Adverse Impact of the Proposed Economic and Technical Agreement (ETCA) with India – Our Request to the Government to Stop Approving this Agreement
Posted on February 27th, 2016

Global Sri Lankan Forum 

24th February 2016

His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena,

The President of Sri Lanka


Global Sri Lankan Forum

 Adverse Impact of the Proposed Economic and Technical Agreement (ETCA) with India – Our Request to the Government to Stop Approving this Agreement

We, the representatives of Sri Lankans living overseas are of the view that the proposed agreement will spell disaster to the vulnerable Sri Lankan economy and especially the professionals and skilled personnel serving the country.

The decision of the Government of Sri Lanka should be based on experience gathered so far in terms of effects on the economy of the commodity trading agreement completed with India in 1998. The net result of the said agreement was that the benefits were reaped by India, while many Sri Lankan small industries were destroyed due to cheap Indian imports. Sri Lanka was not able to gain a foothold within India’s commodity market, mainly due to unfair business tactics as practiced by the manipulative Indian trade administration.

Only two industries were established by the Indians in Sri Lanka, of which products were re-exported to India with marginal value additions. The total value of exports from Sri Lanka to India in 2012 was Rs 72,411 million or 5.8% of the exports volume while value of imports from India stood at Rs 464,413 million or 19% of imports. The heavy imbalance in the trading relationship between the two countries has to investigated and rectified immediately before proceeding to offer more concessions to the Indian goods and services.

The proposed ETCA will include service industries and manpower facilitation between the two countries. When one examines unemployment data of the two countries, it paints a picture of the comparative disadvantages that will confront Sri Lankan employees and professionals. While the unemployed figure in Sri Lanka is a mere 2.18 million, the Indian figure is a giant 37.2 million! The upheavals resulting from such a stark reality and the economic relationship between a giant of a country and a very small country alone furnish the rationale for rejecting the ETCA.

The unemployment and under employment statistics as revealed in 2011 indicate the unenviable situation faced by India which would by 2016 have become almost unmanageable.

“As per results of the latest survey conducted by NSSO during 2009-10, the number of unemployed or under-employed persons on usual status basis in the country was 95 lakhs and about six crore respectively,” Labour and Employment Minister Mallikarjun Kharge said in Rajya Sabha during Question Hour.

We are thankful to the GMOA for being brave enough to come forward to voice their vehement protest against the ETCA , Similar sentiment is shared with all other professional bodies that are agitating to protect Sri Lankan living standards and the economy from becoming heavily dependent on India’s dictates.

We REGISTER our protest against the ETCA and call upon the President, the Parliamentarians, Provincial Council Members, the Pradeshiya Sabha, Urban and Municipal Councillors, the Trade Unions, the Farmers, the Industrialists, the Professionals and Civic Organisations to join the the protests and SAVE SRI LANKA from the unmerciful grip of India and the manoeuvres of crafty officials who are ready to sell short the country.

Yours Sincerely,

Ranjith Soysa


For Global Sri Lankan Forum 

Global Organizations who endorsed this request:

  1. Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in SL-VIC
  2. Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement, UK

3 Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka.NSW

  1. Sri Lanka Europe Friendship Association-Switzerland
  2. Sinhala Welfare Association, UK
  3. Sri Lankika Ekamuthuwa-Ipswich
  4. Videshagatha Sri Lankikayo Mawbima Wenuwen
  5. Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka
  6. Viru Daru Diriya Fund, Vic
  7. Western Australian Society for Peace, Unity and Rehabilitation in Sri Lanka
  8. Sri Lanka Europe Friendship Association- Switzerland
  9. Lanka Friendship Forum- Middle East.

6 Responses to “Adverse Impact of the Proposed Economic and Technical Agreement (ETCA) with India – Our Request to the Government to Stop Approving this Agreement”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    KICK worthy China out and bring poor and useless Endian slaves! What a foolish economic decision by the bankrupt UNP govt.

  2. aloy Says:

    I was watching two BBC programmes, one yesterday and another today where Indian business people were discussing their issues. They complain that it takes over four days for a truck from a spare parts manufacturing plant in Hariyana to come to Chennai. It appears the truck has to face five border crossings in five states spending over 60% of the travel time undergoing strict customs controls. Another panelist was telling that it takes only 200 odd US dollars for him to get a container from China to an Indian port but it takes over 2000 dollars for him to take that container from the port to his factory. Such is the difficulty experienced by Indians themselves in doing business in their country. They were also complaining about lack of skilled workers there.
    A small time business lady in Colombo was talking to my wife yesterday regarding her experience (we are currently in overseas) in doing business with India. She exports commodities like spices, tea and fish. It seems though there is a very good demand for our teas there it take over two months from the time she loads the container in our port for her to get the payment. However fish and other exports to europe was more lucrative and the payments were prompt.

    Our leaders should spend more time studying how existing trade deals are benefiting SL before signing another. To solve the problem of lack of skilled workers we should start a vigorous program for the training of carpenters, masons, welders, plumbers, electrical and electronics workers. This program should be handed over to a capable minister. We should not open the flood gates to unskilled Indian workers who are not likely to leave once they arrive. If not as the song goes they will be our ‘anagathe mudalalila’. If anybody doubts go to Nawala hardware shops. Not a single is in the hands of Sinhala businessman. This used to be a Sinhala commercial area just few years ago.

  3. aloy Says:

    Another thing our leaders should find out is why local business people are unable to compete with others. It appears they know how to make the passage of their good from customs smooth and profitable. Most Singhala people adhering to ethics do not try to facilitate the business by bribing customs and immigration controls and also the income tax which are manned by people from Sinhala hinterland. The result is the non nationals and efficient organizations (like Abans, Hydramanis et al) thrive while locals fall way behind.
    GOSL should put few of these corrupt rascals in jail and clear these institutions to make a level playing field.
    One of the teachers I know, who passed the administrative service exam and became the head of IR was very rich by the time he died.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia has a VERY HIGH rate of RAPE. IF Endian men come to SL to work leaving their women in Endia what will happen? SL women will get raped by Endians in hundreds of thousands. Those who support Endians coming to SL better ready their daughters, mothers, sisters and wives and even themselves to welcome Endians with garlands.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    It gets worse. According to a very credible Endian newspaper, and the EU, Endia is the second biggest COMPONENT SUPPLIER to ISIS!! Imagine what they will do with SL. Endia will CHANNEL all terrorist funding, terrorist weapons, etc. through SL and take only profits!!

    “Seven Indian companies figure in a list of 51 commercial entities from 20 countries that, according to an EU-mandated study, are involved in the supply chain of over 700 components used by the Islamic State to construct improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

    While four of the seven Indian firms denied having exported explosives or accessories to either Lebanon or Turkey, two confirmed that smaller suppliers of components such as fuses or detonating cords do not export these items directly, but through trading intermediaries or merchant exporters, and are mostly unaware of the final destination of the products.

    The study, conducted by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), reported that Turkey topped the list of countries with a total of 13 firms involved in the IS supply chain, followed by India with seven companies. The Indian firms were mostly found to be manufacturing detonators, detonating cords and safety fuses.
    – See more at: “”

  6. Christie Says:

    These Indian vermin will join the Indian colonial parasites and that will be the end of the host Sinhalese.

    We have survived all invaders and they integrated to our society to enhance the Sinhalese.

    It is a different story since the arrival of Indian colonial parasites on the back of the British. Hardly any British settled here. It is all Indian colonial parasites now to be topped up with Indian vermin.

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