UNP Regime: the Worst Attackers of Buddhism after Kalinga Magha – 48 Monks Imprisoned Today and Hundreds Allegedly Killed in 1989
Posted on March 23rd, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

Popular Buddhist monks are demanding an investigation into the deaths of Venerable Sobhitha thero allegedly killed in 2015. However, the memory of Venerable Gangodawila Soma thero lives on. He too died under mysterious conditions during a previous UNP regime. Yet again, hundreds of Buddhist monks were killed by the UNP regime and its new bedfellows the JVP and LTTE in the late 1980s and mid 1990s. UNP goons operating in Batalanda and other torture chambers had devised a torture tactic especially for Buddhist monks called the ‘Dharma Chackra’ (circle of Dharma). Hundreds of young Buddhist monks were tortured and killed. Some Buddhist monks were burnt on tyres. In the mid 1950s, a UNP leader allegedly threatened to pour hot tar on the shaved heads of Buddhist monks.

There certainly is a one to one correlation between the torture of Buddhist monks and UNP regimes. This entire correlation must be investigated.

At present 48 Buddhist monks are facing court action after imprisonment or suffer in prison. Other activities of Buddhist monks are also planned to be curtailed by the ‘Kathikawath Bill’ once enacted. The UNP regime is also planning to demote Buddhism from the supreme place it enjoys in the Constitution.

Without a doubt, the UNP is on a mission to destroy Buddhism. Tamil invader Elara (205-161 BC), Kalinga Magha (1215-36), European invaders (1505-1948) and Indian sponsored Tamil terrorists (1976-2009) attempted to wipe out Buddhism from Sri Lanka but failed. UNP regime is doing what they failed and surely will suffer their fate.

President Sirisena cannot claim to be unaware of what is going on. As the President, he is fully aware of the destruction his Prime Minister’s UNP is doing to the Buddha Sasana. He must take responsibility for the anti-Buddhist vile actions of the UNP regime which is now synonymous with periods of killing monks and restraining them. The Joint Opposition is also maintaining a deafening silence about the true plight of Buddhism! The Joint Opposition must do much more than what it currently does for the protection of Buddhism. They cannot have a free ride to power and popularity as some of them wilfully disregarded Buddhist interests when in power. They must stand up for Buddhism.

It is time the guardians of this nation call out ‘the nation, the community and Buddhism’ once again. Otherwise, the US fathered, Indian mothered and Saudi delivered UNP regime will destroy Buddhism. Venerable Sobhitha thero cannot be faulted for his political choices as no one could predict the future. What he saw in his last days was not the regime he strived to create.

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    These events are similar to what has happened in Vietnam 1n 1963.
    The Buddhist crisis (Vietnamese: Biến cố Phật giáo) was a period of political and religious tension in South Vietnam between May and November 1963, characterized by a series of repressive acts by the South Vietnamese government and a campaign of civil resistance, led mainly by Buddhist monks.[1]
    The crisis was precipitated by the shootings of nine unarmed civilians on May 8 in the central city of Huế who were protesting a ban of the Buddhist flag. The crisis ended with a coup in November 1963 by the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, and the arrest and assassination of President Ngô Đình Diệm on November 2, 1963.
    In South Vietnam, a country where the Buddhist majority was estimated to comprise between 70 and 90 percent of the population in 1963,[2][3][4][5][6] President Ngô Đình Diệm’s pro-Catholic policies antagonized many Buddhists. A member of the Catholic minority, his government was biased towards Catholics in public service and military promotions, as well as in the allocation of land, business favors and tax concessions.[7] Diem once told a high-ranking officer, forgetting that he was a Buddhist, “Put your Catholic officers in sensitive places. They can be trusted.”[8] Many officers in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) converted to Catholicism in the belief that their career prospects depended on it, and many were refused promotion if they did not do so.[8] Additionally, the distribution of firearms to village self-defense militias intended to repel Viet Cong guerrillas was done so that weapons were only given to Catholics.[9] Some Catholic priests ran private armies,[10] and in some areas forced conversions, looting, shelling and demolition of pagodas occurred.[11] Some Buddhist villages converted en masse to receive aid or avoid being forcibly resettled by Diem’s regime.[12]
    The Catholic Church was the largest landowner in the country, and the “private” status that was imposed on Buddhism by the French, which required official permission to conduct public activities, was not repealed by Diem.[13] The land owned by the church was exempt from land reform,[14] and Catholics were also de facto exempt from the corvée labor that the government obliged all other citizens to perform; public spending was disproportionately distributed to Catholic majority villages. Under Diệm, the Catholic Church enjoyed special exemptions in property acquisition, and in 1959, he dedicated the country to the Virgin Mary.[15] The Vatican flag was regularly flown at major public events in South Vietnam.[16]

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    I keep repeating – it is a copycat Dinh Diem regime now in power in Sri Lanka. For Vietnam at least China and Russia were there to help. Everything what is said above from Dilrook and Neela Maha Yoda is correct and factual. A day may come when Sinhala Buddhist will have to take arms to defend their country and Buddha Sasana.

  3. samurai Says:

    Ven. Narada Thera in an open letter to the then Prime Minister Hon. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike in March 1957, had pointed out with almost prophetic vision, the dangerous trends appearing in the Armed Services due to the constitution of their personnel. The Venerable monk had said that if prompt action was not taken to remedy the problem, a situation similar to the one that arose in South Vietnam was likely to arise here. He had drawn the attention of the Prime Minister to the disproportionate low number of Buddhist staff officers in the Armed Services. Roman Catholics and other non- Buddhists were holding most of the key positions in the Armed Services.

    Though copies of this letter had been submitted to the Ceylon Daily News, Ceylon Observer, Times of Ceylon, Dinamina and Lankadipa, none of these newspapers had published this letter. Only the Journal ‘ Buddhist Opinion ‘ had published the letter in its March 1957 issue.

    The Press Commission Report has published extracts of this letter, which points out to the aims of a World – wide Catholic Movement called ‘ Catholic Action ‘. Ven. Narada says:

    ” Vietnam is a country with a predominantly Buddhist ( 90 % ) population. It is now under a Catholic dictatorship. The dictatorship was established through the aid of the World – wide Catholic movement called CATHOLIC ACTION. The movement was initiated by the Pope in 1923. Its purpose is to utilise the services of lay Catholics for increasing the power of the Pope and the Church. The Modus Operandi of this movement is to infiltrate into key positions in the Aimed Services, the Police and the Public Services, and the organs that mould public opinion such as the Radio and the Press. Through the Press and the Radio arid other modes of propaganda, they create confusion, cause tension and bring about a state of social unrest. Thereafter they always wait for the opportune moment to capture power and control the Department. It was through infiltration into commanding positions in the Armed Services, the Police and the Public Services and by obtaining the control of the Press and the Radio and by obtaining foreign aid during a period of unrest that Catholic Action succeeded in obtaining supreme power in Vietnam.”

    The Monk adds:

    ” In this Memorandum I wish to point out that a similar process of infiltration has been going on in this country (Ceylon) since independence was granted. The extent of the infiltration shows the danger with which we are faced. As a Bhikkhu I know what would happen to the Sangha if Catholics gain control of the State ”
    Catholic Action controls the English language newspapers.

    Ven. Narada Thera further says:

    ” It is well known that Catholic Action controls the English newspapers. The two Managing Directors of the Times Group of newspapers are ardent Catholics. The Editorial Staff of their English newspapers are almost entirely Catholic. You will be most surprised to know the number of Christians and Catholics on the Editorial Staff of the ‘ Daily News ‘ and the ‘ Observer ‘.

    ” As I mentioned earlier Catholic Action is always bent on creating social unrest and this they do through the newspapers by distorting facts and presenting news in a particular manner. The Catholic Church with Press support has opposed almost every national and progressive movement in this country. They were opposed to Free Education; to the use of Sinhalese as the Official Language; the teaching of Buddhism to Buddhist children in State Schools; and the use of National dress and Prohibition. “

    The Press Commission Report states that ” the events of January 1962 when Ceylon almost miraculously escaped from the brink of disaster, justified the fears of the Venerable ( Narada ) Thera. ” (PRC para 54 pages 29 -30).

  4. Dham Says:

    48 monks in jail , YES but the truth is all because of 2 incidents.

    1. Ganasara Thero’s arrest

    Most monks arrested are due to this incident which we saw extremely rowdy behaviour of young monks. I blame the magistrate for high handed unnecessary arrest.
    But this is not a coordinated attack on Buddhism.

    2 Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero’s arrest

    This again is a completely unnecessary arrest.
    This is based on “elephant abusing”. True, this has to be stopped. This abuse is going on for a long time. Almost every president , thinking innocent elephants as their property, donated elephants when they made visits to other countries. This is abuse at the highest level. STOP this first.
    Then there was this racket by a man who made money catching elephants. prosecute him first, there is no need to prosecute the monks.

    Nevertheless Uduwe Thero now have to explain why he make this murder claims of Sobhitha Thero after keeping silent for so long.
    There is no good name among public on all these monks. However, some are trying to gain political mileage out of this.

    This is not the way. There are numerous underground attacks on Sinhala Bauddhaya are happening all over the country. Those actual attacks shall be made known to public and a real war against the government with actual facts shall commence.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Our immense gratitude to LW for giving a voice to voiceless, helpless Buddhists in token Buddhist
    Sri Lanka. Immense gratitude to Dilrook, Shenali, NeelaMahaYoda, Ratanapala being so courageous
    for making people aware of the Buddhists’ plight in so called Buddhist Sri Lanka.

    Catholic-run UNPatriotic has been anti Buddhist since its inception. The reason for this is, UNPatirotics always
    align the country with the west who is hell bent on destroying Buddhism from Sri Lanka. UNPatriotic party
    has been doing this successfully by hoodwinking a lot of Sinhalese Buddhists with their pathalogical lies and
    mainly catholic-run media in Sri Lanka.

    UNPatriotic party’s Buddhist-killing, Buddhism-destroying evidence everywhere to see. But no deshapaluwo or
    newspaper etc. etc. scared to talk about it. They know if you criticise them, they could get their pathalyin to silence
    any opposition. Sad irony of this is, these pathalyin themselves are Buddhists, may be very few brain cells in their

    Prime example of falling into Buddhist-killers propaganda is so called malwatte chief. Supposed to be the guardian of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. But he sides with the Buddhist-killing, Buddhism-destroying party. That’s how naive these people are. They fall for their pathalogical lies. Simple as that. He has done so much damage to Buddhism by siding with the UNPatriotics. The least he can do now is renounce UNPatriotics publicly and ask why they burn Buddhist jvper in tyres and give catholic pira(mala)paharan half the country to rule. Or at least he can ask to appoint a commission to investigate
    Soma Thero’s murder, or Sobitha thero’s death. If he open his mouth to criticise this murderous gang, it will do immense
    good to the Buddhists and Buddhism in Sri Lanka. We sincerely hope he will try to repair the damaage he done
    to Buddhism and Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

    Now Sri Lanka is run by token Buddhist, die hard catholic pol pot ponil. So they want to do maximum damage
    while he is at the driving seat. Interesting point! Soon after Sobitha thero’s death pol pot ponil went to singapore.
    To congratulate them for a job well done?

    Thanks once again Dilrook for your courage. It is a pity only two people commented on a matter so important to
    Buddhists and Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

    Please use the following links to see UNPatriotics Buddhist killing activities.





    If you have a brain bigger than thibbottak, you can’t be a bathgottek!
    Sinhalese donkey who are supporting this Buddhist-killing, Buddhism-destroying party
    are you deaf, blind or totally insane?
    Thope as potta welada?
    kan beeri welada?
    Nathnam hondatama pissuda?

  6. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Throughout the history Buddhist temples are considered as religious sanctuary not only for people, but also for animals too. It is a quite common that stray dogs and cats are intermingling with devotees not only in village temples but also in most popular temples like Kelani Vihara, Sri Maha Modhi Temple and Bellanwila temple.
    The churches, synagogues or mosques can also be considered as a religious sanctuary but definitely not for animals.
    A sanctuary, in its original meaning, is a sacred place, such as a shrine. By the use of such places as a haven, by extension the term has come to be used for any place of safety.
    In old England, the fugitives pursued sanctuary in the sacred churches, in which formerly were immune to arrest (recognized by English law from the fourth to the seventeenth century). While the practice of churches offering sanctuary is still observed in the modern era, it no longer has any legal effect and is respected solely for the sake of tradition.
    So it is highly illogical and inappropriate for a Buddhist country to prosecute a Buddhist monk for having an abandoned elephant in the temple premises and it is also against the fundamental principle of Buddhist philosophy of loving kindness and compassion towards the living beings.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    How does a Buddhist country in SE Asia protect itself ?
    Most Buddhist countries have fallen to aggressive others. Buddhism is a Philosophy not a religion. Some Religions may say it is alright to kill, but for the Buddhists it is a last resort action, for self protection only. If the Armed Forces are compelled to take lives to protect millions of others, all the others who are saved must share in the action-reaction basis of Karma.

    Best to do serious Preventive Care for future civil war/serious dissent control.

    If there is a group of people anywhere without the protections necessary to guard the country, then there is bound to be trouble from “pirates and thugs” from other groups, from within the country and from outside.

    *. If the country is fairly uniform in religion/ethnicity and law abiding, then there will be less trouble.

    *. There is less trouble if the country has some population control methods in place, so that population is in keeping with resources available. One such method is giving free birth control material, less taxes for smaller families etc. Another method is to stop illegal migration into Lanka.

    *. ALL the People of Lanka ought to be responsible for the protection of ALL in Lanka, not just their own group. The same for the the Police force, and also the Armed Forces.

    *. Everyone in Lanka should take an Oath of Allegiance to Lanka, starting with the school children, all office workers etc.

    *. Law and Order must be kept in a country in a fair manner, and not as law applicable to some and not to others.

    I am sure there are other methods to keep a Buddhist country safe. Please write in with ideas.

  8. Dilrook Says:


    The political element is not the important issue here. The important issue here is murder and other horrendous crimes against the Buddha Sasana that are associated with the UNP regime. No other regime in South Asia can go against religious interests of its majority and survive.

  9. Dham Says:

    I agree about UNP regimes. No argument there.
    But the other regimes are not far away. Those incident happening underground , in hiding. When did Gnanasara Thero made even louder noise ? Damage done underground was immense, agents Buddhism and Sinhalas.

  10. Dham Says:

    As a Buddhist I am against keeping elephants in temples ( even carrying tooth relic around in Kandy). Such festivals do nothing to promote Buddhism. These are not sanctuarie but they are hired to do heavy work ( except the one carrying Tooth Relic , I guess).
    Someone n this site said it was the British who sponsored Kandy Perahera an it is written in Dalada Maligawa somewhere. I have not seen it to confirm.

    But let us speak truth. Abandoned elephants ? are you talking to babies here ? Gota too had two baby elephants handed over after MT loosing. Also abandoned ? Please don’t abandon moral fear and moral shame.
    We will not get Arahants as Presidents or PMs. We must have code of conduct for them as well as rules. There is no point worshiping them or believing them. Unless you force them they will not do what is promised.

    It is well know that some 5 -10 years ago one monk charged Rs. 5000 for coming to Bana. Money was for the special sound system. Without that sound system he would not come. Go and find out who is the monk.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    In all fairness to the UNP, it was the Mrs B govt (SLFP) that first flattened the JVP (early 1970s). No talks were held. The JVP is composed of the rural Sinhala/Buddhist youth. The first uprising of the JVP was due to Unemployment.

    The second attack on the JVP was during the Pres Premadasa time (UNP). The second uprising was due to India imposing the 13-A. Again, no talks were held.

    So both parties, the SLFP (early 1970s) & the UNP (late 1980s), attacked the JVP during the Cold War (1946-1991) – attacked their own people, the JVP. BOTH TIMES NO TALKS WERE HELD.

    *. Do we conclude that the COLD WAR played the largest role in such actions of any political party in Lanka, and in the aftermath of the Cold War, continues to do so, except for the MR led SLFP ?

    *. Do we also conclude that re the so called Tamil Problem, the main cause for their misery is the Caste System of Tamil Nadu, and that Tamil Dalits of Tamil Nadu see Buddhist Lanka as an escapte route, as Lanka has the Tamil Language in place plus free education & health care, etc. ?

    If these assumptions are correct, what do we do to solve the problems ?

  12. Nimal Says:

    Religions are the cause of all problems in the world. Religions are divisive, addictive like a drug to some and being manipulated by some peoples to gain power and even make money and we are better without it.

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