Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country……….  Vladimir Lenin
Posted on March 14th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

Democracy  is Good Governance  sans Electricity in whole of  in Sri Lanka   ??? !!!!!!!!

Do you remember what Lenin said in 1917 and after .He wanted the country to  have  interrupted electricity in whole of Soviet Union .

What is happening in Sri Lanka today is not a very good sign ………Opposition is blaming government for failures and mishandling economy ,Now they have more fuel to throw into fire .Several unprecedented power failure in the country has caused enormous difficulties to the people .One minister after the other openly talk about  a possible sabotage .

Then some say that the transformer which exploded is over 30 years old and CEB is officers are responsible for not replacing it ,

Then there were claims in the news that Norrochcholai power generation is sabotaged, One minister claimed that substandard workmanship of  the power plant is the cause of the problem  and we need find the perpetrators and punish them !

I suggest that President and Prime Minister impose strict rules to all the Ministers to keep mum until we know the cause  and a solution is found

Government should encourage sustainable energy programs for people to be self-sufficient .Otherwise we will have to suffer in the future if we depend on state for electricity and water.

Orange revolution may become a red revolution to prove that Communism is people’s power plus the electrification of the whole country!


Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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