Edward Jayakody ,Chritha Priyadarshani   performed “marambari”  musical show in Toronto with  the highest gathering  (April 30th)
Posted on May 4th, 2016

Claude.A.Fernanado,Brampton, Canada (02/05/2016)

No words to articulate the wonderful evening on last Saturday(April 30th) was a very entertaining and diverting moment .  Sri lankan music lovers  have flocked to the Don Bosco auditorium  in Toronto with their families and friends to listen the mesmerizing, soothing, meaningful songs of both Edward Jayakody and his cherished wife Charitha Priyadarshani Peris.

Edward absorbed the audience with his fantastic stories while singing songs.
Charitha captivated the crowd  with her soothing songs and their lovely daughter Sharanya Jayakody sang “sulngak se man enawa ” song with her dearest father Edward Jaykody ..

For sure the beautiful and attractive dances performed  by the young dancers of the dancing group of illustrious and eminent  dancing queen in Toronto Upekha Gangodawilla (Jayasekara)for Edward and Charitha’s songs, gave a superb, priceless and incredible value .

Upeka’s husband renowned vocalist Kithsiri Jayasekra who organized the “marambari”in Toronto did a marvelous task to success the show conducting it ..well known realtor  in Brampton and  enthuastic  lover of music Kapila Samararathna worked tirelessly to organize the show successfully ..
Spectators exited  the hall  after  “marambari”   thanking Edward and Charitha for giving a   joyful  and exhilarating moment ..

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  1. Kumari Says:

    Thank you Claude for the equally mermerizing description. Appears to be a wonderful evening. Wonder whether you could give some YouTube connections for us too to enjoy the music.

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