Posted on March 7th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

New government came to power and involvement of thuggery by politicians have diminished ,but a new wave of crime is appearing .

Most of the perpetrators of such crimes committed in the west are quickly apprehended by using remote control camera system and an effective intelligence information obtained by state defence system  and also satellite real time imaging systems

In Sri Lanka we do not have effective camera systems to detect and apprehend such crimes and our intelligence system is not effective to carry out information gathering process

Intelligence officers placed in, any police stations are following the orders of Price Minister’s office or Presidents office which may be thinking that giving  priority to those requests such as Mega Deals in the port and harbours  is of priority to safe guard popularity of the government .

Recent wave of posters posted by a Union in the port against ETCA was investigated by the intelligence on the same day where activities of drug dealers and armed robberies are given less priority

Government should urgently establish intelligence system to detect underworld gangs and put some brave police and army officers in charge to carry out eradication.

Without considering a backlash , the main culprits of providing mobility undetected are the Three Wheelers and prohibition of entering Colombo shall also be a priority

Entrust all Grama Niladari’s to report about the gangs operating in the area by gathering information from neighbours and carry out raids to catch the culprits

It is high time that we close the stable before the horses bolt away

By re introduction of road blocks in conveniencing  public who are already suffering due to traffic jams I can guarantee that public will curse the Yahapalanaya



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