Posted on March 31st, 2016

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia –

Current Panorama

It is an open drama by some of the politicians, particularly the TNA, demanding power sharing, federalism, equal rights, while most of them are approaching the 70s or more. It is distinct that those TNA and Tamil politicians are fully aware of the economic standing, and the economic stability of the country, whether the financial inflow and outflow of the Treasury can accommodate partitioning governance with number of federal states.

It is not a question of whether partition of governance into federal states will keep the country as a unitary state, and free from secession, however, the question is: The country has been driven into a state of poverty, and slavery to the west, in that SriLanka may become a banana republic similar to Haiti, Hawaii and other Caribbean/ South American states, and, further, the mindset of the Tamils has been deep rooted for a separate state called Tamil Eelam.

It has become necessary for all of SriLankans to ask the question: Have we given, or are we leaving our future generation adequate resources in the republic, to live in a sustainable economic environment, or have we ditched them into a dormant chaotic economic disaster. Already the good governance is running around on a begging spree, and it is observable that SL is driven into a submissive slave position to the West.

It is derisory to note that the good governance of SL assumes that the Tamil Diaspora or the Sinhala Diaspora will invest in SL, and develop the country to generate more jobs, and flourish the country like Singapore. It is beyond doubt that Tamil Diaspora will spend millions to build Hindu Temples in their country of domicile, and celebrate Poojas spending millions of dollars every year, wasting millions of liters of milk to go down the drain and coconuts in bins, but never invest in SL. Have we thought about their (diaspora) future generation? Most of SriLankan children are attracted to assimilating with the Europeans, North Indians, Fijians and Australasians, particularly white/fair skin. Will the future generation of those assimilated generation shoulder loyalty to SriLanka?

It is not the intention of this paper to object assimilating in their country of domicile, but it welcomes assimilation because our children intend to live in their country of choice, which is Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc. These kids will never intend to migrate back to SL, or invest in SL or SL may not give citizenship to these future generation. As at now SL has tough regulation to issue back citizenship to those who lost theirs. Tamil families can never control or regulate their children to marry only SriLankans. Same goes to the Sinhalese. At one stage SL will be left as an orphan by their own kith and kin. This is one facet of the risk that SriLanka faces in the future. This is the phenomenon that has happened for donkey years around the globe. Those Europeans who came to SL, most of them did not leave, but assimilated with the locals, both Sinhalese and Tamils. E.g. Portuguese, Dutch etc.

Aren’t the Tamil politicians aware of the vacuum economic situation of the North? For 68 years these Tamil politicians never sought / demanded development of the North, but more power / Federalism. Pure reason is that Tamil elites enjoy power and control, and want to dictate using their strength of power to those lower caste / class majorities, and reinforce their muscle through misappropriation of state finances. It is a mental dismay to those Tamil elites that if they do not have the power, the lower caste / class Tamils will elevate themselves with education, wealth and knowledge with the help of the Sinhala government, while if the Tamils elites do hold the power, then they can decide whom to be elevated.

Although we are in a democratic environment, majority of the lower caste / class Tamils have been discarded into a dark space by the elites, with fantasies of God, Spirits, Ghosts, Poojas, punishment, discrimination and oppression. A member of parliament, if elected, is through his status and wealth, however, he will revolve around his elite circles, and the poor oppressed class Tamils can never approach the MP. A social construction of these groups will enable everyone to acquire knowledge of the governing method in SL and India. It is only the Vellala caste people revolve around their elected MPs, and not the poor lower caste people.

Who is CV Vigneswaran? A relative of former elite: Ponnambalam Ramanathan. Who is Sambanthar, Mavai Senathirajah? A dissection of their social class will enable the government to conclude how Tamils operate in governance.

Even an Asst. Superintendent of Police, in a Tamil area cannot be a lower caste Tamil. A manager: not a lower caste Tamil. GA: not a lower caste Tamil. The superiority complex and the tyrannical, totalitarian attitude of the Tamil elites is that no lower caste person can become their boss. E.g. As at now, how is the NPC constituted? Is there a lower caste person holding a higher managerial position? Intermarriage between castes is prohibited, and in India, young ones who cross marry are killed. In SL, those who inter marry leave SL to be in safe heaven.

For example: Australia; Tamil Associations and Societies; – only those Vellala caste Tamils are elected into the management committee. The management committee continues to revolve around those Vellala caste Tamils, and they will somehow see to it that no lower caste person is elected into the management committee. It was reported that most of the seniors associations and Sangam of some form had fraudulent practices by the Presidents, and a few ex-co members. Those who were in charge of LTTE overseas finance ripped LTTE and inherited the wealth.

Parochial acts by NPC

Tamils wanted self-governing. SL gave and conducted elections for the NPC. A Chief Minister, and four council of ministers were appointed. Budget allocation was done. Did the CM and the council of ministers carry out any development work? If at all they looked after their kith & kin who belong to the elite class. Most of their relations were appointed to the government service with a future pension. Still, the CM & Ministers and some NPC members carry on yapping and howling for equal power sharing. Jaffna is not a new area. Several murderers, in the name of throne, ruled Jaffna and Kilinochi. To date these megalomaniacs and despots never, ever, developed the Northern region, nor wanted to develop the North, however, clever enough to blame GOSL since 1948, and carry the lies and untrue stories to the UN to implicate GOSL.

WE, Tamils are clever in implicating others, but not clever enough to implement projects and develop the region. What is the root cause? The root cause is that the elites do not want majority of the lower caste, class areas to be developed, because it may eventually propel a threat to their survival and existence.

SriLankan should read the article in the island: The CM-NPC has returned 80% of the budget allocation back to GOSL.


What is the motive? The motive is to blame GOSL for not developing the North, and run back to UN to cry, howl, and woof that GOSL, and the majority in SL are oppressing the Tamils. This is what that has been going on for the last 68 years. All readers and citizens should understand the cunning, shrewd, calculating, and Machiavellian attitude of Tamil politicians who take actions until they get what they want.

Ultimately the people who suffer are the lower caste /class Tamils. Those lower caste/class people should know that the two-faced, Tamil politicians have always been deceitful, for the last 68 years.

Tamils love temple Poojas, and solely depend, that (fictitious) god will provide us what we need. Our imperfection is in the areas of innovation, scientific technological advancement, creativity, but limited to embrace and stick to old customs, traditions, beliefs and astrology. Our society (race) can never ever become a modern scientific and technologically knowledgeable race of the 21st or future century. We can never achieve the living standard of the Singaporeans, because we believe in orthodox systems, and our culture is quite rigid. We heavily depend on advanced societies, which is the reason why our people run to the west. We can never build our nation similar to the west or even Singapore. The factors that limit Tamil’s advancement are: rigidity in culture & customs, caste conscious, superstitious beliefs, lack in creative & innovative attitude, high periodical expenditure in millions for temple Poojas, lack in open mind and lateral thinking. An example: Tamil Nadu is unable to elect a Tamil as the Chief Minister for donkey’s years. The poor masses elected a cinema actor/dancer as the Chief Minister, but not an educated Tamil, such as Stalin Karunanithi.

A self-governing federal state can only destroy the multitude of ethnic groups, which now identifies as, Tamils” in the N&E of SL. The caste system will add onto their oppressive and discriminatory acts and majority of the Tamils may suffer as a result of the dictatorial governing by the elites. The perception and knowledge level of the majority poor peasants may be inadequate to realize the governance of dictatorial caste distinct federalism, and these peasants will be within the law and order control of the Tamil elites.

From the modus operandi of the NPC, it is beyond doubt that Tamils can never govern themselves. Tamils have always been dependent. Evidence is facts from Indian history and also Jaffna history.

Decentralizing governance through devolution of power will only drive the country to a financial crisis, and lead the governing incompetent politicians to mortgage the country to the west.  

Part III of this article will discuss more on financial and republican risks as a result of mortgaging the country.


  1. Dilrook Says:

    Many truths contained in this applicable to both groups. All parents including and above middle class no matter what the ethnicity is want their children to settle down in developed countries. Even a large number from lower middle class is also aiming for this despite economic challenges. It makes perfect sense as people cannot design their lives around politicians. Debt crisis will affect future generations very badly. Ageing population will worsen the burden on them.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    225 free loaders at Battaramulla are not interested in the above-mentioned facts that expose the Vellalayas are the only cause and the root cause for Tamil people’s problems. SWe may cry our eyes out, those free loaders are either too dumb and ignorant to understand the real issue. We need a disctator to run the country.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil leaders of Lanka keep calling for Federalism, yet screech for help whenever Caste Wars overrun Teh North ! When the SL Army takes action, the Tamil Diaspora screech ‘genocide’ and ask for Refugee intake from the west and more concessions for Tamils everywhere. All this while Tamil folk live among the Others in the South. What a comedy – what a
    strange comedy.

    This has been the pattern of action by Tamil leaders since so called Independence in Lanka with the V’koddai Resolution added on for Eelam through Violence, since 1976. The 6-A has yet to be activated.

  4. dingiri bandara Says:

    I have a question to those who call for separate home land, devolution of power, federalism etc .Are they willing to leave the Sinhala areas where they are safer and mostly live in harmony, lock stock and barrel to the so called Tamil areas.

  5. mario_perera Says:

    You are right Dingiri Banda

    But that is like asking leeches not to suck blood

    These Tamils are like leeches on the body of the Sinhala nation. They have dug their suckers into the flesh of the Sinhala nation and are emptying it of its life blood. Those suckers come in various forms…the homeland theory is one: genocide is another; federalism is another. The most devastating however is the 13A, because it comprises all the aforesaid..

    And to think that our leaders with more than absolute majorities in parliament did absolutely NOTHING to pull out the 13A Tamil sucker from the Sinhala body is devastating. I called them ‘sevalayas’ to which some too strong objection !!

    Mario Perera

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Attempting to answer Mario’s question.

    There is a valid question as to why the 13-A has not been removed.
    I might add : why has the 6-A never been activated ?

    Here’s my ‘Fools rush in ….’ answer :

    I think it is for the same reasons why the 13-A was imposed under Duress by INDIA on the JRJ govt in the first place. Cold War politics dictated terms to Lanka. Lanka’s strategic location in the Indian Ocean, proxmity to India, and some other reasons where leaders of Lanka went with the west, played its part, as did nearly 500 yrs of Colonisation of Lanka.

    It is the Voice of INDIA that we hear loudest in this problem, plus the breakaway state Tamil Nadu Dalit problem and Lanka’s earlier need for cheap labor from TN.

    Who dictates to the Voice of INDIA : Any of the Super Powers of the times can do that.

    – So, at present, basically, Super Power politics dictates to INDIA & Lanka too.
    INDIAN & Lanka leaders do not want Lanka & INDIA to be flattened by fire power like most of SE Asia & parts of the ME ?

    What are we waiting for ? Evolution of Homo Sapiens toward peaceful co-existence ?

    The Masters say that which we are looking for is within us.

    *. Christ said “the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN YOU”
    *. The Buddha said “Truth is WITHIN YOU”
    *. HINDUISM : The core teachings of Hinduism, the 4 Yogas, leads to Union with God, WITHIN YOU. The two great Epic Stories in Hinduism, the Ramayana & the Mahabharata, are stories about the God within playing with the human beings and other life forms.

  7. nilwala Says:

    SUPER QUESTIONS…FRAN DIAZ! PLUS…YOU’VE GIVEN GREAT ANSWERS TOO that point to the underlying Super Power politics that dictate to the Regional Power….although the latter seems only too ready to oblige!!
    …for well understood reasons of regional hegemony.
    So Sri Lanka has to be SUPER CAREFUL and VIGILANT !!


  8. mario_perera Says:

    Nilwala : SUPER QUESTIONS…FRAN DIAZ! PLUS…YOU’VE GIVEN GREAT ANSWERS TOO that point to the underlying Super Power politics that dictate to the Regional Power….although the latter seems only too ready to oblige!!
    …for well understood reasons of regional hegemony.

    Then why beat around the bush. Come out into the open and simply SAY IT…Say what? That Sri Lanka is a province of India…that the Sri Lanka government is a Provincial Government of India…That the Central Sri Lanka government is in Delhi, and is the Indian parliament.

    Be bold and. say it: that these concepts of sovereignty and independence are all NONSENSE.

    When a parliament has everything within its power (especially fabulous super majorities in parliament) to do away with the cancer that is the 13A – a 13A which the LTTE and the TNA rejected, the cancer which is spreading its tentacles into the Sinhala nation’s very guts putting it to a slow and painful death, and does not do it, it is openly, publicly and internationally admitting that its sovereignty and independence is eye wash, hogwash. It is even so openly confirming that its so called hard-won independence and democracy is the same; that its parliamentary system and elections are a bluff.

    No wonder that every Srilankan is motivated only with one single intent: to abandon the ‘sunk ship’ even at this late juncture.

    Strange also that many who expectorate similar ideas as above, already live in such ‘safe climes’ having abandoned ship long ago. They contribute their two pence as a sheer mental exercise. The tragedy that is Sri Lanka does not affect them.

    Admit it then and get down to brass tacks: this country is a lost cause.

    Mario Perera

  9. Dilrook Says:

    I have to agree with Mario.

    If Cold War players are so powerful to control Sri Lanka despite parliament since 2010 having all power to change any provision of the constitution, it is best the confidentes of those Cold War players rule Sri Lanka. Ranil, Chandrika and Mangala are the best to rule this country as long as they live in that case.

    Had our leaders in the early 13th century blamed Malaria and Magha (the twin powers then) Sri Lanka would not have survived.

    What I disagree with him is on the relative political maturity of Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka compared to Sinhalese. Tamils and Muslims have been ruthless in voting out cowards whereas Sinhalas recycle them. Even Rauf Hakeem was voted out a few times for betraying Muslim interests to buddy up with the government. Most powerful Tamil family in 1947 and before – Ponnambalam – was voted out as they couldn’t stand by Tamil aspirations. In another example, as all Muslim politicians from Colombo district fell hook, line and sinker to the then government from 2005 to 2010, Muslims in Colombo made sure none of them was elected to parliament in 2010. That forced both major parties to elevate their Muslims (Hashim, Fowzi) to reclaim Muslim votes (in addition to the Thajudeen affair).

    Sinhala voters must be more demanding. A list of demands must be presented to them before the election demanding clear answers. Failure should result in not voting for them. Some of these key questions are,

    (1) Will you abrogate ETCA (if signed)? (Blaming the UNP alone is not enough).
    (2) Will you remove CV Vigneswaran from the chief minister post?
    (3) Will you stop haphazard borrowing and what restrictions on government borrowings will be put in place?
    (4) Will you dilute 13A to allow for more decentralization instead of more devolution?
    (5) Will you resettle displaced Sinhalese and Muslims in Jaffna?

    Let the politicians decide they serve India or voters. Some politicians are frank. They openly declare they work for the US-India agenda. Good on them for their honesty. The problem is mostly with the dishonest lot.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Nilwala. Yes, I agree : Lanka has to be super careful & vigilant and the Region Power only too ready to oblige, possibly to cover up their own nakedness.


    Mario & Dilrook,

    Thanks for your views.

    However, we the Analysts, from whatever parts of the world we come from, have to admit that if something looks like skunk, smells like skunk and acts like skunk, we have to call it skunk. Admitting the truth of matters is the only way to find solutions. Or else perpetual confusion will reign. There are no winners.

    Yes, in my view too, it is far better to admit about Superpower Games dictating terms to INDIA & LANKA, and the People name their Terms to Parliament : That is, perhaps agree to the 5 Points as stated by Dilrook. But, the System of Governance as matters stand for Leaders of Lanka, will not do. Lanka will have to have about 5-8 proven loyal and able people Governing Lanka. The one person as Leader is way too vulnerable, unless governed by outside sources, which is what we are trying to avoid.

    Far too many good leaders of Lanka from both sides, especially from the Sinhala side, have been killed for no good reasons. Even as little as a few hundred years from now, if human beings have survived their own stupidity, people will look back and wonder at their ancestors ridiculous ways of solving problems.


    The Must Know Factor : We have to remember that the God we Seek is WITHIN US. Then the puzzle falls into place. Otherwise, it is groping in the dark, loss of thousands/milions of lives, dirty games and despair, not only for little Lanka, but possibly for all Earthlings.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ‘Regional Power’.

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