Thousands join protest march against anti-nationals
Posted on February 27th, 2016

By Our Correspondent

Guwahati, 27 February: Over thousand patriotic citizens of the city joined today in a protest march against the anti-national elements emerged from different parts of the country. The participants assembled at Dighalipukhuri point exactly at 11 am and marched towards Chandmari raising national flags and sloganeering against the anti-India forces.

The protest march targeted the anti-nationals of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), who showed the audacity to break India into thousand parts till its destruction is completed. Those students also termed Afzal Guru, who was executed for his involvement in 2001 Indian Parliament attack, as a martyr. They also organized another meeting at Press Club of India in New Delhi, where too anti-India slogans were raised.

Later few students organized a similar meeting at Jadavpur University in West Bengal and raised anti-India slogans.


Braving the heat of morning sun on the city streets, the participants chanted slogans like Vande Mataram, Joi Asom, Anti-Nationals Go Back, Down Down Anti-Nationals, Punish JNU Anti-Nationals, Condemn Jadavpur Anti-Nationals, ‘RADICAL’ Get Out, China’s Bootlickers Get Out etc. The protest march, organized by Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) culminated by 12 noon at Ambari locality. Senior journalist Rupam Barua, on behalf of PPFA, thanked all the participants and expressed gratitude.

The long march was led by a number of senior citizens including eminent journalist Dhirendra Nath Chakravarty, noted publisher Giripad Devchoudhury, retired bureaucrat Rohini Barua, award winning film maker Manju Bora, ex-army officer Ranjan Dutta, film-critic  Utpal Datta, popular singer Babita Sarma, academician Jagadindra Raychoudhury, publisher Dhiraj Goswami, Doctor Alekhya Barua, environmentalist Soumyadeep Dutta, entrepreneur Ujjal Saikia, writer Namrata Dutta, photography director Jiban Dowka, councilor Sunita Bhiluwaria, social activists Kailash Sarma, Pankaj Jalan, Kishor Saini,  lawyers  Chinmoy Choudhury, Chinmoy Sarma Barua,Tapas Mishra, Bankim Sarma, Kumud Konwar  with senior journalists Biman Chandra Hazarika, Nava Thakuria, Pramod Kalita, Pradip Pareekh, DN Singh, Bipul Sarma, Azlina Khanam, Sewali Kalita etc.

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  1. Christie Says:

    “My birth is my fatal accident: Full text of Dalit student Rohith’s suicide letter
    V Rohith, a Dalit PhD scholar committed suicide on Sunday, leading to protests across Hyderabad Central University. Here’s the letter he wrote before committing suicide.
    – See more at:

    Any Sinhala protests as we are the Dalits of the island . The majority Sinhalese are the untouchables. Indian colonial parasites are the high caste.

    Lat year a Dalit engineering student was butchered by the high caste students.

    The Indian terrorists arm financed, managed, trained branded Tamil Tigers and the Indian financed Sinhala terrorists only butchered Sinhalese the untouchables of the island.

    Time British made India is dismantled.

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