Muslim Early Marriage.
Posted on April 7th, 2016

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

To the Attention of
Hon.Chandrani Bandara MP
Minister of Women and Child Affairs

This is an insignificant issue that would hurt the Muslim community. It looks like most of the burning questions of the day have been solved by the government and you have no work, my advice is just look after Sinhala children only on this issue and leave the sleeping dogs alone. You are arousing the wrath of your PM with this unnecessary issue.

For a moment let’s go back in history, take for instance Prince Siddhartha time. Even during that time there were no marriages on paper it all happened when both parties become sexually active opposite poles attracted together a natural phenomenon. That was the culture in that period. This was the case then & now with all beings. A biological need for the body & mind.

The Muslim religious leader encouraged early union (very very young) opposite sex simply because the woman’s fertility is very high when young so that the off spring will be healthy and the male will enjoy immense pleasure. So, if the Muslim parents are happy no one should bother.

This has been the joy with Christians & Catholic or any GOD based faiths! Priesthood that we hear daily accused of abuse these days enjoyed early childhood pleasure by the church, today it’s wrongly interpreted as childhood abuse, it’s a GOD given gift for their services! It’s obvious God created the flock for the enjoyment of his messengers.

The marriage on paper is a Christian feature, you know before the arrival of the colonials all Asian countries enjoyed the union of women casually just like having an early meal or a (coconut) (polkatta) cup of water. Of course this was the scene all over the Globe.

Even now your parliamentarians enjoy this pleasure at this very moment. I am sure Hirunika knows this even though you may not.

However the Muslim leader married a girl within 6 ~ 9years, so just like Sinhalese try to follow Buddhas advice, they too have

emulate the leader. Besides this is also a ploy to convert a country non-violently into Islam by becoming the Major community of the country. Let’s hope & wish Sri Lanka be the first Nation to achieve this milestone without bloodshed! Your PM at every opportunity talks of the Lichchavi governance during Buddhas time better than the rouge Mahanayakas of the Asgiriya and…..

So, my advice to you is not to poke your finger into a hornet’s hive and get stung all over the body nor should you create unnecessary headache to your PM!

Have a good day!

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

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