Posted on March 14th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeyskera

I think all Sri Lankan should try to be self-sufficient and not to depend on any supplied and provided infrastructure and social benefits .This is the lesson we should learn by looking at what happened yesterday with power and water supply.

What will happen if fuel supply to the whole country is interrupted due to a ship load of fuel shipped to Sri Lanka as sunk and our storage tanks catches fire? Your mobility will be compromised

What happens if all doctors and pharmacists go on strike? We will be living sans medicines for our illnesses and np hospital to go

What happens if the sewage plans stop working due to loaner power failures? We will be suffering from stinking atmosphere

So be ready all Sri Lankans

I grow some food stuff in my small plot, I have a well where I can get water from I have solar power and a generator in case power fails

I keep some local medicines if we have no western medicines

All above can only be done by people who can afford, What about the poorer lot

Electrical Engineers Union talk about future power requirements and that their proposals are not considered. And they sometimes contemplate to go on strike

A recent proposal by a Malaysian company who wanted to install a solar power plant in the North was shelved by CEB unions

Do they have a hidden agenda?

They are unable to maintain existing power supply and fail to have pre diagnostic program to detect possible failures in advance

Some time back CEB was advertising a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), where they can carry out a condition monitoring system to detect of such failures in advance

What happened to that plan?

We have Hydro power, Coal Power, Solar and Wind Power, power units/turbines run with engines which uses fuel,

Why are they connected to a common network without having facilities to isolate failed system and provide partial power with other power generating systems?

We cannot depend on the state run systems, Citizens should have right to sue the organization who fails to provide such essential commodity

In England, there is system where people are paid compensation, sometimes to recover cost incurred due to spoiling of food stuffs during failure of power and refrigerators do not run

Disruption of Gas supply distribution resulting failure of heaters to keep the house warm Gas Board provides electrical heaters >

This is how democratic country should work, State has an obligation

If they fail we need to rethink how country should run

In Russia if a failure happens ( during my long years I have never come across Gas ,Electricity or water cuts in  pre –Perestroika Times)

There is joke which says that everyone in that unit where failure took place are  sacked and punish ( by sending to Siberia)  everyone including the poor Russian woman who cleans and mops the flow in that unit!!

What about sending the officers in Sri Lanka who fail to areas where CKD ( Chronic Kidney Decease ) is rampant .

We need a Authoritarian regime to run this country to create awareness that failure can result in harsh punishment

Not only CEB chairman but GM and DGM distribution should resign with the cleaner in their respective offices and show the country that they have an honour and admit that they failed


Dr Sarath Obeyskera

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