The Shameful face of the new Super Rich JVP
Posted on March 19th, 2016

By : A.A.M.Nizam  – MATARA

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna members at its initial stage during Rohana Wijeweera’a time were a group of dedicated determined unselfish members who were committed to their cause of what they called fighting the capitalist imperialist class of Sri Lanka and thereby establish a socialist government and free the Sri Lankan masses from all forms of exploitation.

Due to their genuine commitment to their cause from the top leadership to the ordinary youth membership many prominent personalities in the society such as the late S.D.Bandaranaike and several others openly supported and assisted them.  At that time they were wearing rubber slippers and most of the time worn out T-shirts or similar attire unlike the present day JVP hooligans who prefer to wear St. Michael, Van Haussen, Arrow and Tootal shirts considered as world’s top class and expensive shirts and shoes such as Clarke and John White, although our Signature, Emerald and some other shirts and DSI, Bettans and Bata shoes are far superior to these products.

The former leader of the JVP Somawansa Amarasinghe who has undergone severe torture under government forces during 1971 rebellion and faced harsh treatment and much difficulties for the Party in the post 71 period and in the 1988/19879 horrendous period who got disgusted with the present princely leadership of the JVP and announced prior to his quitting of the party that the present JVP leadership has betrayed all its policies and they have become a super rich class receiving millions of funds from the reactionary and anti social elements in the country.

Anyone looking at the present JVP leadership could easily and undoubtedly believe what Mr. Amerasinghe said about the present JVP leadership.  In the past they portrayed as the saviours of the University students and ruined the life of many University students.  Presently they seem to be unaware of a section called University students, and University students being subjected to harsh treatment by the Police on government orders.  Although they are being beaten by the Police very often these hooligans remain silent as such things are not happening in Sri Lanka.

Some years ago their main slogan on behalf of the working class and public servants was the demand for a salary increase of Rs. 10,000 per month and their so called Trade Union leader Lal Kantha threatened several times to topple the then government with workers power if this demand was not fulfilled.  Now this hooligan is silent when the government has failed for the last three months to grant even the Rs. 2,500/- promised to grant from January onwards, let alone the Rs. 10,000/= salary increase promised as an election pledge which misled many public servants to vote for this Wahapaalana government.

These hooligans have completely abandoned their earlier objectives and have now become the foremost saviours of the Wahapaalana government over and above the United National Party parliamentarians, the Parliamentarians who betrayed the SLFP and those who illegally entered parliament despite being grossly rejected by the people.  The current leader of the JVP who is being nicknamed as the Red Elephant” has taken the leadership along with his puppets in supporting and defending the government in all its atrocities, denial of the rights and suppression of the masses.

It has now being alleged that this JVP hooligan leader, the Deal Dissanayake is running a big business venture in Kesbewa area under the name of the brother of his wife.  It has also being alleged that out of the three brief cases of currency notes delivered to him by Mr. Malik Samarawickrema one brief case was forwarded to his wife’s brother’s company in Kesbewa and the other two were sent to the Party Headquarters to share with other hooligans who are betraying the party and have become the stooges of the Wahapaaqlana government.  Under Deal Dissanayake, the red elephant once aggressive JVP has become a lap dog licking the asses of the Eunuch Sirisen and western puppet Ranil Wickremasinghe.  Where they were when Ranil Wickremasinghe threatened the media personnel and media institutions, when he threatened the professionals, the doctors, the engineers, and when he threatened the farmers?

Deal Dissanayake who suppresses all opposition voices in Parliament by being the Chief Whip of the (illegal) opposition should explain to the country how many billions he has received from the reactionary imperialist forces and if he cannot do so he should gracefully quit politics and enjoy his new found wealth without further betraying the interests of the working masses and professionals in the country.

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  1. Christie Says:

    JVP is the Sinhala terrorist arm of Indian imperialists. Wijeweera when he returned from from his overseas studies venture stayed at Akbar Hall at Peradeniya. He received funds from Colombo Indian colonial parasite merchants while he was there. One of his school mates from his village did the errands. That guy I hear lives in OZ.

    Wijeweera lived among his financiers during his last days of his life.

    What other evidence you want to prove that JVP was funded by India and Indian colonial parasites.

    Those daysS D Bandaranayake was selling crystal ware from North Korea to fund the JVP or something like that. Later JVP was hijacked by the Indian imperialists and they killed Sinhalese and they themselves who were Sinhalese got killed. got killed

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    CHRISTIE !!! I visited Gunaratne Stores Gampola, just about three days after RW was caught. The Proprietor told me that he always came to his shop for Groceries, and had mentioned that he was a Planter. He lived in Gampola in a comfortable house.
    It was a Buddhist Priest, who when tortured told the whereabouts, of his hide out in Gampola. The Police took the Buddhist priest who showed the location, and the entire property was surrounded by the police, not leaving any room for him to escape. When the Police walked into the house, he was comfortably seated and reading a Newspaper. He was flabbergasted to see the Police with the Buddhist Priest. Just caved in like a child.

    He had a large pen of Turkeys which had been his favourite Dinner. All this was spotlighted in the News Papers at that time. He was put on a news broadcast to say what the Government wanted him to say. It was later revealed that his little son was held at the broadcasting area, being threatened with torture during his live broadcast. His end was at Kanatte, taken alive there.

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