‘Govenor General’ Hussein Departs Leaving Wickramasinghe  and sirisena  With Egg On Their Face and Treachery on their Hands – (Part 1)
Posted on February 29th, 2016

By Gandara John

In the follow up to the R-s junta’s disgraceful surrender in Geneva of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty on 01 Oct 15, Sri Lanka’s new ‘Governor General’ Hussein, visited the island on a 4 day inspection tour to survey and report on the work done by the ‘yahapalanaya’ Government in the preceding four months; his visit in February came in the immediate aftermath of some devious drivel by the sirisena arm of the junta naively attempting to cover up the Geneva betrayal which the junta had not revealed to the people.

Hussein, himself harbouring delusions ,pretending to be an heir to a long extinct throne of a bestial Bedouin monarchy, was visibly irked by sirisena’s duplicity and fired a warning volley against a purely domestic court.

Reacting immediately from Geneva to sirisena’s comments re the import of judges and prosecutors, Hussein warned, A purely domestic court procedure will have no chance of overcoming widespread and justifiable suspicions fuelled by decades of violations, malpractice and broken promises.”

Hussein came and Hussein went. He issued a statement before he left. He has not budged an inch from his original position. He said that Sri Lanka is at liberty to have any type of investigation but that without international judges and prosecutors it would lack credibility and would be contrary to what Sri Lanka pledged in Geneva.

All this began on 01st October 2015, a black letter day in the history of the country. This was the day of the Great Betrayal when the US spawned R-s junta surrendered in Geneva the country’s sovereignty

This day is reminiscent of that shameful day in 1815 when the Sri Lankan Feudal classes betrayed their monarch to the British, prostrated themselves before the British Monarch and handed over the entire country on a platter to the perfidious Albion who ruled unchallenged for the next 133 years.

During those years the British ripped the country of its wealth, robbed the peasants of their lands, reduced them to poverty and deprived them of education. sirisena with his professed penchant for reading and his decided peasant background could not have been unaware of the implications of that betrayal two hundred years ago.

Back at home our two quisling heroes, Uncle Tom and aappa sira, living in a fool’s paradise and believing that they could bamboozle the people by threatening the media to refrain from revealing the truth about Geneva, crowed that they had achieved a great victory in Geneva; they conveyed the idea to the people that the White Western Community (WWC) were delighted with their conduct and that the WWC were now virtually competing with each other to tousle their hair, shake their hands with gloves removed and bending over backwards to host them .

The White Western Community would perhaps do even more given that our pair of lickspittles has totally undone the great victory the Sri Lankan people achieved against the terrorists and their backers on 19 May 2009.

Reuters covering the UNHRC sessions from Geneva in 2015 at the time of the Betrayal, reported, Sri Lanka signaled on Thursday that it aims to establish a credible judicial process involving foreign judges and prosecutors to investigate alleged war crimes, in line with UN recommendations”.

The 47 member States of the UNHRC  adopted by consensus, the draft resolution tabled by US and Britain that accused Sri Lanka of ‘the very likely probability’ of committing war crimes and mass killing of civilians, during the 26 year anti terrorist operation.

The R–s junta co – sponsored this diabolic anti- Sri Lanka Resolution in Geneva.

Samaraweera, called upon to speak on the Resolution, ingratiatingly whined in a manner that virtually said, ‘Aye Aye sir, we wholeheartedly agree with you; we think it very probable that the Army deliberately slaughtered thousands of civilians; we, like you sir, think that our judges and our prosecutors are incompetent and biased and like you, we do not have any confidence in our judges and prosecutors working by themselves; we need therefore to bring in international judges and prosecutors selected by you, to try our soldiers as war criminals; we agree with you sir that, then only can there be credible  justice that will satisfy you and the terrorists; we humbly beg of you to be  pleased and gratified with our conduct ; we will feel proud if we know that you are happy that we are joining you in tabling together, this resolution against Sri Lanka’.

The Resolution vilified Sri Lankan State Institutions like the Army, the Judiciary and the professionals in the justice and Police departments to name just a few.

According to the report, the country’s criminal justice system is not competent or capable of handling by itself, the investigation of war crimes and, ah yes, the prosecution of war criminals. The wording appears to presuppose that the matter has already been pre- judged.

Said Ambassador Ariyasinha, Sri Lanka is pleased to join as a co sponsor of this resolution to implement the provisions ….  in a manner that our objectives are shared by …   all stakeholders in the country .”

The wording in the resolution the R- s junta sponsored with the US, is crystal clear; we have accepted the position that the Sri Lankan Army which routed the US backed terrorists need to be hanged/ jailed/incarcerated to ensure that the Sri Lankan people and its Army would never ever again in the future have the crass impudence to challenge the authority of the US in Sri Lanka.

The only way the brave soldiers could be incarcerated and condemned is by establishing kangaroo courts staffed with US picked (international) judges and prosecutors to investigate them, try them and fry them.

The R-s junta publicly pledged therefore to establish a judicial process with foreign judges and prosecutors.

The word ‘credible’ was crucial to the resolution; any investigation would be deemed credible to the terrorists and their backers only if ‘international’ judges and prosecutors were included; as long as international judges and prosecutors are not included the terrorists and their international backers in the West would cry themselves hoarse that the investigation is not credible and is not acceptable to them.

With the word ‘credible’ included in that resolution, the US ensured that ‘international’ judges and prosecutors will be on those kangaroo courts to ensure the lynching of our soldiers.

It was only natural that the UN called it a historic day and said ‘it is now time to act’.

In New York as a reward, they sat the servant at the head table with the master, to break bread. The servant sat on the edge and did what he comfortably does, beam; there were no hoppers on the table.

They allowed the idiot son to sit with the Sri Lankan delegation at the General Assembly. Space being at a premium in the Sri Lankan stall, Sri Lanka’s ambassador to the UN decided to take a toilet break.

A jubilant Keith Harper, US ambassador to the UN, announced to the forum in Geneva, This resolution seeks to support Sri Lanka’s path, to a lasting peace built on a foundation of justice and accountability.”

Samaraweera chortled, Sri Lanka managed to shed its negative image; there is a complete shift in the way Sri Lanka is now being perceived among the members of the ‘international’ community.”

Sri Lanka’s performance in Geneva has no parallel in recent history; it cannot be described in any other way but as ‘the greatest betrayal the country has witnessed in the two centuries gone by’. The junta surrendered the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and her people.

It appears to have never occurred to the yahapalanaya government that as long as international judges and prosecutors are brought into the country the ‘process’ is not credible as per the Resolution to the majority of Sri Lankans -the prime stakeholders – and that this will become an issue that will cause irreparable damage to the hyped cause of reconcilliation.

The Sri Lankan Feudal Classes frightened out of their wits to take up arms to fight for their motherland in the deadly thirty year terrorist conflict have now consorted with the defeated enemy to betray the brave soldiers who unquestioningly put their lives on the line to save our country; the Feudalists have, with no sense of shame, disgracefully prostrated themselves before the White Western Community swearing allegiance to their authority and proffering on a platter our beloved mother Lanka

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Charge a war hero for war crimes and see what happens to reconciliation.

  2. NAK Says:

    They know very well Lorenzo what will happen. What they are doing is fooling the White Wild West to by time to plunder.

    Plunder…..they are doing in a big way.

    No one seem to care how much they borrow and what they done with it becuase we don’t see anything being done.

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