Posted on February 25th, 2016

Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

In the present political turmoil in Sri Lanka speculation is rife to suggest that some of the SLFP party members during the Rajapaksa regime campaigned vigorously to overthrow the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidential elections held on 8th January 2015, and also at general elections held on 17 August 2015. Reviewers say there are more questions than answers to resolve.

Was it basically a plot to destabilise the political macroclimate in this country with all the hallmarks of a CIA intervention with their fingerprints all over it….?  They question. Critics have always been maintaining that the CIA had twin ambitions in this involvement Vis a Vis – régime change and to destroy the SLFP, which was a Singhalese Buddhist majority political party based on SWRD Bandaranaike Policy incorporating ‘Sangha, Weda, Guru, Govi & Kamakaru’.

It is common knowledge what the US did to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria, the most scandalous and atrocious crimes committed on this planet with supreme inhumane demeanors. Prior to embarking on such destruction, US and its allies tactfully and discreetly ‘bought over’ influential citizens of those countries to propagate lies and fabrications whilst the victimised nations focused more on their own development programmes including the educational sectors for the benefit of their communities. Americans upon succeeding their inflexible plans  sponsored puppeteers using the CIA. The rest is history!

The US destroyed Iraq, its leaders and the very political foundation – the Bath Party, which was akin to SLFP in Sri Lanka with all the hallmarks of patriotism embedded towards their motherland. What they did next was a twin style operation targeting Sri Lanka, to completely destroy the SLFP with a regime change! For this purpose they clearly picked the ideal candidates, who appeared to be outrageously livid not only to change the regime but also to destroy the SLFP to smithereens.


The strategy to destroy the SLFP goes a long way back even prior to Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike was appointed as the leader of the party. The late S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike managed to escape opponent’s villainy, immorality, animosity, hatred and anger towards this noble political party, which was formed according to the country’s glorious history and its original ways, but became a victim to a ‘man clad in yellow robes’ (thus disgracing the whole of Buddhist clergy)! This heinous act immediately created a blanket mayhem across the entire Buddhist priesthood where in certain circles mistreatment was directed at certain innocent and spiritual monks with a brand label of ‘yellow robed men getting involved in politics completely forgetting the Lord Buddha’s words in Samyutta Nikaya 56:10’.

Samyutta Nikaya clearly prohibits and specifies thus: O monks! Do not give yourselves up to manifold vulgar talk (such as  – talk about kings, robbers, ministers armies, dangers, wars, food and drinks, clothes and dwellings, garlands and perfumes, relations, conveyances, women and heroes, Street-talk and talk about ghosts of ancestors, gossip, talk about land and sea, about gain and loss”.

Foreign Intervention 

Detractors say one does not need to have a degree in political philosophy to fathom how those ‘shady characters’ who manipulated in the last two elections were behind a spiteful CIA coup against Sri Lanka and the SLFP at a time the country had benefitted and gone through a period of development and peace in the annals of Sri Lanka’s history.

They also point a finger at a few groups such as the US, UK, EU, LTTE diaspora abroad and the Catholic Church who were totally against Sri Lanka’s galloping economy and the re-established peace as those elements were against the Sinhala/Buddhists and Sri Lanka’s awe-inspiring and unblemished civilization, hence a master plan-design by the CIA with the connivance of enemies of Rajapaksa.

Rumours were rife, like any other, in the present Yahapalana Administration too about major corruption, sleaze and bribery, quoting the biggest slice of this political cake dished out to defeat Mahinda Rajapaksa by the CIA as $50 million to one player and  $10 million to another in the immediate past, while the rest of the money, they claimed, had been spent on the election campaign in conforming to the CIA formula.


Pointing a finger directly at the CIA, cynics state: This was not the first instance CIA had interfered with our county. It happened on several occasions in our political history.  But two recent historical instances were: First, a major influential business magnate became the CIA agent and backed the Catholic coup against the then Mrs. B’s government with the top army bras.  The second instance was grooming of a President in politics after bringing an unknown quantity at a time when Sri Lankan politics worked entirely dominated by caste system and helping him to be the President of the country. That became a paradox in Sri Lankan policymaking principles!”

It was also alleged that ‘Gam Udawa’ programme was designed and financed by the CIA to disintegrate the Sinhala/Buddhist culture by including a Mosque, Kovil and a Catholic church inside every 100% Sinhala/Buddhist village, township and city with the main intention of breaking the Sinhala/Buddhist cultural backbone, which had been running continuously over 2500 years! The US has adopted this same principle in countries like Philippines and South Korea!

The latest incident of the Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s first ‘sale’ of 8 JF-17 ‘Thunder jets to Sri Lanka’, which was welcomed with praise at first had to be cancelled even before the hot news was allowed to settle down according to a ‘ diplomatic missive from Delhi which came as a bolt from the blue stating ‘Sri Lankan defence requirement did not need fighters’! It was Pakistan, who had to come to Sri Lanka’s rescue during the LTTE terrorists’ war!  This is a clear-cut CIA intervention, opponents allege.

Has the incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena too become victimised by the actions of his closest working colleagues in the Yahapalana administration to become a helpless pawn of the CIA?  Critics question.

In such circumstances it is suggested to expose all those traitors resolutely and bring the guilty to the Galle Face Green and whip them with toxic stingray tails!


  1. Christie Says:

    Heard of the Third Eye? CIA is rubbish and old hat. Have they achieved anything ?

    Look at Third Eye of Indian Empire’ popularly known as RAW.

    SLFP and SWRD, LTTE the Indian terrorist arm in Ceylon, JVP the Sinhala terrorrists, 2015 Mahinda, then Fonseka then Sirisena. Third Eye has achieved a lot.

  2. AnuD Says:

    It is not CIA. their interest is only to move Sri lanka away from china.

    christians/Catholics are very very organized. they are behind destroying buddhism in Sri lanka.

    Remember polish Pope saying that w21st millinium is for them to establish christianity in Sri lanka.

    Why pope is coming very often to Sri lanka.

    the best answer, is there should be explaning buddhism to Non-buddhists. Buddha went to Theerthakas and did not talk the same way. Just helped in their problems.

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