Posted on February 27th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Clarification ………..

I opened the pandora’s box by being critical of Sri Lankan workers against Indian workers

Lorenzo ,Alloy and others using various pseudonyms were quite critical of my statement

Someone even mentioned that Singapore has automation in Shipbuilding  !

I wonder how you can build ships with robots ?

I can tell you what is happening in dockyard now .All our workers are playing supervisory role ( though they are categorised as fitters /welders)  and earn over 120,000 rs per month and do not perform to the extent required

If we can why do Japanese bring Indians ?

We are a lazy nation .If any of you has worked in the industry abroad ,Sri Lankan working in Middle East .Maldives ,Oman,Bahrain,Dubai ,of course they work harder

Because of their fear of getting repatriated back

If one complains that we are hard workers, I have my doubts.

I  do not intend to import Indians any more

If I have to deliver a product and our workers do not perform I have no other option

I apologize for my bluntness but this is the gospel truth


Dr Sarath Obeysekera


  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    There are two distinctive issues here. The worst situation arises when Indian migrant workers can come here to work without work permit and then they have rights to stay indefinitely in Sri Lanka.

    When you talk about Indians working in Japan, Middle East and Singapore they are there strictly on work permits or on limited working visa where at the end of the assignment they have to pack their bags and leave.

    When Indians come to Sri Lanka under the Proposed Economic and Technical Agreement (ETCA) with India, they automatically get the rights to stay in Sri Lanka.

    This situation will be similar to what is happening in UK where thousands of EU citizens every month crossing the border from Eastern European EU membership countries to UK are causing real problems for UKs’ legitimate citizens. Some of these people are criminals.

    Because of that UK is going for a referendum to leave EU.

    But here in Sri Lanka, Ranil and his band of Yahapalanaya politicians have obligation to open our borders for these unwanted Indian immigrants just to solve India’s massive unemployment problem in return for the financial help they offered during general elections to get rid of Mahinda.

    I can remember even up to late fifties Sri Lanka was flooded with Indian owned shops in every village and Bandaranayake successfully negotiated with India to stop issuing visas for these migrants without causing any rift between two countries.

    Even I had Indian teachers for my O level and A level classes in our school.

    Now foolish Ranil is reversing all with the help of fools like you Sarath.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    It gets worse. According to a very credible Endian newspaper, and the EU, Endia is the second biggest COMPONENT SUPPLIER to ISIS!! Imagine what they will do with SL. Endia will CHANNEL all terrorist funding, terrorist weapons, etc. through SL and take only profits!!

    “Seven Indian companies figure in a list of 51 commercial entities from 20 countries that, according to an EU-mandated study, are involved in the supply chain of over 700 components used by the Islamic State to construct improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

    While four of the seven Indian firms denied having exported explosives or accessories to either Lebanon or Turkey, two confirmed that smaller suppliers of components such as fuses or detonating cords do not export these items directly, but through trading intermediaries or merchant exporters, and are mostly unaware of the final destination of the products.

    The study, conducted by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), reported that Turkey topped the list of countries with a total of 13 firms involved in the IS supply chain, followed by India with seven companies. The Indian firms were mostly found to be manufacturing detonators, detonating cords and safety fuses.
    – See more at:

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree NMY.

    Lanka is flooding up Tamil Nadu folk Dalit folk mostly as Lanka has the Tamil language (N&O).

    So far, due to Colonists (British especially) bringing in some one and half million Tamils running away from Tamil Nadu Caste discrimination, it is the Sinhala Buddhists who have been slaughtered over the many years. This happened during Colonial times and after Independence in 1948. Protests by the JVP have been put down ruthlessly by SLFP PM Mrs Bandaranayake and UNP Pres Premadasa. It is said that about 27,000 mostly Sinhala/Buddhists died saving the Nation from the LTTE.

    When Gota used some Army people to do the Urban Development work, Gota was criticised for doing that. We ourselves were glad to hear that some at least in the Army had work to do after the war finished. Perhaps the Army should ask for volunteers within the ranks who want to work outside when no war is happening ? What should an Army do when war finishes ?

    Question : There are many thousands of young men and women who have already left the Armed Forces for various reasons. Why can’t these men and women who were in the Army earlier be trained for other skilled jobs ? I am asking this question as a non-expert on Army matters and work outside.

    As for working harder abroad : I think it is because the employers abroad are better organised in scheduling work & rewards for hard work well performed. That is my own experience with work in Lanka and abroad.

  4. Dham Says:


    You wondered how you can build ships with robots.


    You said “I do not intend to import Indians any more. If I have to deliver a product and our workers do not perform I have no other option”

    Please note you don’t need special agreements to import labour. What you need is to strengthen our law to make sure they go back. Why do we need to sign rubbish agreements for that ? It is our country and our law. If Indians want to come and work , they obey our laws. We don’t need Indian government involvement.

    Who says we need ETCA ? Singapore , Dubai, Doha has no agreement with terrorist training countries like India. Millions of Indians work there.

  5. . Says:

    Dr Sarath Obeysekera says;

    Reply to NeelaMahaYoda —- Re clarification
    I have a gut feeling that everyone who opposes ETCA have not even seen the content of the pact
    Every one of them are fear of divulging their names and use pseudonyms
    All of them against are Ranil and Yahaplanaya , It is an audacious assumption that Indians gave money to defeat MR regime
    What we know is Chinese indirectly gave money to retain MR
    No one talked about hundreds of Chinese who worked in Nelum Pokuna ,Hambantota harbour construction
    Presumption that Ranil and the lot is trying to solve Indian unemployment is baseless
    What we need is employment for people .
    Indians study in English ,and despite their English pronunciation – which we Sri Lankans take micky out of -they are superior in English and they work hard
    I know many doctors and engineers who pass out from Sri Lankan universities do not even try to improve their English knowledge
    Today we have Google Boss and Vodafone and many banks run by Indians in the world
    Tell me anyone else other that Kris Kanakartane who is heading a large company in USA ( may be some tamils )
    We need to learn from Indians and try to improve our attitude
    We still have time to review Etca and rectify any anomaly
    Just for the sake of criticizing we should not jump into conclusion
    My contention is that our government should be strict in controlling immigration like in Middle East
    Indians should never be given citizenship like in Middle East
    Can anyone tell me how are we going to improve un employment .if we do not have investment ?
    Do you think that 2-3 millions of dollars from Germany ,Austria and ADB can solve our problems
    Look at Three wheeler drivers .These are the cream of labour force and they do not provide and input to national economy,
    Activation of ETCA should go hand in hand with a strict authoritarian rule like in Singapore
    Other wise we will end up like Somalia or Malavi

  6. Dham Says:

    By bringing Chinese workers for Chinese investments will not bring our unemployment down. Same with Indians.
    There no need for ETCA for any investment, what we need is a proper government. This yahapalanaya did not bring it, it is a disgrace to the term”good governance”.
    You punish all HORUs including Tamil Cenbtral Bank boss, establish proper law and order and you willse investments flowing from all countries. Not only from dirty India.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    “Activation of ETCA should go hand in hand with a strict authoritarian rule like in Singapore
    Other wise we will end up like Somalia or Malavi”


    But that is NOT happening. SL is PLAGUED WITH corruption, lawlessness and REGULAR VIOLATION of immigration law. Singapore is totally opposite. A GS letter is all you need to get SL citizenship!!

    As it is NOT happening, SL WILL end up like Somalia or Malavi IF ETCA is signed.

    After the 2014 riot by Endians, Singapore has RESTRICTED Endians coming to Singapore for work!! Take note.

  8. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    I would like to reiterate what Dham says.

    There are large number of Indian migrant IT professionals, technicians and engineers working in England, Middle East, Japan, and Singapore without any inter-government involvement. Why should we sign an agreement to get these people?

  9. Dham Says:

    Singapore DID know about Indians long before 2014.
    From 1985 they started restricting Indians. First they started not recognising degrees from South Asian Universities despite most of the professors came from these countries.
    Then they started restricting even the unskilled workers.
    Knowing the danger of Sri Lankans they only allowed house maids.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    ETCA will equal further completion of INDIAN take over through jobs ? Likely true.

    The Education System in Lanka was not revamped properly due to War with the LTTE. So Lanka has not paid proper attention to the Education Sytem to suit the Economy. The MR govt wanted to make Lanka a Knowledge Centre for the region, and bring computers to all the children of Lanka. The MR Govt had good ideals but not allowed to continue.

    Ranil’s Chunnel to Tamil Nadu next ? That will bring the Death Knell to all in Lanka ! Madness of Sir Ranil should stop.

  11. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    The Proposed Economic and Technical Agreement (ETCA) is like opening the flood gate for Indian migrant workers. It will be the best opportunity for migrant families to have free education including university education, free National Health Service and low cost public transport system where these services are non-existent in India.

  12. aloy Says:

    Dr. SO,
    First of all I like to say that the name I use is a shortened form of the Christian name given by my parents like Tony for Anthony.
    You continue to downgrade Sri Lankans even though the world knows that we are a notch above the rest in South Asia. In fact we were above the whole of the rest in the east beyond SL except Japan once. Now the politicians who brought us down to this level have driven us out of the country. If not we would be enjoying our lives in our own country. Our country is in such a state that politicians have no place to go when they are sick. They prefer to go overseas.
    Not being able to speak well is not a disadvantage. How many Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are there where we work. They are unable to use English well. They are recognised more than Indians and sometimes even more than those from the west. It is the perception among international community that maters.
    As for RW’s ETCA, did he inform any body about the agreement he signed with the LTTE. People know his style and that is the reason every body is agitating.
    In my opinion the immigration controls in our country do not work. As commented above a letter from a GS by giving few rupees is all that is need for the passport. The Kallathonies used get passport in two weeks after swimming the palk straights. Our people are so diversified with different ideas and the patriotism goes down the drain somewhere. There are people even denigrating are culture who say that we learned values only after the British came.

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