New Constitution and the myth of Eelam.
Posted on June 12th, 2016

L.K.N.PERERA  ( LL,B  Cey ) Advocate,  Labour  Consultant, Ex Judicial  Officer. Ex President- Lanka  Academic  Association. Vice  President- Seruwila   Chaityawardena  Samithiya

New  Constitution  and  the myth of  Eelam.

                  Opposition  leader  Mr Sambandan’s  recent   justification  of  LTTE’s   struggle  to  form   an  Elam  State  and  the    unanimously passed  resolution  in the  Northern Provincial   Council  to  form   an autonomous  state in  North and East  Provinces ,  need  immediate   attention  of    peace  loving  members  of  all  communities.  At the same  time it Is reported that  terrorist  leaders  such as  Nagulan who are responsible  for  mass  murders  and  who  were   believed   to be  killed  in  the  last  war,  are  now surfacing  one by  one.      Also   it is reported that the  Labour  Party  in  England  has already  given assurance to  Tamil Diaspora  that  they  will  support  for self determination  for a separate  state.

                  It is  unfortunate that none of  our academics  in  our Universities  who are paid by public  funds  and  who are more qualified to answer  this  baseless  Eelam  theory   have failed to respond Mr Sambandan and  Wigneswaran    up to  date. Also  the  learned members of  Sri Lanka  Branch   of Royal  Asiatic  Society  have   paid  no attention  to  this  important  issue .  The more  unfortunate  factor  is  that   leaders  of   Hela Urumaya  or National  Freedom  Front  who undertook  to  protect  the interests of  Sinhalese  have  failed to expose   the  bogus  nature  of  the Eelamist’s claim   for a separate  state  and the  International  Community  is  made unaware  of the  actual  history  of  this country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                           On a careful  examination  of  Mr   Sambandan ’s   justification  and approval  of  LTTE  activities,  it is quite  clear  that  it  is an approval  of  Prabakaran’s  inhuman   terror campaign that  existed  for  the  last  thirty years . The  irony  is  that  he  has forgotten the misery  of  his own  people during the war. 

                            Undoubtedly  by such irrational  statements   Mr Sambandan

 approves ,     

  1. a) the killing  of  thousands  innocent  civilians  by  bomb attacks . 
  2. b) the attack on the sacred temple of  tooth relic at  Kandy 

C )the attack  on  innocent Buddhist  Pilgrims and killing  of 200  pilgrims   at the  sacred   Jayasirimaha Bo  tree at  Anuradapura.

  1. D) the keeping of camps in which  thousands of  Tamils who opposed to Prabakaran’s  tyranny were inhumanly treated and killed.

E )Killing of  600  Police Officers  who  surrendered during  Premadasa Regime. 

  1. F) Not only that by his above justification he  approves  the brutal  killing of  his   own  leader  late  Mr  Amirthalingam and  the killing of Indian PM Rajive Gandi and  Sri Lankan President  Premadasa .
  1. G) Killing of Politicians like  Dureiappah  and   civilians   like  Dr Rajini Thiranagama  who was  gun  down  by   her own  pupils . Those  murderers   must  be  having  luxury  livings  as members of the noble medical  Profession  by  now  .

              At a time the  present  government  is   probing into  activities of Intelligence   Units  in  Army  who brought peace  to  all the communities  in  Sri Lanka , surely  it is  the  government’s  duty to probe  into   atrocities  of   LTTE  too and  bring   all those  who  are  responsible  for  those  mass  inhuman  murders,  in order to  bring   peace  to  Sri Lanka.  So that  extremists  of  both  sides   will not  be able  to  set  fire  to  Sri Lanka .  Also  it  is  the duty to  probe  into the  killings  of   brutal  murders  of   important  figures  like  Mr Amirthalingam,  and  Dr. Rajini   Senior Lecturer  of Medical Faculty  of  Jaffna  as one of the  first  steps  in bringing  peace  to  Sri Lanka . 

                 When  one  peruse  the  role of  Mr Sambandan  in  Seventies  as elicited in   Sansoni  Commission  Report ,  Mr  Sambandan’s  justification  of terrorists activities  is  nothing  new  to  him.  He  is one of  the  leaders  who  advocated  violence to Tamil  youth in seventies  as  revealed   in  Sansoni  Commission Inquiry Report.   Leaders  like  him  were always  behind  the  atrocities committed by  LTTE.  They tacitly  approved   the bomb blasts. They  tacitly approved  mass  murders. They  never condemned   such activities in those days. 

                          However before dealing with the question whether Eelam is a myth or not,   I would like  to  pose  the  under mentioned questions  to be  answered by   Mr Sambandan or Mr Wigneswaran  or Higher Ranks  of  TNA  or TULF  to  any  educated member   of  the  Tamil  Diaspora  or  even  Jayalalitha   or  Karunanidi   to  and  justify their  Tamil Eelam Theory.

                      1)   If  Tamils   had  their  own kingdoms  in  North  and  East  please explain  as to why  Robert Knox   who was arrested in    Kottiar ( near Trincomalee ) ,  was   handed  over  to  Kandiyan King  instead  of  taking him  to  Jaffna the  so  called  Capital of  Eelam.

                      2)   What  have you  got  to say  about  Wallipuram Gold Plaque which  categorically  confirms  that  Sinhalese King  named Wasaba  was   ruling  Jaffan  too  even  before  2nd Century   BC.  

                      3)  What  have  you got to say  about  three  Buddhists Pagodas  in Delft  Island and   Buddah Foot  Prints  and  caskets  found  in  Jaffna Peninsula  and  kept at Jaffna Museum   for  exhibition.

                       4)  What have you  to got to say  about  Kantharodaya Buddhist Temple at   Chunnakam. In Mahawamsa it is    described as  Kaduruboda Temple at Hunugama. .

                       5)   What  have you  got  to say about  historical  records   in  British  Museums  which  confirm  that most  of  the  Tamils  in North and East were  brought  to  Sri Lanka  by Dutch and  British for the purpose of  cultivation  of  Tobacco. Firstly  It is  the  Dutch  who  got down  Tamil workers  from  India  for  Tobacco  cultivation.  It is  the duty of the Government  to  publish  these  documents  even at this  later  stage.

                      6)     What  have you  got  to  say  about  King  Gajaba’s  wars  in  South India which   are  described  not only  in   Mahawamsa  but  in  South Indian Stone  Inscriptions  too. 

                      7)     What  have  you got to say  that when  Dutch captured  Jaffna, from Portuguese,   they went  to  Kandiyan King  for  legal title  and  entered into  a Treaty  called  Tennekumbura  Treaty in  the year 1766.

                       8)   What  have  you got say  about  ancientness  of    Sinhala  language  compared  to  Tamil  language   which  is said to  of  recent  origin as stated by Professor  Neelakanta Sastri. 

                       9)   What  have  you  got  to say  for  non  selection  of  Tamil  language   by  Americans  as  an  ancient  language  and the selection of  Sinhala Language  as one of  the oldest languages.  It is  appropriate to mention  here  that   Sinhala language   was selected  by them after critical examination   as  one  of   the  few  oldest  languages  in this world  and was  exhibited  in   moon.

                      10)  What have you got to  say  about ‘ Mahawamsa’ which is recognized  by  eminent  historians  all over the world  as the only book that describes a    continuous history of  a country   for  a  period of well over 2000 years.  One has to bear in mind  that  Mahawamsa  stories  are corroborated  by      Stone  Inscriptions  not only  in  Sri Lanka but in  South India too.

                       11)   What  have  you got to say  about  the book  on  ‘South Indian  History’ by  Professor  Neelakanta Sastri   who describes  the  history  of  South India with no reference whatsoever  to  a  Tamil  Homeland in  Sri Lanka.         

                     Origin of  Sinhala language   goes back  to Anglo Saxon  age.  Sinhala is an Indo Aryan Language  unlike  Tamil.  History  of    Sinhala  language   is divided  to  several  eras,  such as  present  day  Sinhala, Mediaeval   Sinhala and   Ancient  Sinhala  etc.  From that  it  goes  to  Prakrit,  Sanskrit  and to   Indo  Aryan  and  finally  to  Anglo  Saxon  family .   It  was  German Professor  Wilheldem  Gaiger  who  found  similarities  in   Sinhala and  German  languages.  Therefore  Sinhalese  have  an inborn   right  to  seek  assistance  from  UK and  Germany  to   protect  and save  their brethren  Sinhalese  from the  grip  of   Eelamist  Tamils who  have become a headache  to them also.                                        

                   Eelamist  claim  for  an   independent  state  or  province   is  based    on a  never  existed  Eelam  State.  The so called  Eelam  State  does not  have  any  historical  or archaeological evidence  in Sri Lanka or  in India.  It is  the  Tamil politicians  who  propagate  this  myth .   Stone  Inscriptions  found  in  the  North  and  East  are crystal clear  evidence that  it  was  Singhalese  kings  who  ruled  North and  East  areas in  our history . Portuguese  came  to  Sri Lanka  in  the  15th Century . Before   Portuguese  conquered  Jaffna,  It was  the  representatives  of   Kotte  Kings  who  ruled  Jaffna. Prince Sapumal  was the last  in  line  In the  year  1412 AD  became  the  last  Sinhalese  ruler in  Jaffna.     

                 If there were  Tamil  kingdoms  in North and  East  in  Sri Lanka  as claimed by  Mr. Sambandan,  surely  there  should  be  evidence   such as   Tamil  stone  inscriptions   to that effect. Not only  that  there should be  archaeological   evidence.  One has to bear in  mind  that there  is  not  a  single  piece  of  an  archaeological  evidence    regarding  the so  called  Tamil  kingdoms in North  and  East.   Whereas  the  very existence  of  Three Dagobas  in Delft Island  is a clear proof that  there existed  Singhalese  kingdoms   even beyond  Jaffna   from immemorial  time. 

                  The  most  unreasonable  factor  in  this  Eelam theory  is  that  Tamils  should have a  separate homeland  in  north and east  provinces  just  because  they  are  the present day  majority .  At the same  time ,  under this theory  they also  have the sacred  right to  live  any  part of  Sri Lanka.  But   the  Sinhalese  have no  such  right  to  live  in  North and  East. The  end result is  that  Sinhalese  should  live  in South   only.  That  too  along with  Tamils and  Muslims.   The other obnoxious  factor  in  this  theory  is   that  Eelamists   do not  speak about  a  homeland  for  Sinhalese  who  are   the original inhabitants in this Island.  The fact that  Sinhalese    have  a  well established  continued  history  for  a  period  well  over  Two  Thousand  Five Hundred  ( 2500) years  has been completely  ignored  by the  founders   of this so called  Eelamist  theory. 

                     Primarily  It was  late Mr S.J.V Chelvanayakam  who  propagated this  myth  among  the  Tamils  while  ignoring  historical  rights  of  Singhalese   to  the  North  and  East. He paid  no  attention  what so ever  to  archaeological  evidence  manifestly available in those  two provinces.  His only consideration  was  the  majority  number of  Tamils  living  in  those  two provinces.  Moderates  like Dureiappa   Mayor of  Jaffna  were  gunned  down  at the very beginning   with the blessings of  TULF leaders. Other  leaders of Tamil Community   such  as  Amirtalingamm  Sivasubraminum and  Sambandan  followed  Chelvanayakam   while  knowing  very well  that  their    claim  for  an independent  state  in  North and  East  has  no  justifiable historical  basis.  They  based their  Eelamist   theory  mainly  on  the   majority number of   Tamils  living in  North and  East. Present day  Population was  the only  criteria  that mattered  . It is unfortunate  none of    Sinhala  leaders,   have challenged   these  Tamil  leaders for   them  to  justify  their   claim.  Instead  of  that,  all  leaders   in  successive  governments  have  granted  their  demands  one by one   and   JR Government  went  into  the extent   by accepting  that  North  and  East  as  their  traditional  homelands  while  ignoring  rights  of  Sinhalese  in those two  provinces.    

                The  following  passage  of  an  article  written by Mr  Sivasidambaram  one time  President  of TULF shows  as  to  how  they  justified  Tamil  Eealm  State in North and  East  Provinces.  His position  is  that  by becoming  majority   in  an  area, such area   could  be named  as  a  homeland.

                      In Sunday Observer 0n 26th September 1993  Late  Mr  Sivasidamparam  President TULF  said  ‘’   It is also  significant  to  note People in Jaffna, Vavunia, Mannar   Batticoloa  and Trincomalee  voted for  the candidates  of  Tamil Parties.  Ie the  Tamil Congrees, The Federal Party and TULF.  In the face of all  these  a  person  with even the   meanest  intelligence will  accept  that  North and East  are   the  Traditional Homelands of  the  Tamils and  Muslims

                    The irony  is  that  during  his  lifetime  Muslims  were  chased  out  from  North by Prbakaran  for which   Mr Sivasidambaram  or Mr Sambandan or  any  other leader  in TULF   had   no comments .  

                           Needless to  say  that  the so  called this Eelamist  theory is  a  draconian   theory .  It ignores  the  rights  of  other communities . For instance  under Eelamist   theory, surely   Muslims  in  Kashmir  Province  have  the right  demand   a  separate homeland in that  Province because  they  are  the  present  day  majority.  Sometime  later   in this  century  Tamils   in UK or  Canada  too  will   claim   that  they  have  a  right  to self determination  regarding    areas  they  predominantly  reside .   At this  rate In the next  few  decades  they  will   assert  their  rights  to  the  Towns  like  London or  Bermingham  of  UK   and   some  areas  in   Canada   as their  homelands, once  they  become  the  majority living in those  areas.

                     It is  unfortunate    that  both  the present  as well as former Government  machinery  have  failed to counter  these bogus  claims.   Professor G.L.Peiris  the  former  Foreign  Minister  is directly  responsible  for the  present  situation. He  failed  miserably    to   counter    this  false  propaganda  work  of    Tamil Diaspora at that time.    Instead of  countering  this  false  propaganda, he  was   having  only  pedagogue  talks during  his  period.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                    As a result  of  removing  the subject of  History  form  school syllabus  in Seventies    by  former  Prime  Minister   Mrs   Bandaranayake  on  the advise of  Mr Bardudeen Mohomed, the Minister of Education at that time,  today the  younger  generation  of   Sinhalese and Tamils  are   denied  of  learning  the  true  history . It is sad to say  that many of  Sri Lankans   irrespective of   their  community  are     unaware  of  the  true  history  of  this  country.    

                    The  myth  of  a  never existed  Eelam   State  propagated by  the  Tamil  Politicians  who   live in  luxury  in Colombo made the youth in  North to join  a  war.  Mr Sambandan, Amirthalingam, Senadirajah  were  in  the  fore front  of  their  hatred campaign  in seventies as reported   In  Sansoni  Commission Report.  However  one has to bear in  mind  that  not even  a single  child of  these  leaders   joined the war  and  died  in battle.  It is  the  ordinary  Tamil  youths  who  sacrificed  their  lives    at the  instigation  of  these  politicians . Sinhalese  politicians  as well as  Tamil  Politicians  almost  forced   the  Poor  to  have their  education  in  Sinhala  or  Tamil  languages  while  they  sent  their  children  to   Sorbonne ,Oxford  and other Universities abroad .  Now the same  politicians  are  again  adopting  the  same  method   to  drag  the  innocent  youth from both sides  to a new war,  not  for  any  other reason   but   for their  own survival or  existence.  Readers  are  advised  to  examine  the  Sansoni  Inquiry  report  for  better  understanding as it  explains  hypocrisy  of  several  politicians who  dragged   the  Tamil  Youth  to  the  last  war.

                         Dragging   the  Sri Lankan  Army to  the  30 year old  War,  was  a stupid  decision  taken  by  late Mr Premadasa.   JR government   handed over  the  war to Indian Army and was  able  to  keep the   Sri Lanka Army  out of war  which was a blessings in disguise .   During  the  stay  of the  Indian Army   in  Sri Lanka,    not  a single  death of  Army  was  reported .  However   when Mr  Premadasa   came into  power he  was ill  advised  by his  battalion of  advisers  and  without  considering  the consequences,  he   gave  definite  dead line to  Indian  army  to  leave  Sri Lanka . Not only  that  he  boasted that  the   conflict  is  an  internal  matter    and  India  should  leave  the  Problem   to  Sri Lankan Government and   LTTE  to solve   by  themselves.  Not only  that  he is  said to have given assistance  to  LTTE in various  forms  to  fight with   Indian  Army and  ultimately  he  lost  his  life too.  If JR policy was  continued,  surely  our Army  would  not  have  to  face  such a  number of  casualties in the last war.   

                               The role  played by JVP in  sending   Indian  Army back  is also   questionable . The leaders of  JVP  surely  cannot  escape  from  the  responsibility  of  dragging  our  Army  to  this  war  bringing  30 thousand  deaths  in  the  three  forces  unnecessarily .   Their poster campaign to  chase  Indian Army  labeling  the   Indian as a Monkey  Army  too may  have  been  a supportive  reason  for  Mr  Premadasa  to  make  that  stupid  decision . JVP  in  addition  to  the Poster Campaign   as I  remember   got  involved  in killing  one or two members of  Indian Army by sporadic attacks  as  reported in  those days.    Needless to  say  that  It was an indirect  support  given to  President  Premadasa to  hand over  the  war  to  Sri Lankan Army.   In those  days it was reported in papers  that  when dead bodies  of  Indian  Soldiers  reached  their  homes, general  public in India   went  against  LTTE  and the support give to  them  greatly  diminished.  If the Indian Army  was to  continue  the  war, surely people in Tamilnadu   would have  openly   opposed  LTTE by now  instead  of   supporting  them. 

What  we  learn  in  our  school  days  regarding  both Portuguese  and  Dutch  periods ,  was that  when  Kotte Kingdom  became  weak,  the rulers  in   distant  parts,    become independent  and   Jaffna  was  no  exception.  In the year 1519   the  ruler who  had  close  links  with  Kotte  Kingdom was  deposed  from power    by  his  son in law   named  Sangili.  Thereafter  the deposed Ruler  requested  assistance  from  Kotte  and  a   Portuguese  army  was  sent .  But Sangili was  shrewd   enough  to  have  separate dealings  with  Portugese    and  managed  to  retain  his  power  for a  considerable  number of  years.   However  when  Sangili  started  harassing  Catholics,   Jaffna residents     sent  some  representatives   to  Goa,   Head quarters  of  Portuguese Empire  for redress.   They  requested   the  assistance  of  Portuguese  to  bring  down  a   Royal  Prince  from  Kotte kingdom  for  them  to live in peace.   Their  request did not  materialize  but  the  Portuguese  some time  later   captured    Sangili   and   sent  to  Goa  and  he  was later  beheaded.  The interesting  factor  is that  those rulers  in Jaffna  had  given their  daughters  in  Marriage  to  Kotte Princes  which  shows  that  there  was no such  animosity  between  the rulers in Jaffna  and  Kotte  or  Kandy.

                           Thereafter  there  were  few  rulers in Jaffna  such  as     Puvirajapandaram, Kasinayanar, Sekarajasekaram  and  Pararasasekaram,     etc  like   Prabakarn who  ruled   part of  Sri Lanka  in the recent  past.   This  must  be  the  so called  Jaffna kingdoms  Mr  Sambandan  speaks  about.      

                                   Sinhalese  were  never  treated  as  enemies  of  Tamils  in  those  days. By the time  Portuguese  came  to  Sri Lanka  in  the  15th Century   Tamils community  had  a greater power  in   Administration  in  Kotte  Kingdom.  They were holding  powerful  front  posts. Minister  Alagakkonara  is  said  to  be  a  Tamil  who  had  much  influence  on   Kotte  King.

                      In  this  connection  it  is  worthwhile  to  note  that  in the year  1617   Portuguese  entered  into  a  Treaty   with   Kotte  King  regarding  Jaffna  Mannar  and  Trincomalee  to  have  a   legal  title to those  areas.   In the same  way  Dutch too  entered  into  a  Treaty  with  Kandyan King  in the year  1766    and  got  the legal  title  to Jaffna etc  which was  under  their  occupation  at  that  time.

                      Going  back  to  the  early part of   history of  this  Country, there is  clear  historical and  archeological  evidence  that  Sinhalese   had  their    kingdom  in Anuradapura    before  2500  years . King  Pandukabaya  established   Anuradapura Kingom in the year  437 BC.   It was Sena and  Guttika  two  merchants    who  invaded  Sri Lanka for the  first  time.  This  happened  in the year 247 BC  and  this  is  recorded  in Mahawamsa   as the first  ever  invasion .  Thereafter   Elara   invaded Sri Lanka   in the  year  205  BC by  defeating   Sinhalese King  Asela  and   became  the  King. He was a chola  and  he  ruled  the country  for  a period  well  over 40 years.  In the year 161BC  King Dutugamunu  was  able  to  defeat  him and   bring the whole  country under  hid  sway. Kalinga Marga  too  was  another invader. Arya  Chakrawarthy  was  the  last  to invade.   Remarkable  factor  is  that none of them  were  Tamils  and  people  who  remained  in  Sri Lanka  after their  defeats  could  not be  regarded  as  Tamils under  any   circumstances.  Apart form  those invasions  some   Sinhala  kings  have  got  down  armies   from  India  to safeguard  their  interests  from  internal rebellions.   King  Mugalan  got down  Pandyan  army   against   his  brother  King  Kasyapa  who  constructed   Seegiriya   which is  a world  heritage  now.

                         Anuradapura  Kingdom  was   close  to  India  and  guarding the  Capital  from Indian  invaders was  found difficult . Thereafter   Sinhalese  Kings  were in search  of    more  secured  places.    They  shifted  Kingdom  to   Polonnaruwa  which  is  said to  be the  second  Kingdom  in  our  history.  From there too   they  had to shift  the  kingdom   to further south   and  later Sinhala Kings   established  their kingdoms  in  Gampola, Yapahuwa, Panduwasnuwara ,Raigama  Kotte, Setawaka  and  finally  in  Kandy. 

                     These   are  well known  facts .  Anybody  can  read Mahawamsa  which  is  recognized  by the whole  word  as  the oldest Record   in  any  country . Also any body can  check  aforesaid   treaties  in Goa  and   Dutch   museums  if  they  are  really  interested  in  knowing  the  true  history  of this  country  rather  than  accepting  the  Tamil  politicians words  as  gospel  truth . Also  it is worthwhile to mention  here   that  distorting  history  and  instigating  youth   has  become  a  method of  earning  easy   money   for  Tamil  Diaspora.  They are  employing  professors  in Western Countries  to give  a distorted  history to  Tamil Expatriates  and  Political  leaders in those  countries. For instance King  Kasyapa  who   constructed  Seegiriya  which has  now  become a  World  Heritage  has been labeled by  Tamil Diaspora as a Tamil King . A  hired  professor  has delivered a  lecture  and  King   Kasyapa  was  labeled as a Tamil king.  His  name  was   distorted  and  he was  identified  by  a   Tamil name  Kassappaah’   When  this  Professor  put  forward  the  said theory  before  a  seminar  in  UK  a  member of  Seruwila Chaityawardena  Committe   Professor  Wijayaratne  an  authority on   Archeology  had  asked    speaker  the name, the speaker   would   give  to   Arahat  Kasyapa and   the  bogus theory was  exposed.   It is interesting to note   that  this Professor who was  funded by Tamil Diaspora,  thereafter  did not deliver such  public  speeches.    

                     How ever  if  Mr Sambandan   did not  know  the above  historical  events,  really  he should be  ashamed  of  his  ignorance  of   the history  of  this  country.  By propagating   myths   of   a homeland   and spoiling  the  minds  of  Tamil youth  he  and  his   party  has   dragged  Tamil  youths   to  an  unnecessary  war during the last  three  decades.  However  I  believe  that  Mr  Sambandan  and  Vigeswaran  like  my self  had  school  education  with  history  as  a subject.  Therefore   Mr Sambandan  or Mr Wigneswaran   cannot  escape  from  the  responsibility  of dragging  Tamil  youths  to a new  war again   by  spoiling their minds  like in the past.   In the given circumstances  I  leave it  to  the readers  whether  these  leaders  could be  regarded   as  genuine  leaders or  not.

                    When Indian Peace Keeping Army was in Sri Lanka, Brigadier  Haturusinghe was  the chief commander in Trancomalee area.  One day he come to my chambers  for  some  matter  and  I found that  he was having  a half a dozen of  Books  on Robert Knox,  purchased from Lake House Book Shop. When I asked  the reason  for him to purchase those  books, his reply was that  Indian Generals were asking  him as to  why  Sinhalese  do not leave  Trincamalee  which they  have  no  right  to  live.    Brigadier Haturusinghe has  informed them  that Sinhalese were the original  inhabitants   of  this  area  and   promised them to bring  independent evidence  to establish  their   rights  to  North and  East  Provinces. That is the reason for him to purchase  those books .  Later I came to know that Indian Generals were shocked  by reading  those  books.                       

                              Role  played by  NGOs  too  should  be  exposed  as  they too  are  responsible for  setting the  two  communities  at  War. While their  mother countries  were  actively  engaged  in  selling  arms  to  both  side  those NGO intervened in Sri Lanka  to  settle  the war in  Sri Lanka.  Some occasions they  secretly  assisted  Prabakaran  in numerous  ways.   For instance   Redbarana  a  Norvegian  Organization   has  funded  Gandhi  Movement   to  settle   down  upcountry  Tamils  in  Wanni  District  in violation  of their own  rules and regulations  which  restrict  them  to  fund only for projects  for  children.             Danger of   this  Gandhi Movement  funded by  Red Barna was  brought  to  the notice of then  JR Government by  Mr A.T. Fonseka  Superintendent of Police by  a  special report. But it was ignored.     

                                Not only  that  JR  Jayawardena did away  with  Army  patrolling in  Velvateture  beach  to satisfy   late Mr Amirthalingam, which  foolish decision  made  Prabakaran  and his clique  to have  easy  access  to  India.  This  fact  was  revealed to me  by  late  Brigadier Donald  Hewagama  Judge Advocate . Any body  can  verify  the  truth  of this  statement  from  Army  records. 

                            Records  in  Army  will  further show  that  JR government  gave  strict  instructions  to  deploy  two  army  members,  one to have  the rifle and  the other to have ammunition in patrolling  beach.  This  ridiculous  procedure  was  of no  use  and  made  the  Army  to  abandon  patrolling  the Velvatiture  beach  allowing  Kuttimani   and  others  to  smuggle  arms  ammunitions  easily  from India. In addition  to all  these facts JR government  made a historical error by  accepting  that North  and East are the traditional homelands  of Tamils            

                         One of  the   reasons  for   the  Western  powers  to   ignore  the  rights of  Sinhalese   to   North and  East ,   is  the Government’s   failure  to  convince  Western  powers   of   historical   rights  of Sinhalese  to  these  areas.    Norwegians  too are not  aware of the true  history  of  Sri Lanka.   So  we have to blame our selves and  not  others.   

                        There  are several   reasons  for  the  Western  powers  to  divide  this  small country. One    is   the   possibility  of  having  oil.  Other  reason  is  the  trade and military  value  of  Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. 

                         Today many  foreign  NGO s  are  operating  in  Sri  Lanka  with  hidden  agendas   and   their  main   aim is  to   destabilize  our  government.  The  present  provocative  statements  made by  Tamil Politicians   may  be  the  result of those  NGO activities  because these  NGOs  cannot  survive  without  conflicts.

                           Norwegian  Peoples  Aid   was  such  an  organization   that openly  as well as  secretly,  assisted  the   separatist  movement.   Prabakaran’s   Satellite Antenna  was  a hot topic  on  those days.  Another  hot  topic  was  sending  bullet proof  jackets     to   Kilinochchi  but  detected   in  Vavunia by  Army.

                            Defence  Ministry was well   aware  that  it  was  ‘Norwegian  Peoples  Aid’   who  took  Prabakaran’s  Satellite  to  Vavunia  and  thereafter  it was taken  to Kilinochhi  from Vavunia   by   a  very  senior officer   of  UNO but  no  attempts  were  made to expose these  activities even during the  period of  Mahinda Rajapaksa.

                          It is  the duty of  the  Government  machinery  to  convince  the International  Community,  the bogus   nature  of  this homeland  claim  of  Eelamists. Eelamist  should be  exposed under any cost. Their  should be counter propaganda in countries  where  Tamil Diaspora is  formidable.

                           Deterioration  of  Public  Service  is   one  of  the  reasons  for the unrest of   minorities.   Granting  political rights to  government  employees  by S.W.R.D Bandaranayake Government   in 1956  and  abolition  of  the superior  civil service called  CCS  are the two  main  reasons  for this chaotic  situation.  Those days politicians had no say in administration.   They  had  only  the right  to complain  regarding the conduct of an officer to the Minister in charge of the subject. People  sought  relief form  Government Officers  and  not  from  Politicians.  The rule  that  every complaint  should be replied within  seven days  was strictly  followed by those  officers who too were supervised by eminent  civil servants  unlike  today. 

                                When  grievances  of  public  are   not  met,   unrest  arise. They start  thinking  that  because they  are  from  a  different community,  they  are  ignored by government.  Today  no  replies  are  sent  to  public  and  people  are  compelled to  go  after  politicians  for  redress .   This  becomes   the harvesting  field of  politicians  like  Sambandan.   To Counter   this  baseless propaganda of  a homeland theory,  time has arisen  for the Government  to   arrange  eminent scholars   from both  sides  to  have  a  TV debate  on the subject .

                              I  believe that this letter will  be  an  eye opener to both Sinhalese and Tamils   who like to  live in peace .  It is the duty of the government  to  refuse  demands  for   separate  provinces for Tamils  under  the new constitution.  However if their demands are granted , to some extent even   in the  name  of   non existing   Tamil cause,  surely it affects  India too.   For  instance     Kashmir  Problem  too  is  somewhat  similar  to  Eelam  Problem.  Muslim community  has  now  become  the  majority in that  State during  the  last  few  decades.  They  are  now  at war  for  a  separate  state  like  Tamils  in  Sri Lanka  who  have  become  the  majority during  the  British  period as many  of  them  were  brought to  Jaffna  for  tobacco  cultivation.     Please see the records  available  in   British Museums  . It is  the Dutch who  started in  bringing   workers from  Kerala for Tobacco  cultivation.      


                           At the same time  one  has to bear  in  mind  that  there were  few number of  Cholas   who  remained in  North  after defeat  of  King  Elara  a  Chola  Invader  who  is  recognized  by  Sinhalese  even to day  as  one of the most  humane  kings  in  our  history. He was given a  royal  funeral  and  the public was  prohibited in   travelling  by  Horse or  by  dola when  passing  the Tomb of King  Elara.    Out of  the defeated Army  of  King  Elara  a few  remained  in  Sri lanka without  going  back to their motherland  India .  Sometimes  the off springs  of  them   could  be  identified  by  their   ancestral  names.  Harijans  are also  said  to be  Sinhalese who  got  defeated  in  various  battles. Also  there  is evidence  that  King  Gajaba  brought  a  large  number  of  Cholas  as  prisoners  to  Sri lanka .  Also  there  is  a  large  number of Tamils, Malayalams, Pandiyans  who  got  settled  down  in various  parts of  Sri  Lanka and  mixed  up  with  either sinhalese  or  tamils.  Therefore  purity of  the  Tamils as  well as  Sinhalese  is  only  a  myth and  to fight for  a  separate  country  for   Tamils  is  meaningless .     

              Also   it is necessary  for the  Indian  Government  to realize  that    granting  an  autonomous  state  by dividing  this  Country  will be  the first  step  to  divide  India  too.  

                        Unlike  in  the  past,   present day    Politicians  in  the  Western C

ountries too are  corrupted as  same  as  politician  in  Asian Countries. Recent  Panama  Scandal  show  British Prime  Minister Camaron’s  Father too  has  deposited   huge sum  of    money in those  accounts.    I am made to  understand  that  his  father  is  not  a multi millionaire   businessman  who  can  invest  money  in  Panama.  Therefore    one can assume  that  this   ill gotten money  should  be  Tamil Diaspora  money.  As we all know  they  are  spending  millions and  millions on Politicians.   Otherwise   how  can  the British   PM   have  such  a sympathy   on  Tamil  Community  in  Sri Lanka  which  he  does  not  have   to  his own  people .   

                   In the  given  circumstances ,   I  believe  that  all  Sri Lankans  should  unite and  oppose  TNA  efforts  to  divide  Sri  Lanka  which  is  now  surfacing  as  a  non  violent  movement .  In Seventies Tamil Politicians  started  a  similar  campaign  in  the same fashion  as  reported in  Sansoni    Report.  Their  next  step   will  be  the  sporadic killing  of   Police Officers.   Third  step  will   be to have ad hoc hartals  here and there.  This  method  happened  in  Seventies. Therefore  we  have  to  nip  the bud  by taking  meaningful  steps unlike  President J R Jayawardena  who  tolerated  all  these  activities  in  the  initial  stages.   Nobody  wants  a  second  Elam  war.  Lack  of  statesman  like late   D.S.Senanayake  and Mr Kadiragamar  is severely  felt  in  these  days .   

                  Mr D.S.D.Senayake was  instrumental  in  establishing   settlement  in   North  and  East.  He had the vision  to have one nation. For this purpose,  he  distributed  lands  in  south  to  Tamils.  Ratmalana  is one of  such areas

 where  Hindu vidyalaya  was  established.  If his mission  succeeded  surely   the  next  generation  of  these  colonies  would  be  a mixed  one  who  would  speak  both   Sinhala and Tamil  languages   and  there would  be  no  room  for the  Racists  like  Sambandan  and Wigneswaran .


                     At a time  when  all  communities  are living  in harmony,   I am  at  a dilemma  as to why  the Government  is not taking  legal  action  against  all those,   for   repeated  provocative  statements  and acts  based on  an unfounded bogus  history  created  to suit  their  false claims  for  a  separate state  called  Eelam.  In India  laws  are very strict and if somebody  speaks for  separation  he will be kept in  custody  for  months and months. There fore  It is the duty of this  government  to adopt such laws  in the new  constitution.     

                       Mr Wigneswaran  has already  failed in  his administration. He has proved that he is unable to solve  drinking water  problem in Jaffna even.  Lorry loads  coming from  South  with  drinking water bottles  show  hisr poor administration. If he was   really  interested  in  uplifting the living standards of the people in his areas  surely  he should have  used  hisr office  to  call financial assistance from    members of  Tamil  Diaspora who live in luxury   in foreign countries . At the same time  he should have  called them to  give  little  assistance  to  Sinhalese too. That  is  coexistence  we expect from  Mr Wigneswaran. Public cannot be cheated  always by slogans .   Poor attendance  to the so called  recent memorial  meetings show  that  Jaffna  youth  are  not that foolish  unlike the youth in  Seventies who were misguided  by  his  predecessors.

                      Also  it  is  bounden  duty  of  the   Government  to  probe   the  activities  of  all  foreign   NGOs  who  may   create unrest   in  Sri  Lanka  again  like in  Arab  countries  of  which  Siriya  is  the  newest  example. 



Ex President Lanka Academic Association.

Annexed Document- Sunday  Observer  Article  21.09.1997 about Dr.Rajini Tiranagama. 


Copies  – Hon  President                            Hon  Prime Minister

                Hon   Speaker                              Hon  Chairman  Constitutional Committee

               High Commissioner  India           High Commissioner,  United Kingdom  

               High Commissioner,  Canada      Ambassador  of  USA.    

               Secretary  Ministry of   Foreign  Affairs .   Secretary,  Ministry  of  Defence

              Opposition Leader  Mr Sambandan 

              Chief Minister Northern  Province Mr C. Wigneswaran



12 Responses to “New Constitution and the myth of Eelam.”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Tamils were always understood to be people from Kerala and Tamil Nadu area in South India.

    The “Eelam Tamil” myth was created in 1911 by Ponnambalam Arunachalam by creating an artificial ethnic group called “Eelam/Ceylon/Sri Lankan Tamils” which was not there until then. 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses clearly prove this. By the creation of the hitherto non-existent ethnic group, Tamil Nadu people in the island were tied to the island.

    In 1923 the same person invented another artificial “nation” which he named “Tamil Eelam”.

    These two events created the Tamil myth.

    Unlike Ceylon, other countries that had a large Tamil influx during colonial times – Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and countries of the West Indies islands continue to call them Indians. That is why there are no Tamil myths in those countries.

    Sri Lanka must go back to the era before 1911 and rename all Indians (including Tamils) as Indians. That will sort matters out to a great extent.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    There are 3 groups of tamils in Sri Lanka.
    Dutch brought tamils from tn to work in tobacco plantations in jaffna.
    Then the British brought tamils to work in tea plantations.
    Then in the 60s, a lot of tamils swam/crossed from tn to save their lives from the severe famine in tn.
    Surpise surprise now all are natives with claims to ancient tamil kingdoms. Mythical kingdoms of course.
    They exist in books and www. only.

    If you had had kingdoms you should be able to see the remains of those buildings like in Anuradahapura,
    Polonnaruwa etc. But there isn’t a tamil brick older than 400 years in Sri Lanka. The oldest building in jaffna
    is the old dutch fort. So where are the remains from those kingdoms?

    All ancient civilisations existed near rivers, lakes etc. Not near sea since a civilisation to survive water is
    needed. In abundance actually. That’s the reason ancient Sinhalese kings didn’t have kingdoms in jaffna.
    Anuradhapura has Kala Weva. Polonnaruwa has Parakrama Samudraya. Jaffna had samudraya. But it was
    too salty. So no kingdoms. It tallies with not having an ancient brick to back up their claims. But they keep
    chanting these mantras knowing Sinhalese are divided thanks to catholic run UNPatriotic party.

    They have been
    dividing the Sinhalese and making the minorities king makers. Now their grand plan is to please tamils and
    mussies and the west by breaking up Sri Lanka. Catholic run UNPatriotic party has always been anti Buddhist,
    anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka since they dance to the tune of the west. So please the minorities and the west
    and a bit of support from the traitor Sinhalese, they always win.

    They prolonged the war for 30 years and got catholic tigers of tamil drealam aka ltte to kill 100,000+
    Sinhalese. Gave them air of invincibility and let murders go on and on. They killed more than 60,000+ Sinhalese during BHEESHANA SAMAYA since all jvpers were
    Buddhists. But they were reluctant to kill the real terrorists since it was a catholic outfit. Traitor chief die hard
    catholic token Buddhist pol pot ponil even gave half the country to his catholic buddy hitler pira(mala)paharan.
    He was so impatient to break up the country to please the west, he even grassed the millennium city
    intelligent officers. Still a lot of traitor Sinhala modayas support this Buddhism destroying, Sinhalese murdering,
    anti Sri Lankan catholic run UNPatriotic party.

    Pause for a moment and wonder why norway, us, uk, france, germany, brasil, argentina, etc. etc. all staunchly
    catholic countries supported catholic tigers of tamil drealam. Even archbishop 2 three of south africa
    were screaming from roof tops for the drealam. Now the same counries wants to punish MR for stopping
    the creation of a catholic country in Sri Lanka. Now the catholic run UNPatriotic doing it legally by
    changing the constitution. But a lot of Sinhala modayas still don’t see the connection. No
    wonder they are called Sinhala modayas.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Some useful links:

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Remove the ILLEGAL 13-A and activate the 6-A. There is no need for a new Constitution, is there ?

    That will remove most of the Tamil Problems.

    After that, Help Tamil folk integrate into mainstream life in Lanka.

  5. Sooriarachi Says:

    Thank you Mr Perera for your report trying to show the truth.
    We know that the Tamil name ‘Elam’ meant, the land of the Sinhalese or Sinhala Nation and therefore, the separatists, have coined the new name ‘Tamil-Elam’ by adding the word ‘Tamil’ in front, hoping to carve out a mono-ethnic Tamil state, in the regions of Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tiger terrorists, with the blessings of their overseas fund raisers, carried out ethnic cleansing by committing genocide of Non-Tamils, for decades. If any foreign nation support such criminal acts, I hope that wont be the catalyst for the start of a never ending conflict, that could be worse than the previous conflicts. Those foreign leaders supporting the Tamil separatists, might not know that just to satisfy their greed for power in their own countries, they are doing a great disservice not only to the Sinhalese, Muslims and others, but also to the silent Tamil majority living peacefully outside the Northern stronghold.

    Very soon, extremists like Wigneswaran and Sampanthan, as well as some of us, will succumb to old-age, but the venom these extremists may leave behind, could continue to poison the lives of the younger generations and bring only misery upon them.

  6. SA Kumar Says:


    ‘Elam’ mean Hela in sinhala ( In chinhalam)
    eg: Elra in Tamil Eela Raja .

    Elam mean Mother Lanka not not Sin hela Lanka or Tamil Eelam .

    also Mother Lanka call Chinha Theevu ( Sinhala island)- are happy machang !!!

    why this kolaveri ???

    live & let’s live in United Mother Lanka until Eelam war V ( hopy & pray never happiend not because We Tamil Love mother lanka We do not want another Nanthi Kadan Thuvasam (Annual dead remeberance) .

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    * Nanthi Kadal (Mulli Vaikkal )

    Velu Thalaiva(Head) where are you ???

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Unfortunately, your Tamil leaders do not believe in ‘live & let live’ which you want.

    What will you do about that ?

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    SA Kumar,

    Your Velu Thalaivar (head) …. is no longer a Thalaivar having partially lost his HEAD at the Nanthikandal lagoon!

    He may still qualify to be called your Surya Deva though, because like Ganesh, being headless is not a barrier in Hinduism, you can always stick an ass’s head on him … it would fit him perfectly!

    Is that enough kola verify for you?

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz / Ananda-USA
    At last we all LOL !!!

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    your Tamil leaders do not believe in ‘live & let live’ which you want- Not now Our PM sorry CM want all Tamil students to learn chinhalam .

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil students to learn chignkalam
    If our old Idiots ( CheLva/ GGP) had thought like our CM Viggie since 1948 One of us would have been President of Mother Lanka ( Chignkala Theevu- Sinhala Island) now.

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