum). The immediate second objective was to break up the A-Team that won the war. This is was brought about by creating a rift between Mahinda Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka. Both idiots fell into the trap with eyes wide open.

    Sarath Fonseka didn’t help the situation either. He was in Colombo with his legions closing roads and setting up road blocks to organise the big Army Do that was taking place in Colombo at the time. Mahinda Rajapakse was too intoxicated by the Maha Raja madness and hoodwinked by the Catholic Church who made him go to Vatican to kiss the soiled pedophile hands of the Pope four times.

    Today they are both lemon suckers licking their wounds and trying to rehabilitate their broken political stage. The Neo Dinh Diem Catholic Regime is in power and fast going towards creating a Police State to dismember Sri Lanka.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    I have to agree with Ratanapala on this.

    “Today they are both lemon suckers licking their wounds and trying to rehabilitate their broken political stage.”

    1. SL needs leaders who worship SRI DALADA MALIGAWA and JAYASRI MAHA BODHI and

    Both conditions must be satisfied.

    I think this is the BASIC all patriots must agree.

  9. Sooriarachi Says:

    Whether one agrees or not, Lorenzo’s comments are quite blunt, bold, provocative, interesting and food for thought.
    His last comment that Sri Lankan leaders could do well by worshipping “Sri Dalada Maligawa etc instead of Thirupathy, Mecca, Madhu etc . is classic.
    Who knows, his observations might be right, taking into account, Sri Lanka is a majority Buddhist nation, just like England and US being majority Christian nations or Pakistan and Indonesia being Majority Muslim nations or India being a majority Hindu nation. I am impressed. Take heed Sri Lankan leaders.

  10. Dham Says:

    I believe Lorenzo is referring to “worshiping for popularity” i.e. votes.

    It is not possible for a Buddhist to go and worship Mecca, Thirupathy because when they claim “නත්ථි මේ සරණං අඤ්ඤං බුද්ධෝ, ධම්මෝ ,…. සංඝෝ … මේ සරණං වරං ..” means I have no other refuge than Buddha , Dhamma, Sangha.

    What is the meaning of one objecting to a song and then lying to Buddha saying “”නත්ථි මේ සරණං අඤ්ඤං ..” and going to Thirupathi or another Hind kovil ?

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