State of the Nation and the road to Eelam– Security, Politics and a Dangerous Agenda!
Posted on June 15th, 2016


15 june 2016

A Brilliant Analysis and Expose’ of the current status  of the Sri Lankan Nation by Dr Dayan Jayatilleke at the Derana 360 current affairs political program, beautifully presented and moderated by Dilka Samanmalee of Derana TV. It is a must for all patriots to view and listen to. Of course Dr Dayan Jayatilleke has taken a longtime to come to this stance from what he was many years ago.

This is a time for patriots in Sri Lanka of all  hues to unite and defeat the traitorous machinations of the current Yahapalana” Administration, their agenda for Sri Lanka along with that of the Western Christian Powers, India  and Eelamists in the North and East. Waiting to close ranks and postponing will be the death knell to all that Sri Lanka has achieved under dire circumstances since Independence from the Britisher!

The alternative is eternal internal strife and the destruction of our nation as we know it. The current administration is intent on destroying the very identity of the majority Sinhalese and with that the peace that prevails with the minorities. Everybody stands to suffer untold miseries of civil war enveloping the whole of Sri Lanka, now more imminent than it was ever in the modern history of Sri Lanka. One only has to think of the fate of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan and now Syria to envisage the carnage that ensue such internal strife assisted by forces inimical to peace and stability of nations – the Western Christian powers and their acolytes – India and the Jihadist nations.


Eelam Dream – Then and Now!

Which Eelam? The one on the left as it was in 1980s or the present one on the right? Do the people even know what the Eelamists want? If the Eelam border as presented in the 1980 Eelam stamp they issues has now changed to what it is now on the right, what guarantees are there to believe that too will remain static. Border changing will commence with a few Mavil Aru like incidents over water and waterways crossing the self styled border. This exercise will go on till Mahaveli head waters are acquired by Eelam with assistance from the Hill Country Estate Tamils.

May wiser counsel prevail and the citizenry more patriotic!

3 Responses to “State of the Nation and the road to Eelam– Security, Politics and a Dangerous Agenda!”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    English translation please …

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Which Eelam? The one on the left as it was in 1980s or the present one on the right? non
    correct NP (Saiva TE) & EP (Muslim TE) & other 7 PC (Buddist Sinhela Lanka ) !!!

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Committe appointed by catholic traitor chief pol ponil wickramasinhalakiller of course. Puppet vairapala
    soorysena aka maru sira has no saying in any of these things. I’m sure traitor chief has appointed all his
    YES henchmen.

    Pol pot ponil wickramasinhalakiller is murderous, tracherous, anti Sinhalase, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka (to
    please the west and the minorities). So he wants to do the maximum damage. Like his traitor alugosu uncle
    thambi mudiyanselage jr did. He was a traitor of the highest calibre. His nephew is even more treacherous than
    alugousu adarmistaya. He introduced 13, 13A to break up Sri Lanka. Still a lot of Sinhala modayas voted
    for the murderous (Sinhalese only), Buddhism-destroying, Sri Lanka-destroying catholic-run UNPatriotic party.

    The UNPatriotics realised with the total support of the minorties plus a bit of support from Sinhala modayas
    they can always win. So the UNPatriotics want to make sure they do the maximum damage and create win
    win situation for the murderous gang. That’s why they are plundering, plundering now knowing once you
    do these constitution change they are going to win since the minorities (tamils, mussies and catholics)
    will vote for them. Like crafty traitor alugosu (to Sinhalese only) did, his alugosu (to Sinhalese only) will get
    these constitution change done with his YES henchmen. We have to thank traitor Sinhala modayas who
    support this murderous anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka thieves.

    This they planned very well.
    Bankrupted the country with catholic traitor chief pol pot ponil’s catholic buddy maha horandran at the CB
    emptying the national coffers. Then IMF comes with a loan with strings attached. A lot of strings attached actually.
    While maru sira aka vairapala sorrysena with his NIVATA hinawa looking on like a puppet, traitor chief pol
    pot ponil wickramasinhalakiller destroying Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. All his ancestors been
    traitors by licking the backsides of the portuguese. So it’s nothing new to the pol pot wickramasinhalakiller.
    Only difference is, he is doing the treachery at industrial scale! He will destroy it for good, we are 100% sure!

    Traitor YAMA PALLAN have given go ahead to build houses in central province to
    red cross, red crescent and india for tamils and mussies. This will be the foundations for a greater drealam
    connecting estate tamils to tamils in the north and the east. Traitor YAMA PALLAN know they have to increase
    the minorities voter base. So they doing everything to please them and come the elections, they will still win.

    Sinhalese are divided thanks to catholic-run UNPatritoic party. So minorities are the king makers in Sri Lanka.
    If the Sinhalese rise against the YAMA PALLAN all the steps have been taken like in the 80s BHEESHANA SAMAYA.
    Catholic traitor chief appointed a catholic to commander of the army as soon as he became PM (not pathala man I
    mean prime minister). President is the chief of defence. But pol pot do the appointments. Vairapala sorrysena aka maru sira just looking on with his nivata hinawa. He got his catholic buddies at the Centreal Bank (to empty national coffers), catholice buddies as eastern governor, another catholic buddy as the northern governor, his right hand man catholic john mara as
    police minister (plus minister of erection (permanent)), another catholic buddy karunkanayagam as finance minister to bankrupt the country etc. etc. See all the safeguards are in place. Just in case!
    You never know. Sinhala modays could wake up from their deep slumber. We are ready, if you want to burn in
    tyres, want to lose your heads etc. like during BHEESHANA SAMAYA, YAMA PALLAN would say.

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