Posted on March 22nd, 2016

By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando  Courtesy CEYLON TODAY FEATURES

 Sena (fictitious name) was one of the well-known professionals in Sri Lanka who qualified in a specialized field. After graduating abroad, in the same profession as his father, he joined his father’s company with the idea of continuing the family business from a Colombo office.

He was born to a rich and wealthy family with a sliver spoon in his mouth. After attending one of the most prestigious schools in Colombo he was sent overseas to peruse his professional studies. Upon his return to ‘Ceylon’ he was able to demonstrate skills in his chosen field where the public in Colombo could witness as proof.


He was tall, handsome with a pleasant countenance, extremely generous and equally a spendthrift, who always loved to drive flashy expensive cars sporting exclusive clothes of branded names without exhibiting any sign of pomposity or superiority attached to his diverse tastes. His inborn refined qualities helped him to cultivate many friends professionally and socially. Later he married a beautiful girl from the cream of the Sri Lankan aristocratic stock.

He was a reputed ‘club man’ with memberships of most nightspots in Colombo and one who liked to enjoy evenings virtually in the company of his friends. Subsequently, he became the President of a longstanding club that is particularly renowned for the affluent gentlemen to assemble in the evenings for ‘ liquid nourishment’, where at the end of the day only a couple of empty Black Label or Shiva’s Regal bottles stood as witness. During such ‘drinking sessions’ his impish sense of humour managed to keep his friends alive and cheerful.

Good, bad and the ugly

With all the good qualities his only weakness was overindulgence in extravagant social intercourse associated with good food, wine and women. The sparkle in his eye always attracted the Colombo seven women towards him. He was a connoisseur of liquor; this very reason helped him to earn a reputation as a ‘heavy boozer’ and made him score his own goals in life at times. Seemingly he became addicted to alcohol and became a heavy smoker; his health began to deteriorate, so was his striking personality ostensibly beginning to wither and made him a sick man with a continuous cough. Amidst his extravaganza he loved his wife dearly throughout his life. In her own way she too was an exceptionally generous woman. When Sena fell ill his wife looked after him adoringly like a mother would protect her son.

Finally he had to bid adieu to his friends and associates. An astonishing crowd attended his funeral at Kanatta. After the cremation, as customary, those who attended the funeral visited the dead person’s house for ‘Mala Batha’ (dinner), which is considered as transferring merit to the departed soul.

After returning home from the cemetery Sena’s wife walked into her bedroom when she was dumbfounded to see ‘dead Sena’ seated at the edge of the bed manifestly. She became shell shocked to experience such a frightening scene immediately after cremating her husband, yet never pretended to be disturbed by such visualisation. Impulsively she exclaimed: “Sena … we have just cremated your body only minutes ago, what are you doing here right now...?” The spirit responded by gazing at her lovingly for a few seconds and vanished.

Domestic girl’s experience

On a later date, a new domestic girl who came to work for Sena’s wife spotted a ‘thin, frail gentleman’s figure, coughing and standing in a corner, near the staircase smoking a cigarette!” Shaken with fear she ran up to her mistress and described what she saw. Rather than showing any sympathy the mistress reprimanded the girl purposely knowing that curiosity could do more things than killing a cat!

Undoubtedly, Sena’s wife became curious at the experience of the new domestic as the girl had not known Sena from Adam, yet she wondered how the girl could describe Sena’s features as ‘thin, tall and constantly smoking and coughing!’

Enigmatic things began to develop seemingly turning such occurrences as habitual to spot the presence of Sena’s spirit in the house, sometimes in a stationery pose similar to that of a human being, and at other times moving at lightning speed in a smoky astral body (Jinn) formation. She got used to seeing it so much that she began to ignore the spirit, as it appeared quite harmless.

Final encounter

Once Sena’s wife went to take a shower to the washroom at her home to see Sena’s spirit hiding inside there too! Being somewhat annoyed she had yelled at the spirit saying, “What the hell men! Can’t you leave me alone without even creeping into my privacy? Why don’t you just leave me alone…Sena…please” …?

That was the last time the spirit appeared in smoke or human form inside her house. But she being a woman of character and wealth continued her charitable activities emphasising more on her dead husband with a view to transferring some of the merits to his soul as well. She fed hundreds of orphans, helped many old people who were in aged-homes, sponsored poor children for their education, assisted the needy distinctly, particularly buttressing the ‘Prevent Cancer Campaign’ dynamically in the good name of her husband to confer merit to the departed soul.

With the passage of time Sena’s ghostly appearance inside their home completely vanished most certainly due to her excessive charity work in helping the poor in a large scale which may have helped the dead husband’s soul to liberate from the spiritual world to a transcendent status. Subsequently, he had appeared to her in a dream shining like an angel with full of smiles; apparently had told her that he was in a ‘happy spiritual station’.

Sena’s wife had no qualms about sharing her supernatural experiences with her close circle of friends. Fourteen months ago she too joined her husband in a different world where, we as humans, are not able to fathom.


  1. Dham Says:

    Buddhist don’t call “spirit”. There are no “spirits” in Buddhism or in Sinhalese.
    We call the Ghost or “Bhutha”.
    This woman was strong and upright and the man does not deserve her again. Hopefully not joined the Bebadda again.

  2. Dr.K Says:

    A simple question

    Who ever has seen similar spirit, Bhutha, Ghost or Astral body what so ever you call it are they in dress or just naked? If they dressed up what sort of material is it made of or looked like?. If not, isn’t that whole story is an illusion?

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Dr. K !! Just two three days back, in the Sinhalese media, it was spotlighted, that a Catholic Family had a small Devale and was worshipping the **Suniyan Devata** The Catholic Priests from his Church came to his house and requested him to dismantle his Devale, saying that it is very bad for the church, and for his children. He did so, and found that various places in his house is catching fire, and when they put off one fire, another fire starts somewhere else. Please read that article, with pictures too. So it cannot be an optical illusion.

    Long years back I was coming from Padiyapelella after work late in the evening. It was dark when I reached the Hanguranketha area. The road was winding through coconut property, and down on my right below was the river with its rapids. Around a corner, on my right, I saw a man dressed just like Late SWRD, with the blue Satakey around his shoulder, blowing a Flute facing the River. I slowed down, thought it was a mad man, and kept driving home. I even heard the noise of the flute. When I came home, I had two visitors, a friend and his wife. He worked for Ceylon Tobacco, down that area, Hanguranketha Hewhata, Padiyapelella etc. The I started telling my experience seeing a mad fellow in national dress blowing s flute. My friend laughed loud, and said ** So you have also seen the Flute Man**? He said all Lorry drivers and many who passed that spot have seen the flute man. It is an apparition. t cannot be an illusion for everybody to see the same thing.

    In this same house, when we are outside the garden, we hear pots and pans falling inside the house. Mind you the dog is also outside with us. I run into the house to see what is happening and No pots and pans on the ground. This was a virtual daily occurrence. It happens at the same time, 5.30pm in the evening. So we told our Neighbour, Late Anruddhas Girl friend’s family at that time. It was a laugh for them, and we were told that the previous tenants to left because of this problem. The previous tenant has shot a SNAKE/COBRA right in front of the front door, at that time. That was the fall out. It was no illusion, but Eerie Noises. I will continue one more story that happened, where I too decided to Leave. Enjoy the stories, Ghosts, or Buthakayas.

  4. Dham Says:

    Susantha !

    Those Ghosts have come alive nowadays, seeing everyday, playing the flute on TV screens !

  5. Tilak Says:

    Hi Susantha

    Very interesting. Please send all your experiences and other related stories to my email.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    OK TILAK, HERE IS THE SPILL OVER FROM MY LAST COMMENT. THE 5.30PM NOISES WERE VERY LOUD, AND I TOLD A CERTAIN MANAGER MAHATHTHAYA OF A GROCERY STORE THAT I ALWAYS GO TO. He arranged for me to pick up a Buddhist Priest, and he too with two of his friends, and a few friends of mine too were now ready outside at 5.30pm, when the pots came rolling down. It was the Noise only. No Pots and Pans. Everybody cynically looked at me in suspicion that I was staging this phenomenon. I proved them wrong. They all came in and laid down the Paraphaneliya to do a house blessing. The Buddhist Priest chanted for about an hour, then Pirith Nool was tied and the night ended. I had to take the Buddhist priest back to his Temple.
    NO POTS AND PANS FALLING FROM HEIGHTS, VIRTUALLY STOPPED. THIS CONCLUDES THE 5.30pm Episode. Very calm thereafter. I think you may enlighten me, as to what would have happened, to stall the **DANCE OF THE POTSY PANCY.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Back To the House.:- I took my wife and three little children, along with our servant girl to my Mother-in-Laws house, in Kohuwela. There was some party there, but next day I came back to Kandy, leaving the family to enjoy another day or two. I had dinner at Lyon Café, and came back to an empty house.. Parked the Car under the Hood, locked the gate , and came to our room to settle down. I closed the bedroom door and locked myself in. Next to my bed was a Torch, a Hatchet, and an alarm bell. I said prayers and peacefully went to sleep.IT was around 1.00am in the morning, my German sheppard dog gave a devastating howl from the store room, where he was sleeping. Along with that, I hear a woman wailing outside my window(which was closed) as if she is about to give birth. The wailing was very eerier. I was seated on the bed, Torch in one hand, and the Hatchet in the other, waiting for a confrontation with the unknown. Next I hear the packing of all my goods into boxes, and they are being dragged across the floor, and the boxes hit the wall with such force, I thought robbers have come in, and Iam waiting to face the eventuality, very bravely.
    For whatever was worth, I started Praying again from beginning to end. Just then the dog sent a deflated howl, giving me the impression that all was over. Morning with plenty light, opened the bedroom window, nothing unusual, quietly opened the bedroom door with hatchet in hand, and ran to the front door and opened it and jumped out. Nothing seems to have gone wrong anywhere. Then I opened the Storeroom door and the doggie came out wagging his tail.. I walked with him round the house and all was well. The woman wailing comes at regular intervals. That was very scary. We could not continue living with wailing women and dogs howls. Took a straight decision to get a house on Pagoda Road. That another experience. I can go on and on. Lets stop at this for now.

  9. Dham Says:

    I love to hear these stories. Pagoda Road should be close to Tilak too. Kohuwala is 15 minutes walk from my house.
    Strange thing is I don’t rely on Horoscopes or even Bodhi Pujas very much although my father was an expert. When I was in Uni I wrote a computer program to make Horoscopes for my father. he used to tell me a lot of stories. He said Suniyan Deviyo was his friend. When I was a baby my mother used to bathe me at the well. My father one day went to work asking my mother not to go out of the house that day for ANY thing. Later a coconut tree fell on the place where she used to bathe us.
    I am not a 100% believer of all those things but I don’t ridicule too.
    Please give us more later when you are free.

  10. Piyadigama Says:

    This happened in Panadura to one of our distant relatives. They had a grandmother who dearly loved her grandchildren. She was particularly close to a girl. She died of old age in 1979. Thereafter that girl used to get possessed. She struggles as if something was strangling her. At times she shouts “leave me alone aachchi”. But it continued.

    Doctors told her parents she is missing her grandmother and she will be alright. But things worsened and her life was turned upside down. She started to sleep walk and her parents were devastated. Her younger siblings were terrified. They called Catholic priests, Buddhist monks and even a Muslim priest. They prayed and chanted for days separately but nothing worked. Bodhi pooja and shanthikarma failed.

    Finally they decided to call a fearsome looking kattadiya from Ambalangoda. I remember that night. Many relatives came to stay in their house and in adjacent houses. All neighbors were involved. Chanting continued throughout the night. The girl was uttering things no one could understand. She was exhausted. We children went to bed and woke up early. Around 5 am the next morning she let out a blood curdling scream. Even today I get a chill remembering it. I have never heard such an eerie scream. It was extremely loud and seemed to linger in the air long after it had stopped. Thereafter she collapsed on the ground.

    The kattadiya and his men collected the bad spirit and bottled it. They put concrete on it and left to dry. After that they picked it up and went in a boat to deep sea and dropped it. Kattadiya had told my father (who was in the boat) that if the spirit gets out he is finished. The girl immediately became normal. She studied and became a lecturer. She is married to a popular figure. She refuses to accept her grandmother would ever hurt her. In her words it was only a bad period that passed.

    A few years ago I watched the English movie Conjuring and it is exactly about a similar thing. The movie says it is based on a true story.

    There is something true about these things science cannot explain. It is easy to laugh at these and dismiss them as stupid until it happens to you.

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