Our tribute to Sri Lankan war heroes
Posted on May 17th, 2016

Chandrasena Pandithage

Year 2009 May 18th and 19 are very remarkable days in Sri Lankan history. Whole island raised together and celebrate together the brutal terrorism’s end. As a nation we all created a festive season throughout the country to celebrate those historical victory. It’s a “victory day” for Sri Lanka and all Sri Lankan citizens indiscriminately.

This victory is a specialized victory, because at the end of the war each and everybody win and get tremendous achievements in their lives. Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other minorities are benefited by this victory. Visually whole world show this is as a Tamil liberation struggle against governments. But nobody saw the reality of the war and it’s oppression on Tamils. Since the begging of the arms struggle the Tamils have been through a very hard road. Their lives styles were badly damaged by unknown invisible hands. The most important thing is identifying the devilish forces behind this cruelty.

The starting point of this bloodshed is year 1972 September 17th at Duraiappah Stadium Jaffna city. There was a carnival and the people were enjoying, Most of the people are from Tamil community.and while they were enjoying, a planted bomb was exploded and alarmed Tamil society to stop enjoyments. When we look into this incident we could understand very clearly The Tamils who really love to their community cannot plant a bomb inside them, specially this type of festive moment. But it was done. Fear and Terror started to penetrate into Tamils minds and inside their community too. This cruel incident gives us a very important massage.

” Tamil liberation fighters cannot plant a bomb to disturb Tamil lives and that’s a universal truth. But the Tamil youth involve to plant this bomb at that point. They are Tamils, but they are not Tamil liberation fighters. They are coolies to somebody els. Who were the masters behind this bomb blast?  It’s to be investigated.

After this blast, the unknown forces carried out their operations against Tamil community northern part of Sri Lanka. Jaffna the heart of the Tamils were scattered, fear and terror spread throughout the city.  More and more bomb blasts developed instability of the city. Bomb blasting in city centers and hunting the highly reputed Tamil leaders; made Tamils to leave the Jaffna. Slowly the Jaffna turned in to a ghostly city.

United Nations Organization, Human Rights Commission, US Embassy UK High Commissions, were here watching all those human right violations without saying a single word.

The well planed destructive mechanism on Tamil’s community were driven by Tamils and they were used and they wanted to accelerate this programs on their new agenda. There target was to spread island wide destruction campaign on Tamil community. It was started 1983, Eleven years after the starting point of terrorism they wanted to join Sinhalese community to disable Tamil community island wide.They started it, killing 13 Sinhalese soldiers and the “invisible hands” worked in side the government and did not release the dead bodies to their relatives. All the dead bodies used to spark anti Tamil riots island wide. It’s helped to develop Liberation movement from Tamil community. Tamils community were given ideology to stand against Sinhalese community.

The Tamil prisoners who were massacred in Welikade in July 1983 were :

25th July 1983

  1. Kuttimani Yogachandran 2. N. Thangathurai 3. Nadesathasan 4. Jegan 5. Alias Sivarasa 6. Sivan Anpalagan 7. A. Balasubramaniam 8. Surash Kumar 9. Arunthavarajah 10. Thanapalasingham 11. Arafat 30. Anpalagan Sunduran 12. P. Mahendran 31. Ramalingam Balachandran 13. K. Thillainathan 32. K. Thavarajasingham 1420. S. Subramaniam 21. Mylvaganam Sinnaiah 22. G. Mylvaganam 23. Ch. Sivanantharajah 24. T. Kandiah 25. S. Sathiyaseelan 26. Kathiravelpillai 27. Easvaranathan 28. K. Nagarajah 29. Gunapalan Ganeshalingam . S. Kularajasekaram 33. K. Krishnakumar 15. K. Uthaya Kumar 34. R. Yoganathan 16. S. Sivakumar 35. A. Uthayakumar 17. A. Rajan 36. G. Amirthalingam 18. S. Balachandran 37. V. Chandrakumar 19. Yogachandran Killi 38. Sittampalam Chandrakulam 39. Navaratnam Sivapatham (Master)

27th July 1983

  1. Muthukumar Srikumar 10. Gnanamuthu Naveratnasingham 2. Philip Amirthanayagam 11. Kandiah Rajendran (Robert) 3. Kulasingam Kumar 12. Dr. Somasunderam Rajasunderam 4. Selachami Kumar 13. Somasunderam Manoranjan 5. Kandasamy Sarveswaran 14. Arumugam Seyan (Appu) 6. A. Marianpillai 15. Thamotharampillai Jegemogenandan 7. Sivapathan Neethirajah 16. Sinnathambi Sivasubramaniam 8. Devanayagam Paskaran 17. Sellay Rajeratnam 9. Ponnaiya Thurairajah 18. Kumarasamy Ganeshalingam 19. Ponnampalam Devakumar

United Nations Organization, Human Rights Commission, US Embassy UK High Commissions, were here watching all those human right violations without saying a single word.

Now Tamils and Sinhalese together think wisely who were the masters behind those killings?

Our heroic forces bravely fought against the hidden forces and defeated them on 2009 May 18th. This victory could build up a new one country again. Sinhalese Tamils, Muslims and other minorities were benefited lots by this victory. Specially Tamil community got a highly regarded situation through out the country.

1 Instead of 1/3 of country, they are given full country and they are free to live any place of this country.
2.Power is very important and The darkness vanished and power started to run through out North and East part of Sri Lanka. Some Tamils enjoy lots with the new power generation on their homelands.
3.Children are the future of Tamil community. If somebody loves their community progress, their children must be protected and developed their educational back ground. This victory removed all the cyanide capsules from Tamil children’s necks and open the opportunity to enjoy their childhood again.
4.It’s stopped killings Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims.

5. This victory reduced the terrorist activities in India and provide it’s benefit to Indian people too.

United Nations Organization, Human Rights Commission, US Embassy UK High Commissions, European Union  were watching all those ongoing activities and they realized the destruction of killing mechanism. They started screaming madly and start to stand for terrorism group nakedly. The masters came out pointing their fingers to our heroic forces on human right violations. At the same time their all the other fingers pointed at them on their dirty works through out the 37 years war crimes in Sri Lanka.

The war is not over. Russian President Vladimir Putin started to fight against international terrorism. It is our duty to stand with Russia to crush the imperialist terrorist mechanism.

We salute our war heroes proudly.

Long live Sri Lankan war heroes!


5 Responses to “Our tribute to Sri Lankan war heroes”

  1. NAK Says:

    In reality,actually it is the Tamils of the north and the east that should celebrate victory as it was them who were liberated from the evil hand that held them under for decades.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    We will have to sacrifice a lot more Sinhalese youth from rural villages in future to save our motherland from these foreigners the way it is going with
    the traitor YAMA PALLANGE UNPatriotic party’s rule. Look at the drealam celebrations in LankacNews.
    Drealam map getting bigger and bigger.

    The traitor foreigners know this is the best chance to get a piece of our country. Country is ruled by pol pot
    wickramasinhalakiller while puppet vairapala sorrysena’s job is trying to suck last drop of blood from MR’s
    family. YAMA PALLAN sided with slimiy india whose only objective is to secure tn tamil vote. So they will break
    Sri Lanka into 100 pieces to get the tamils to their side. Sinhalaya being famous for modayas, can’t understand
    this simple truth. Now some of them have become JAATHI DHROHIYOS AS WELL. What a sad plight the Sinhalese
    in today in their own country. Thanks to their deshapaluwan whose only ojbective is plunder, plunder, plunder.

    Last time the catholic-run, Sinhalese-hating, Sinhalese-murdering UNPatriotic party was in power, it was
    Sinhalese youth burning in tyres, headless torsos floating in rivers etc. But they were reluctant to take
    such drastic measures against the catholic tigers of tamil drealam. They were even given half the country to
    rule by catholic traitor chief pol pot ponil. Communication equpt, millennium city intelligent officers to tiger
    bullet, 650 policemen to tiger bullet by alugosu lk porisada etc. UNPatriotics wanted to expedite the cause to please the west.

    Sri Maha Bodhiya, Sri Dalada Maligawa,
    Aranthalawa massacre. Still no action from catholic run UNPatriotic party. Catholic tigers of tamil drealam
    hurt 0 priests, damaged 0 churches since hitler pira(mala)paharan, tamil selvan, kasippu joseph, etc. etc all
    were catholics. Is it any wonder then countries like norway, us, uk, brasil, argentina, archbishop two three
    of south africa etc are die hard supporters of the drealam.

    Now no Sinhalese murders yet, plunder,
    plunder, plunder. Tell some lies, promise moon and the earth, Sinhala modayas will vote with their feet.

    UNPatritoic party knows tamils, mussies and catholics will vote for them no matter what. So with a bit of support
    from some Sinhala modayas they will always win. That’s why they are inviting indians to build houses in north,
    east and upcountry for the tamils to expand their tamil vote base. So the drealam map getting bigger. But
    for some traitor Sinhalese it does not matter. We have rural Sinhalese village kids again to sacrifice for the
    drealam bombs, bullets in the next drealam war.

    Tamils in Sri Lanka fall into 3 categories.
    Dutch brought jaffna tamils to work in tobacco plantations from tn
    British brought upcountry tamils to work in tea plantaions from tn
    The rest are kallathonis who swam to Sri Lanka during the 60s to save their lives from the severe famine in
    tn. The oldest building in jaffna is the dutch fort. There isn’t a tamil brick older than that in Sri Lanka. If they had
    ancient kingdoms, we should be able to see the remains from those like in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa etc.
    Either those mythical kings used cowboy builders or they never existed. We all know the answer. They only
    exist in www. and books.

    They own Colombo. We are not supposed to live or buy land in the north or east in our own country. They can
    write in tamil language and get through the back door to any university in our country. But we are not supposed
    to go to the universities in the north and east. Then after FREE EDUCATION they can even contribute to catholic tigers of tamil drealam to kill us. What an ungrateful, greedy, never happy, never enough lot. Now party time
    for them. Yama pallan sleeping with slimy indians.

    When we were with the Chinese, nobody asked for a separate state because China will never break up Sri Lanka.
    And also the west and the indians are scared of the mighty Chinese. So Sri Lanka was safe. Now the Sinhalese-
    hating, Sri Lanka-hating, Buddhism-hating YAMA PALLAN at the driving seat. So it is party time for the traitor

  3. Nimal Says:

    You must be aware of the disaster that is affecting the lives of the people in the island at this very moment.
    I am doing my best to do my part for the people there,by giving them 100s of heavy duty polythine sheets to lay on their venerable exposed land to stop water penetration that is causing the land slides.This is in Kandy and Kegalle areas where I have many known persons.
    Also in Kaduwala,close to Kalani river which is rising have flooded many houses that included a young relative of mine who has a transporting lorry yard, that is flooded with severe damage.He is using his several containers to house people and I have bought 4 80 foot containers and sent to that area where almost 80 people are sleeping in turn until similar number of containers are sent to that area.
    Plentiful food will be sent as much I could afford.My workers in UK have contributed enough money to buy 3 inflatable boats that will be frown from Singapore to night.
    In kandy one of my retaining wall has collapsed that will cost me over hundred thousand pounds and I have secure further earth slips by using more heavy duty polythine sheets.
    Reders! Please advise your friends and relative that live in hilly areas to secure their homes by covering the soil around the house with polythines to stop eathslips.
    This part of global warming and every one in the tropics must prepare for it.
    Stupid SL government had a monopoly over sand mining by baning people harvesting the sand from the river that had made river shallow and these rivers oare over flowing.Present Prez was responsible for this racket where he and his close associates were allowed to extract thev sand.Sdaly our leaders good at exploting the disasters for their own benifit without finding a solution,truly heatless scoundrals.
    Partiots must do what they can to help people back home.
    My land is secure with the use of polythine sheets and the rain water is cascading down without going in to the soil.Report I just got.

  4. Asanga Says:

    Nimal, thank you for your great service to our fellow countrymen in this hour of need.

    I hope that you will have no further damage to your personal property over there.



  5. Cerberus Says:

    When the Sri Lanka forces liberated the 300,000 civilians the Tamils ran into the arms of the soldiers like children running into the arms of their parents. The soldiers in turn treated them will all kindness. They carried the old and sick on their shoulders, gave them their own lunch packets and bottles of water, and many soldiers died trying to save the Tamils.

    What a lot our forces sacrificed for Tamils. Nearly 27,000 died and about 23,000 lost their limbs, eyes and have to live out the rest of their lives in disabled states. Yet today the Tamil civilians have forgotten all that and are listening to their leaders who are guiding them towards another Eelam war.

    The Tamil leaders only want power, and are not interested in the welfare of the ordinary Tamils. The NPC council had not spent almost 80% of the money President Mahinda Rajapaksa had allocated in 2014 because they wanted to show the West that they were ill treated. When India acquires the North and East or the whole of Sri Lanka, they will then impose the casteism which Tamils got away from by coming to Sri Lanka. The Tamils who call themselves Vellalas will be back to their schedule caste.

    The recent celebrations in the North show a large map of Eelam on the stage. See https://youtu.be/qBZ_8tcvqBY

    This shows the coming color. Get ready for Eelam war V. While the idiot my3 keeps trying to appease the Tamils and RW keeps trying to hand the nation back to the West the country is going down the tubes economically. Since 2015 Jan 9 nothing new has been done other than chasing after MR trying to find him and his entire family guilty of something or another. Local Govt elections have not been held and will not be held until my3 has given the West and India what was promised to them for getting rid of MR. The new constitution will have a Federal State for the Tamils in the North, East and in the Center. We should have done it in the first place instead of killing our young soldiers.

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