Urgent Petition – President Maithripala Sirisena
Posted on February 29th, 2016

BY: Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement

TARGET: President Maitripala Sirisena-President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 

  1. Urgent Petition – President Maithripala Sirisena

    Dear President Sirisena,

    Written below are urgent concerns that Sri Lankans living overseas (as well as within Sri Lanka) would like you to implement with immediate effect for the greater benefit of Sri Lanka.

    1. A total rejection of the report of the OHCHR as presented by the UNHRC High Commissioner in which sentence after sentence (or in its entirety) is supposition, innuendo and downright lies.
    2. A total rejection of the US resolution in its entirety that was forced upon Sri Lanka at the UNHRC.
    3. Absolute no to setting up of an office of the OHCHR in Sri Lanka to implement the US resolution which should be rejected in total.
    4. Absolutely no to hybrid courts, foreign judges, foreign defence lawyers, foreign prosecutors, foreign investigators or foreign technical assistance (whose salaries will be paid by the OHCHR which in turn is paid by the US).
    5. Absolute no to any domestic court either (whose salaries will be paid by the OHCHR which in turn is paid by the US). We can have a commission of inquiry only into any outstanding issues (not a judicial process) if at all necessary (we have already had many commissions of inquiry).
    6. Absolute no to new Acts of Parliament which if approved will enable courts of law in Sri Lanka to accept ‘evidence’ provided by anonymous witnesses whose identities will only be revealed after twenty years (these so called witnesses are in fact LTTE terrorists or their supporters and their ‘evidence’ is all bogus lies). At present, a witness has to appear in person in a court of law so that the defendant’s lawyer can cross examine any witness to figure out if the witness is lying. Not being able to do so is a grave injustice, not justice.
    7. Absolute no to any new Acts of Parliament containing new sets of laws which were not around when the war was conducted. However if approved, the Armed Forces will be judged under these news sets of laws which were not around when the war was conducted. This is a grave injustice, not justice.
    8. Demand from the OHCHR why the massive number of war crimes committed by the LTTE terrorists at the behest of their leader Prabhakaran, such as massacre of civilians in their own villages, at places of worship, in their agricultural fields; bombs, IED devices, claymore mines used against civilians and civilian modes of transport and massacring them; massive bomb blasts conducted in cities, shops, oil storage facilities, airports, buses, trains, hotels, temples; ethnic cleaning of the entire North of its Sinhala and Muslim peoples; massacring of prisoners of war (PoWs) on many occasions; recruitment of child soldiers; killing of politicians, journalists and other professionals not to the LTTE leader Prabhakaran’s liking to name but a few crimes, are not even considered for investigation.
    9. A Unitary State should be guaranteed.
    10. No to Land, Police, Fiscal or any other additional powers to Provincial Councils than they have at present.
    11. No to merger of any two provinces.
    12. No to non-existent ‘homelands’. Sri Lanka is the owner of a history of over 2,600 years of Sinhala Buddhist Civilization. Therefore, the island in total is the ‘homeland’ of all its peoples who live there at present and no bit part of it is therefore an exclusive ‘homeland’ of any exclusive group of people.
    13. The state religion should be Buddhism as at present. Buddhism should be taught as a subject at school as at present (students of other religions should be taught their own religions at school as at present).
    14. One national anthem, one national flag, one national bird, one national flower, one national tree etc.
    15. No to the abolition of the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Abolition of this Act means all those who are in prison or in detention due to carrying out grave acts of terrorism (there are only some 200 plus persons in prison due to this Act at present) will automatically be released. If it has any shortcomings, it can be amended. There is no need to abolish it.
    16. No to the amendment of the Public Security Ordinance. If this Ordinance is amended, the President will have no powers to take over the running of a Provincial Council, if the Provincial Council acts out of line and demanded federal states, separate states and the like.
    17. No to reducing of the High Security Zones (HSZs). The HSZs exist due to security reasons. It is up to the Army, Navy or Air Force to decide if HSZs should be reduced. Those persons whose lands have been taken over due to HSZs can be provided alternative lands. Sri Lankan law states that any land can be taken over by the state for national purposes as long as the affected persons are provided adequate compensation or alternative lands.
    18. No to removal of any Army, Navy or Air Force Camps from the North or anywhere else. The other seven or eight provinces are not demanding that Army, Navy or Air Force Camps within their provinces be removed. So why should there be any special considerations for the North?
    19. No to converting the Palali Air Force Base into a civilian airport. Palali is one of the most important Air Force Bases belonging to the Sri Lankan Air Force. It should not be converted into a civilian airport as India wants.
    20. Immediately release all of the Sri Lankan Army, Navy and Army Intelligence personnel detained in prison without any evidence whatsoever to justify such a detention in any of the individual detention cases that have taken place so far. Are these personnel detained for no reason whatsoever to please the US, EU, UK, Norway, India, the OHCHR and the LTTE diaspora?
    21. Immediately reinstate the Naval Cordon around the Northern and the Eastern Seas in order to immediately stop the massive amounts of illegal fishing conducted using illegal fishing methods such as bottom trawling by Indian fishermen thus devastating our marine eco system. Illegal fishing by Indian fishermen deprives local fishermen of their incomes and livelihoods. Another reason to reinstate the Naval Cordon is due to arrival of illegal immigrants, contra brand, illegal drugs etc.
    22. No to the proposed Bridge or the ‘Hanuman Bridge’ and Tunnel between India and Sri Lanka, since this will only encourage a massive number, possibly millions, of desperate Indians of very low income status to rush to live in Sri Lanka, a much better place to live socio economically than India, which will only end up making Sri Lanka an Indian colony.
    23. No to signing of the ETCA Agreement or any other FTA with India under any other name. We already have an FTA with India which is more than sufficient. If the ETCA or any other agreement is signed with India, it will only encourage all the millions of desperate, unemployed Indians to rush to work in Sri Lanka and make our labourers and professionals unemployed since Indians will work for very low salaries and even for board and lodging. This will convert Sri Lanka into an Indian colony.
    24. Immediately resettle in the North the over 65,000 Sinhala people ethnically cleansed from the North by the LTTE terrorists and their leader Prabhakaran. Similarly, immediately resettle the over 75,000 Muslims ethnically cleansed from the North.
    25. Preserve and ensure the security of the over 273 important Buddhist archaeological sites present especially in the North and in the East and in particular the over 21 Buddhist archaeological sites in Jaffna.

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  2. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/440/491/456/urgent-petition-president-maithripala-sirisena/

2 Responses to “Urgent Petition – President Maithripala Sirisena”

  1. Christie Says:

    Christie Says:
    February 29th, 2016 at 9:03 pm
    This is old news but the situation is worse now. See what is in store for us. Not many Indian colonial parasites went to Bhutan during the British-Indian Empire. From Bhutan News:

    Bhutan asks 3,000 Indians to quit the country by today
    Published on Nov 29 2011 // MAIN NEWS
    The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources has directed people of Indian origin working in the country to leave by Tuesday, November 29. However, no Bhutanese media from inside have reported the ministry’s order, and the actual reason behind this matter has remained yet unclear.

    According to reports, convenor of overseas affairs of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Vijay Jolly, has sent a letter to the King and Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley, lodging a complaint against the move.

    He said that the order violated the India-Bhutan friendship treaty clause 5, which envisages a closer co-relation between the people of the two nations.

    “About 3,000 businessmen, workers and their dependents – all of Indian origin – working in Bhutan and contributing towards its growth and development for over 40-50 years, have been directed to get out of the Buddhist nation by Tuesday, November 29, 2011,” reports quoted Jolly as saying.

    The BJP further said that Bhutan has always been a home away from home.

    “Indians have lived and worked hard and productively in Bhutan. This category of people would never be an impediment to the indigenous Bhutanese workforce,” Jolly wrote in his letter.

    Although it is a verbal order, but the signatures of the said affected people have been taken by the authorities, added reports.

    He further added that most of these people are small-time businessmen/traders and workers.

    “They have nowhere else to go and nothing to fall back upon as they have already spent the prime of their lives in Bhutan working for the country.”

    The BJP also warned the Government of Bhutan that those Indian nationals have never been a threat to the integrity, unity, independence, sovereignty, socio-economic and cultural growth of Bhutan.

    On behalf of BJP, Jolly demanded ‘The People of Indian Origin’ in Bhutan be treated with honour and respect. BJP has requested the king to intervene in the matter urgently and rescinded the order.”

    What will our Kankani Ranil or Coolie Sirisena or Governor Chandrika do in future. Today they are doing what Indian Empire has asked them to do before the elections in November 2015 and January 2016.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement, please use the two links below and they will give you a clear indication
    why this witch hunt against MR.



    First link shows how ronald wickramasinghe systematically killed Buddhist youth with his fellow catholic policemen. Please also read yesterday article about ronnie gunasinghe by Dr Ruwn J and pay special attention to the last comment by Neela Maha Yodhaya.

    Sinhalese Buddhists are being persecuted in so called Buddhist Sri Lanka. But nobody uttering a word against the perpetrators. MR and Gota are the only people who can rescue Sinhalese Buddhists from catholic west’s persecution. That’s the reason they want the two out of politics for good. Please also read the article in LW a few days ago about Buddhists being persecuted in s korea. That’s the fate awaiting for Sri Lankan Buddhists. If we think we have more bargaining power when we are a minority, it is utter lunacy.

    Second link will show how catholic tigers of tamil drelam murdered Sinhalese Buddhists and destroyed Buddhism and Buddhist temples from the north and east with the full blessing with the west and the catholic-run UNPatriotic party. They never damaged a single church or harmed a single priest in the 30 years.

    By dragging the war for 30 long years, they managed to get rid of more than 100,000 Buddhists. Catholic tigers of tamil drealam killed so many Buddhist monks, killed pilgrims at the most sacred Sri Maha Bodhiya and Sri Dalada Maligawa. But catholic-run UNPatriotics didn’t want to hurt them. Contrast that with Buddhist jvpers. They were burnt in tyres, heads severed, eyes gorged out while torturing. No UNHCR. No monki boon, no amnesty (selective) international, etc. etc. Reason? Because they were all Buddhists and they don’t have any rights at all.

    At the UNHCR clamouring for MR to be skinned alive are all staunchly catholic countries like norway, us, uk, france,
    brasil, argentina, macedonia, germany, etc. etc. Against it is all muslim countries. Do you see the connection? MR stopped
    catholic hitler pira(mala)paharan carving out a catholic country in the north and east of Sri Lanka. That’s MR’s crime.
    Even archbishop two three of south africa was shouting from roof tops for MR to be skinned alive. Still in doubt why?

    If pol pot ponil had been called ronald, 1000s of Sinhalese Buddhist youth
    wouldn’t have met terrible deaths. Since he is ranil, it gave him a very good chance to hood wink the Buddhists and
    even become the ruler of Sri Lanka. Now he is paying back with interests to the Sinhalese Buddhists.

    Most of the commentators here, apart from a couple of them, are reluctant to criticise the perpetrators. So they have a free reign. Buddhists are being persecuted all the time. Nobody is uttering a word in support of them. Meanwhile perpetrators are carrying on regardless.

    Intention of this long comment to Solidarity Movement is to put these points as an organisation show them they have a voice. At least an opinion. Expose the UNHCR real motive for punishing MR is stopping a formation of catholic country in Sri Lanka.

    If an organisation like yours can put forward facts, it will have more weight! Please expose
    UNHCR’s ‘nudity’ to the world. At least to Sri Lanka! Truth hurts. But beating about the bush doesn’t get us any where. It is like a doctor giving pain killer to heal a stomach upset. ‘Thane hatiyata ane gahanna’.

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