Posted on May 26th, 2016

Priya Batugahage

It is so sad to see the plight of innocent people who are suffering from the natural disaster which hit Sri Lanka, which is supposed to be the result of dashing of coconuts at the places of worship by the members of the Joint Opposition, according to the statemet made by the Prime Minister in the Parliament the other day. Whether right or wrong, with this statement the PM has admitted that the people too have the means to get the Gods reacted against those who do not heed the will of the people.

It can be argued that Tsunami was a much bigger disaster,  because of its death toll was much higher. Tsunami effected only the coastal areas, while this effected the entire country. Even though the North, East & Uva where Tamils & Muslims are the majority, did not feel the effect that much, the rest of the country suffered an immeasurable damage.

The Government, while saying that they were smart enough to get a Natural Disaster Insurance Cover for Rs. one Billion, with which they can rebuild entire damaged infrastructure, the Finance Minister is seeking Foreign Disaster Loans up to $2-3 Billion.

Whatever it is, I too believe that this is a natural disaster due to the CURSE of the GODS above, due to different reasons.  Since 2005 Rajapakse regime did all that is possible to end the 30 year old war with the LTTE Terrorists, that was making the entire nation suffer with death and distruction, and brought peace to the country within three years. As soon as they finished the war,  they saw the need to set up modern infrastructure to uplift the living standarads of the people and launched a development campaign, that included Shopping Malls, Jogging Tracks, Water Parks, properly paved rural roads etc. in additin to other mega projects all over the county, for the benefit of the general public, so that they could lead a contented peaceful life, which no other leader in Sri Lanka did, in the recent history.

Did our Sinhalese pay any gratitude for the services renderd to them, by these great leaders?
NO. Did they at least appreciate what was given to them by that Government for their own benifit? NO. Then what did they do?  Instead, they just swallowed the diabolical lies spread by Ranil, Mangala & Chandrica, the unholy trio, together with some Western NGOs, using the Geobbles Theory, who were on a mission to Change the Regime to fulfil the aims of their Western Masters, and getting paid hundreds of millions of Dollars from them. They made false allegations against Rajapakses, without even an iota of credible evidence, and insulted, rediculed and chased them away.

Probably the Gods above may have got angry for the indecent behavior of these ungrateful, gullible and naive Sinhalese. Those who helped to bring this unholy Yahapaalana Government, never appreciated what they received for their own benifit. They didn’t even look after and maintain what they got, but instead went on destroying some of it.  Because of this reason, it is no wonder if the Gods created this natutral disaster, to distroy everything that was given by the Rajapakse regime, because these Sinhales do not deserve those.

I do not think this Government will be in a position to put these projects back to the original position in the foreseeable future, due to two reasons. First, is that they do not want the Rajapakses to get the Credit for it, even if it is a loss to the masses.They do not care.  Secondly, they do not have the resources to do it. So even the innocent people who never had any hand in it will have to remain in this mud hole for a considerable period of time, as long as this Yahapaalana Government is in power.

These Sinhalese must suffer the Wrath of Gods !

2 Responses to “IS  IT  THE  WRATH  OF  GODS ?”

  1. Kumari Says:

    Priya, I agree with you. Rajapakse getting only 58% of the vote in 2010 too showed the ungrateful nature of the Sri Lankans.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Blaming people for politicians’ defeat is unwise. The more people are blamed, the more they will move away from those politicians. If at gods punish, they punish the rich politicians, not poor people. Aranayaka, the most affected area, voted more for Mahinda, not Sirisena.

    The 2004 tsunami killed more Tamils followed by Muslims. Mulaitivu, Trincomalee and Ampara are the worst affected areas due to them facing the front of the tsunami. LTTE controlled areas suffered most. No media reports exist. These areas didn’t get sufficient aid either and PTOMS was blocked for good reasons. TRO that collected money for relief work misused part of the funds resulting its ban. That totally ruined the lives of tsunami affected people in LTTE controlled areas. Some politicians became rich thanks to the tsunami disaster.

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