Chawakatchcheri ammunition, explosives aren’t old – Mahinda
Posted on April 3rd, 2016

Courtesy Adaderana

The authorities must not hide the truth” about facts surrounding the reports on ammunition and explosives that found from a house in Chawakatchcheri, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa stressed.

The observation was made during an event held in Bulnewa area in Anuradhapura. The former President went on to say the silence of the Government would mislead the public and, therefore urged the authorities to disclose the true situation.

Some say these explosives had been there for several years. Some say it isn’t. However according to what I heard, explosives and ammunition were brought there recently,” he added. Police officers had discovered a suicide jacket, 4 Claymore mines, 3 parcels containing around 12kg of TNT, 2 packets of 9mm ammo (100 bullets) and 2 battery packs used to detonate the claymore mines.

It is suspected that the explosives and other equipment had been hidden in the area during the war. Police had reportedly raided the house on a tip-off that the owner had in his possession drugs and marijuana and during the raid the suspect had fled the area.


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