Don’t bring Fiji problems here
Posted on February 26th, 2016

Wimal S

Apropos the letter by Dr Sarath Obeysekera in The Island of Feb. 24 calling for Indians to fill our workforce is pretty dangerous and shortsighted.

He did not have to look further than at the Upcountry tea estates where the country was flooded with cheap Indian labour by the British with similar objectives.

The repercussion of such steps by the Colonial Powers does not need further elaboration.

Unwittingly, Dr Obeysekera himself, let the cat out of the bag in saying ”Altair Tower built by Indians is full of Indians and managed by Indians and they are doing well’.

Is that what he wants our entire country to be is a moot question.

If the ETCA proposed by the PM is implemented, it will damage the future of the country severely.

No doubt this is being imposed on him by the Indians taking their pound of flesh for the services rendered to get him to his high post.The problems faced by countries like Fiji are not to be repeated by our leaders.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Wimal S, now you see why Indian Empire hired SWRD’s daughter to kick Mahinda out.

    Altair did not start implying Rajapaksas were after bribes.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Unlike our pseudo patriots who have gone to other countries and now hallucinating about absurd irrelevant topics the Indians brought in to the island by the colonials have done a good job working in our industries which is the lifeblood of the island. It seems the one time plantation workers’ siblings are no more taking those where some have got small businesses paying the all important taxes and even giving the Sinhalese jobs and that should be appreciated.
    Just as any country the indigenous people will never do some jobs and the glorious British Empire thrived on moving about people from countries by force or by voluntary basis to run their infrastructure and one such rascal who was in denial was the Ambude Clad Gandhi who had a glorious Western education and lived in self denial where his misery which he left behind in India is the sorry plight in India.He was an immigrant of the Empire in South Africa. India is struggling hard to catch up with the modern world with so much of cultural constains impeding progress.They have just invented the wheel and surly will be a great power like china.
    To catch up with China and rest of the world,they must give up their amude clad culture and respect the norms of a modern world or external forces will breakup the country once united by the colonials.
    Therefore we must have a work permit system to get people from South India to run our estates and maintain our streets which our people not willing to do.The days of our tea estates are numbered with the want of labour, so get real I say.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Say NO to all imported labor ! Lanka has enough Labor for our needs. Use LOCAL labor for our needs.

    Lanka has just finished a war with the LTTE which outfit ran amok for nearly 30 yrs killing at will in Lanka. The LTTE is a direct result of imported labor by Colonists, resulting later in illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu who flee their Caste System based atrocities. This anger used by Tamil leaders and India to train the LTTE in Tamil Nadu during JRJ times (Cold War times).

    Prabhakaran said that his LTTE army consisted of about at least 35% Tamils from Tamil Nadu (illegal migrants). With the Tamil language in place, it is easy for Tamil illegal migrants to blend in and stay on here.

    In any case, the so called Fiji people who will probably come over will be Tamil people already there.

    Imported labor will always be loyal to their handlers and not to the host country, Lanka, which has notoriously soft laws.

    Do we need more of the same troubles …. ?

  4. Lorenzo Says:



    ALL Endians brought to SL DESTROYED SL. Which idiot will destroy PADDY FIELDS, CATCHMENT AREAS, fruit & vegitable fields and plant TEA?

    Destruction of SL’s self sufficient economy by these KALLTHONIS is the root cause of all problems.

    IF any industry needs Endian cheap labor, that industry should NOT be there in SL. Let Endia have it.

    SL has to move to professional services, service industry, etc. NOT SLAVE industries in need of Endians.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    TO stop Endians, Pakistanis, Afghans, Arabs, etc. creeping into SL, the ONLY official and national language must be made SINGHALA. They can’t speak it and they will NOT come.

    Tamil N&O language is the BIGGEST ATTRACTION to all South Endian vile elements invading SL.

  6. charithsls Says:

    Nimal is probably a disguised Indian who sees the benefits only of Indian influx into our small island.
    India has a population crisis with so much poverty so would do a job even without a pay. So called Nimal himself points that the imported labour now give jobs to Singhalese which will become the eventuality at the end if we let the Indians flood our country.

  7. Christie Says:

    Mon violent aggression and oppression. Mauritius and Guyana, Andaman and Nicobar islands are best examples of Indian colonies.

    Before the Indian colonial parasites arrival the people in these countries lived with respect and dignity.

    Tea and Sugar and other plantation industries were also a part of the colonialism and imperialism. The plants are not indigenous.

    Plantations are parasitic like the colonial parasites.

    If you visit plantations you can see colonial parasites breeding like rabbits and with an influx of millions of their relatives to wipe our arse they will marry local Indian colonial parasites and will breed like flies.

    After that we all will be licking their arse like some of the comment writers.

  8. Nimal Says:

    No to imported labour all right but not possible in the real world of SL.
    I don’t mind anyone being critical of me and telling the truth.
    Why can’t the patriots of the Sinhalese find tea pluckers and street cleaners? So get real and be happy for the country that there is a willing force of people from India willing to do this work.
    I have a few friends who hold small holdings of tea and their main problem recently is to maintain their plantations with a severe labour shortages and the incomes from tea is insufficient and the families of traditional tea pluckers are going for better jobs. In another 5 decades that industry will die, unless we get robots like in Japan to pluck their tea.
    Climate is not friendly for enterprises in SL with religious and other cultural factors getting in the way and I commend the big homebred companies struggling stay afloat. I was shocked to see the finance company where I have my two cents invested having so many people working, which would bring a financial disaster in efficient UK.
    Don’t assume that I am an Indian only explaining the reality as I have invested my hard earned money there.
    In Kandy, hardly a Sinhalese owned business as we have being brainwashed to take the easy path and if they do like the Cylinco group then the politicians will pull the rug underneath and see to the demise of that company and we Sinhalese are friendless unless we are cunning enough the jungle of deceit and corruption.
    I remember as far as 1957 one of the few businesses and assets we Sinhalese had were dry fish(karawala) shops were the brave Mathara mudalalies dominated that trade.Likes of TP Ilagaratne nationalized them to form the present CWC where one kind hearted mudalali took his life due to his debts.We being the Bhumi Puthratyas lost our assets of tea,rubber and coconut estates to the government and that was done by Hector Kobbekaduwa,
    We Sinhalese saved up all their working lives to buy an extra house or two as part of ones pension portfolio where two generations of siblings would have benefited and that privilege was taken away by acquiring these houses as excess.
    We are as Sinhalese are friendless where the enemies are within.
    Trying to get rid of the vey people who are there to support the country’s infrastructure is as bad as someone in the western countries where some write open letters to people back home while enjoying privileges of the colonial types, wants these foreigners out.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia has a VERY HIGH rate of RAPE. IF Endian men come to SL to work leaving their women in Endia what will happen? SL women will get raped by Endians in hundreds of thousands. Those who support Endians coming to SL better ready their daughters, mothers, sisters and wives and even themselves to welcome Endians with garlands.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    It gets worse. According to a very credible Endian newspaper, and the EU, Endia is the second biggest COMPONENT SUPPLIER to ISIS!! Imagine what they will do with SL. Endia will CHANNEL all terrorist funding, terrorist weapons, etc. through SL and take only profits!!

    “Seven Indian companies figure in a list of 51 commercial entities from 20 countries that, according to an EU-mandated study, are involved in the supply chain of over 700 components used by the Islamic State to construct improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

    While four of the seven Indian firms denied having exported explosives or accessories to either Lebanon or Turkey, two confirmed that smaller suppliers of components such as fuses or detonating cords do not export these items directly, but through trading intermediaries or merchant exporters, and are mostly unaware of the final destination of the products.

    The study, conducted by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), reported that Turkey topped the list of countries with a total of 13 firms involved in the IS supply chain, followed by India with seven companies. The Indian firms were mostly found to be manufacturing detonators, detonating cords and safety fuses.
    – See more at: “”

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Look at the way the poor Tamil Dalit labor was treated by the British. The workers in the tea sector had ONE ROOM PER FAMILY, zero Education, etc. under the British. Profits came first, of course !! Free Education came to them only after Independence. It was the MR govt (action on DEW Gunasekera Repot) that gave them outright ownership of the line rooms with 40 perches attached. In this respect, they have had a better deal than large groups of the Kandyan Peasants who were deprived of their land, maimed, killed and thrown out byb the British. These acts yet to be addressed and corrected by any GoSL of Lanka. This is Dr Sudath Gunasekera’s lament. It is shameful how Lanka treats some of her own indigenous folk.

    It is high time the tea estates of Lanka (at least the govt owned ones) mechanised the operation of tea plucking as done in many other countries such as China, Japan, S. Africa, and even parts of INDIA. Four workers can be replaced by one machine. Google to see how these machines operate – even on slopes a smaller machine is effective. Anyone can operate these machines, and poor Tamil labor is not needed so much.

    As for street cleaing, there are machines for this operation too. Use of Machines bring dignity in Labor – anyone can do that work with dignity. Mechanisation of tasks is the way to go.

    There is no need to import any Labor from anywhere into Lanka.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re Kandyan Peasants : they lost their LAND and LIVES to the British tea industry. This grave loss has to addressed and corrected. Grave INJUDSTICE yet not corrected after 68 yrs of Independence ….

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as INJUSTICE

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