Ban Animal and Human Torture Near Places of Religious Worship
Posted on February 25th, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

The attempt to legally ban animal sacrifice at places of religious worship is a welcome effort. The disgusting and uncivilised practice of sacrificing animals in religious rituals has no established history in Sri Lanka. It amounts to torture of animals. It is ridiculous to allow the torture and killing of animals in the name of religion when even butchers are subjected to a higher degree of care of animals. Torture of animals must be banned totally. Killing of animals must be done only at licenced abattoirs. No religious place of worship should be considered an abattoir.

Torture of humans must also be banned. It does not matter it is self-harm as other forms of self-harm is illegal. Body piercing, walking on hot surfaces and hanging from the skin are some disgusting and uncivilised practices found near the Kataragama shrine. These arouse disgust in onlookers and must be banned as in most countries. This practice has no historical roots in Lanka and relate to African and South Indian practices. Even these countries have banned such voluntary human torture.

Other forms of human torture found among Christian communities in the Philippines and Shia Muslims must not be allowed to be replicated in Sri Lanka. All forms of torture (animal and human) and killing must be banned from places of religious worship.

2 Responses to “Ban Animal and Human Torture Near Places of Religious Worship”

  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dilrook is right.

    But then, these are all Tamil Dalit practices.

    Ranil wants to build a Chunnel to Tamil Nadu – what for ? To bring in more Tamil Dalits to Lanka ? There are some 15 Million of them there.

    If anyone wants to help Tamil folk, they ought to go to Tamil Nadu and help them there. Lanka has been fooled into accepting damaged people from Tamil Nadu as cheap labor. It is destroying the Nation.

  2. Dham Says:

    In a way widely used South Indian cultural practice of forcing elephants to do heavy work and forcing them to go in peraheras should also be banned. This practice is against Buddhist principle of compassion to all.
    How about misuse of elephants by politicians, handing over to foreign countries as if they are their own property ?

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