Posted on June 4th, 2016

Ranjith Soysa Media Spoekman For Global Sri Lankan Forum

1 st June 2016 .

Within a very short period of seven years, the politicians have forgotten that they are today living in peace, in particular in the North and the East provinces because of the sacrifices of the heroic armed forces. The NPC Chief Ministers Wigneswaran and EPC Chief Minister Nazeer can hold portfolios because of the supreme sacrifices made by Armed Forces. These politicians would never have carried out their political activities freely and independently if not for the armed forces who wiped out the LTTE Tamil terrorism in the North and the East.

Seven years after the elimination of Tamil terrorism, those who feared the LTTE are coming out roaring like wounded tigers at the Rana Viruvo who created the opportunity for them to exercise the very freedom of expression. We, at Global Sri Lankan Forum- GSLF, will stand up against all parties and individuals who direct pot shots at the Armed Forces.

Unfortunately, some of those who laughed at Rana Viruvo when victory was within their reach are presently ruling the country perhaps with an anti-Rana Viruvo mind set.

The recent verbal attack of the NPC Chief Minister on the defense forces, trespassing of SLA camp by the Opposition Leader; pro-LTTE Tamil political party TNA leader R Sampanthan and his unruly followers, frequent abuses by NPC Chief Minister who is promoting separatism would not have occurred if the present government had taken the appropriate action at the appropriate time. GSLF, strongly believe, no such aggression towards the armed forces would have taken place if a far thinking leadership ruled the country.

Over 30,000 men mainly from the armed forces sacrificed their lives including tens of thousands who were disabled for life in the war against the Tamil terror not to enable a few power hungry politicians to hand over the country on a platter to the separatists again.

These incidents should not to be viewed in isolation. Some of the politicians are presently behaving in a manner not acceptable to the healthy functioning of democratic governance presumably at the dictates of the interfering foreign politicians, INGOs and LTTE fronts. In this connection the GSLF wishes to seek answers for following:

1. Why are the strategic entry points and the land areas which are important for the Nation’s defense are being selectively targeted to be handed over without giving consideration to the national security issues?

2. Why are some of the intelligence defense personnel being locked up without any valid legal reason?

3. Why did the government downgrade the military victory to a cultural show while allowing LTTE sympathizers to hold remembrance ceremonies when it was clearly for them to mourn LTTE terrorists?

In view of above, while strongly condemning the rude and the brutish behavior of EPC Chief Minister of SLMC towards the heroic armed force member(s) Global Sri Lankan Forum requests the government to take serious action against the EP’s Chief Minister Naseer Ahmed and take necessary but effective and meaningful action to protect the dignity of the Rana Viruvo and the Nation.

Your Sincerely,
Ranjith Soysa
Media Spoekman For Global Sri Lankan Forum


  1. stanley perera Says:

    30,000 men are all Sinhala Buddhists. No catholic, Muslim or Tamil fought with Sri Lankan armed forces. That Rana is a traitor. Sira is a patholaya, yes man to Rana. God save my Lanka.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sudusu aya are governing the nation now;
    Nusudusu aya need not comment.
    They don’t matter at all!

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    I quote from this article,
    “Unfortunately, some of those who laughed at Rana Viruvo when victory was within their reach are presently ruling the country perhaps with an anti-Rana Viruvo mind set” – end of quote.

    I agree with this sentiment, but to be precise, these unpatriotic elements committed this cardinal sin when the armed forces launched their final battle (now we know), starting with Marvilaru, capture of Thoppigala but still the final outcome not known. Had these unpatriotic elements were successful in demoralising the armed forces and brought the masses to the streets to support the stop the war campaign engineered by enemy forces, then we’ll be still battling a ruinous war.

    Which means people like Wigneswaran, Nazeer, Sirisena, Sampanthan and most of us, would have been stopped in our tracks with bullets, before entering the Tiger controlled regions like the North.

    Also, what bothers me most is, why the chief man who was laughed at during the conflict, General Sarath Fonseka is today grovelling at the feet of these men and women who ridiculed, insulted and demoralised him and his forces at most critical stages of the conflict. Then why are those like the JHU and JVP and a section of the former regime, who supported the armed forces to rescue the Tamil hostages and liberate the entire nation from Tamil Tiger terrorists, are today marching hand in hand with the TNA and other Tiger supporters?
    So what’s going on??????????

  4. ranjit Says:

    Hitan and Run-nil made Srilanka upside down and now nobody knows what will happen to us next with these jokers in the yahapalanaya.The ehole set up is purely to get rid of Rajapaksas from politics as advised by Americans and Indians. These two jokers are taking our country to hell with their stupid actions. Ten different leaders tell ten different things and everything has become a jokers paradise. If we go on like this many Srilankans will leave the country searching for new life elswhere in this peaceful world. How can anybody work with such fools and traitors. People in high places are afraid to take decisions because of F..CID and other threats by the current rulers. When you have brainless, brain washed, brain damage rulers ruling the country what good can you expect? Heroes were treated like beggars while beggars (politicians) were treated like heroes. This is Srilanka today HELL HOLE!!!!!

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Looks like time to complain is past now for those who love our motherland. It is time for action commencing with widespread civil disobedience overthrow the usurpers. If not one day we will wake up to find that we no longer have a place to call our own.

    In the North and East they are trying to carve a separate kingdom for Tamils and Muslims. In the rest of the country it is free for all with Sinhalese left in askance for they have no clout either monetarily or administratively to counter the land being bought over for worthless rupees.

    Time for another Dutu Gamunu is at hand.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    A life supportive way to Save Lanka would be to join in with other countries on REVERSING Climate Change which affects the entire world – all rich & poor nations are affected by Climate Change. Tiny country, Bhutan has started out on that mission as the glaciers there are melting fast.

    If sincere re Saving Lanka, Yahap can organise this mass movement. All in Lanka’s Armed Forces can join in this mission plus the JO and all political parties.

    No amount of mere money will save any nation from Climate Change, once the tipping point is long passed. Now is the time to act, fast.

    It is a matter of life and death, as the recent floods proved it.

  7. plumblossom Says:

    Yesterday, the third largest arms storage facility of the Sri Lankan Army went up in flames. Is this sabotage by the Yahapalanaya Government itself to weaken our Armed Forces? Weapons worth millions of US dollars went up in flames. Was Ranil, Sirisena, CBK, Mangala, RAW, the US, the UK, the EU, Norway, Sweden, Canada behind this? Is this to weaken our Armed Forces so that the TNA separatist terrorists can get what they want via constitutional changes i.e. Eelam?

    A great danger facing Sri Lanka is the proposed constitutional changes. UNP MPs frequently come on discussion forums on TV and state that the policy of the UNP is maximum devolution of power within a unitary state. However, you cannot any longer call yourself a unitary state if you devolve too much power in the first place! Even now with the 13th amendment in force, Sri Lanka is no longer a unitary state. I would suggest that the Global Sri Lankan Forum write a press release suggesting that no more power should be devolved to the provincial councils than they have at present and especially not land, police and fiscal powers. The GSLF should demand unequivocally that North East Sri Lanka is definitely not a Tamil homeland as stated in the 13th amendment but the homeland of firstly the Sinhala Buddhists (as per the history and archaeology of the island) and subsequently and at present the homeland of all the people of Sri Lanka in total. The GSLF should absolutely demand this change be brought on as part of the13th amendment. The clause in the 13th amendment which says that any two provinces can be merged should also be deleted.

    GSLF, please write a press release and release this to the Sri Lankan press immediately before Ranil, Sirisena, CBK and Managla bring on a federal constitution (disguised as ‘unitary’) with extremely wide powers with the North East being merged (effectively an Eelam) as what the TNA separatist terrorists, the US imperialists, the UK, the EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India wants.

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