Shameless Mollycoddles attempt to erase the importance of the Victory Day
Posted on May 17th, 2016

By : A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

  • Terrorist elements commemorate fallen terrorists today with the blessings of the government
  • NGO vultures demand for an end to holding Victory Day functions
  • Government says there would be no more victory or military parades to celebrate the defeat of the LTTE
  • Slain tigers are our own people – Karunasena Hettiarachchi

7 years ago, on a day like today, our gallant forces vanquished the world’s ruthless terrorist outfit militarily and thus liberated and unified the country. We must be grateful to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who ended this 30 years of this war with his determined dedication as the Commander in Chief, organizing a Victory Day celebration in Kurunegala when the government genuflecting before the separatist elements making all efforts to erase the significance of the Victory Day on the behest of Tamil diaspora, hegemonic India and the western powers.

Tiger terrorist elements are daringly on the rise in the North and East and making every effort to intensify communalism in the North and East and revive the LTTE. The terrorist websites Tamil Guardian and TamilNet report of elaborate arrangements being carried out with regard to a week’s commemoration events which also included a cross party event held at the British Parliament.

The week of events has commenced on 12 May in Jaffna, with the lighting of the remembrance flame. The flame in memory of those killed at Mullivaikal was lit by Northern Provincial Councillor M K Shivajilingam the brother-in-law of the slain megalomaniac terrorist leader Prabhakaran  and the NPC Agriculture Minister P. Aynkaranesan at Chemmani  in Jaffna. Northern Provincial Councillor P.Gajatheepan also participated at the event.

TamilNet says that Elected councillors of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC), former members of civic bodies, militant-turned political parties in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the Tamil National Peoples’ Front (TNPF) are engaged in organizing memorial events in what they call the country of Eezham Tamils amidst recently renewed threats and harassments against former Tamil fighters. The NPC Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran has called for all sections of religious dignitaries and political representatives to attend the memorial event organized by the NPC on 18 May (today) at Mu’l’livaaykkaal School.

Mr. Shivajilingam has told TamilNet that by remembering those killed at various massacres throughout the Tamil homeland on Mu’l’ivaaykkaal Remembrance Week, the Tamils are passing a message to the global humanity that these massacres were all part of a systematic genocide against the Eezham Tamils,

The dollar voracious NGO vulture and the well known Sinhala Tiger Jehan Perera who escorted delegations to Geneva to support the tiger terrorists and carry concocted tales to the international community about human rights violations by the Sri Lankan security forces and intensively worked for defaming the Sri Lankan forces during the war period in his weekly article to the Island” this week (17th May) has  blamed the government of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the commemoration of war victory with military parades and narrow ethnic nationalistic speechmaking catering to ethnic majority sentiments and injuring the sentiments of the ethnic minorities. He also blames the previous government for taking action to ensure that there would be no commemoration of the LTTE or even of civilian loss of life even within places of religious worship

This Sinhala Tiger  commends Eunuch Sirisena for redefining May 19 as a Day of Remembrance marking what he says a significant break with the past.  He says that there is an improvement in the flexibility of the government and that the government is making a dedicated effort to take the country in the direction of national reconciliation and the excessive use of this anniversary to promote narrow ethnic nationalist sentiment amongst the Sinhalese people is detrimental to national reconciliation.

Completely ignoring the sufferings and destructions caused to the Sri Lankan people, by his tiger terrorist allies, this shameless Sinhala Tiger adds that the manner in which the war ended was traumatic for the Tamil people and in the last months of the war large numbers of Tamil people perished including large numbers of civilians

He also states that what happened in Sri Lanka was a civil war that ended, of citizen against citizen, and not a war against a foreign foe. Commending the government, he adds that the new government has been making a commendable effort to touch the hearts and minds of the Tamil people while also winning over to it the international support that the previous government so badly lost.

Meanwhile, the Defense Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi has said that there would be no more victory or military parades to celebrate the defeat of the LTTE and that decision had been taken as part of a long-term plan to achieve reconciliation among all ethnic groups in the country. He has said that the government would conduct only a commemoration opposite the war heroes memorial at the parliament ground followed by a cultural show named ‘the footsteps of reconciliation’ (Sanhindiyawe Piya Satahan) at the Independence Square in the evening.

Hettiarachchi has also stated that the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was the Commander-in-Chief when the war was successfully concluded would not be invited to the commemoration ceremony or the cultural show.

Answering a query why the government would not conduct a victory or military parades to celebrate the date, he has said that such celebrations were a barrier to reconciliation the country was achieving as it would hurt the feelings of one ethnic group.

The shameless Hettiarachchi has further stated that the slain tigers are our own people and has questioned to whether it is morally right to hold victory celebrations. He has also stated that anyone in the North or South could organize events to commemorate those who died in the war, and has asked how can we describe those events as LTTE celebrations and has said that the government had not banned such events. It is indeed shame to find that this person who holds the most important Ministry Secretary post in the country is unaware of what is happening in the country.  May be he also comes to know about things from the newspapers if it was published in the newspapers similar to Eunuch Sirisena.  It should be recommended for him at least to read the websites published by the pro-tiger terrorist outfits if he does not get information from the intelligence services.

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  1. NAK Says:

    LTTE Tigers were Eelamists,not Sri Lankans.Therefore they can not be our people.

    Hettiarachchi however cuts a pathetic picture trying to make ‘his masters voice’!

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