Asoka Weerasinghe responds to Sunil Mahattaya
Posted on May 29th, 2016

Asoka Weerasinghe Ottawa

Kindly permit me to answer to Response 9 by Sunil Mahattaya recorded on May 26th, 2016 @ 7:05 AM, to my response to Canada’s Prime Minister willing to assist Sri Lanka address serious violations of International law during the war”.   

  1. You said:”stop picking on Canada’s PM in a tirade that seems to be blown out of proportion”.

Sunil, you amaze me. I don’t see it that way at all.  Here is Canada’s top politician who has no clue what Canada did to Sri Lanka during that island’s 27-long years of haemorrhaging due to the Tamil Tiger terrorist Eelam War.

Here’s what they did. His Liberal Party let the Tamil Diaspora collect 2 million dollars each month for 13 years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest to buy sophisticated war weapons to kill my innocent unarmed Sinhalese people – infants plucked from Mother’s breasts, pregnant mothers, novice Buddhist monks, farmers and fishers sleeping in their adobe huts after a hard day’s work, and kids who went to bed hoping to run out with a ball to play with their buddies on a dew-studded morning.  All snuffed out by these Tamil Tigers with guns and bullets bought out of Canadian dollars.  This is sickening and serious business Sunil, and I don’t think I had blown the issue out of proportion.

That bit of information, I hope Justine Trudeau packed into his memory archival bank to retrieve and digest it before he assumes such rubbish that we Canadians have a right to aid and abet serial killers to massacre other country citizens and then say to their Government, Hey! We can assist Sri Lanka to address serious violations of International law during the war notwithstanding that we were the ones who created the problem in the first place.”  If not for the war weapons bought with Canadians dollars, the Tamil Tigers wouldn’t have truck-bombed, shot, claymore mined and killed innocent unarmed civilians in the thousands.  Mind you, one-third of the annual operating funds of the Tamil Tigers came from Canada.   So what are you griping about, Sunil?

  1. A tirade” you said. It indeed was.  It was, Lesson 101: Introduction to how Canada aided and abetted the Eelam War to separate that island sovereign nation into two in favour of the Tamils seeking their votes in the Greater Toronto Area.

 My knife cuts both ways and not one way, Sunil. My tirade” also told him that the other two of the Trio of  anti-Sri Lanka International culprits were India and Norway.  It was an educational learning curve for Justin Trudeau how foreign political parties seek votes from adopted refugee minority groups in their countries, and Canada was a classic text book example of this, for Justin Trudeau.  It was a cruel domestic policy of ‘You scratch my back and I will scratch your back so give me your vote!”  If political honesty is the way of thinking by Justin Trudeau, then he should have been willing to address Canada’s involvement in the serious violations of international law during Sri Lanka’s Eelam War when we decided to interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs like a lily-white goodie-two-shoes.  The fact is that every one of the 34 million Canadians have a film of Sinhala blood rubbed on their palms on that day when Canada let the Tamils cut a cheque in a Bank in Vancouver in 1994 to buy explosives from a Ukraine Chemical Factory for their truck bomb which brought down the Central Bank Building in the Fort on 31 January 1996 killing 114 people and maiming for life another 1338.  And on 25th January 1998 used the same Ukraine explosives to bomb the entrance of the Dalada Maligawa killing 12 Buddhist devotees. That is how despicable we Canadians were.  So Sunil don’t admonish me for my pointing out these facts as they ate into my heart and soul and you got my goat with you challenging me on my response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his statement  of wanting to help Sri Lanka.  And that is how the cookie crumbles.

Sunil, since 24 July 1983, my Mission has been to see that No one, absolutely no Canadian, Prime Ministers and all  hurt my Motherland, Sri Lanka, unfairly and tarnish its good image…And that is the bottom line and they have heard my voice clearly as the ding-dong sound of a Buddhist village temple bell on a Poya Day, and there  will be no apologies from me to anyone for my wanting to Stand on guard for thee Mother Lanka!” and exposing the Truth on this Tamil Tiger terrorist Eelam War and the surreptitious support for the Tamil Tigers by the Canadian government and her parliamentarians from all three major parties..

  1. ”Where were you when the likes of Paul Martin, Maria Minna and co openly supported the LTTE…” you asked.

Well Sunil, I was right here in Ottawa and working during the day, a stone’s throw away from Parliament’s Center Block.  I was in the thick of it, and I am no Johnny-Come-Lately-Sinhalese-Canadian.

You certainly would not have seen me running in my sneakers down Kent Street trying to get out of town on 9 June 1987, when the Tamil separatists threatened to bomb the 15 storey building because I was working for a Federal Government Department on the 14th floor.  Not me. I don’t run away from issues that easily.  The Tamil separatists in Canada have found that one out too.

Did I react  when Paul Martin and Maria Minna and nine Liberal back benchers supported a Tamil Tiger fund raiser organized by FACT,  by devouring a $60 -a- plate of ooos…ooos-hot kukul-muss curry, dhal curry, coconut sambol and rice”, on 6 May 2000 in Toronto?  Of course, I did react.

When the Canadian Alliance Public Safety Shadow Cabinet Minister, Stockwell Day was shouted down as a Racist” by Paul Martin during Question Period for questioning him for patronizing a Tamil Tiger Fund Raiser,  Day’s Executive Assistant called me asking me to back Day.  And I did as we were on the same page on this Patronage of the Tamil Tigers by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. When my letter about it appeared in The Ottawa Citizen, I had an early morning call from Day’s EA saying Asoka, your letter is in.”

Sunil you asked me. ‘Where were you when the likes of Paul Martin, Maria Minna….”  Now you know I was not hiding under a table nor was I hiding behind a door.  Nor did I turn my back on Sri Lanka.  I was in the thick of it.

Sunil, perhaps you may wish to read, the 28 July 2000’s The Island (Sri Lanka) the reply by Asoka Weerasinghe to Wanted A Canadian Pro-Lanka lobby sans parochialism”; The EMBASSY of August 29, 2006 – Grits have little right to preach to the Tories on Sri Lanka, and  Lankaweb of November 12, 2006: FACT FINDING in Sri Lanka, my letter to Ambassador Allan Rock,  and my presentation to Parliament’s Sub-Committee of the Departments of Justice and Public Safety on the Anti Terrorism Act (Bill C36).  All these exposed Paul Martin and Maria Minna as Tamil Tiger supporters and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party’s hypocrisy.

Sunil, I have never been a Johnny-Come-Lately character when it comes to going after the Canadian parliamentarians who have the gall and temerity to tell Sri Lanka, We are Holier than Thou”.  That’s a barrel of smelly Jardi.  I won’t believe them, nor will I fall for that calculated cunning.

  1. ”… which you sound like a pack of hounds seeking blood over a petty issue that seem to have little relevance to the greater cause of respecting the Head of State,” you said.

My goodness, Sunil, this is heavy stuff.  There was nothing petty about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement for Sri Lanka.  It  was more hypocrisy than anything else, not being honest not recognizing Canada’s involvement in supporting Tamil Tiger terrorism  in Sri Lanka and their wanting them to establish their mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state  Eelam by dissecting Sri Lanka into two.  I don’t have to tell you how Canada was shivering in her boots when Quebec wanted to separate from the rest of Canada.  Surely what is good for the goose should be good for the gander.  All of Canada did not want Quebec to separate.

And you are telling me that I sounded like a member of a pack of hounds seeking blood over a petty issue…”

Sunil, if you think that Asoka Weerasinghe should have stood in a corner of his den sucking  on his thumb watching former and present Canadian  MPs, the likes of Paul Martin, Maria Minna, Derek Lee, Jim Karygiannis,  John Baird, Deepak Obhrai, Judy Sgro, Albina Guaneiri, Rathika Sitsabaiesan, Paul Dewar, Patrick Brown, Paul Calandra, Stephen Harper,  and several others circling around my ‘Mother Lanka’ clawing for a pound of her flesh over lies of ‘Tamil Genocide’ and ‘Human Rights violations’, I will certainly be willing to let out a pack of hounds to save my ‘Mother Lanka’.   And if they want me to lead the pack, you bet, I will be happy to do so. It is that simple.  Sri Lanka doesn’t need that hog-wash and you got that one wrong about Asoka Weerasinghe.

And if you are seeking immunity for the son of Canada’s former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau for his empathy towards Sri Lanka, he certainly won’t get it from me with his questionable and disingenuous statements on Sri Lanka.  He will just have to earn it from me by being honest about Sri Lanka’s Eelam War and admit that Canada did wrong to Sri Lanka by supporting the separatist Tamils in Canada to break that island nation into two. I couldn’t care two prairie straws or two dead capelin on the shores of Middle Cove in Newfoundland if his honesty will lose the Tamil votes for the Liberals in the Greater Toronto Area.  It is the least of my concerns about Prime Minister Justine Trudeau and his Liberals. Let me tell you that my concern since 24 July 1983, has been to guard the good name of Sri Lanka and I will continue to do so any which way.

I hope you know by now where I am coming from on this Sri Lanka file and  that I am not a guy who would stand in the corner of a room in my home sucking on my thumb watching my ‘Mother Lanka’ being bashed, bludgeoned, spat at and squished under a foot of a  separatist Tamil.  I will jump in with both feet to guard her as I have done many times in Canada.  It is that simple.

Sunil Mahattaya, thanks for your comments and I am glad that you asked those questions.


Asoka Weerasinghe


5 Responses to “Asoka Weerasinghe responds to Sunil Mahattaya”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Asoka Weerasinghe and Ira de Silva have been Sri Lankan patriots through and through. Throughout the Terrorist was he was a lone voice, knowledgeable and brave one from Canada along with Ira de Silva in countering Tamil Racist propaganda.

    Justine Trudeau is a Catholic. He takes his marching orders from the Vatican. His tirade against Sri Lanka would be a carbon copy of a Papal Bull form the Vatican. Their interests bring mutual benefits – for Justin Trudeau a place in heaven and the Canadian Premiership, for the Vatican – the successor to the Bloody (Holy) Roman Empire – their declared intent to Evangelise Asia in the 21st Century.

    Suni Mahattaya please choose well who you are throwing stones at!

  2. Sarath W Says:

    Is Sunil Mahattya a Tiger in Lion’s clothing? Is that his real name? Those of us who are regular readers of Lanka Web know how loyal and a brave son of Lanka Asoka is. He always write well researched articles with a lot of facts and figures defending Sri Lanka although he left the country a long time ago.

  3. Nihal Perera Says:


    This idiot, Sunil Mahattaya whoever he is, doesn’t seem to understand how Canada under Liberal watch helped LTTE associations to collect millions of $$’s through various government grants, in order to secure Tamil votes for their party.

    Not only that, the previous Liberal governments of Chretian and Paul Martin looked the other way, allowing LTTE to collect millions which directly funded the war in Sri Lanka.

    These ignorant idiots like Sunil Mahattay don’t have a clue how few Sinhala patriots like Asoka, Daya, Ira, Mahinda, and Jaliya through their respective associations counter attacked Tamil propaganda, and tried to educate Canadian politicians and the public for the last 30 years.

    I get pissed when these idiots start blabbering without knowing the facts…!

  4. helaya Says:

    Asoka, Good response. I do not know what world this guy is living. I can say is he is an idiot.

  5. Sooriarachi Says:

    Thank you Asoka for pushing back to the wall these ignorant stone throwers and trying to keep them honest.
    When people like you who are grateful to the country that gave a free education and a good grounding to survive in the wider world, and are now trying to give back something, trying to protect the interest of Sri Lanka, by educating or taking to task those foreign leaders, who are conveniently allowing to be misled by a heavily funded Tamil Tiger Terrorists machine, it is sad to see people like Sunil Mahattaya coming out to contradict, criticise and demoralise you, possibly to halt you from the yeoman service you are rendering by countering Tiger false propaganda.

    Though it may not make much of a difference answering these critics who may have their own private agenda, nevertheless, it is commendable, you sacrificed your time to answer Sunil Mahataya’s unbelievable statements, which I could categorise as ignorance plus plus.

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